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Finding Love: The First Year by HPluvergirl
Chapter 4 : Hurting
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I pull away from Draco, and cross over to Allen. "Al just listen to me."

"Ali, I can't pretend anymore. I tried to watch you with George, but I can't. I'm not going to watch you with him." The words cut like knives. 

"What do you mean?" I ask. I'm scared that it means that he isn't going to be my friend anymore. The first time I'm actually scared. I feel Draco push past us, and right now I don't care. 

"I mean I'm not going to stand here and see you with guys that don't know you. I'm not going to stand here and see you with guys, when I'm in love with you."


"Just answer me one thing: Have you ever thought about anything happening between us?"

I can't lie to him. I could try, but he knows me to well. "I have. But I'm with George. And we're so close. If we did date, it'd be awkward. I just don't…"

He grabs my face gently, and pulls me closer to him. He kisses me. I don't know whether or not to kiss back. If I do, I'll be cheating on George. If I don't, Allen will think I'm not interested in him. 

I hear a small whimper and I instantly break the kiss. I turn to face the door and see George. 

"George it isn't what it looks like." But he turns and strides out of the door. 

"Then what exactly is it?" Allen asks coldly.

"You just had me cheat on my boyfriend! I thought you were my friend! Stay away from me!" I yell. I run out of the room. I run after George. 

I get close to him and I grab his shoulder. "Leave me alone." He says. I get in front of him.

"Not until we talk about this." I say. 

"I don't want to. Listen Ali, I know we haven't known each other for that long, but I've fallen in love with you." 

I don't necessarily know if I feel the exact same, but I do care for him. "I know you have, and I have to." I say. I don't want it to be over. 

"Then what was that?" 

"He kissed me. But I didn't kiss back." He nods, and he believes me. He pulls me closer to him and hugs me.


The Triwizard Tournament drawing is going to be tonight. People are still entering, and it's crazy. Harry and I are walking to the Great Hall with Ron.

We get to the Great Hall and see Fred and George. I roll my eyes when I see a vial of potion in George's hand. I march up to him.

"George, what is that?!"

"Ageing potion."

"You do realise that it can be extremely dangerous, right?"

He rolls his eyes. "It's so cute how you are protective." He kisses me swiftly.

"Don't come crying to me when it backfires." I say. Translated into "Be careful." 

"Okay." I kiss him once and leave. I walk back to Harry and Ron.  

I hear everyone scream and laugh, and I turn around. George and Fred are old! I mean really old! Grey hair, beards, the whole 9 yards! I roll my eyes. 

"I knew something was going to go wrong." I mutter to Ron and Harry.


Fred and George are back normal. The three champions have been drawn, but something isn't right. The Goblet of Fire flames turn red again.

"There seems to be another champion." Dumbledore says. He looks at the parchment, but another flys out. "And another. They are Harry Potter and Alicia Black." Everyone looks at us. Even George looks at me. He let's go of my hand and kinda urges me on. Harry is by my side, and we walk to the place where the other champions are.

"Harry, how did this happen?" 

"I honestly don't know. I didn't want to be entered. I'm already famous enough."

"I didn't want to enter either." When we see the other champions, I notice them staring at us.

Fleur Delacour starts speaking rapidly.

"I can't believe these little children are here!" Is what she says. Everyone else is just looking at her.

"We might not be seventeen, but I can guarantee you that we've been through more than you."  I say. 

"You understood her?" I hear Dumbledore ask.

"Yes. Why couldn't anyone else?" 

"She was speaking French." 


We spent the next couple of minutes talking about how Harry and I were entered. Then we go back to the common room where there is going to be a "celebration". We climb through the portrait hole, and there is an explosion of sound. Seamus pulls Harry to the middle of the floor.

I see Fred and George. I can tell them apart and I walk to George. 

"Hey baby." He says. He grabs my hand. 

"Have you seen Allen? I really have to talk to him." 

"Yea. He's over there, sulking in the corner." Fred says. I walk over to him.

"Can I help you?" He asks.

"I have to talk to you. Please." He smiles. He stands up and walks up to his dormitory and I follow. It's weird, because every year has a different dormitory.

We sit on his bed. "Allen, I'm scared."

"Why? You've never once been scared."

"You heard Dumbledore, people die in this tournament."

He hugs me. "You aren't going  to die."  I shake off his arms. It's not the same now. 

"I really hope you're right." He puts his hand on my leg, and I move it. "Do you really have to hit on me right now?"

"Yea. I do." He says. I laugh. "And that's why. To make you laugh." He gets closer. He leans into kiss me again.

I get off of his bed. "I needed you to comfort me. Not kiss me. I have to go back to George."

I run out of the room, with out waiting for an answer. I go down to George. When he sees me, he smiles.

"Ali, wait!" I hear Allen yell.

When I do, I kiss George. Snog is more like it. He pulls me onto his lap, and puts his hands on my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck. We break apart, and I whisper in his ear. "Why don't we go up to your dorm? Be a little more private."

I stand up, and he does to. He picks me up and carries me. I laugh slightly. When we get up to the dorm, he sits me on his bed.

"So, why the sudden need of privacy?" He asks. He sits beside me.

"Isn't it all right that I wanted to be alone with my boyfriend? If you want, we can go back downstairs." 

"No. We don't have to." I sit on his lap, facing him. I wrap my legs around his waist. "God you're sexy."

"You are to. But would you rather talk, or kiss?"

He kisses me. He puts his hands on my butt. I break the kiss. I kiss his neck, and I flick my tongue against his skin at times. 

I bite his neck gently, harder, and harder. I stop, and look in his eyes. "Babe, take your hands off of my ass." He does, and I grab them. I place them on my waist. He kisses my neck. I have another memory has he bites down.

Allen decided that tonight, we should act like we're dating. It's a crazy idea, but I like it. He comes up behind me, and wraps his arms around me. He kisses my neck, and I laugh.

"Allen, have you ever thought about there being an us?" I ask. 

"Not really. Why? Have you?"


George is still kissing my neck. I have a sudden urge to push him off of me. I don't though. He stops and kisses me on the lips. I kiss back. I push all thoughts out of my mind other than George. 

I break the kiss though. I don't feel like doing this anymore. 

"I want to go down there. I mean the party is for me and Harry, and I'm up here." I say. I go to get up and he stares at me. He's staring at my chest. I walk out of the room and down the stairs. 

I see Allen, and I start to walk over there to apologise. But then I see Lavender Brown flirting with him. I'm getting really pissed off, and I don't know why. I march over there and push her away from him.

"What the hell?" She yells. I can feel everyone's eyes on us, but I don't care. 

"Stay away from him." I say.

"Ali, what are you doing?" Allen asks. 

"Why do you care Alicia? You have a boyfriend, and it's not Allen."

"He's my best friend. He always has been, and he always will be. I care about him." 

"Oh yea, that was bloody obvious. You came running out of that room, then snogged George right in front of him. That shows that you really care."

"Maybe I do. Maybe I love him, but I didn't want to screw it up! Maybe I just can't show my true feelings around him, because it's hard!" I yell. I didn't mean to say that though. I didn't mean to let it all come out.

I see George. He looks so hurt. I didn't want this to happen. I should never have kissed George, or gone out with him.

I run up to a dormitory. I know it isn't a girl's dormitory, but I'm not sure which boy's dorm it is. I think it's Allen's. Someone followed me, but I'm not sure who it is. 

"Killer, you in here?" Allen asks. 

"Yea." He sits beside me. 

"Was everything you said down there true?"


"Then why did you not let me kiss you?"


"Oh. Well I don't think he's standing in our way anymore." I nod in agreement. "How long have you known?"

"I've liked you since we were ten. I knew that I loved you the minute I went on that train. Every time George and I kissed, I had memories of me and you."

"Then why didn't you break up with him?"

"I don't know." He grabs my hand. 

"Ali? Where are you?" I hear George ask. This is really not what I need. He comes into the room. "Ali, can I talk to you? Alone?" I nod and we go out of the room. 

"What was that down there? Earlier you said you love me, but now you're saying you love him. I don't get it."

"George…I loved him before I even met you, I just didn't realise it. I'm sorry." He pins me against the wall. I wonder what he's doing, but he kisses me. Slowly, tenderly, passionately. He lets go of my arms, and unbuttons some buttons on my shirt. He unbuttons all of them, and flings it open. I push him away though. 

"Really? I just told you I'm in love with Allen, and you do this? What the hell?" 

"Well you let me. Why did you do that?"

"Because I think I'm in love with you to." I mumble. 


"Never mind."I feel tears running down my face. 

"What's wrong?"

I might as well tell him the truth. "I'm scared."

"Why are you scared baby?" He asks. "Sorry."

"It's okay." I say. "But I don't want to be in this tournament." I want to be with George. But I want to be with Allen. I didn't mind him calling me baby. God I'm a screwed up mess.

"I don't want you to be either. But there isn't that much you can do."

"I hate this." 

"Baby, here's what I want you to do. I want you to think about whether you really want us to be over. If you do, I won't bother you." He doesn't even say anything about calling me 'baby'.

"It's not fair to you. It's not fair that I'm in love with Allen, when you and I are dating." I say. He looks at me.

"Just think about it. Give it a couple of days."

"Okay." I say. I already know my answer, but he won't take it. I walk back in the room that Allen is in. He sees my open shirt and looks hurt.

"We aren't together. At least we won't be in a couple of days. He just kissed me and did this. I pushed him away."

He walks over to me.

A/N Thanks to Gini for encouraging me when I didn't believe in myself. Thanks to all of you, for reading my story. And most of all, thanks to J.K. Rowling for creating the wonderful books that now dictate a whole generation and are the base of my life.

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