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Forgotten by Theia Luna
Chapter 4 : Aliana Prewett
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I just want to say thank you to everyone who's read my story and added it to their favorites =) Can't tell you how much it makes my day when the count has gone up.

Also if it's not too much to ask, please leave a review!! It helps tons if I know your guys' thoughts on how the story's progressing, and what you think about it. Constructive criticism is always welcome as well, I appreciate it all.

Anyway here it is finally, Chapter four...

The trio looked wide-eyed at Ginny, wondering how it is she knew that reading from the journal would have the effect it did. She simply shrugged her shoulders in response, amazed at the sight before her. She only knew that if she continued reading, something had to happen. Never in a million years did she actually think that her mother’s sister would be standing before her giving her a look that was not unlike her mum’s. And what was even weirder, was that she was standing in front of them wearing muggle hippie attire; a flowy off-the-shoulders white top that tucked into a long red skirt. Beaded necklaces hung from her neck, beautifully woven with daisies. The four of them could only stare, completely transfixed at the sight before them. Neither of them spoke, their eyes wide with a mixture of awe and confusion. Mostly however, they were shocked.


As they stared, Ginny thought they would all quite agree that the teenage girl was very pretty. She had that familiar air of traces of Mrs. Weasley in her face that Harry would probably pinpoint as her chocolate colored eyes. But while Mrs. Weasley had flaming red hair, Aliana Prewett had long wavy reddish-brown hair.  She wasn’t overly thin but not that curvy either, and was petite in height, no taller than Ginny herself; there was a faint aura of bright light that surrounded her figure and brought out the color of her hair and eyes. She looked kind enough, but was masked by the angry look she was currently giving them.


“Well?!” Aliana flapped her arms indignantly, looking expectantly at them; the shock on their faces clearly going overlooked by her, “The nerve of some people! Didn’t your parents teach you anything about privacy?”


One by one they slowly came back from their shock, Ginny being the fastest one to recover.


“You’re Aliana? Aliana Prewett?”she asked in amazement.


The teenage girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath in what could only be an obvious effort to control her temper. Once opened she stared Ginny up and down.


“I am,” she said crossly. “And who are you, may I ask? Barging into my journal thinking you could have a read, eh? I swear if I were still—,”


“My names Ginny Weasley,”


Aliana stopped talking immediately and finally took a good look at the group standing before her. “Weasley?” she asked, eyebrows furrowed.


“Yes, and this is Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and my brother Ron.”


“Molly and Arthur’s kids?” her tone quickly changed to that of awe. A smile slowly morphing her features as she took them both in eyes glittering with joy.


“Nice to see the Weasley bunch were able to produce a girl.” Aliana gave her a wink. “I told Molly it would happen eventually.”


Aliana put a hand to her mouth, teeth biting at her thumbnail for a moment. She looked curiously at Ginny with a look that was all too similar to that of someone that already knew the answer to their question but wanted to hear it anyway. “Say, Ginny wouldn’t happen to be short for Ginevra, now would it?”


“It is,” admitted Ginny, looking at Aliana oddly. “How did you know?”


Aliana chuckled as she ran a hand through her hair, “It’s my middle name. Molly loved it. I always preferred my first though. Thrilled to see the last baby was a girl like myself.”


Ginny seemed stunned for a moment; she felt a little guilty not knowing she had a namesake, but passed it off as her mother's fault and not her own. What striked Ginny odd was that Aliana knew she was the last Weasley child.


“How do you know there aren’t more of us after me?” asked Ginny curiously.


Aliana nodded a head towards Ron, “I died a few months shy just before the birth of Ron here. You two don’t look too much apart, and I know my sister. She would’ve stopped once she finally had gotten her girl.”


Aliana turned towards Harry now and sized him up. She gave him a huge grin and knowing wink. “Potter is it? Bloody hell, you’re the spitting image of your father. Hold on a second though, there’s something different.” she looked closely at him examining his face carefully. Her face broke into a fond smile as she noticed the difference. “You have Lily’s eyes. Oh, how I miss that girl.” Her sad gaze flicked from him to Hermione, looking suddenly genuinely curious.


“Don’t recognize you, dear. Granger did you say? I knew a Granger once, quite good friends with the lad actually. Muggle though, I don’t know if that makes a difference.”


“I’m muggle born, actually.” replied Hermione interestedly. “My father’s name is John.”


Aliana’s eyes perked up immediately, “Yeah that was his name! And I remember hearing his wife had given birth to a baby girl; would’ve met you if that bloody war hadn’t taken its toll on us.”


There was a brief sad smile on her lips as she walked towards the desk, plopping herself on it. It momentarily looked as if Aliana was lost in thoughts before she remembered about her spectators and grinned mischievously at them.


“I imagine you already know all about me, of course?”


But with one look at their expressions she gathered enough information to know that that wasn’t the case. She smiled sadly at them before stating, “So she didn’t tell you.” She nodded her head as if this didn’t surprise her too much.


“I was worried she’d do that.”


Aliana stood from her spot on the desk and rested her hip against it instead, looking quite troubled.


“I mean, do you even know who I am?”


They nodded, “When we found your journal we went to the Burrow,” said Harry speaking for the first time since the appearance of Aliana.


“We harassed it out of mum,” finished Ron, by way of explanation.


“So when was this, today?” asked Aliana incredulously. “What day is it?”


“February 17, 1998,” answered Hermione. Aliana could be seen counting back in her head how many years had gone by. The look in her eyes was enough to know that she was getting more upset as she kept counting.


Nineteen years,” whispered Aliana in a pained voice, “It’s almost been nineteen years and she hasn’t mentioned me once?” She looked up at them with hurt filled eyes, glowing ethereally because of the aura around her.


“She took your death hard,” said Ginny quietly.


Aliana scoffed, the light around her figure turning red. “Does it look like I give a damn? The bloody nerve of her—Nineteen years! There’s absolutely no excuse. My niece and nephews deserved to know about me sooner. I don’t know what the hell she was thinking.”


She paced the office angrily not knowing what to do with herself, grumbling every so often about “the nerve of people,” and how she “must’ve not been a very good sister!”


“Aliana,” called Ginny trying to calm her down as her echo (for lack of better term) was starting to have an effect on the lights.


“That is aunt Aliana to you!” snapped her teenage aunt angrily, looking back at her.


“Right, sorry,” said Ginny looking awkward calling a teenager her aunt.


“If you don’t mind my asking,” started Hermione, “How is it exactly that you’re… here?”


It was obvious to what Hermione was referring to. In fact, everyone was thinking it. Aliana slowed her pace, and appeared to be trying to control her anger by taking a deep breath; the red aura slowly going back to its original bright lighting. She looked up at Hermione, seeming to be pondering the answer. There was a slight note of hesitation before she answered.

“It wasn’t that difficult. The charm is quite complex, but… I got it done.”


They waited for her to gather her thoughts, not wanting to interrupt for fear of missing anything. Aliana ran a hand through her hair again and walked to the couch that Ron and Hermione were previously occupying.


“It started off as a simple protection charm.” began Aliana, taking a seat. “Have me pop out whenever someone wanted to read my journal without my permission—protect my secrets and such. Scared the absolute skirt off old Bertha when she tried having a peek once; the bloody nosey cow.” She seemed irked for a moment before continuing.


“Anyway when the war began, things changed. I was selfish, I guess some could say. I certainly would. I don’t know how much Molly told you about me, but,” and she took a slight pause to find the right words. “It’s been said I have—or had more like— a bad temper.”


The group in front of her raised an eyebrow in amusement. Seeing this Aliana waived a hand airily, as the other patted at her hair pompously, “Supposedly; nasty rumors.”


Harry smiled, “Mrs. Weasley may have mentioned it.” The others chuckled as Aliana rolled her eyes.


“Dunno what they’re talking about,” she sniffed petulantly, “you saw me there just a second ago. Didn’t even blow anything up. Progress my dears, that’s what that is—,”


“Er—Aliana,” Hermione interrupted trying to bring them all back to the pressing matter. “The charm?”


“Oh right, right. So my temper got me in a real pickle. I pissed people off when I ‘should have stayed well clear’, as some put it,” and she emphasized her words with quotation marks, “I, however, chose to do quite the opposite and made myself some new friends. Quite the friendly bunch, those death eaters.”


There was a brief pause just long enough for Ginny to process what her aunt was talking about. It didn’t take a genius to know that any little thing would set off a death eater for them to be after you. She only wondered what exactly it was that Aliana did to set her marked for death.


“I don’t understand,” said Ginny, confused. “We’ve all pissed off death eaters in the past. What did you do to get yourself killed?”


Aliana chuckled at Ginny’s reaction and said airily. “Oh well, you know—A little of this and that.


“Anyway, I knew that if they killed me, Sirius would’ve gone off and gotten himself killed too, bloody stubborn idiot that he is. And the thought of that happening scared me so much more than any amount of Death Eaters and Voldemort put together. So one night, as I was writing in my journal, I realized that if that happened I wanted a way to comfort him and keep him from doing something stupid. Only by doing so, I knew that would stray him from forgetting and moving on from me,” She paused briefly in time to see Hermione’s disapproving face.


“I know it wasn’t exactly ethical of me to continue with it,” Aliana said rolling her eyes, “But there was nothing dark about the magic I did. The journal is simply charmed to come alive whenever someone reads from it. Besides to be honest, in all my arrogance, I never actually thought that they would get to me. The journal was more of prevention, and it would only appear to him if I actually died. I am basically, for all intents and purposes, my journal. As in it’s merely charmed for me to come speak to you and show you things from here. Not like I cursed the damn thing to kill and maim anyone.”


Aliana got up huffily and walked around the room, her long red skirt flowing behind her. Ron picked up the journal from the desk and flipped through the pages, not bothering to wait for his aunt to continue. Aliana turned to stare pointedly at him but he took no notice.


“Ahem,” she coughed, raising her eyebrows in annoyance.


“That dog,” said Ron finally looking at Aliana. “Why was there a dog when Ginny was reading your journal?”


Aliana laughed lightly, “Yes, sorry about that. Had to find a way to scare people with proper style, so why not with my animagus form?”


“You were an animagus?” asked Hermione looking impressed.


Aliana grinned. “I was,” and to highlight her point she promptly turned into the Irish terrier from earlier, prancing and barking at their feet, and then turned back again. Her spectators laughed as she gave them a low bow.


“Anyway,” she grinned, and nodded towards her journal.  “Why don’t you guys have a look in there? I reckon you’ve put up with me long enough.”


She walked towards the four of them and looked at them fondly, “I’m thrilled to bits we got a chance to meet each other. If ever you lot want to have another chat, just call for me ok? Tap your wand on my journal and call my name. I’ll be there.”


Ginny, however didn’t want her to go. She had just met her—just discovered her existence actually—and now she had to leave so soon. There was a tug at her stomach, a nervous upset feeling she associated with loss. Ginny just wanted to keep talking to her aunt, to learn more about her. Not lose her as suddenly as she appeared. Aliana, noticing her expression, patted her cheek comfortingly and proceeded to give each of them a peck on the cheek. However since she wasn’t exactly solid, there was only a slight wind of air that brushed against their faces as she neared them. And with one last warm smile, her figure faded. Her aunt was gone once again, leaving them with only her journal, her last parting gift as a way to finally get to know her.

And there she is, finally, Aliana Prewett! What are your thought on her? On Ginny being named after her? On Ron being nosey? On the whole chapter, period??

I'm barely going to start on chapter five soon, but not to worry--surprises are definitely still on the way ;) Haha, Anyway, please leave a review and thank you so much again for reading! 

-Theia Luna.. =]

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