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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 6 : Plans; ponderings and promises.
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Rose was breathing heavily, trying to cease the flow of tears that threatened. Hugo shakily took the Galleon from his sister and silently passed it back over to James, who took it without comment.

Hermione was stood next to Ginny close enough to touch Rose. She was completely astounded and a little bit disturbed what she had just heard. Her future children were not exaggerating when they said she was scary; Hermione was scared of herself.

Seeing the look on his young Aunts face Albus spoke. "Don't worry Aunt Hermione, you aren't like that all of the time. Mostly you are great fun."

"Yes!" agreed Lily. "And you teach Hugo and I all of these really cool spells before we are even old enough to go to Hogwarts. Even if mum doesn't agree with it." she added.

Ginny gasped in mock horror and Hermione smirked just a little.

"Okay, i think that is enough for one day. Everyone, upstairs and get ready for bed. Chop Chop!" said Mrs Weasley loudly.

With many goodnights, all of the children slowly made their ways upstairs to the rooms they would be sleeping in. Except for Victoire and Teddy who would be sharing the main laiving area as there was no other bedrooms.

Ron was making his way to the room he shared with Harry, and now Hugo too, until someone grabbed his cloak from behind and pulled him into one of the large towel cupboards. The light flicked on.

"Bloody hell Hermione!" exclaimed Ron in hushed tones. "What are you trying to do, give me heart attack?"

"Obviously not Ron," replied Hermione shortly. "Now, i think we need to talk."

"Err...what about?" asked Ron awkwardly. Swallowing and trying to look anywhere other then at Hermione.

"Are you completely thick Ronald? We have just found out that we are married with children in the future and you don't think that is a topic we should discuss?" hissed Hermione increludously.

Ron looked at Hermione square in the face. "No, it isn't actually." he replied nonchalontly.

It was now Hermiones turn to look away in embarassment. She didn't know how to reply to that.

"Let's face it Hermione," continued Ron when he realised she wasn't going to say anything. "What is there to say? We obviously don't like eachother in that way right now but we just know that sometime in the future, somehow, we are going to fall in love. We are being obvliviated soon anyway."

Hermione took a deep breath. For some unknown reason she felt a little sick, pain and rejection washed over her in a way that she had never felt before. The truth for Hermione was: she did in fact like Ron and she had for quite some time now. Of course she could not let him know that.

"Of course you're right. Silly me. Well goodnight." said Hermione quickly, easing past Ron and out of the door to go back to the room she was sharing with Ginny, Rose and Lily.

Shaking his head, Ron continued his walk back to his shared bedroom only to find it having Hugo only inside. He was already asleep so thinking nothing of Harry's whereabouts he changed into his night clothes and slipped into bed.

As he lay there waiting for sleep to overtake him he could not help but think of Hermione in a beautiful white gown and veil with none other then himself at her side.

Elsewhere, in the tight gap under the stairs, an awkward silence had fallen over Harry and Ginny. Ginny had cornered him in there when she said they needed to talk. Harry of course being Harry thought the very worse: he had never been good at talking to girls.

"It's not like i think it is a big deal," murmered Ginny. "But it's quite alot of information to take in wouldn't you agree?"

Harry cleared his throat. "Er..yes i would actually. Finding out someone you have known for a long time and seen as nothing more as a friend, a sister perhaps, is the one you are going to marry. Quite a shock." concluded Harry quietly.

"Especially seen as it is someone you don't love at this present moment in time. I just cannot see us having that type of relationship. Ever." mused Ginny.

Harry knew she had once liked him, but also known that it was just a childs crush. At this present moment she was dating a boy from Hogwarts and they seemed happy enough.

"Well," said Harry, with an overly theatrical yawn. "I am tired so i think i'm going to hit the sack. Night." And with that he squeezed past Ginny and ran up the stairs and into his room. Ron and Hugo were both already asleep, snoring none the less.

Harry's last thought before his eyes closed for sleep was: like father like son.

When Hermione and Ginny were both in their beds, they did not speak to eachother about the odd meetings they had just had with the boys. Instead, they turned over and fell asleep almost immediately.

Victoire was transfiguring a sofa into a bed and Teddy was changing into his pyjamas when Remus came in. Tonks had gone home for the night.

"Do you stay here Remus?" asked Victoire.

"Sometimes, deifnately tonight. Nymphadora would have stayed but her mother isn't all too well and went to check up on her."

"Grandma Andromeda?" asked Teddy quietly. When his father nodded he bit down his lower lip. "It's just all so difficult and confusing!" exclaimed Teddy trying to stay quiet.

"How do you mean exactly Teddy?" wondered Remus.

"Well, to start with we aren't even in our own time and that just messes with our heads. Spending too much time here can not be good for any of us. Not only that, but the woman who raised me for the first part of my life is alive somewhere and i cannot go see her because she has no idea who i am. To top it all off, i'm building relationships with people who i have wished my whole life to meet. At least at the end of it all you get obliviated, we have to go home with the memories of you, mum, Fred and Sirius alive and well. We have never had the-" Victoire's gasp cut off Teddy's rant.

Teddy darted a look at his father who was sat motionless looking at them both. Victoire was trying to send messages to Teddy through her eyes but it really was not working. Teddy mentally kicked himself; how could he be such an idiot? He didn't know what came over him he just couldn't stop the rant and now he had let slip who wasn't around in the future.

"Fred and Padfoot too?" asked Remus almost inaudiably. "When?"

Teddy closed his eyes and sat on the edge of the newly transfigured bed. There was no point skirting the truth now.

"Fred dies in the battle, Sirius dies...sometime this coming school year." supplyed Teddy quietly.

Remus looked up at his son in horror. This year? It was so soon. "How does he die?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Bellatrix Lestrange." was all Teddy answered with.

"Please tell me that hag is dead in your time." said Remus seethingly.

Teddy grinned in response and nodded.

"I suppose that's something."

"Don't tell Sirius," insisted Teddy immediately. "It would crush him, Uncle Harry told me about this specific year, it still hurts him to talk about all of you, he said how miserable Sirius was because he was housebound. I really don't think telling him he is going to die soon is the wisest choice, even if he wont remember in a few days."

Remus was already nodding in agreement. "I agree with you Teddy, I promise i wont tell."

Teddy's father rose from the stool he had fallen into. "Goodnight...son," he said quietly, giving Teddy and affectionate tap on the back. "Goodnight Victoire," he said giving her a light peck on her cheek. And with that he left their sleeping chambers and went back towards the kitchen.

Remus felt empty as he walked back into the kitchen. In there was only Sirius who was reading the Daily Prophet with a frown. Padfoot, his greatest and oldest friend to die so soon. Fred, a Weasley. He could just imagine the pain that it would cause everyone. Nymphadora, his apparent future wife. So young and full of energy. Himself, a man who had so much to live for in the future but apparently only gets to live it for a short space of time.

He grabbed a glass of Firewhiskey and sat down at the table next to his friend.

"Still awake Padfoot?"

"Oh yes, i was just wondering how we were going to get those children back to their own time actually." said Sirius grumpily. "Even though i know they have to go, they are the best fun i have had in a long time."

Remus chuckled and took a sip of his drink. "I agree, but they must be very sad and missing home. This whole time changing can not be good for them for too long. Especially seen as it is so far back to some and that Lily and Hugo are so young."

Sirius huffed and shrugged. "Suppose."

Downing the rest of his drink he rose and patted his friends shoulder. Perhaps it is time for sleep now. Goodnight Padfoot." And with that he made his way out of the kitchen and up to the top floor.

"Goodnight Moony," called Sirius quietly after him.

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