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Seize the Day by wish right now x
Chapter 1 : Utter Stupidity
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A/N: I'm not usually one for long author's notes but I think it's important to do now. Firstly, I understand that I should be updating some of my other stories, but have been desperate to right an Albus/OC story for a while now and haven't found many others on HPFF like this yet. I will try to update some of my other stories as soon as possible, but am on holiday this weekend so will wait till I return. My second point contains spoilers for this story, however most of which are revealed in this chapter. This story does contain someone who is in a relationship cheating, which I understand can be a sensitive topic for some people. I have had experience with cheating-exes, however if you find this topic too sad or too disturbing, I recommend you don't read this story. Thirdly and finally, I hope you enjoy this chapter and what is left of the summer :) Wish right now x

 I just want to establish that I am not a slut, before you get any ridiculous ideas in your head. I am also not a whore, tart, tramp, slapper, or any of the above. I am just a sixteen year old girl who can do stupid things sometimes.

Such as what I'm doing now, standing in the middle of a hallway snogging the hell out of some guy I barely even know, let alone like. Our lips are joined together, hardly parting and his hands are wrapped around my waist whilst mine are running through his brown hair. He reaches behind me and seems to open a door, and the next thing I know, he's pushing me into a broom closet whilst I'm wrapping my legs around his waist.

This went on forever, only ending when the two of us needed to come up for air. We were panting heavily, and while he had a smirk placed on his ridiculously gorgeous face, I was bright red, almost crying with embarrassment.

"Oh my god" I whisper to myself, shaking my head and staring at the ground. "Oh my God!"

"Wow Cohen, I didn't know you had it in you. I have to say, Clarke is a really lucky guy" He said, the smirk never leaving his face. I groaned out loud, looking up to the heavens praying that something would wake me up from this nightmare.

The 'Clarke' he was referring to was Alex Clarke, Ravenclaw prefect, Quidditch captain and currently, my boyfriend.

At least he was until he found out about this. He'd probably never be able to look at me, but at the moment, I was struggling to ever be able to even think about looking at myself again. Nobody would be able to look at me again.

The thing was, everybody loved Alex. He was perfect. Charming, clever, a true gentlemen, fun, funny; the list of how perfect he was just went on and on. Which is why I could barely believe it when he asked me, Lana Cohen, out on a date!

It's not that I wasn't pretty, with my long blonde hair and blue eyes, it's more that he was way out of my league. I was merely a Hufflepuff, not nearly as smart as him, and before he asked me out, I didn't even think he knew my name. We'd been dating for six months now, and were perfectly happy in our relationship. We were the 'it-couple' of Hogwarts, the relationship that everyone wanted to be in, that nothing could tear apart. We were in love.

So how did I find myself in the middle of the hallway making out with Albus Potter?

Well, I was walking down the hallway, and he was walking the other way. I had no intention on looking at him, talking to him or even acknowledging him. Then, he snogged me. And because I liked it and am a complete and utter idiot, I snogged him back. Simple.

Then I ended up in a broom cupboard banging my head against the wall, attempting to erase the memory of his soft lips and trying to decide what to do next.

"Come on Cohen, don't harm that pretty little head of yours" He smirked again, while I groaned and turned to look at him.

"This never happened. Got that?" I threatened through gritted teeth. Instead of wiping that smug smile off of his face and whimpering at my scary tone like I expected (It really was scary people!), he leant down and kissed me again. Whilst I tried to push away, I eventually succumbed to what my lips were begging for and allowed him to kiss me gently. Almost too soon, he pulled away.

"Our little secret" He winked before strolling out of the closet, leaving me breathless, messy and furious. I brushed my messy hair down and chased down the hallway after him, like some absolutely insane person.

"Potter! Potter!" I shouted after him, and he turned around smiling smugly once again.

"What is it Cohen? You come back for more already?" He asked, before leaning closer and whispering in my ear. "Clarke not satisfying you the way that I can?"

"No" I replied, pouting. "It's just that I wanted to leave the closet first"

The smirk on his face immediately disappeared, and after he frowned briefly, he burst out laughing at me.

"You stormed all the way down here, looking like a complete idiot may I point out, because you wanted to be the one to leave the broom closet first?" He said, looking me deep in the eye. When the reason is in my head, it seems normal. When someone else says it, I sound like a complete idiot.

"Well, you didn't give me an opportunity to leave first" I pointed out.

"Actually, I'll think you'll find that you could have pulled out of that kiss any time you wanted to, but decided not to." He told me.

"Go fuck yourself" I spat at him.

"Actually, I'd rather fuck you" He replied smugly.

I looked at him, trying to think of a clever retort to express my disgust. With nothing coming to mind, I clenched my fists, groaned loudly and stormed off the other way like the two year old I really was. I coulld here Al suppressing a giggle behind me but at that moment, I was in no mood to care, or even think about what was going on. I just wanted to get away from him, and the idea that I had been snogging someone who wasn't my boyfriend. And enjoying it.

I was a total mess. I took a detour to the bathrooms on the way down and noticed my appearance. I was still messed up completely and if anyone saw me, it would have been obvious what I'd been doing. Which is why I hid for a couple of minutes in their, fixing my hair so it was totally appropriate, and letting my lips return to their normal appearance. What had happened was gone in the mirror and in the minds of everyone else, no longer happened. It didn't exist. It would only haunt me in the recurring nightmares that I would have forever more.

I slipped down hallway after hallway, on guard for any idiots like Al Potter to come and snog me again. I felt almost safe when I reached the barrels that lead to the common room, with the deathly silence ensuring that almost no one could be around.

"Hey" A voice called from behind me, startling me and causing me to almost fall over in shock. I looked around till I spotted the blonde haired boy who was leaning by the wall.

"Alex!" I exclaimed, looking towards him. He smiled at me, and walked over to where I stood. He embraced me in his arms and leaned down to put his lips against mine. Almost immediately, I pulled away.

"Are you okay?" He asked, confused at my sudden reaction to being with him.

"Yeah, it's just.." I began, trying to think of an appropriate excuse. I couldn't exactly be honest and tell him, 'Hey, I don't want you to kiss me in case you taste Al Potter on my breath'. That would almost certainly have me dumped before I could tap the tune to get into the common room.

"Then why won't you let me kiss you?" He asked. His eyebrows furrowed in mild confusion, while I went over and over the lies I could use in my head.

"My breath smells bad" I replied, nodding my head slowly. My lips were pursed in a way that made it obvious I was lying, and even my excuse was completely pathetic enough. However, out of all my options, it was the best one I could use. Alex seemed to gobble up everything I was saying, nodding along with this ridiculous lie I was telling. For a Ravenclaw, he wasn't that smart sometimes.

"Oh, right" He smiled, seeming a little disappointed that he had travelled all this way and wasn't getting a make out session out of it. Personally I had had enough of that for one evening. "Well, I just came to see if you were still going to come and see me play Quidditch tomorrow? You know, we're doing our try outs and I want to talk to you about something tomorrow..."

"Sure, I'll be there" I told him, planting a quick peck on his pale cheek. "Bye!"

With that, I ran into the common room, shutting the door behind me. I leaned up against it groaning loudly again.

"Where have you been this fine evening then?" Sienna Longbottom asked me, looking up from the common room table where she and another one of my roommates, Ellis Thompson seemed to be playing a game of exploding snap.

"With Alex" I replied quickly. "He's just outside"

"With Alex at this time" Ellis asked in a tone of mock disgust. "He's a Ravenclaw, doesn't he have to go to bed so he can get up early in the morning and study. Wow Lana, you shouldn't have kept him out till such an hour of eleven O'clock! All the other Ravenclaw's will be fast asleep"

"It's eleven O'clock and the three of us are the only Hufflepuff's in the common room, what does that tell you about our House's stereotype" I replied to her not-funny, stereotypical joke.

"Well, a couple of people, including Harper and Izzy, have gone over to James Potter's party..."

"Why do you think I would care about Potter or where he is? I mean I don't give a shit about that and them" I answered, a little too quickly to make myself look sane.

"It's just where everyone is tonight" Ellis told me, looking at me like the crazy person I truly am. "Do you want to join us?"

"Hmm?" I hummed, distantly.

"Exploding snap? Do you fancy a game?" She answered, gesturing to the table.

"Oh, I guess I could play a round" I replied, walking over and falling in to the spare seat by the two of them.

"So how is Alex? Is he enjoying being back at school?" Sienna asked, dealing out a hand for us all.

"Of course he is" I squeaked.

"And where did you two go to? What did you guys do?" She continued absentmindedly.

"Gosh will you stop examining me!" I shouted, standing up from my spot. "I was with Alex, no need to question me about every little thing"

I can not lie. Simple as. I think I get it from my mother. When I was younger, Christmas would always be spoken about in a loud squeak, especially on the mornings when Santa would drop off my present. When most kids' dogs die, there parents tell them they went to live on a farm. My mother tried with that explanation, but after explaining it in such a brutal way, she had to admit the truth. Honesty was something that just became necessary in my family so I was not at all use to lying. Sienna's question's that required a lie was just pushing me to an over the edge, crazy person state of mind, that I couldn't handle. And thus I became crazy.

"Lana, are you okay? You seem a little, off" Ellis tried to put it in the sweetest way possible, looking at me as if I was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and she needed to tiptoe around me. To be honest she probably was right.

"Umm, I think so" I said, raising my hand to my head. "Maybe I just need to lie down for a bit"

I left my two friends chatting and playing chess while I headed to my bed. I was truthfully feeling sick about the incident, but I don't think lying on my bed would help me at the moment. Nothing would.


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