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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae. by FawkesThePhoenix
Chapter 2 : Water Angel's big mistake.
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"Harry, meet me in my room, it's on the third floor," Ginny ordered. Harry walked onto the landing of the third floor. He so wanted to go up another flight of stairs and see his room, but he promised Ginny that they would talk. Harry was walking down the hallway and one door on his right made him double back. He thought this could be Ginny's room because it smelt of sweet perfume and roses, this in mind, he stretched out his hand to turn the handle. Before he had actually touched it, he heard something coming from it.

"You'll find her soon, Harry Potter. She's in your life now, all you need to do is look at what's right in front of you." This was said in an eerie voice. He knew at once that this was the door Ron was talking about, however, he couldn't hear the song he described, but actual words.

"Why can't I hear the song? Please don't tell me, I can hear words because I've seen death." He said, out loud, to himself.

"Ahh, Harry, you're close there. It's not death but something happier. You'll know it when you find it." It was Mr Weasley, Harry felt embarrassed because Mr Weasley had heard him talking to himself.

"Sorry, what, Mr Weasley? I'll know when I find what?" Harry asked, knowing that answers don't come simply in the Wizarding World.

"Harry, if I tell you, then you won't know when you find it. You'll know before you find it, and that's all wrong." Mr Weasley smiled, this was something Dumbledore would say, had his Professor told Mr Weasley to tell him that? If he had, why?

"Boys-" Mr Weasley said before entering the twin's room. "Boys, your mother wants to talk to you. Good luck, she's in a bad mood." Mr Weasley warned, he was always more understanding with his children than his wife.

"Urg, this is probably about the explosion this morning," George said to his dad.

"Yeah, we had no idea that if we mixed those two potions together the result would explode. Come on, Georgie, she can't be that mad." Fred said to his twin. Harry had often thought that the effect of shouting at them had warned off, they still managed to get in more trouble.

"Alright Harry, George told me you were here. We can talk at dinner." Fred said as he and George walked off.

"Mr Weasley, can you hear a song or words when you're by the door? I can hear words, but Ron told me it sang a song." Harry asked.

"Harry, Ron can hear a song because you're one step closer to finding yours." With that, he went downstairs.

"Wait, Mr Weasley, which rooms Ginny's? She told me to meet her in there." Harry asked.

"Oh, it's on the left of the twin's, but it's not her. Don't be tempted." Mr Weasley said before he vanished.

Harry walked into the bedroom and was amazed by it's features. It was a huge square room. There was a four-poster bed in the middle of the back wall. Opposite the bed was a bookcase, it only had three books in it, next to the bookcase was a desk. Ginny was in the middle of writing a letter. Harry didn't read it because he thought that would be rude. On the wall with the door was a huge wardrobe. Lastly, the feature that Harry took the most interest in was a huge, old, rustic mirror, knowing the Wizarding World too well, Harry didn't expect this mirror to actually work as a mirror. He was right, when he stepped in front of it, the glass went all red and smoky. "Hmm, maybe it thinks I'm ugly and if I see my reflection, I'll go blind," Harry said, laughing to himself. Harry went over to the bookcase and was shocked to see that the three books were all about Love and something Harry didn't know about.

"Harry, hi. Sorry to keep you waiting, I was talking to mum." Ginny said, her eyes narrowing as she said this. Harry knew that was a lie because Mrs Weasley was shouting at Fred and George.

"No, it's okay. I like your mirror. What does it do?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure, we all have one, I'm trying to work it out. Harry, touch me." Ginny said, quietly.

"What? Why?" Harry asked he was still quite awkward around girls.

"Just do it," Ginny said. She reached out and took his hand. Nothing happened. So, Ginny ran off.

"Ginny, come back. What've I done?" Harry called after her, but she didn't come back.

Suddenly, Mrs Weasley's head poked around the door. "Harry, dear. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Maybe you should go up to your room and unpack." She said with a smile on her face.

"Thanks, Mrs Weasley. Which one is it?" He asked since he didn't know the room layout yet.

"Up another floor, the middle door. Hermione's is the one furthest away from the stairs." She said, kindly, and walked off. Why did Harry need to know which one was Hermione's?

Harry went up another flight of stairs and saw his door. He also saw Hermione's door too. His heart was in his mouth.He wanted to go in to see Hermione. He leant his ear against her door and heard her on the other side of it. She was writing a letter, he could hear her quill scratching the parchment. He went in his room first, then after dinner he could spend time with Hermione.

Harry's eyes widened as he open the door. It was HUGE. Harry suspected that the Weasley's had given him the biggest as it was his house. He had a four-poster bed, like Ginny's, again, Harry suspected that everyone had this type of bed. Harry's room was a lot like Ginny's. It had a desk with writing equipment, a wardrobe, a bookcase full of Quidditch books, and the mirror that Ginny had mentioned everyone had. In the corner was a cupboard that Ginny didn't have. Harry crossed the room and open the cupboard. It was full of his Quidditch things, his robes, his broom, his goggles, the broom care kit that Hermione got him for Christmas. He loved it. He walked over to his trunk to unpack it, but it was already unpacked. Kreacher - the Black family house-elf - most have unpacked his stuff.

"DINNER IS READY!" Called Mrs Weasley from three floors down. Harry walked over to his door and out into the hallway. Hermione hadn't left yet, he wondered if she heard. So, he went over and knocked on her door.

"Yeah, I heard, I'm just finishing my letter." Hermione called back. Harry shrugged and ran downstairs - he was starving, He walked into the dinning room, which like the rest of the house, was massive. It had a long, wooden table, a crackling fire and pictures of the Weasley clan. Harry looked around and smiled, this really was the place they deserved. Harry sat down next to Ron and Fred, but Mr Weasley told Fred to move up one. Harry, yet again, was confused with Mr Weasley's actions.

'Dear Fire Demon,

I don't understand why we need to use these stupid code words, I know you said our owls might get intercepted but still. It's stupid.

I did what the book said, nothing happened, I don't think it's him, it's you and we both know that. I'll try again, but for now, we'll call it 'Water Angel's big mistake.'

Miss you and can't wait to see you. Should we say same place, same time?


Water Angel.'

The author of this letter folded it up and attached it to the outstretched leg of their owl. "Get it to them quickly, they'll take care of you." Said the writer.

"HERMIONE, GINNY. DINNER!" Called Mrs Weasley from the dinning room.

"Go." And the owl flew off, the girl watched it fly away until it was out of her vision.

"This might have been Water Angel's big mistake, lets just hope they will forgive me one day" The girl said before leaving her room.

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