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Morph by lanniejo
Chapter 4 : Realization
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(Three weeks til the start of school)


I was standing in a large, but rather dark room.

My parents sat in two chairs in front of an empty desk. On the desk was several papers, and little moving pictures. The tall chair was empty, and from the way it swayed a tiny bit indicated that it had just been abandoned.

I could see a mahogany door close with a dull thud, it bore the ministry’s crest. The moment it closed my parents began talking, with whisper voices.

“I thought the Ex-death eaters were all put in Azkaban or received treason.” My dad said, his face pale and pleated with frown wrinkles.

“Well obviously they have dealings with other sources outside of captivity if they set this up.” Mum informed him logically.

“Of course it was set up, it wasn’t by accident. The aurors even admitted that this kind of work was familiar, one bite on the neck wasn’t a wolfish accident. It’s a threat, a punishment.” Dad said, rubbing his scruffy chin with his knuckles, a habit of his.

“Well they said they would try to find out who did it and stop them. I won’t allow them to hurt my baby.” Mum sighed, I registered with a slight jolt that she wasn’t talking about me when she said baby, obviously because my pain was something she couldn’t prevent.

She was talking about Scorpius.

My dad made the same realization and his eyes narrowed at her.

“Your baby already has been hurt.” His voice was dripping with disbelief.

Mum’s eyes pooled with regret. “No I just meant, if they did it to her than they could do it to Scorpius too. There are alot of people we should be worried about-” SHe tried to back peddle.

“Save it. I know what you meant and that wasn’t it.” Dad bit back, he shook his head and twisted his family ring, a silver snake that curled around his middle finger in a coiled position as if ready to strike, the eyes were actual emeralds and glinted in the torch light.

Dad was always quick to jump to my defence when mum slipped up and showed her true colors.

I wasn’t as naive as she believed me to be, and I was well informed that she loved Scorpius over me. When I was younger it was worse, of course I had dad, but he was always at work and wasn’t around to see how drastic her distaste towards me was.

“Merlin, you could at least put up an act.” I muttered.

Neither of them heard me, as I stood just in front of them.

Through the door came a auror and he walked to his desk, in his hand was a thick file, when he slapped it on his desk it jarred me.


I awoke with a start, when I realized that the loud sound was just apart of my dream then I layed back down.

I stayed, laying in my bed and staring up at my ceiling, for several minutes, trying to calm the enraged feeling that was crawling up my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to push the stinging out of them, refusing to be hurt by a stupid dream.

In all actuality the dream was scarily accurate, mum felt that way, it was as plain as day to me.

I joked to Scorpius about him being a mama’s boy, and he would chuckle, but we have never had a serious conversation about how he was her favorite and that was apparent to both of us.

I tried not to hold it against him, it’s not his fault that she really just loves him more, but there was no stopping the jealousy. Not to mention the hatred towards my mother.

With a numbness I finally got out of bed and dressed, I put on my favorite outfit and even did my hair up nice, in hopes of reviving my spirit.

It didn’t work.

Buttery morning light spilled over the dining room table, causing the crystal chandelier to cast rainbow reflections all over the walls.

Scorpius was eating cereal, in his day clothes already, in his ears were headphones, a muggle contraption he got from his best mate, Albus.

I sat at the table, on the other end, the head of the table which was normally dad spot, but I had slept in so much that he had probably already left.

My stomach grumbled, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat.

Instead I decided to look at Scorpius, like really look.

His platinum blond hair caught the light and reflected it onto the table. Under his icy blue eyes were bags, almost like bruises, undoubtedly from loss of sleep. Scorpius’s skin was less sunkissed as it had been last summer, his mouth was in the form of a straight line.

I missed the goofy smile he wore, my turning into a werewolf had caused him stress. I knew he cared about me, he was my twin, older by barely anytime. It made me feel guilty for being jealous of him, again I reminded myself that it wasn’t his fault that our mother just liked him better.

I didn’t understand what the point of me dreaming that was.

I already knew what lie in my mum's heart, I already knew my dad didn’t approve.

Maybe what the fates, if I even believe in that, we're trying to tell me was that Scorpius was really just a better person than me.

Again my eyes stung, and I forced myself to stop wallowing in self pity.

I glanced down at my hands, and scratched the chipped varnish on them.

The doorbell rang with a airy chime, and I jumped up from my chair, glad to have Teddy here to distract me.

“You know you can just disapparate into the house.” I told him, with a half smile.

Teddy shrugged and walked into our house, his eyes not leaving my face.

“Chalk it up to courtesy.” He said graciously.

I rolled my eyes at him, and he chuckled.

“I need to talk to you.” Teddy was suddenly serious.

I motioned for him to follow me, and led him into my art room.

We sat on the floor, and by instinct I stretched my muscles.

“What is it?” I asked, watching his face in return.

Teddy sighed, and then he put on a little smile.

“Well no offence to you, you’ve accomplished alot and your progressing faster than I thought you would, but I don’t know if you're ready to go to Hogwarts” I froze, and bristled at his words. I trusted his opinion and I wouldn’t go if he told me not to, but it would hurt.

“Alone.” He finished, seeing my upset face.

I arched an eyebrow at him. “What does that mean?”

He smiled bigger. “Well I was thinking since I’m your mentor I should go with you, but I also could teach Care of Magical creatures, since I’m good with animals and Hagrid's retired.”

I grinned with him, and couldn’t help but launch myself at him, hugging him to death.

“Thank goodness! I was so worried for a second there, not to mention even I thought I couldn’t handle it.” I said, somewhat muffled.

“I’m glad you like my plan.” He chuckled.

I got off of him, but was unable to wipe the huge smile off my face.

“And you're sure this is what you really want to do, I don’t want you to feel like you have to.” I told him.

He shook his head, and waved a hand dismissively.

For a moment we both sat there, blissfully both very pleased with this plan. I was also pleased to see that he had in fact distracted me from my troubles, but as soon as I realized that, I started thinking about it again, and my good mood was dampened. Desperate for more distractions I asked him what we were doing that day.

“Well I was hoping you would come with me to the burrow and meet the family, they’re really excited to meet you.” Teddy’s face was so innocently filled with hope, that I shrugged even though I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

I had met some of the Potters at School, like Albus and we didn’t exactly connect.

I’d never really talked to Rose or any of the other relatives because that would involve me talking to Albus, and again that wasn’t the best idea.

“Brilliant. We could go now, but first I have to pick up someone in Hogsmeade.” Teddy’s eyes were bright and cheerful, so I nodded like I was just as happy with this idea.

I was getting used to hiding my true emotions to benefit other people.

“Mum, Teddy and I are going to visit his family at the burrow.” I told her, leaning onto her desk, where she was writing.

“That's great honey.” She said airily.

I took one look at her uninterested face, and glazed eyes, showing that her mind was other places and she could care less, and steeled myself.

In my mind I thought; What kind of mother doesn’t love her children equally?

If Scorpius had asked her, she would put up a fuss and beg him to wear a coat because it was cold, and to owl her once he got there and come home straight after because she didn’t want him to get hurt.

I turned on my heel and stalked out of her office, but concealed my face before returning back to Teddy.

“Ready.” I told him, my voice showing no real emotions.

He eyed me a bit before shrugging and taking my arm, with a tug he Disapparated us.

We landed in Hogsmeade with a ‘CRACK’.

Teddy obviously spotted whoever he was looking for, because he began to drag me over to a joke shop.

I recognized the emerald green eyes, raven hair, and stony face immediately.

Albus Potter.



Albus POV

Lia’s whimsical blue eyes shined, almost as brightly as her diamond earrings.

She wore a black lace shirt with a red undershirt. Her dark wash skinny jeans had fringed holes in them, in a fashionable way. Lia’s smile was so obviously faked, but I was still stunned by her bleach white teeth.

When I first met her, I was so blown away by her beauty that I couldn’t talk for a minute.

Back then I had asked Scorpius who his twin was, he dragged the blond beauty over and I didn’t think he would take too kindly to me snogging her face off, so I did the natural eleven year old thing; I acted like an arse to put him off the scent.

“Well it’s a good thing you're not identical Scorp, too bad for you,” I told her. “Scorpius obviously stole all the good genes.”

It was probably the worst thing I could have said, she scowled at me and marched away.

In hindsight it seemed like the right thing to do, you know; Bro’s before hoes. Or whatever.

It is very hard to have a enemy that you're undoubtedly attracted to.

Maybe it was the way Teddy was practically holding her hand or the way she wasn’t pushing him away, but jealousy surged in my chest.

As soon as she spotted me, waiting outside Weasleys Wizards and Wheezes to be picked up, her eyes narrowed and the fake smile disappeared.

“Potter.” She spat.

Teddy looked over at her with shock than back at me.

I looked straight at her with a lazy indifference and turned back to Teddy, ignoring her because I knew it would annoy her the most.

“Can we go now?” I asked.

Teddy was still surprised but nodded.

I put my hand on his shoulder, and we disapperated to the burrow.

Fred and James were flinging lawn gnomes, spinning around in several circles than releasing them to fly away.

Aunt Angela and Aunt Hermione were watching with amused expressions, form there foldable lawn chairs.

Nana Molly and Mum were cooking in the kitchen, dad walked up from behind mom and wrapped his hands around her waist, laying a kiss on the side of her face, before sneakily trying to snatch a roll.

She swatted away his hand, but her eyes were filled with humor.

Gag me.

Teddy lead Lia into the living room, where everybody else was lounging around.

Lily, who was braiding Rose’s hair, jumped up when she saw Lia.

“You're the seeker for Gryffindor aren’t you?” She asked, with huge brown eyes.

Lia smirked.

“You're the keeper aren’t you?” Lia asked in return.

Lily beamed with happiness.

“Yeah, your bloody amazing.” Lily told her.

“Lily!” Mum scolded her from the kitchen.

Lily rolled her eyes and huffed.

“Thanks, you’re pretty great too, I’ve never seen a fourth year move that fast on a broom.” Lia complimented her, to which Lily blushed crimson, and murmured a thank you.

A smile found its way on my face, and when I realized she could see that, I changed it to a yawn.

I flopped onto the couch, on top of Dominique and Louis.

Dom squealed and tried to escape from underneath me.

“!” She wheezed.

“Sorry no can do. Maybe if you weren’t so comfy, and squishy.” I told her, still laying there, unmoving.

Finally she was able to squirm away, leaving the couch to just me and Louis.

I looked up at Louis, who was busy staring at something, I followed his line of sight, and found the target was Lia, who was talking to Victorie.

I slapped his face, and pretended to be asleep, until his pushed me off the couch. I fell to the floor with what I’m sure was a graceful thud.

The giggling I heard from my female cousins told me otherwise.

“Let’s play Quidditch!” James shouted, at the same time running into the house, with Fred hot on his heels.

I cracked my knuckles, anticipating some competition, and rose to my feet.

“Freddie dear, do you think you can handle being a captain?” James asked innocently.

Fred gasped, dramatically, and waved his hand infront of his face several times. “I can only imagine! Yes! A thousand times Yes!” He bellowed in a very girlish tone.

I couldn’t help but grin at their insane antics, in my peripheral vision I saw Lia do the same.

“Good, but I pick first.” James got serious fast, he acts that way about Quidditch.

I was chosen on James team, as was; Dom, Lily, Hugo and Roxanne.

Lia handled the broom with ease, and even though she was dressed up, she swung her leg over the side and zipped up to where Fred hovered, her face showed awe as she stared at over the burrow.

A whistle blew right next to me, I swerved to the side, and covered my ear giving James a unmerciful scowl. “Where did you even get that?” I demanded.

James waved me off, and lead us up to Fred’s team, waiting for instruction.

Teddy saw us lining and wordlessly conjured up some hoops for us, the adults gathered beneath us, holding hands and being all proud of their kids. Aunt Hermione positively beamed at Hugo.

“Al you and Dom will be beaters, Roxy you’re the seeker, Hugo be the keeper, I’ll be the chaser.” He nodded liking the placing. “Well we don’t have enough players to play a Quidditch rule book gam-”

“James. Mate you're starting to sound like Uncle Percy.” That shut him up.

Ted chucked me a bludgering bat, and I wielded it with a smirk.

The game picked up after a few moment, one time the bludger grazed Lily’s foot and I thought James was going to have an aneurysm.

Then Lia spotted the snitch, just as the bludger was directed at me. Instinctually I aimed it at her then watched in horror as it flew straight towards her.

Lia noticed that the Bludger was zipping in her direction, but continued to reach out for the snitch. I gasped, it was a sharp intake of breath, and found myself flying towards her hoping to knock it out of the way.

Lia’s fingers inclosed the around the snitch and at the last minute she did a corkscrew move, just barely dodging the bludger.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had noticed.

The rest of the games stopped as we stared at Lia in shock, then she half-grinned and my family erupted into applause.

I stayed perfectly still. The look in her eyes before she decided to dodge the bludger wasn’t of fear, but of longing.

I noted with a sinking feeling that the girl I’ve liked since first year has a Death wish. And I swore to find out why.

A/N: Okay so brought this story from the dead, thought I'd take a new approach. If you like this first off REVIEW!! Pretty please??? :) Much thanks. Also if you enjoyed this take a peek at my other stories, if you think their worth keeping I'll write more.

-Lanniejo Out.

P.S. I am planning on updating soon, so stay tuned.

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