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The Wife He Never Wanted by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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 Chapter 5               

Hi Baby girl. How are you?”

Cassie didn’t even smile when I walked in, she just continued sobbing.

“Sweetie, what is the matter?”

I picked her up out of her crib, laid her on the changing table, and changed the dirty diaper to a clean one. Her crying settled down, to muffled sobs, so I think that she was just hungry.

“Okay baby, leys go feed you some food.”

Cassie was one now, so she was eating solid food.

She began cooing in my ear as I bounced her as I walked downstairs into the kitchen.

“Lunchtime.” I cooed back placing her in her high chair. Then I placed some cheerios in front of her as I cut up a hot dog into small pieces. She took a handful of the cheerios and placed them and her whole fist into her mouth, and then took it back out, oozed in spit.

“Oh gross, Cassie, you do the most disgusting things.”

“Mummy.” She said.

“Yeah, sure, you mum me and think you get out of trouble, but I’ll tell you it won’t work forever.”

An hour later, Cassie was finally done eating, had taken a bath to get cleaned up and was placed in fresh clothes for dinner. The phone rang, and it was Ginny telling me Harry was home and they would come over in an hour.

Cassie was once again in the high chair, and watching me as I cooked dinner.

 I was serving roast chicken, in a basil and rosemary herb seasoning, a garlic-butter pasta, with a vegetable sauté to be served on top of, (peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, white wine, olive oil, butter) and a dessert of warm chocolate chip cookies to be served with vanilla ice cream.

Magic enhances the cooking time on the chicken and the cookies and pasta I made by hand.

The fireplace lighted up with a green flame and Ginny and Harry came through the fireplace.

Ginny ran up and threw her arms around me, engulfing me in a hug.

Harry awkwardly hugged me and took a step back, as if he didn’t really want to be here. I couldn’t really blame him. Five Years without any contact to me whatsoever, plus, a huge fight when I married his arch enemy.

“So you left Malfoy then eh?” He muttered.

“We are divorced, yes.”

“But he doesn’t want to be?”

“No, Harry, he doesn’t. He has decided he will win me back, but I can’t have him around my children.”

“Understandably so. I can’t believe you have two kids with that bloody Git. I mean come on Hermione, Its Malfoy!”

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” Ginny screeched at him. “You will leave that subject alone, we are here to help Hermione guard her house so it is safe. So lets get to it.”

“Whatever, Ginny.”

I grimaced.

‘Listen to me Harry, Ron had just dumped me, ending a two year engagement, 5 year relationship, and 12 year friendship, for some bimbo slut named Lavender Brown. Draco picked me up off of my sore and swollen feet, helping me to see the good in living again. When I married him, I had no idea how haunted he was by his past, his father’s past and his ancestor’s pasts and what living in the Manor would do to him or our relationship. I made a bad choice, but two wonderful miracles became of that choice, so do not dare insult my children.”

“Okay, fine. I’m sorry, Hermione.”

“Thank you.”

“Now what do you propose we do?”

“An Anti- apparition charm, a ward around the house, whatever needs to be done.”

“I’ll check with the Ministry Library about the apparition charm, Ginny Owl Headmistress McGonagall, about powerful wards around the school.”

“Dinner is ready, so why don’t we just catch up over dinner?” I suggested.

“Sounds good.” Ginny said.

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The Wife He Never Wanted: Chapter 5


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