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A Beginning and Therefore Change by CrimsonCharmRose
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11~ Realizations
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Only the plot is mine... everything that is recognizable from the HP books belong to J. K. Rowling!


Chapter 11~ Realizations

            Sunday morning Hermione stretched and thought about everything that had happened yesterday. She was a little sore from her encounter with McLaggen and the Ravenclaws but was feeling fine. She thought back to the night before where she had sat by the common room fire with Harry, Ginny and Ron, who had been alone for once. They had shared with each other what they had done in Hogsmead, but she had been able to tell that each of them left out something from their story, herself included. She had decided not to tell them about McLaggen.

As she lay in bed her thoughts traveled back to Malfoy. He was such a changed person from who he had been before the war. She found herself drawn to him and when she was around him she felt safe and content. Each time they set up to meet for their project or whenever she would see him, she felt excited and calmer at the same time. The thought of falling for her enemy was still a little shocking but she had to admit that it seemed like it was happening.
She groaned and rolled over, not wanting to get out of bed. She heard Ginny laughed and threw a pillow at her.
“Someone’s not in a friendly mood this morning.” Ginny said to her and she could hear a slight smirk in her voice.
“Oh buggar off.” She replied but she smiled a little.
Ginny saw this and laughed. She brought the pillow back over and then sat on the end of Hermione’s bed. They both studied each other’s faces for a second and then Ginny spoke,
“How are things with ferret-face, I mean Malfoy, going?”
Hermione panicked for a second and thought that Ginny could see what was happening, but then she realized she was just checking in. She laughed a little,
“They’re going well. He’s always surprising me by how different he is now. He never insults me, has never once called me a you-know-what, and we’ve had some decent conversations when we’ve had to work together.”
She saw her friend eyeing her with a particular look but Ginny didn’t say anything. Hermione wondered if she had said too much and given something away, but she couldn’t turn back. Ginny just shrugged and then dragged Hermione out of bed and told her to get dressed. Hermione struggled against her and it resulted in both of them ending up on the floor tangled in her sheets. This made them start laughing and they only stopped when a silvery stag appeared in front of them and said,
“Are you girls coming? Ron and I want breakfast! Don’t take too long, we give you ten minutes.”
The stag dissolved and the girls stared at each other.
“Who do they think we are? Ten minutes, that’s hardly enough time.” Ginny said and pretended to look outraged.
Hermione giggled again and managed to untangle herself and stand up. She helped Ginny up and then they rushed to be ready. When they finally made it down the stairs the boys were waiting. One looking at a watch and the other watching the stairs waiting for them to appear. As they came into sight Ron said,
“Here they are!” and look at Harry.
“It took them eight minutes, not bad. Ron you owe me five Sickles.” He replied smirking.
Ron looked disgruntled and sighed. Ginny looked offended.
“You bet on us?”
“It was a harmless wager Gin, don’t worry. Ron thought that me giving you ten minutes wasn’t enough time.” Harry said.
Ginny frowned at her boyfriend and then allowed him to kiss her forehead. Hermione watched and felt a pang of loneliness at the sight of Harry and Ginny together. Ron was digging through his pockets to pay Harry and hadn’t seen the interacting. Harry then turned to her and said good morning and hugged her. They made their way down to the Great Hall talking and watching Ron as he dug through his clothes to find the money he knew he had. Harry was laughing and quietly told the girls that he had already summoned the correct amount from Ron. The girls grinned and erupted into giggles, They laughed even harder when Harry finally pulled the money out of his pocket to show them and let Ron noticed. Ron was irritated and punched Harry in the arm.
“You’re a git.” Ron mumbled.
As they entered the hall, Hermione found that she automatically glanced at the spot Malfoy normally sat. He gave her a slight nod and she blushed a little, hoping her friends didn’t notice. Ginny, of course, noticed the interaction but didn’t say anything besides giving Hermione a look that said ‘we’ll talk about this later.’ Hermione sighed and knew it was inevitable.

Ron was still grumbling half heartedly as they sat down and Neville asked him what was up. Harry explained and soon half the Gryffindor’s in their years were laughing. A couple of Ron’s fan girls came over and timidly asked if he wanted to join them as they went for a walk. He jumped up to go with them and ignored the cat calls and whistles from his fellow Gryffindor’s.
Hermione knew that there was nothing even remotely there between her and Ron anymore, but she still felt her stomach clench. Everyone else seemed to have someone, but she didn’t. Little did she know that there was someone who wanted to be around her and make her smile.


Draco’s view…
She entered the hall and was apparently in a good mood. Draco watched as she and the Weasely girl laughed along with Harry. It seemed to be at Ron’s expense because he was looking sullen. He saw Hermione look over and he gave her a slight nod. The butterflies in his stomach took off and flew in all directions and he felt like his stomach did a back flip. He watched her and noticed that she looked crestfallen when the Weasel got up and left with a couple of girls. He found himself wishing he could just go over to her and ask her if she wanted to go for a walk with him. He looked down and found himself mutilating his sausage with his knife. No longer hungry, he got up and headed outside. He took the path that went past the greenhouses and then out on to one side of castle. The air was crisp and he could feel it in his lungs as he breathed in. It cleared his head a little and he wished he could get her out of his thoughts. However, if he was truly honest with himself he didn’t want her out of his thoughts. What he really wanted was to be able to feel her in his arms. She had been before and she had fit so perfectly… He sighed. The only time he had been that close was when he saved her from one danger or another. He was fast becoming her personal super hero. He smiled to himself and didn’t mind that realization.

After an hour or so of wandering around he found a large rock by the lake and sat on it, staring off into space. He was broken out of his thoughts and fantasies of being with Hermione by a couple passing by. It was Potter and the Weasely girl. They noticed him. Potter nodded his head in acknowledgement, but the red head looked at him curiously. He wondered if Hermione had told her of what happened. Soon the couple was out of sight and he knew that she was alone. He wanted to find her and figured that since her three closest friends were out she would be by herself reading. First place he decided to look was the library. As he walked through the rows of bookshelves he found his assumption to be correct. There she was curled up in her chair in her special spot. He wondered if she would be upset if he showed up there unannounced. Taking a chance he walked around the bookcase and into view. She looked up at him and he saw what looked like relief pass over her face. This made him curious.
“May I sit?” He asked and hoped the answer was yes.
“Um sure.” She replied hesitantly.
He smiled and sat down in the chair opposite her. He surveyed the area and saw that there were books all around her. She was already working on a project for Charms that he knew had only been mentioned.
“Uh, you know that the paper you’re working on isn’t even assigned yet, right?” He said trying not to smile.
“I know, but I just like to keep up.”
“How could you fall behind? He hasn’t even assigned it yet.” He said rolling his eyes.
She glared at him a little and he hoped that she would realize he wasn’t being mean. He saw her face lighten and she smiled. God she’s beautiful. He carefully moved a few of her books and then kicked his legs up on the table. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He heard her snap a book shut and he opened an eye. She was looking at him curiously.
“What?” He said perplexed.
He watched as she prepared her answer.
“Well, I’m trying to figure out why you’re sitting here. Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”
He laughed lightly.
“Nope, not really and I’m sitting here because I’m allowed to.”
“This is my spot and I was here first.” She said narrowing her eyes again.
He decided to play innocent.
“Can’t a guy sit with the person he was partnered with besides when he’s arranged to or is saving his partner from danger?”
To his surprise she smiled. Apparently his plan had worked.
“Alright Malfoy, you can stay.” She said and returned to her book.
He frowned. He didn’t want to sit here and be ignored. Draco got up and took the book from her hands and shut it. She reached for it but he held it above her head.
“I’m warning you Malfoy…”
“Or you’ll do what?” He said playfully.
He tossed the book gently on the table and then forgot what he was doing. He leaned in closer and could smell vanilla, lime and coconut. His mind went blank and he wanted to be closer. He had his hands on either side of her chair and was only about two inches away from her face. Draco could tell that she’d stopped breathing. There was a tiny bit of fear in her eyes, but something else as well, longing? He came to his senses and attempted to recover. He placed his lips near her ear and whispered,
“No need to over study Granger.”
He felt her shiver and then stepped back. He mentally cursed himself. That was too close. What am I thinking!? He saw her looking at him and could see her analyzing his behavior. He wasn’t sure whether she was going to explode or ignore him. He was terrified all the sudden. Before she could say a word, he quickly turned around and without another look back, he left.



Hermione stared after him as he left. Her stomach was in an uproar at what had happened and almost happened. Had Malfoy been about to kiss her? Did she want him to? The honest answer was yes. She felt like she was becoming closer to him every day and he had saved her many times now. He was a different man and her emotions calmed when he was around. No matter what attitude she gave him she always wanted him around and always hoped she would see him. Her emotions had been quick to get excited when he had shown up unannounced in her spot. Hermione realized she wanted to talk to him. She wanted to discuss what had happened to her in Hogsmead.
She gathered her things and made her way back to her dorm. What had she felt when she saw him and when he had lounged back and looked so comfortable. She sat on the edge of her bed and began to analyze everything that had happened since she had seen him on the train. What she had thought and felt every time she had been around him. Her head snapped up and she came upon a realization. She liked him. That’s what all the little butterflies in her stomach were when he was around. She liked Malfoy. The boy who had tormented her since she had entered Hogwarts.

What was wrong with her? How could she have fallen for him. But she knew it was because he had changed and she had given him a second chance. Every time they were around each other they talked and she had been more open with him than Harry lately. She wanted to be near him. She shook her head and left the tower again. Looking out a window she noticed how late it was, she had obviously missed lunch and by the flow of students, it was dinner time.

As she was entering the hall, a tall blonde walked past her and she caught a whiff of the spicy citrus smell. It made her want to hug him and inhale that scent forever. She blushed a little at the thought and continued to her house table. She sat across from Neville and Dean and they started a conversation until Harry and Ginny got there. Hermione enjoyed herself but she could feel a pair of silvery grey eyes fixed on her back. What did he feel? Why did he act the way he did around her? How was it he was always there when she needed him? All of these thoughts engulfed her mind fully as she finally lay in her bed after walking back up to the tower with everyone from dinner. She was glad she was alone and didn’t have to explain why she zoned out. Instead she was able to lay in her bed and close her eyes to think. This transformed to her falling into a deep sleep and for the first time in many days she slept deeply and with no nightmares.

Bright and early Monday morning she was up and felt abnormally excited to get to Potions. She knew why and tried to deny it, but couldn’t. She wanted to see him and his nicely toned body that smelled so amazing and those eyes that could be as cold as ice or as liquid as silver. Ginny noticed how gittery she was and tried to ask but Hermione just shrugged it off and said she was in a good mood. After a quick breakfast, they made their way to the dungeons for potions class. Hermione took a spot in the second row in front and sat on the edge seat closest to the middle of the room. As class was about to begin and the last people were filing in, someone dropped a small dark purple flower with a bright blue center on her desk. She picked it up and studied it. It was beautiful and striking and she knew exactly who had given it to her. It was then she noticed that he was sitting next to her. She looked up at the board and saw that they were working on the Polyjuice Potion again. Suddenly she felt a little nervous around him. He looked at her and smirked as he saw her holding the flower he had set down. She quickly slipped it out of sight, but only into her robe so that she could look at it later.
“How are you Granger?” A smooth quiet voice said next to her.
She felt shivers run down her spine at the sound of his voice, but not in a bad way. She glanced at him and saw that he was close. But as soon as she did professor Slughorn started talking and he looked away. They continued work on their potion, which was looking exactly the way it was supposed, and had no awkward moments until they were cleaning up and his hand brushed hers. She felt a spark and tingling sensation run up her arm. She froze. He had obviously noticed something too but composed himself faster and gathered his things. As he passed her she spoke quietly so that only she could hear,
“I’ll see you later…”
He was on her mind the rest of the day and as she lay down she fell asleep thinking about him again. Maybe he liked her too? No, he was just toying with her. But why would he do that and save her from danger too? It didn’t make sense.

When Thursday arrived they had said to meet at Flitwicks office right after dinner to present their project to him. She was fidgety all through dinner and so obvious that multiple people asked her what was up. She just told them it was because she was turning in a project and was nervous. Finally she couldn’t wait anymore and started to make her way towards his office. She heard someone behind her and then Malfoy fell into step beside her.
“Hello Granger.”
“Hi,” She said a little breathlessly.
She heard him chuckle next to her but he remained silent. They reached Flitwick’s office and waiting a couple minutes until he came shuffling into view.
“Ah Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy. Your partner project I presume?”
They both nodded and beckoned them inside his office. They turned in their written portions and then informed him that there was a practical part. Hermione saw a small smile form on his face and could tell he was impressed. Hermione demonstrated the spell she’d chosen to work on for disillusionment and then Malfoy showed a couple small invisibility spells. Flitwick was obviously very pleased and practically squealed with delight as they finished.
“Oh very well done, very well done indeed. I look forward to reading your papers and I will be sure to notify you on what I think. Good night.”
They left his office and Hermione couldn’t help but smile as they walked down the hall, which were empty. It faltered slightly as she noticed Malfoy looking at her.
“What?” She said a little uncomfortable.
He paused.
“Just… this.” And with that he leaned in and kissed her. Her mind went blank.



Draco’s view…

As they left Flitwick’s office he watched her. Draco saw a huge smile spread across her face and they walked. He was looking at her and her smiled faded a little when she looked at him.
“What?” she said and he could tell she was uncomfortable.
He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t say what he was thinking and what he wanted to do. He stopped walking and tried to say what he wanted to tell her.
“Just… this.” And without thinking of any repercussions it could have he leaned in and kissed her.

He started out soft and gentle even though his insides were screaming for something more. It was short because he pulled away and looked at her. Afraid at rejection or getting smacked, he glanced at her face. She was stunned. That much he could see, but as he watched the emotions change on her face he was glad to see that anger was not one of them. She was close to the wall and leaned against it. He didn’t know whether he should speak or try to kiss her again. He let his body make the decision and went to kiss her again. This time he felt her relax as soon as his lips touched hers. This made him want her more and he pushed himself closer to her, pinning her against the wall. She placed her hands on his well toned stomach but made no effort to push him away. He turned the kiss from gentle to more urgent. He crushed her lips with his and let his tongue run along her bottom lip. A small moan escaped her and he broke from her lips, but only to run his lips along her jaw and kiss down her neck. He felt her hands grip at his stomach. Kissing back up to her mouth, he sweetly enveloped her lips with his and then stepped back. He couldn’t believe he had just kissed her. He had kissed Hermione Granger.

He looked at her and saw a small smile. Then she closed the space between them and put her arms around his waist hugging him. He rested his cheek on the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her form and stood there contentedly. He had not felt this calm or happy in a very long time. He loved this feeling. They stood there for awhile and then finally she stirred. Draco looked down at her and saw the confirmation of her feelings. She did like him. He felt like he could walk on water or float away he was so happy. She touched his face with her hand and he was brought back to earth slightly. He looked into her eyes and thought, I love you Hermione.


This gives you readers a little more excitment. I hope you're liking the story.


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A Beginning and Therefore Change: Chapter 11~ Realizations


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