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I'm Nott in Love With Potter by MaryOlivia
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Thanks to FallenAmaranth for the lovely CI!!


  (Ashley Benson as Nora Parkway)

Sinead and I became friends when the both of us were chosen for the role of beaters on the Slytherin Quidditch team. We seem like an unlikely pair, with both of us being quite thin and scrawny, especially in third year but our 'muscles' are hidden and because of that Scorp says the first few games we played, we completely smashed the other houses (literally).

Nora and I became friends on the thirty second day of second year day because when we were partnered together for Defence against the Dark Arts. We ended up having quite a good duel, scaring the teachers pretty much senseless and after we got over our mutual hate for each other, we realised we would do better together than apart and became friends.

Garland and I became friends on the fourteenth day of fourth year (I know the exact date because it was the second Saturday of September, which happily fell on my birthday). She transferred from New Zealand and after some very gentle teasing on my part, a silent test, which for the most of it was just glaring to see if she would break down, on Nora's part and a rapid questioning from Sinead we decided she was ok-ish to be a Slytherin and befriended her.

Right now, I was saying goodbye to these friends of mine as we entered our summer holidays for the fifth time.

I gathered them in what I like to call a free-for-all hug, you can't be angry in whatever happens in these hugs. We all push each other around, not finding any balance and step on toes and other parts of the body. These have gotten shorter and shorter as time went on due to extensive injury so it was practically only three seconds long.

Then we hugged separately and knowing we most likely wouldn't see each other until the last week of summer where we traditionally stay at one of the 'slags' houses. First year it was me, Sinead and I stayed at mine; in second year we stayed at Sinead's, then in third year we stayed at Nora's, then Garland's as she joined our ranks. This year its unfortunately me and since I've developed a deep hatred for my brother and embarrassment for my parents its going to be even worse, I tried to make Sinead swap years with me but to no avail, and I also hear from the Hogwarts Gossip Mill that James is coming to my house as well as the rest of the Gryffie boys to spend the holidays. Ryan, of course, never felt like mentioning it to me until a giggling Ravenclaw came up to me and asked to take a picture of James in the shower. I said no.

I squeezed tightly onto Sinead, tears shamefully popping into my eyes and quickly went to Garland, who, as she has a healthy amount of fat on her, is extremely cuddly.

Nora just stood still when I hugged her tiny body but she did kiss me on the cheek as we parted ways which in my eyes regarding her is better than a hug (she never lets her face get within twenty centimetres of the same sex, regarding it as 'gay' so whatever brought on this warmth baffles me)

"Nora!" I heard her mother call. The long-legged Stephanie Parkway floated into view, smiling down at us all. I smirked at Nora but this time I didn't see her usual blush at her mother's eccentrics, instead she was looking at the stone floor. "Have you said your final goodbyes?" and I don't know what it was, maybe it was the way she phrased it but it didn't seem like she meant the normal 'goodbyes'.

"Nora…?" Sinead murmured, I guess she caught on like me.

"I didn't want to tell you guys. I still don't want to-."

"Come on Nora." Her mother tittered impatiently.

"I… might not be coming back next year."

"There's no 'might' about it, you stupid girl."

"Please, mum! I got really… really bad marks on all my exams last year, and if I don't do well in my OWLs, I won't be coming back to school-."

"And you won't do well because all you do all year involves sex and drink."

"It was a trial year basically." Nora muttered, rolling her eyes at her mother.

"Well, what will you do if you don't do well?" I spoke up, getting over my shock before the others.

"Homeschooled like the rest of the population, I suppose." She explained. "So I might not be able to come to yours Annie, I'm so sorry guys."

"It's fine Nee-naw." Sinead sighed, picking up the old nickname we picked up from her brother, as you could guess she hated it, but for once, she didn't punch Sinead in the belly. The corners of her lips tweaked into a smile. "You were studying loads and whenever I helped you, you got like all the questions right." Sinead emphasized, sending a pointed look to Nora's mum.

"Yeah, we'll see you Nee-naw, don't fret babes." I added with a joking tone, looking over her shoulder to see my mum giving me a very enthusiastic wave. "Don't glare at me! Sinead said it too!"

"You're making fun of me though!"

"Was not! My mum is calling me over so I have to make a hasty retreat. That was what you call a hasty comfort." She still glared at me though as I skipped forward and squeezed her goodbye. "Bye nee-naw!" I called behind me, walking towards my family. "You'll do fine!"

"Don't you dare think that name is making a re-appearance!" I heard Nora screech behind me.

"What took you so long?" Ash demanded, giving me his best stroppy girl look.

"Probably making sure she gets in a last kiss with Posey." Ryan interrupted with an annoying smirk.

"Hmm… funny." I allowed, smiling sarcastically. "Doesn't mean you and James are gay though." I added, changing my smile to self-satisfied as his head literally imploded with anger. He was turning a nice grape colour. It was a nice distraction from the fact I might not have my Nee-naw around to stop me being americanised and to throw fun things at me in her fits of anger.

"Come on now guys calm it! I don't know why you get so offended, being gay isn't bad." My dad reasoned, giving us accusing stares as he stacked my bag on top of the bag carrier trolley thing.

"It's not her saying I'm gay that's offensive, it's that she's saying I can't do better than James fucking Potter."

"That's 'cause you can't do better than James, just like how I couldn't do better than Sinead."

"You couldn't even get Posey to begin with." He countered smugly, starting to walk to the car.

"Neither of you could get anyone." Ash popped in, with a small smile. I swear he never smiles like a normal person, he's strangely subdued all the time which is why I think were not actually twins, I mean, yeah, he is also a Metamorphmagus, like me, and we were born out of the same vagina and all but… I really don't think that's enough evidence.

"Don't even get me started on you. I'm not even sure you have any sort of sexuality. Maybe to Harrison," I guessed, referring to one of their weird I-think-I'm-really-hot friends "But even then I think you're just attracted to his hair." I pondered, slipping into the very back seat of the car. It was a seven-seater and I always liked having the very back two to myself even if it meant squishing the trunks around me and my brothers, even with the help of expansion charms.

"I'm not attracted to his hair!" He denied vehemently, sitting on the seat on the left.

"It is lush though isn't it?" I asked, trying to catch him out. He just glared at me. Well, were more alike than I thought. "Love you too, lil bro."

"He was born first." Ryan pointed out, flopping into the seat on the right, making the whole car shake.

"Sorry fatty, can't hear you."

"Course you can't." He grumbled, pulling his iPod out like an antisocial lumberjack.

"Looks like it's just us to Ash, what do you wanna talk about?" I asked with sarcastic enthusiasm. Of course, he glared at me again and pulled out his own antisocial device. "Mum!" I whined as she started up the car, doing her seatbelt up as the car started to move. "They won't talk to me!"

"You shouldn't annoy them so much then should you. Maybe they'd talk to you then." She suggested. Yeah right, not make fun of them, great idea mum.

"He started it."

"Well, you carried it on."

"She has a point Annie. If you keep being mean to them they'll never talk to you when you're older, and you'll have no-one."

"Dad! That's so mean!"

"Oh, he's just speaking from experience darling." My mother muttered distractedly, pulling up at some lights.

"Why didn't we just apparate?"

Then my parents had the nerve to turn on the radio. Well, that made it obvious they didn't want to talk to me and so I pulled out my own antisocial device, putting it on shuffle and internally cringing/laughing when a Victoria Justice song came on, coming to a rapid conclusion of how much I hate Stephanie Parkway.

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