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From Nightmares To Sweet Dreams by CadenceWeasley
Chapter 29 : The Upper-hand
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“What did you say?” Hermione sputtered out.

“I love you. I love you, Hermione. I know you’re mad, but I’ve been waiting to say this for a while. I think you feel the same too, at least you did before I screwed everything up.” George told her. Hermione’s brow furrowed, she was thinking hard about what to do or say next. She walked up to George, placed her hands on the sides of his freckled face and kissed him as slow as she possibly could. She loved the way their lips moved together, touching so lightly it was as if they weren’t touching at all. She pulled away and looked sternly at him.

“I’m still mad at you, but I forgive you. Because that’s what love is, love is forgiving even when you don’t want to, even when you’re still mad. Because forgiving is more important than being right.  Love is more important than all of it. So, I forgive you because I love you, not because I’m not mad anymore.” Hermione whispered stubbornly to him.

“You’ll never know how sorry I am for what I did to you. You’ll also never know how grateful I am for your forgiveness.” George said pressing his forehead to hers and locking eyes with her.

“Just consider yourself lucky.” Hermione murmured, letting the anger wash off of her. It would do her no good staying mad. What he did was wrong, and he was truly sorry for it, she could see it in his eyes. She could see that what he did would plague him for the rest of his days. Her point had gotten across and he had learned his lesson and she wanted to move on, wanted to move on to getting better. She had to learn to let go of the things that hurt her, and being mad at George hurt her more than anything, even if he did deserve it. So she let it go.

“I do, every second of every day.” George responded, leaning in to kiss her again. He kissed her gently and hesitantly, wanting her to know that he was so sorry, so unworthy of her. She kissed him back sweetly and then sighed. They broke apart.

“Let’s go get some rest, alright? It’s been a long day.” George said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the bedroom. She immediately crawled into bed, pulling the covers tightly around her body. Within minutes, Hermione was snoring lightly. George chuckled to himself, once again realizing how lucky he was to have her in his bed and in his life. He was hers. And he planned on keeping it that way, no more screwing up. George pulled off his shirt and his jeans and crawled in bed next to Hermione. He draped an arm around her curvy waist and let sleep take him as well.

Hermione was lying in a field of grass. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing just slightly. She took a deep breath. She felt at peace. The weather was beautiful and she felt like nothing could ruin this moment. Suddenly, it was pouring rain. Hermione quickly got up and started running towards a tree for shelter. The rain was making it hard for her to see where she was going, and she ran into something hard. She thought it was the tree, but it was a person. The person she feared the most. It was Bellatrix.

“Get out of my dream.” Hermione growled. Bellatrix just laughed. Hermione pushed Bellatrix onto the ground.

“I said get out!” Hermione screamed, pouncing on Bellatrix. Hermione clawed at her face. Hermione felt her fingers rip into Bellatrix’s pale flesh. Bellatrix shoved Hermione off of her and climbed on top of her, pinning Hermione to the ground.

“When are you going to realize that the only reason I’m in your dreams, is because your mind keeps putting me in them?” Bellatrix hissed angrily at Hermione. Blood from Bellatrix’s face was dripping down onto Hermione’s shirt.

“You have no control over me anymore.” Hermione sputtered out underneath Bellatrix’s weight.

“Your mind says otherwise. You’re still scared. You’re constantly looking in the corner of your eye, expecting to find me. And you still think that blood-traitor can protect you. Ha! Tsk, tsk.” Bellatrix said. Bellatrix bent over Hermione’s arm with a shiny blade and began carving into her flesh. Hermione screamed and screamed. Pain and fear surged through Hermione, but there was one more emotion in her that was stronger: determination. Somehow, Hermione found the strength to push Bellatrix off of her and send the knife flying through the air, landing next to Hermione’s feet. Hermione picked up the knife and slowly stalked towards Bellatrix.

“I may be scared, but I’m so much more than that, so much more than my blood status. And if you show up in my dreams again, I’ll end you for once and for all.” Hermione spat at Bellatrix and threw the knife at the ground.

“Hermione, wake up.” George whispered into her neck, where he was kissing her lightly.

“Mmm.” Hermione mumbled, sitting up in bed and stretching.

“You were talking in your sleep. Are you alright?” George asked, concerned.

“Yes. It was just a dream, that’s all. Just a dream.” Hermione smiled in relief. She had the upper-hand now.

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From Nightmares To Sweet Dreams: The Upper-hand


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