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Secrets Well Kept by Weasleynumber8
Chapter 19 : James Potter’s Super Fantabulous Birthday Celebration, Part 1
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 Chapter 19: James Potter’s Super Fantabulous Birthday Celebration, Part 1


No I don’t Rose. You see, for me nothing has changed.


Nothing has changed.

“Hey, Rose!”

For me.


You see…

“Alright, girlfriend of mine, it’s time to get out of your head!”

Nothing has… “Hey! Dan, stoooop!”

Rose was reawakened from her stupor by a most unwelcomed tickle attack to her ribs. Freaking ticklish ribs.

Dan leaned back with a satisfied smile on his face and nodded towards the very drunk Albus, who was currently hanging off of his girlfriend. Rose couldn’t quite remember her name at that moment…

“Thanks for getting her attention, man!” Al said to Dan. Dan grinned and gave him a high five.

For the past two days that one phrase—“You see, for me nothing has changed”—had been playing in Rose’s mind non-stop, ever since Scorpius had so ambiguously said it in Potions the other day. This had led to some strange tendencies, such as staring into space at random intervals and pretty much ignoring everyone else around her. This in turn resulted in a lot of poking and prodding, largely provided by her boyfriend, which was, sadly, just making her feel more and more annoyed with him.

She fought down the annoyance, however, to smile at her cousin, “Hey Al, how ya feeling?”

“Oh, I am feeling most glorious Rosey-Posey!” Al said, his grip on his girlfriend tightening a little bit. He most certainly looked like he whole-heartedly meant what he said.

And he wasn’t the only one having a good time. James’s party had without a doubt become the success of the year. Everyone was feeling a little ‘happy.’ Rose was even a little bit tipsy. For some reason she felt the need to drink tonight, but that just might have been because of nerves. She had a creeping suspicion that Scorpius was going to show up at any time now.

“Roseyyy! Damn it, she zoned out on me again!”


Rose jumped half a foot in the air, “Ack! Merlin, stop doing that!”

Dan just grinned and gave her a smug look. Rose retaliated by flicking him in the nose, which wasn’t a very mature gesture but still gave her a perverse sense of satisfaction that she rather enjoyed.

“Ah, she has awakened yet again,” Albus continued happily, rather oblivious to the poking war that was being waged in front of him, “Now Rose, I have a verrry important question for you.”

Rose ignored a poke to the cheek and answered, “Yes, Albus?”

“Why in the world have you not had sex with my dear friend Daniel?”

Uhhhh… Everyone froze. What they hell kind of a question was that? Rose shifted uncomfortably.


Yeah, that was as much as she could get out.

“Hello my loyal subjects! How are you enjoying this most fantabulously awesome event that I have provided for you?”

If there was one thing that James had going for him, it was his timing. Rose was sure that they all (except, perhaps, Al) breathed a sigh of relief when he broke the tension in the group—and prevented Rose from having to answer the question that Al for some stupid reason felt the need to ask.

“Uuhhhh…” Rose was still in shock from the earlier bombshell. Al, drunk as he was, did not seem to be in that predicament, however.

“Brother dearest! I have never been more proud to call you… Umm… What’s the word I was looking for… Aww shoot, I forgot what I was talking about… Hmm… Oh yeah! Brother! I’m very, very proud to call you my brother!”

James grinned from ear to ear and gave Al a high-five, “Thanks man!”

There were a lot of high fives going around that night. Rose felt like she was the loan female in a Quidditch locker room.  That, of course was discounting Lena and er… Al’s girlfriend… since neither of them bothered to speak to anyone, so they were more like little fan girls standing OUTSIDE the locker room… Yeah.

Rose rubbed her temple. She was rambling A LOT tonight. Well, anyways. Her point was that there was no one for her to talk to. No one who wouldn’t embarrass the shit out of her, that was to say.

“Well, hello everyone!”

Rose groaned as the annoyingly high-pitched voice of Melinda Jones, filled her ears. When she wished for female companionship she did not mean this.

“’Lo Melindaaaa!” Al sang from his place, sprawled over his girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Why hello, Albus,” Melinda, aka the bane of Rose’s existence, responded, giving Al the most suggestive look that she could possibly muster. Then she shifted her gaze and glared at the girl who was, at that very moment, being pushed deeper and deeper into the sofa by her boyfriend’s considerable weight, “Hello Rita.”

Rita! That was Al’s girlfriend’s name!

Dan leaned in close to Rose’s ear and whispered, “I thought that her name was Shannon.”

Well, at least he tried to guess her name. He should have been proud of his effort, in Rose’s opinion.

Melinda had not been quite as nasty to Rose ever since she started dating Dan. After all, how exactly could Melinda put Rose down? Rose had great friends, great grades, a really hot boyfriend, and (finally) great looks. That didn’t give Melinda, who had terrible grades, terrible friends, no boyfriend, and—ok, admittedly, pretty decent looks—much to look down upon.

However, that still didn’t mean that she liked Rose, or vice versa. No, the two of them were always watching each other out of the corners of their eyes and waiting for the other to mess up, so that they could be the first to laugh maniacally in the other one's face. Rose was ashamed to admit that they were positively catty towards one another. They fought so often in their dormitory that the other girls would actually leave the room if the two of them were there at the same time.

At the moment, however, Melinda’s wrath was not directed at Rose but at Rita, the poor girl, “So, Rita. Are you having fun? I have to say, being smothered by couch cushions isn't my cup of tea, but, then again, my boyfriends are always too attentive to my needs to let me sit around for too long.”

Read: you are nothing more than a pathetic bed warmer and your boyfriend does not care about you.

The boys paid no attention to the comment because they were too drunk and, to be honest, too thick to get the innuendo.

Rose and Rita (and probably Lena, if she cared enough to listen in), however, read the message loud and clear.

Rita just looked back stonily as she very obviously fought the urge to push Al off of her.

On the other hand, Rose, who had been spoiling for a fight for days, opened her mouth before she thought better of it, "And that would be why every boy that you have ever dated has ditched you in less than three months, right?"

Melinda, instantly irate, zeroed in on her nemesis, "Oh yes, and then there is Rose Weasley, who won't let anyone push her into some cushions, not even her own boyfriend!"

And with that, she flounced off, leaving nothing but an uncomfortable silence behind her.

James looked back and forth between Rose and Melinda a few times before breaking the silence, "Ooooh, I get it! She means that Rose won't let Dan get any!"

Lena buried her face in her hands, clearly pissed that she was the one in charge of that drunken idiot.

Why is everyone so obsessed with my sex life tonight?! Rose thought, enraged, as she ignored everyone around her and stormed off after Melinda. No way was that bitch getting away from her that easily.

"Oy!" Rose yelled as she grabbed Melinda's shoulder and spun her around, "What makes you think that you can speak to me like that and just walk off?"

Melinda raised a cool eyebrow and crossed her arms, "Well, well, does wittle Rosey-Posey want to fight?"

Rose glared, "Fuck off Jones."

This clever retort did not seem to faze Melinda, "No, I don’t think that I will. You know, I'm not in the mood for a fight. I would much prefer a little girl talk, actually."

Rose raised an eyebrow, "Girl talk?"

"Yes. As you have probably realized, the word around town is that you haven’t had sex with Dan yet. So, why haven’t you?

Rose, instantly on the offensive, sneered, “That’s none of your bleeding business.”

“You’re right, it’s probably not. But what kind of roommate would I be if I didn’t care about the mockery that you are making of your life?" Melinda paused dramatically and then placed a "comforting" hand on Rose's arm, "Do you want to know what I think?"

"No." Rose spat, enraged. It was times like these that reminded Rose of why she hated Melinda Jones so much, the condescending little... strumpet!

Melinda continued onward, “I think that you aren’t even interested in White.”

Bleeding hell, the strumpet was on to something!

"That’s ridiculous," Rose dead-panned, fighting to keep her face from betraying her surprise.

She thought that she did a pretty good job of it, but her efforts were apparently not good enough, if Melinda's look of thinly-veiled, malicious glee was any indication, "No, no I think that I may be right about this one. I think that you might be interested… in someone else."

It was a moment of superb irony. Because the very moment that Melinda finished speaking the hairs on the back of Rose’s neck stood on end, and it wasn’t from anger. Without even looking, Rose knew that Scorpius had just entered the room.

"Well," Rose choked out, needing to get away. She was too drunk for this, "That shows how much you know, Melinda because there is no one that I would rather be with than Dan White."

No one. And tonight she was going to make sure that no one questioned that—she could admit it—blatant lie.


Rose walked back to the group, grateful to get away from Melinda's knowing eyes. Little did she know that she was about to receive the shock of her life.

Carrie Rivers. With a drink in her hand no less!

Well, Rose supposed that if she was drinking, Carrie Rivers could be drinking as well.

Speaking of drinking... Rose helped herself to a healthy portion of some concoction that Colin had mixed for the group (but everyone was, up until that point, smart enough to avoid) as she eaves-dropped on Carrie’s conversation with, not James, but Al.

“I have to say that I didn’t think that you’d come to this,” Al said, “I didn’t even think that you knew about it actually.”

“Well you most certainly did not tell me,” Carrie responded, before grinning, “Honestly Albus, I’m not as big a goody-goody as you make me out to be. Besides, once James told me that he was throwing a party I knew that he was going to need someone to do damage control.”

James, for his part, had the strangest expression on his face that Rose had ever seen. It was similar to the look of someone who had been shot whilst smelling something extremely bad. At least that’s what Rose imagined it to be... Regardless, it was not attractive at all.

Al didn’t seem to notice as he laughed and shook his head, “The woman makes a good point!”

Carrie brushed a bit of invisible lint off of her sweater, “Don’t I always?”

“Oh, for sure!”

Carrie continued to smile in that vague way that one smiles when they know that their conversation with someone is at an end, “Well, I’ll see you around Albus. Bye everyone!”

“Bye Carrie,” Everyone chanted as she walked off, trying their very best to hide their curiosity. Wasn’t she talking to the wrong Potter boy?  This was certainly going to cause quite the drama.... And they were not long deprived from this said drama, for as soon as Carrie was out of earshot James hissed in a not very polite tone, “How do you know Carrie Rivers?”

“Oh,” Al said, looking embarrassed, “Well… If you must know...” Everyone held their breath in unison, waiting for an admission of guilt that would change the Potter boys’ relationship forever, “She tutors me in Charms.”

Oh. Well that was boring.

Rose didn’t know about everyone else, but she was kind of expecting a more, well, sexual explanation. She was a little disappointed, actually.

Judging by his bewildered expression, James clearly was not expecting that answer either, “Are you serious?”

Al cleared his throated and nodded again, “Yeah, she’s my tutor.”

James, in his inebriated state, seemed to be having trouble comprehending. He had the look of a man who thought that he was going to get to hit something but found out that his punching bag was taken away, “How long has this been going on?”

“Er… since last April…”

Hooo brother. It seemed like James’s punching bag had returned.

“April?! Fucking Merlin, Al, why didn’t you tell me?”

Al’s eyes darted around, looking for an escape, “I was... You know… embarrassed! I didn’t want you to know that I was flunking a subject!”

“I don’t bloody care if you’re flunking bleeding charms! I CARE that you have been talking to Carrie regularly for months now and haven’t told me about it!”

Rose looked at Lena, James’s oh-so-beloved, to see her reaction to this argument. Really, it was rather rude of James to have this conversation in front of his supposed girlfriend, of all people.

Oh. She was just checking her (already perfect) complexion in a little compact mirror, completely oblivious to her surroundings.

Well, sometimes vapid egoism had its advantages.

“Hey Lena.”

Since Rose was looking at Lena’s face at that moment in time she couldn’t help but notice a change in the girl’s expression upon hearing a very familiar voice. And yes, that voice belonged to none other than Scorpius Malfoy. As Scorpius said those two simple words Rose saw Lena’s eyes, which were previously glazed over with boredom, light up with joy.

Rose suddenly felt a fist tighten over her esophagus. That wasn’t a normal reaction to seeing a mere friend, was it?

 “Scorpius!” Lena exclaimed as she gave him a (too long, in Rose’s opinion) hug before moving on to greet his two companions, Marlin Jenkins and Sadie Perkins. Rose, who was frowning before, felt those creases between her eyes deepen as she watched Sadie Perkins wheedle her way around Lena to stand next to Scorpius. She didn’t particularly know Sadie, but she did know one thing: the girl got around. And not in the “I heard a rumor that she did [insert random sexual act here] with so and so” type of way either; last year she openly admitted to shagging all three of the seventh-year chasers on the Slytherin Quidditch team. Within the time span of one week...

Why is that whore touching his arm?

... Sadie had just touched Scorpius’s arm.

Rose seriously disliked Scorpius’s choice of companions. SERIOUSLY. In fact, she had some strange urge to jump up and slap all three of them across the face, which was absolutely ridiculous.

Rose refilled her drink. While Colin’s concoction did not particularly taste very good, it did fill her with the most delightful floaty feeling. She definitely preferred floaty feelings to the intensely violent ones that she was experiencing a moment before. 

James, who was looking at Albus threateningly a few moments before, gave his brother one last glance that clearly said, “We’ll talk about this later,” and plastered a grin on his face. Then, with his very best hostly voice, he exclaimed, “Lena’s friends are here! Welcome Lena’s friends!”

Rose shot a glance around the group. It was clear that James was the only one who was comfortable with the current situation. Well, with the possible exception of Lena, who was looking at Scorpius in gleeful adoration. Albus was definitely the most enraged by their presence. He took a break from lying on top of whatever-her-name-was (Rose already forgot) to sit lean forward in his seat and glare threateningly. Everyone else just looked generically agitated, much like a person would act if they were forced into a situation that they didn’t want to be in.

James made to shake all of “Lena’s friends’” hands until he noticed that one of those hands was attached to Scorpius Malfoy.

“Oi! You’re the one who pranked me and Fred last year! Hey Fred!” James looked around for his best friend, with no success, “Where’d he go?”

“Where do you think that he went? He’s probably off shagging Bri in some broom closet,” Dom said as she and Colin approached, “Budge up, Rose, will you?”

Rose half scooted/half fell half on top of Dan to make room for Dom, “Where did you and Colin come from? We haven’t seen you guys in ages,” Rose asked.

Dom rolled her eyes, “Colin bet me that I couldn’t do a keg stand for more than twenty seconds. We had to wait in line for, like, hours before the Hufflepuff Quidditch team passed out from trying to best each others’ scores!”

“So did you win the bet?” Dan asked.

Dom looked at Dan like he was crazy, “Of course I did. What, did you doubt me or something?”

Dan grinned broadly, “That’s my girl!”

Rose was already tuning them out and focusing her energy on looking at Scorpius and his friends instead, who were standing awkwardly off to the side, subtly trying to inch towards another, less Gryffindor-y part of the room. Perhaps they wanted to immerse themselves in a crowd of Hufflepuffs...

“So anyways,” James turned back to the unwelcomed quartet, “That was a pretty good prank. I have to respect that in a man.”

Everyone, Slytherin and Gryffindor alike, shifted uncomfortably. This was an awkward situation, and they all preferred that James, for once in his life, realized that as well.

“Of course he’s good at pranks,” Al interjected., “Isn’t thinking up acts of deceit what Slytherins do with their spare time?”

Scorpius’s lips pursed, but he did not say anything.

Finally sensing some form of strife, James quickly resolved it by saying the one sentence that was guaranteed to relieve the tension at any party, “Sooo, we should do a shot!” he yelled, “Yes? Yes! Scorpius, you, of course, will join me, one prankster to another. Anyone else?”

“I’ll do one,” Al said as he (Rose didn’t even think that this was possible) threateningly grabbed a shot glass from the side table.

“Alright bro! Any more takers? I’m breaking out the firewhiskey. Dom?”

Dom threw up both her hands, “Normally I’d say yes, but seeing as how I drank about a pint of beer whilst upside down a few minutes ago, I think that I might vomit if I drink anything else.”

James shook his head, “You are a disappointment. Colin?”

Everyone looked around for Colin, who had disappeared, only to spot him actually vomiting into a potted plant.

“So not Colin. Rose? Dan? Lena?”

They all pretended to be interested in their nails.

“Ah, come on! Rose, you’re actually drinking tonight. This is your only chance to do this before you reinsert that wand up your arse!”

Rose rolled her eyes whilst everyone snickered, everyone except Scorpius. “Yeah Rose, it’s your only chance,” he said with a note of sarcasm.

Rose’s eyes snapped to meet his. Why did he always speak in fucking code? If she said it once, she’d say it a hundred times: he was a girl! Well, she could at least tell that he was challenging her, and she couldn’t back down from a challenge. So she stood up and joined them, “Alright, I’m in.”

There were cheers all around as James filled their tiny glasses, “Cheers!” James yelled when he finished. The four of them clinked glasses, James looking at nothing in particular, Al glaring at Scorpius, Scorpius boring a whole into the side of Rose’s face with his gaze, and Rose looking at her glass. That is, until the very last second, when she looked into Scorpius’s silver eyes for one oddly heart stopping moment. Then she took her shot.

Fire filled her body, and while most of it had to do with the alcohol, she couldn’t help but feel that the way Scorpius was looking at her, like he wanted to devour her, was definitely a contributing factor.

Merlin in G-string!

She stumbled back to her seat in deep thought. It was drunken deep thought, so it was a little convoluted, but it was deep thought none the less!

Ok, this was what she knew. She was drunk. Drunk people were slutty. Dan and everyone else in her life wanted them to have sex. And last but not least she needed to start getting over her little crush on Scorpius. Thus: if she dragged Dan upstairs in this state she would have sex with him, form a stronger attachment, and everything would improve. Right? Right. It was a brilliant plan!

Fired up by her stellar deductive reasoning, Rose grabbed Dan’s arm and dragged him off the couch, “Let’s go.”

And before he could reply, she frog marched him up the stairs to his dormitory.


“For the last time, I said get off of me!”

Sadie, who was sitting very, very close on Scorpius’s right, pouted, “Scorpius Malfoy, you are absolutely no fun.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Scorpius intoned whilst he took a sip from... Whatever he was sipping. It tasted like petrol at any rate.

“I’m serious!”

“No Sadie, you are fun. I am serious.”

Sadie threw her hands up in the air as she slumped back into the couch, “Ugh! All that I’m trying to do is make sure that you do not end up a prudish virgin for the rest of your days!”

Scorpius shook his head, staring into space, “Sadie, if I wanted to have sex with someone, I would.”

She sat up again and ran a finger up his leg, “Well…”


“It would be fun.”

“Sadie, no one is having sex tonight.”

Sadie looked at the couple making out on a couch a few feet away from them, “Now we all know that isn’t true.”

Scorpius didn’t answer for a moment; he was too busy glaring at the boy’s dormitory staircase. Then he put his cold drink to his forehead and sighed, deciding to give into a moment of self-pity. Why shouldn’t he do something with Sadie anyways? She was certainly willing, and Rose definitely wouldn’t care. He glared at the staircase once more. Fucking White. Besides, he was exhausted by this whole unrequited love shit, and somehow whatever he was drinking was just making him more exhausted.


Scorpius removed his drink from his forehead and looked at Sadie. She really was very pretty, once he took notice, “Yes?”

She frowned and flipped her hair, “You just seemed to zone out for a moment there.”

“Oh, sorry,” and then, before he could think better of it, he fixed her with his best Malfoy smirk, “So what were we talking about again?”

Sadie raised an eyebrow, clearly not expecting his rapid mood swing, “Just that sex is inevitable between two friends. You really shouldn’t fight it, Scorpius.”

Scorpius extended his arm over the back of the couch, so that it rested on Sadie’s shoulders, “Perhaps you’re right.”

Sadie’s face spread into a grin as she pressed herself against him as seductively as she could muster, “Oh, I am. Just let me enlighten you.”


“Well what have we here?” Scorpius looked up to see Lena perching on the arm of his and Sadie’s couch, “Two of my best friends... Getting all cozy... How cute!”

Scorpius could tell that Sadie intensely disapproved of the interruption without even looking at her, “We were,” she said, “Is there something that you want, Lena?”

“No, not really. Budge up, will you?” She asked and then, without waiting for a response, slid down the arm of the couch so that she was squished into the space on the other side of Scorpius. “So,” she continued cheerfully, “What were you two getting all chummy about?”

Scorpius took another drink. He was beginning to think that he was to that stage of drunkenness when one loses the ability to understand words (if that was a stage, he wasn’t quite sure) because he was pretty sure that Lena and Sadie started having a conversation. Ah well, he’d just wait until he heard his own name.

“Well Scorpius,” Ah, there was his name, “I think that I’ll just get us something to drink, shall I?” Sadie said, obviously peeved, and with a final smoldering glance at Scorpius, as well as what could only be termed as a glare at Lena, swayed off.

Scorpius was about to phase out again until he felt Lena tap his chin so that he faced her, “Hey you. Yes, you. I need you to pay attention for a moment.”

Scorpius took another drink, and would have taken another one if Lena didn’t grab his glass and put it on the table, “You’re acting like a twat.”

“Always with the compliments, Lena. Really, it’s a gift.”

She just rolled her eyes, “Shut the fuck up. Now, what the hell are you doing with Sadie?”

“We were talking,” he replied impetuously.

“It certainly looked like you were talking. I was just wondering about the subject matter.”

“Thas not rilly your biznuss,” Well, that sounded like a bit of a slur. Scorpius fought the fog that was clouding his brain. He refused to be an inarciticule... inarticulous... article... in... ar... TIC... ulate... drunk!

“Really? Well it looked to me as if you two were flirting, and if that is true then it is my business because you are bound to ruin my group of friends!

“You’re being overdramatic,” There, no slur! And he even said a four syllable... five syll... six... er, well at any rate, a really big word.

“Oh, am I?” She leaned in close to whisper in Scorpius’s ear, “You seem to be forgetting, Scorpius, that your best friend, Marlin, is in love with that girl that you were just flirting with, “She leaned back, “Think about that, and then tell me that I am being overdramatic.”

Scorpius felt his stomach drop. Oh. Marlin.

Marlin, who was so in love with Sadie even though she thought of him as nothing more than a friend. Marlin, who watched time and time again as she fell for other guys. Guys like Scorpius, guys like Dan White.

Fucking White.

Scorpius was suddenly filled with shame. Just because he was feeling bad about himself he was about to inflict the same pain on Marlin that he felt when he saw Rose with White. He was an awful friend.

Some of what he was feeling must have shown on his face because Lena patted him on the knee and stood up, “Well, I see that my work here is done. I’m off to babysit somebody else now. James looks like a good candidate. He seems to be sliding down the wall, right where I left him.”

He didn’t acknowledge her; he was too lost in his own thoughts. 

Since when did he become such an emotional mess? He used to be controlled, almost impassive to almost everything and everyone around him. Some would call that dysfunctional, but it certainly worked for him. Now, he was blubbering over the thought of “hurting” his friend—he was officially turning into a girl. And not even a cool girl like Rose or Lena, or even Carrie, but one of those crying, clingy girls that he used to date. He blamed Rose entirely for this tragedy.

Scorpius saw a flash of red and looked up. There, standing on the boy’s staircase, was the image of Rose, looking at him with an expression of utmost hurt and disapproval. He was about to stagger over to her and ask what she was doing here, instead of being with White. That is, until he blinked, and she was suddenly gone.

Well, that was the last straw. He was literally driving himself crazy, just sitting around amongst as she had sex with her boyfriend upstairs. When a person starts seeing apparitions they know that it is time to seek help, or at least leave. Which was what he was going to do.

So he grabbed a bottle of... Something... and made his way to the one place where he could be alone.

When he reached the Room of Requirement, he thought just that as he paced in front of the expanse of wall 3 times: I want to be alone. I want to be alone. I want to be alone.

Inside the room stood one solitary table with an accompanying chair. Perfect. Just lovely.

Scorpius slumped into the chair and took a swig of some nasty tasting liquid, trying to fight off the feelings of prophecy and foreboding. Prophecy because he somehow felt like this would be a scene in which he would definitely find himself playing a recurring role in the future, and foreboding because... Well, it was self explanatory. 

He sighed and rubbed his right temple. Who was he kidding? He didn’t want to be alone: he wanted Rose. That was all that he ever wanted, actually.

Another chair appeared on the other side of his table. Scorpius let out a snort. Well, at least the ROR was rooting for their relationship.

The room was essentially the only one.


A/N: Hello my lovelies, I’m alive! You can call off the police and take down the signs from the telephone poles because the amber alert is over! But truly, I am very, very sorry for the long hiatus. I hate it when authors do that! The last few chapters just aren’t meshing well in my brain. I have to fight tooth and nail to write a page! But hopefully that is all over.

Oh my goodness this chapter was sooooo long! It turned out that I needed to establish a lot of things, so it just ended up being a long to-do list of moments. Seriously, it was excruciating. Hopefully it was funny, despite all of the randomness! But it is a party, so why wouldn’t it be super random? Yeah, that’s a good excuse...

Anyways I hope that you liked it/remember this story! Once I write just a little bit more I will have two chapters all set and ready for you, so I will hopefully have those chapters in by the end of the month. Fingers crossed! I really do love you all, despite my depressing neglect :)

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