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Lions, Snitches and Strives With Insanity by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 1 : My First Sanity Strive
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Lily Luna Potter- that’s my name don’t wear it out please, or my sanity; I’m saying this because I seem to be the only sane one left in my entire family. I know it is hard to believe but most of my family was crazy to begin with; but since two years ago the number of sane Potters and Weasley's has darastically dropped. And it is not like our family is small.


My brother James helped defeat the last piece of Voldemort last year and has been a little off ever since- not to mention lovesick with Gemini Zabini who was at our house all summer, actually sick. She was recovering from being possesed by Voldemort. Why he wanted to take the body of a sixteen yearold girl is beyond me. Clearly he was a little insane in the after-life as well.


My other brother Albus Severus is convinced he went to Wonderland like the Lewis Carrol book; what’s even worse is everyone believes him! Even worse is my sweet, levelheaded aunt Hermione has a crazy story about the time she “went” to Oz! And if that weren't enough Fred and Roxy decided to tell us all about the time  they were sucked into a book and that was how Rox met her boyfriend. They pulled him out of the book apparently. Am I the only Weasely or Potter that doesn’t believe in alternate universes?!


The date I lost my sanity was February 19th and it began as SUCH a great day! Did you sense the sarcasm? Good: because it was most defiantly placed there. I was eating breakfast of Panakes and eggs at my house table in the Grande Hall.  Silently munching on my food with Brinna Bones beside me and Potter Knol acrossed us when my brother Albus comes over. This is a rare event considering the Slytherin try to avoid us Hufflepuff kids at all costs.


Yes, I am a Hufflepuff so don’t look at me like that!


He then began to bug me about how I should stay away from Mason Bletchley because he’s a terrible Ravenclaw that just wants something out of me. We both knew he was talking a load of crap- he’s best mates with Mason! This friends, is exhibit A of basic Potter boy behavior; James decided it was his job to fight off any boy within Gemini’s spitting distance since her third year (even though he "hated" her). Albus was the same way with Gem’s sister, our best friend Emily. That type of protection however is not nearly as horrible as the brotherly protection I receive; honestly I think they want me to become an old maid or something. The overbeariness of my brothers wasn’t something I couldn’t normally handle but it seemed to make me a tad more sour than usual.


Emily Zabini then walked over to me after I ate and began to talk to me. I hoped she would raise my spirits but for some odd reason she seemed to do the opposite. She asked me what was wrong and I told her everything I had on my plate. She brushed most of it off as usual things and sooner than later we were in a full blown argument about all the nonsense my brother talks about. With Al some days its about Nargles and parallel universes and other days its muggle science; Lanaster Samander broke my brother. Ever since the two became public friends my brother has drifted from reality slowly.


 After awhile I had enough and decided to get up and leave. The only rational think I could do in this situation is proving them wrong. I walked up to the room of requirement myself thinking the whole way, “Parallel universes do not exist. The room of requirement can’t take you to nonexistent places. Parallel universes do not exist. The room of requirement can’t take you to nonexistent places. Parallel universes do not exist. The room of requirement can’t take you to nonexistent places.”

I kept thinking this the whole way until I reached the seventh floor and found the door to the room of requirement visible. I opened the wooden door and found the large room nearly bare, the walls a bright white and the floors wooden. I then found a wardrobe in the back middle of the room. It was dark wood and intricately carved; the design was captivating. I slowly walked over to the door and heard something down the hall; Peeves. This was bad, I was the person he loved to torment most and he did that job well.

My first reaction; Hide like a little girl. This plan was great until I realized there was nothing to hide into then I spotted the wardrobe, I was hesitant until I heard Peeves outside the door. Only real option was to hope to Merlin there was no devil snare in there. I ran inside it and shut the door feeling furs; it was a bleeding coat closet. The only person I thought of that would require any sort of furs like that indoors even at this time of the year was Gemini. I shrank further back into the closet as I heard the room of requirements’ door open the coats were brushing past as I went further back. I then suddenly got a cold chill and my shoes squished into something soft. I turned around and saw a wood full of pine trees and a single old fashion lamp.

I slipped back into the closet to let myself out but it was locked. I swore and went back the other way grabbing a coat and slipped it on- it was still technically in the wardrobe. Once I took the coat I looked around wondering where I was. The words I was thinking earlier were coming back but they changed,


"Parallel universes should not exist. The room of requirement shouldn’t take you to nonexistent places. Parallel universes should not exist. The room of requirement shouldn’t take you to nonexistent places. Parallel universes should not exist. The room of requirement shouldn’t take you to nonexistent places."



Hey guys. I know it still isn't great but this was my first edit and my time to see what I have to work with for this story.



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