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Chasing Fate by Secret Passion
Chapter 1 : Proposals
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Hermione twisted the ring on her finger as she sat in front of the computer screen trying to figure out exactly how to word the email she was about to send to Ginny. It was at precisely this moment that she regretted making the re-head get a phone, computer and email address. At the time she had insisted because it was quicker than Owls and Ginny had finally relented. Only now she expected updates on everything that was going on and Hermione knew that if she waited until they were off their honeymoon both Harry and especially Ginny would go crazy. 

Of course Hermione had been updated on every aspect of the previous two weeks in their Caribbean bliss…every aspect. If the was anyone who went over the line of too much information then it was Ginny Potter. Ginny Potter, Hermione would have to get used to saying that but that was what the loved up girls email address now said. 

Dear Mrs Potter, (bet it feels good to hear that doesn’t it!)

                He proposed…

It was all she had and all she really wanted to say. Maybe she should admit to her best friend that the moment he had proposed Hermione’s mind had skipped straight to the person who had left her in the dark on the Hogwarts driveway all those years ago. Hermione glanced at the calendar. It was the twenty-first of April. Two years, ten months and thirteen days since he left. 

But she couldn’t think about that. All she needed to think about was the fact that Hermione’s parents knew, his parents knew and now Ginny and Harry needed to know. What the girl would say she didn’t know. What the girl would say when she found out Hermione had been keeping it to herself for a week already she did know and that was why this email had to be sent. 

Fiddling with her ring Hermione looked at the silver band set with a beautiful purple stone surrounded by little diamonds. It really was beautiful, it really was perfect. He knew her well and that scared Hermione but also made her feel safe. Her last love had broken her heart and Hermione knew that her fiancé never would. She would be happy with him and he would look after her. After everything that was what she needed the most. 

But she had to tell Ginny now. She was returning to work for the first time the next day since they had been away on a romantic holiday to celebrate their two year anniversary. 

They had left the day after the wedding, Ginny ecstatic that Hermione would be in the sun just as much as she was and jealous that Hermione would come back brown and Ginny would still be as pale as a sheet. Of course Hermione was not going to a sunny beach for her anniversary, she was going to ruins in South America where both her and her boyfriend could explore and write and take photos. 

It was underneath an ancient wizard ruin that they had searched out by battling through intense rain forest and taking a canoe down river that Dean had dropped to one knee and proposed to her, right there on the 15th of April, a week after they had arrived, five days before they were due to return. She had been shocked, half way through trying to translate a ruin when he took her hand and asked her to marry him. 

He looked so sweet on his knees in the bright orange and red flowers that grew around the ruin. He kissed her hand and said the words and when Hermione stuttered out a yes he slipped the ring on her finger, drew her into his arms and kissed her heard. 

Hermione had cried but her heart had felt uneasy. She loved Dean, he had been good to her. After Draco had left he had picked up the pieces in a way that none of her other friends had. When she had gotten home she had called him and they had met up for coffee in a small café near to Hermione’s village. 

When they met up it was always in the muggle world, at cinemas, at restaurants, he had even taken her to a couple of football games, west ham of course. He got them tickets for the world cup and they travelled across the world to watch England bomb out against Brazil. 

It had been April the 15th just under a year after they had graduated that Dean had walked her home after a dinner with Harry, Ginny and an overtired Ron. He had walked her to her door, kissed her on the cheek but Hermione had taken control, twisted her face and caught him on the lips. Then she had invited him in… and he hadn’t left since. 

Now her pretty London townhouse was their home and the only space Hermione had to herself was the small office in the attic conversion that she had claimed as her own…after all a writer and lawyer had to have their own space to write.

Not that she had written anything since her second book had come out a couple of months previous. Her first one had been a roaring success having been released just nine months after the meeting with the editor. She had made enough money to buy herself a house in a beautiful spot of London, overlooking a square full of trees and flower beds. Sometimes Hermione would take her files out there and sit in the sun. Dean would join her every now and again but he gave her her space which was what she needed most of the time. 

He had even given her space since they had returned from their holiday. He had gone to work that morning for some sort of emergency meeting and left her alone to her devices. Even when he had returned with curry he had let her eat it in her study while she sorted out final preparations for her presentation the next day. When they had gone to bed he had kissed her, gone to sleep and hadn’t noticed her sneak out to try and write the email to her best friend before she came back off her honey moon the following week.  

Hermione knew that the Quidditch season was over so Ginny could very well take three weeks out of her team before she went back to training but Harry was the Auror department’s number two, in training to be number one. Ginny must have swizzed it for him because Hermione knew that as soon as the honeymoon was over Harry would be off on some sort of secret mission with Ron that they weren’t meant to know anything about and normally they trained for at least a week before they left. 

A small ping alerted Hermione back to her computer and away from the photo of Hermione, Dean, Harry and Ginny on her desk. 

Good your online, Ginny’s message flashed, it is eight here, I hoped to catch you before we left for dinner, what time is it there?

One in the morning, Hermione replied, is there a reason you picked up your phone for the fifth time today to email me?

Hermione pushed a pen around the desk and had to wait for a good ten minutes to get the answer she wanted. Of course it was what she expected. 

He started talking about babies again Mione! He just won’t listen, it is like he wants me to be this little perfect housewife like he thought his mother was and I’m not. Since when am I my mother! I have training and the world cup qualifying to think about. I can’t have a baby yet. It is Ron’s fault. Lexi isn’t even three yet and Ron’s going on about how he would have another one if he was married. Ugh! Tell me how to get him to shut up.

I don’t know, I’ve never been in this situation, just explain it how you explained it to me, Hermione tapped out on her keyboard. 

It is easy for you, Ginny replied, you don’t have a mother like mine who thinks that as soon as you are married you should have a baby. Bill and Fluer have two, Percy has one on the way and Ron has Lexi and he isn’t even married! I just want my Quidditch Career first. 

Then tell him that! 

I have, she moaned, I’ll just tell him to shut it or he’s going without… if you know what I mean.

Hermione sighed at the screen, Yes I know all too well what you mean. Did Ron tell you he’s dumping Lexi on me at the weekend? 

No! Ginny’s reply snapped back, tell all. 

Don’t you have a dinner to get too? Hermione asked. 

Reservation isn’t until nine, tell… Ginny said. 

Lavender hasn’t come back from France though she was supposed to last week, your mum and dad are busy and Ron has a date so he asked me to babysit on Friday, Hermione said. 

She hasn’t come back! She’s a piece of work! I feel sorry for Ron! She was only meant to go for three months!!!

Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of exclamation marks the girl had used but she was right. Ever since Lexi had been born Lavender had barely been there. She lived in the Weasley’s for the first year with the baby and then up and left Ron on his own. Molly had had to step in while Ron sorted out a flat and the poor baby had to stay without parents whenever Ron was called away. 

Lavender had returned on August 22nd, Lexi’s second birthday, almost a whole year after she had left and had declared that she had been in France ‘finding herself.’ She told Ron that she didn’t want Lexi to live with her and that she would be going back to France in February until after Harry and Ginny’s wedding. 

In the six months she had been in England Lavender had seen her daughter a grand total of ten times and when Ginny told her that her that she was going to be a flower girl at the wedding the mother had snubbed the invitation saying that it clashed with her plans and she wouldn’t be there to watch her daughter all dressed up. That had turned into Hermione’s job for some reason. 

Ron would leave the little girl with her whenever his mother couldn’t look after her and she was the one who had helped pulled the strings to get the little girl into the ministry nursery when there were no places left. Hermione was the one that had tended to a knee scrape and a bad haircut and a ripped dress. Hermione was the auntie Lexi loved and the mother that wasn’t there. 

Another message popped up on her screen as Hermione double checked her diary to make sure she had moved a meeting with a client who wanted to be represented in his case (where he had been acused of trying to breed blast-ended-skrewts and nifflers. Needless to say it ended badly) so she could pick Lexi up and take her back home for dinner at a reasonable time. 

At least Lexi has you to look after her, my mother spoils her far too much! You never told me how your anniversary holiday went; I’ve been going on about me so much I forgot you came home today! All this muggle stuff made me forget you were in the rainforest. Anything interesting happen? You will have to show me all the pictures when I get back! 

Hermione took in a deep breath. This was it; this was the moment that she told her best friend that she was engaged to Dean Thomas. The gorgeous, funny, down to earth, no nonsense, caring, protective, considerate, faithful Dean Thomas. 

“Babe,” his voice came up behind her. 

Hermione turned in her chair smiled at the guy standing in just a pair of dark blue boxers, rubbing his eyes to try and get used to the light. He walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders which he gave a quick rub before he kissed the top of her head. 

“You should be asleep,” Hermione said letting he hand run down the back of his leg. 

Dean span her in her head and knelt so they were the same height. 

“You should be in bed,” he smiled, “you have the presentation tomorrow.”

“Not until four…”

“I know what you’re like on no sleep…what you doing up so late, did I not manage to wear you out enough earlier?” he asked with a seductive wink. 

Hermione slapped his chest playfully and leaned in for a quick kiss. 

“I have been trying to figure out how to tell Ginny about this,” she said wiggling her ring finger, “I have to tell her tonight, right now or everyone will find out tomorrow and she will be more than mad.”

“Can’t it wait until the morning,” Dean asked, “come back to bed baby, I’ll even give your neck a rub down, you feel tense.”

“Just give me a second,” she said smiling, unable to resist one of Deans cure all ills massages, “I’ll be down as soon as I have sent this.” 

Hermione composed herself and typed out the email.

I think you will love the pictures. It was really good, I saw some amazing ruins and the food was amazing and Dean proposed on our anniversary. 

Without waiting for a reply Hermione turned the computer off, switched off the light and went back to bed, dreading the amount of emails she was going to get through and eternally grateful that her phone was off and charging. 

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