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Stuck in the Middle by a_free_elf
Chapter 5 : The Confrontation
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So, here is the next chapter, sorry for such a long delay but I was on holiday. Hope you like it and please don't forget to review xxx


"I was 15 when I first saw him" The frail blonde figure shook as he spoke


"I walked into the living room one day and he was there" He choked the words out as if every syllable was causing him a great pain


"He addressed me as 'Lucius' Boy' and told me to sit in an armchair. I sat, he stayed standing, facing away from me and into the fire. He spoke, I didn't take in much of what he was saying. I got the idea though. He wanted me as a deatheater, he waned me to replace my father" His voice was becoming higher pitched now and he was wringing his sweaty hands as he spoke.


"He didn't just want me to replace him but he said he had a mission for me, he wanted me to kill- to kill" His voice dissolved in the tears that were streaming down his pale cheeks. A hand covered the ones in his lap and squeezed comfortingly. His eyes stared into the wall was if he could actually see the figure he was describing. As he continued to speak the hand covering his did not move but remained settled on his interlocked fingers.


"-and what was I supposed to do? My aunt Bellatrix- she wanted me to do it and so did my mother. It wasn't until afterwards I discovered she was under the influence of the imperious curse. So I agreed, and my failed attempts were never traced back to me, no one ever found out that I was the one who nearly killed those innocent people"


He suddenly turned to the girl sitting next to him "will you tell them" He questioned " Will you tell them, how sorry I am?"


Hermione looked into Draco's eyes and slowly shook her head, remembering she had issues of her own.




As she sat down at the breakfast table Ron pushed a bowl of porridge under her nose


"Come on, you need to eat, look at you, you're wasting away"


She frowned at the bowl and swallowed before picking up the spoon and eating no more than half a teaspoon of it.


"I'm in a rush, sorry love, I said I'd meet - Luna" She blurted out as she ran from the room, cringing. Why Luna? why did she have to meet anyone? Why did she lie about where she was going? To Ron of all people. Probably because she knew that Ron, of all people, would take the news worst. The news about the regular meetings and the news about how she was developing feelings for Draco Malfoy




"Why?" Said Draco, abruptly standing up and throwing her hand of his own "Why can't you tell them I'm sorry, do you not believe me? The one person who has cared enough to visit me over the past 10 months is ashamed to admit it to others? Or maybe you're worried it will hurt your reputation"


" Ron- Ron doesn't know. He doesn't know any of it" Hermione looked hurt as she replied in a small voice. "He doesn't know i've been visiting you, he doesn't know I was there at your hearing" She was standing now, face to face with Draco, her voice getting louder "He doesn't know about when you got attacked by the dementor, he doesn't know how much I care for you, how much I worry about you"  She was shouting now. They both stood there, heavily breathing, looking at each other.


Draco sighed as he sat on his bed, resting his head in his hands. He licked his lips and tasted the salt from his tears before. 


"Why didn't you tell him" He spoke after a very long pause "About visiting me, am I your dirty little secret, are you just seeing me for a bit of excitement?" His voice seemed bitter now


"I- I just got caught up in it all" She said, sitting next to him and mimicking his position.


"So is that how it is now, you pretend we're nothing, we were never anything. Everything I told you, everything you told me, about finding your parents and that, gone?"


"I-I Don"t-" Then suddenly he pulled her head away from her hands and kissed her, she kissed him back for a few seconds then broke away, tears streaming down her face "I don't know" she finished her sentence.


"He doesn't know how much I worry" she repeated stroking his hair back off his forehead, "Doesn't know how much I care" She said whilst wiping the tears off his cheeks "Doesn't know how much I love you" She finished whilst settling her and on his shoulder.


"He can never know can he?" Draco said whilst taking hold of he tiny wrist "but you should know I also worry about you in return" When he saw her confused look he said "Eat something, please" 


Her eyes widened in shock at his words "I- I do eat, I ate a massive bowl of porridge this morning" Her voice raised a few octaves as she spoke


"Don't lie to me"  He said as she pushed herself off the bed and took a few steps towards the door "Don't think I haven't noticed, but please, just eat something, for me" She turned and let the door slam behind her as Draco swivelled round and lay on his bed as he hoped that she would return. For he had been delaying this confrontation for this very reason.


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