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For Hope by zipzin
Chapter 17 : Try to Stand in My Way
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Disclaimer: I am only borrowing from the world of J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Seventeen: Try to Stand in My Way


“Stupefy!” Harry fired one.  He wasn’t sure if it was a person but there was no point in just waiting.  Another stunner came at him and he ducked.  He looked at Ron and he held up three fingers, put down one, Ron nodded, he put down another and then in tempo he put down the last one and they whipped around and fired a multitude of spells and then whipped back down.

He remembered what Jebediah had said.  The Hippogriffs were smaller because the last class was insane.  And even the Hippogriffs were a lot smaller than most classes, and since the Horntails had gotten a couple new recruits they were just larger.  Neither class had enough to help the Aurors reach their piled up work and several people from France and Germany, even a couple Americans had come in and helped them in rebuilding.  But Hippogriffs had a lot more experience even if they were mostly on the run last year.  Most of the others weren’t much of a match, but Harry knew that after years of facing various opponents, these weren’t the most formidable.

“Stupefy!” He yelled.  He looked behind him and saw all the people were out, and one of them gave him a thumbs up.  About half of his team was gone and a bit less from the others. A hex flew above him and he turned back to the duel.

He rolled and got up and ran to another barrier, several stunners were shot at him and Ron shot back at them, and where Ron was shooting Harry followed. Two people stood up and Ron flashed Harry a thumbs up.  This time Ron stood up and as people tried to get him Harry got a couple of them.  Several more stood up, and as Harry flashed a smile to Ron and a stunner hit him.  Harry turned around to see someone had snuck behind him.  He mentally cursed and then walked over to the barrier.  He saw Ron get his attacker and someone clapped him on the back.

Grady smiled, “That was a nice performance.  You really are a good dueller.”

“Thanks.” Harry said.

“It’s too bad.  That guy had a disillusionment charm on him.  It was really good too.” Grady said.

Harry shrugged and they watched the action when his attacker came up. “It’s really an honor, Mr. Potter.” He stuck out his hand and Harry shook it. “I’m Jamison Davis.”

“You had a nice spell there.” Harry said and Jamison shrugged.

“You boys haven’t had much training in that branch yet, but once they throw you out, well, let me tell you, you are forced to learn it.” He smiled.

“So when do we get assignments?” Harry asked.

“Pretty soon, it will be something relatively low-risk, and there will be a Senior Auror to lead it.”

“So, you getting ready for the trials?” Grady asked.

“I am.” Jamison smiled. “I hope I’ll do alright.”

“You probably will.” Grady said, and then looked around to make sure that Jebediah wasn’t listening, “I heard that they made them easier because they need a lot more to pass.”

“Sounds about right.” Harry said, “Because even if you pass but aren’t very good you’ll be doing small little jobs that don’t have much danger to them, and it will free better people up to do the more dangerous stuff.”

Jamison nodded, “I’m just proud to be wearing this uniform.” He said. “I don’t even care that trainee is printed on the back.”

“I’m sure you will be an excellent Auror.” Harry said.

“Just because I got a lucky cheap shot on you back there, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to be great.” Davis replied.

“None of us really know how good or bad we will be.” Harry said, “Until we get in there.”

“Easy for you to say.” Grady said, “You already know you are good.”

Harry shrugged. “I usually faced one guy who was way too overconfident for his own good.  He didn’t ever really think I could kill him, I think he mostly wanted to scare Dumbledore for the most part.”

“Yet you still took out a ton of Death Eaters during the Final Battle.” Jamison said, “From what I heard.”

Harry stayed silent.  While he was sure that Jamison had read that in the Prophet there was nothing that he could really say to that because it was given by dozens of eyewitness accounts of people he actually cared about.  He wasn’t about to smear their name in the dirt.

“Look at us.” Grady said putting a hand up for Jamison to hit. “We stopped the Dream Kid.”

Jamison slapped his hand, and Jebediah voiced roared out. “Congratulations Hippogriffs!” He said.  “You win!  An excellent try Horntails, but it really was never an even fight.”

A man barged in, out of breath and bent over. “Remain calm.” He squeaked out as the room was in dead silence. “A man in the interrogation room went a little crazy.  He started attacking his interrogator and he doesn’t have a wand.”

“And why are you coming into here?” Jebediah asked.  “These are trainees.”

“Because he’s beat the man and is using him as a human shield.  He says he will kill the man if he doesn’t get to talk to Harry Potter.  Alone.”

Every person turned to him and Harry nodded, understanding what the man was saying.  He had to go in there, without his wand.  And he had to get beaten to the pulp.  Jebediah looked at the man, and said, “Isn’t there another way?”

“The room is sort of infallible.”

“Aren’t his handcuffs unbreakable.”

“Yes,” the man said, “But he has them wrapped around the man’s throat.  I am sorry, I am only the messenger.”

“I’ll go.” Harry said and he took a wand out of his pocket and handed it to the man.  The man nodded and he lead him to the room.

Dozens of other Aurors stood there and they watched a window.  They regarded Harry with surprise but then focused.  Kingsley stood there and he whispered into Harry’s ear.  “Once you have him distracted, we will go in.”  Harry nodded and he saw the man, a giant of a beast sitting on another man with his handcuffs wrapped around his neck.  The smaller man was beaten and bruised with bruises already beginning to form.  Harry slid his hand through his hair and someone held him back.

“You don’t have to do this.” Alex Cartin said.  Harry pulled his sleeve out of Alex’s arm.

“Yes I do.” Harry said and then turned to the door.

Two Aurors undid several locking mechanisms to let him in.  Harry pushed open the door and stared at the man. The man began to laugh.  “They have all sorts of little schemes to get you out of this one,” he said, “They won’t work.”  Harry sat down.  “Why did you even come?”

Harry looked at his hand as if uninterested in the conversation. “Well, I defeated Voldemort, you shouldn’t be too hard.”

“You don’t even have a wand.” The man sneered back.  “Just like this fool.”  The man untangled the handcuffs from his neck.

Harry looked at him, and in one quick motion flicked his wand out of his sleeve and said, “Stupefy!”  The spell hit him square on the chest and he began to fall over, just missing the unconscious man.  Several Aurors rushed in and one of them pulled Harry up.

“That was a stupid little stunt you did.” he yelled at him spraying him with spittle.  “What is this wand?”  He handed Harry the one he had given to the man.

“A fake one.” Harry said.  “I knew this was going to work and I’m surprised that you didn’t try it yourself.”  Harry said narrowing his eyes at the offender.  Maybe he had been a little too overconfident, but it would work.

“Are you undermining my authority?” The man asked and someone drew the man away.

Alex ushered him out of the room, “That was quite excellent, but it could’ve ended badly.  I little rash.”

“I know, I know, but I wasn’t about to walk in there unarmed, that would be suicide.” Harry said.  He thought it over in his head.  The second the man had burst into the room he knew that he would have to do something.  As the man explained the situation Harry nodded and took out the fake wand that he kept in his pocket.  After Battle of Hogwarts he figured that it would be good to have a fake one on him incase anybody had to search him.  They would find it in his pocket and his real one was concealed in his sleeve with a charm that Hermione had told him.  It would be irrational to go in there without a wand, and Harry just had to give up the fake one and then once the Auror was released fire a stunning spell at him.

“You should probably return to training.” Alex said looking back at the man who had yelled at Harry.  “Robards is cooling off, but if he sees you again.”

Harry nodded and left the chamber and towards the training room.  As he opened the door, the entire room began to clap, and Harry unsure what to do just stood there.  The clapping died out and Jebediah began to talk as Harry found Ron. “Do you all know what happened?” he asked.

Ron shook his head.  “We just said that if Harry walks through the door we will clap, because we know that you did a good job.”

“What if I had failed?” Harry asked.

“You probably would’ve just gone home.” Ron said and they listened to Jebediah.  He dismissed them for the day and everyone got up and left.  Ron and Harry went to the Burrow and Harry smiled and then turned to Ron.

“Daniel’s said that I can live alone now, and I don’t really have any desire to stay in Grimmauld Place, I’ll keep it operational, but I don’t want to live there.” Harry said as Ron frowned. “So I think it’s time for me to start looking for a place of my own.”

Mrs. Weasley sighed in the back, making the two boys jump. “I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.” She went over to a stack of papers and handed them to Harry, “Here, take these, they have housing ads in the back.  You can take a look at those houses.”

“Thanks.” Harry said grabbing the stack. “Have you been keeping these for me?”

“Well,” she said, “I knew that it was going to be a matter of time before you wanted to have your own house, and I figured that I might as well as help you a little bit.  I suppose you could get a realtor, but you don’t need one.”

Harry shifted in his bed and checked his the watch that used to be Fabian Prewetts.  He silently thanked whoever was in charge of days of the weeks that it was a weekend.  It would be an excellent time to look at houses.  He had looked through the various newspapers and saw that the trials were going quickly through.  Several of the big name Death Eaters had been sentenced to life in Azkaban, but after the getting rid of Dementors it wouldn’t be as bad.  Umbridge was in Azkaban for thirty years and then they would review her case again and decide if she needed more time.  Small people were having to pay enormous funds and a few names that Harry knew hadn’t been in Wizengamot yet.  It seemed to be a mess because tons of people claimed Imperius curse so Kingsley had authorized the use of Veritaserum in these cases and while sometimes people were Imperiused, plenty of times they weren’t.  This order had made plenty of people mad and start to criticise Kingsley but the Minister had never made a public statement about it.  Harry shook the thoughts of politics out of his head and thought about his newest challenge.  Getting the right house.

He had considered to fix up the old Potter house, but decided that he was going to leave it as a memorial.  Also, it meant that everyone in the wizarding world would know exactly where he lived.  However, he did want to live in Godric’s Hollow, and was thrilled to find that there were families selling.  He also figured that he did want a family someday, so there was no point in buying a flat when in a year when Ginny graduated they would hopefully get married and start a family.  But he was getting a little ahead of himself.

He got dressed and went downstairs.  Mrs. Weasley was already making breakfast and she smiled at him, “You going to look at houses?”

“Yes.” Harry said, “In Godric’s Hollow.”

She smiled at him and dished him some food.  “Sticking with your roots.”

“I figure it’s a good place to start.”

“They don’t have any flats.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“I don’t really want a flat.  Maybe a fixer-upper that I can work on continuously when I’m back from working.” Harry said.

“That’s a big project.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“I just hope I can find something that I like.”

“Well, most of the houses will be open today.” Mrs. Weasley said as he finished the breakfast, “So you better get going.”

Harry nodded and in one hand he had the Daily Prophet and the other his wand.  With a small pop, he landed outside the church, and he went to the graveyard to pay his respects.  He found his parent’s graves and a small tear ran down his face.

“I hope you are proud of me.”  With a flick of his wand a single lily appeared at the bottom of grave.  He stood up and wiped his eyes and then looked at the paper, “Who’s first.” he said out loud.

 Edited: 1/20/13

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