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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve
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Everyone stood staring at us, like they couldn’t believe it. It was as if someone had paused the scene. No one tried to move. I was terrified that my friends wouldn’t approve of me marrying so young.

A scream broke out, and peoples’ heads snapped towards the stairs. Dom was standing halfway down them, grinning like a mad woman. She ran through the crowd of people and hugged me tightly.

“I’m so happy for you!” She squealed.

Soon, everyone was offering their congratulations to us. All the girls wanted to see my ring and each gasped as I showed them. The guys were all slapping James on the back and laughing at him.

After an hour of weaving through people I finally reached my mum and dad, who were talking to Harry and Ginny. My mum pulled me into a bear hug and whispered, “I think that you and James are going to be really happy. I can tell that you really truly love him. And that is all you need to get through the bad times.”

“Thank you mum.” I then turned to my dad. “What do you think daddy?” I asked nervously.

“I just can’t believe that my little girl is all grown up and getting married.” He shook his head. I looked up at him. He was six feet and five inches, and had pepper colored hair and my shocking green eyes.

I took a deep breath, a few tears forming in my eyes, “I will always be you’re little girl daddy. I promise.” He looked at me as if he had never been prouder. My dad pulled me into a hug, I only came up to his lower chest. What? He was a foot and four bloody inches taller than me!

“Baby girl, I love you so so much.” Daddy whispered into my ear.

“I love you too daddy. So much.” I didn’t care if I was going to get married, I will always be my dad’s little girl. No matter what. Even if I have kids of my own, I could never see myself as anything other than that in my father’s eyes.

A little while later James found me, sitting on the ladder up to the attic, admiring my new ring. It felt a little odd, having that much weight on one of my fingers. But I liked it, and I could defiantly get used to it.

“How did all of your family take it?” I asked him.

“Everyone was kind of shocked about it. The cousins seemed to like the idea though. My mum thinks I’m too young, but then my dad reminded her that she was our age when he proposed to her. As for my aunts and uncles, some also reckon I’m too young, but they’re okay with it. But my Nana Molly freaked out. She thinks we should wait ten years before actually getting married. So, they’re all accepting it in their own ways. How about your family?”

“My brothers didn’t say much. Mum told me that she could tell we were going to be happy. Also, daddy thinks he’s losing his little girl to you. I told him that I would always be his little girl, and I believe he is okay with it now.”

James put an arm around me, and I leaned into his chest. “That’s good.” He murmured.

I looked up at him, “James?”


“When do you want to get married? I mean, do you want to do what your grandmother wants and have a several year engagement, or do you want to do it this year?”

He looked into my eyes, “Whatever you want to do. No matter what. Whether it be tomorrow or in twenty years. I’ll do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.”

“Easter holidays. I want to do it during Easter holidays.” I said, staring at James to see what his reaction would be.

The corners of his lips twisted upwards, “I think that’s a brilliant idea, Aspen. Do you want too plan most of it? I’m rubbish at this stuff. Of course, I wouldn’t mind you running stuff by me, but I think it’s better if you do it.”

I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. “I think that’s a good idea, James.” He laughed and kissed me back.

“” A voice said. James and I broke apart too see Matt standing there. “Um, Assie, mum says were leaving. Everyone is waiting bye the fireplace.” He ran off down the stairs.

James and I looked at each other before bursting out laughing. “Good night.” I told him, before going downstairs.

Just like Matt had said, Dom, Ally, Kyle, Brandon, Adam, Jason, Matt, Cole, Dylan, and my parents were all standing by the Burrow’s fireplace. “Ready?” Mum asked and I nodded.

After my parents, I stepped into the fireplace and held some floo powder in my fist.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9..10, “Number Two Notting Way.” I shouted clearly, green flames engulfed me, and I was spinning around. It felt like getting squeezed through a tube of tooth paste. I landed in my own fireplace.

Soon, everyone was standing in my living room. “Well, goodnight everyone. See you in the morning.” My mum said before retreating up the stairs. Soon, my dad, my brothers, Dom and Ally followed her.

I stayed behind, holding a huge mug of hot chocolate. I stared into the fireplace, watching the flames flicker. My ring clinked against the hard ceramic cup. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get married.

My mind was whirling away with wedding ideas. When I was little, I was one of those girls that made a whole book of what I wanted my wedding to be like, but now that it was actually the time too plan a wedding, I couldn’t think of anything.

Then I remembered. Not what was in the book, but where the book was. I got up off the couch and went too a bookshelf on the opposite side of room. Crouching down, I looked at the bottom self.

It was filled with photo albums. My mum made one for each of us kids on our birthdays. It’s also the place were I kept my perfect wedding. It was a huge pink photo album.

My fingers flipped too the first page. It was a picture of a small church in a town I had never heard of when I was little. But I knew it now, it was Godric’s Hollow. The church was small and had huge windows.

That church was were James and Lily got married. I had seen the photos in Harry and Ginny’s house. Now all I saw was James and I getting married there. Godric’s Hollow church during Easter holidays. Nothing had ever sounded so perfect.

The next page was a picture of my favorite flowers, light blue hydrangeas. At my grandmother’s house, she had a huge garden in the back, full of fountains and gateways and hydrangeas. She used to take me out, away from my brothers, and let me help her tend to them. It was the only flower I would ever consider for my bouquet.

I flicked through the pages, mentally planning my wedding. When I was done, I went up to my bedroom, carrying a sheet of paper in my hand. Ally’s owl, Clio, was flying around in her cage. I smiled.

“Hey, Clio, can you take this to James Potter?” The ginger owl hooted before taking the letter in her beak. She flew out the open window towards James’s house.

The letter that I had written was telling him that I wanted to have the wedding in Godric’s Hollow on April 7th. I didn’t know what he would say, or what Harry would have to say about that.

It’s because that date would have been James and Lily Potter’s forty fourth wedding aniversay. They also got married in Godric’s Hollow church. I wanted to do it because I always thought that James’s and my love was a lot like James and Lily’s. We were a lot like them. Expect for the whole dying thing.

I waited on my bed, listening to Dom snoring and Ally talking about nothing in her sleep. Ally was in the middle of ranting about banana gnomes when Clio pecked the window.

Quickly, I opened the window and took the letter. Carefully, I tore the envolope open. In James’s messy handwriting was written:

Dear A,

That sounds perfect. Now that I’ve heard it, I can’t imagine getting married on any other day. My dad thinks so too. He also think he knows the perfect person to marry us. It might sound completely mad, but Luna Lovegood-the Scamanders mum. I’m not sure if you’ve met her.

Anyways, my parents are holding their annual New Years Eve ball. Now that we’re above thirteen, we’re allowed to go. Everyone in you’re family is invited. I hope you can come.


I grinned to myself. I was so glad that I was going to marry him. The most perfect, most amazing, most just plain bloody awesome guy that I had ever known. He chose to marry me.

Wow, I was going to get married. I was eighteen and I was going to be married in four bloody months. It was so scary, so bloody frightening, but if I didn’t do it. If I didn’t marry the love of my life, I would regret it. For all of my life, I would regret it.

The next morning I awoke to my brothers singing Christmas carols rather loudly at six am. They’re all above nineteen and they still wake up at six in the bloody morning for christmas.

Cole and Dylan burst into the room, “WAKEY WAKEY!” They cried. “Get up, Dom, Ally and Assie! Daylights burning!”

“Dylan, we live in bloody England, and it’s six am, the sun isn’t even up yet!” I moaned.

“Besides the point! Get your buts downstairs! IT’S
CHRISTMAS!” They ran out of the room and the three of us slowly got out of bed and headed down the stairs.

My parents and my brothers were sitting around the christmas tree. “Oh good, you’re here. GO!” Adam screamed. All at once, we charged the tree and began searching for our presents.

People can say whatever they want. But I don’t know a single person that doesn’t see a christmas tree with all the presents underneath it on christmas day and doesn’t feel like a five year old again.

I had never had a Christmas away from my family, and I never intended too. I don’t know how Ally and Dom can do it. If my family wasn’t with me on Christmas, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas.

Soon, I had a huge stack of presents in front of me. I went for the first one I saw, it was from Fred. A gift certificate to Weasley Wizard Wheezes. WWW. Then Danny got me a gift certificate to Honeydukes. Louis got me some quaffle bottom pajamas. Bradley had given me Holy Head Harpies sweatshirt, they were the team I supported.

Next, Ally got me nail polish and candy. Roxy got me a picture of all ten of us Gryffindor seventh years framed. Megan got me a bottle of perfume and then Dom got me a scrapbook of our hogwarts years up until now.

My parents got me some new clothes I had been eyeing. All my brothers had gotten a present for me together, a trip for all eight of us to take to San Francisco, California after I graduated. I thought that that was the best present by far until I opened the final present.

To, Aspen

Love, James

I didn’t understand it at first. It was just a journal. Then I opened it. Two hundred pages of James’s feelings for me. I had never recived a present like it. It was the most perfect thing to give me.

Slowly, I went up to my bedroom. I looked out my window to see James looking out of his at mine. I smiled at him and held up the journal. He grinned and held up the watch. Even though his birthday wasn’t until next month.

It wasn’t an ordinary watch though. I had had things engraved in it. Inside jokes and things like that. He opened his own window so I opened my own. “My Nana Molly wanted me to give this too you.” He picked up something and floated it towards me.

I really broke down sobbing when I saw what it was. It was a fairly ugly. It was oversized and a weird kelly green. And it had a huge A on it. I loved it. “It’s her way of saying she accepts you as a part of the family.”

I grinned, “It’s amazing. I bloody love you’re family.”

“I have to go, but I’m glad you like it. I’ll see you at the ball, or if I’m lucky before them.” I laughed and closed my window.


A few days later, Dom, Ally and I were walking down diagon alley, bundled up in our coats to try and keep out the freezing weather. “T-there i-it i-is.” Ally stuttered through
blue lips.

She pointed to a snow coated sign, labeled: J’ai Adore. We ran inside to see it empty, expect for a woman in her mid thirties behind the counter. “Bonjour Dominique.” She grinned, tossing her silvery hair over her shoulder and grinning. “Ca vá?”

“Ca vá bien, et toi Auntie Gabrielle?”

“Bien, merci. Hello girls.” Oh, so this was Dom’s Aunt Gabrielle. I forgot that she ran this store. The last time I had seen her was when she was thirty.

“Hey.” I smiled.

“So what are you girls here for?” I noticed that her english had gotten better since I had last seen her.

“We need dress robes for the ball.” Ally said, the color in her lips had begun to come back.

“Ah! But of course. Come with me girls and I’ll help you.”

She led us through the store, towards the dresses. “Ally, try these on.” Gabrielle handed her a light purple gown with short sleeves. She took it went towards the dressing room. “This will be amazing on you Dominique, she gave her a strapless coral mermaid style gown.

“Finally, I think that this is just what you need.” She handed me a strapless cinderella style gown. It was emerald green, which brought out my eyes. It was tight on the top, and then poofed out after the waist.

I changed and had Gabrielle zip me up. “Oh my merlin, Aspen, you look gorgeous.” Dominique said, I turned around to see her in her own dress.

“So do you!” I grinned.

“And what am I? Chopped liver?” Ally emeraged from the dressing room, in her gown.

“Of course not, you look amazing Ally”

She laughed, “I know.”

Soon, we were all standing at the register, holding our dresses. “Don’t worry girls, it’s on the house.” Gabrielle told us.

“Auntie Gabrielle, mum would kill me if I let you do that.”

“Well I promise I’ll cry at the funeral, because I’m not letting you pay. Think of it as a late Christmas present.”

Dom sighed, “Okay, I guess I’ll see you at the ball tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you there. See you later girls!”

We all apparated to my front door, quickly rushing in
and taking off our boots and coats. I turned around to see my mum. “Alison, Dominique please go and wait in Aspen’s room.”

Without asking, they rushed up the stairs. “What’s wrong mum?” I asked. She didn’t say anything, just started walking to the living room.

My heart stopped when I saw who was in there. My brothers, my parents and a healer. “What’s happening?” I asked even though I already knew that answer.

“It’s bad Aspen, it’s really bad.”

Author’s note:

Who wants to kill me for the long wait?! I’m so sorry, I
was on vacation and I start a new school tomorrow! HGOIHEOTJH! I really hope you liked it, it’s really late so I’m sorry that I didn’t edit it! I know I don’t usually do cliff hangers, but I was in the mood for one!

French translations:

J’ai Adore-I love

Bonjour Dominique-Good morning Dominique

Ca vá?-How are you?

Ca vá bien, et toi Auntie Gabrielle?-I'm good, and you Auntie Gabrielle?

Bien, merci.-Good, thank you

What do you think is ‘really bad’?

Did you like the present that Aspen got from James?

What did you think of the chapter as a whole?

Do you want to kill me for the wait?

Thanks so much guys for reading!


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