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One Generation to the Next by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 22 : Explosion
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(James’s [2] point of view)

Sunday went by without anything exciting. When I woke up in the morning it was raining and continued to do so until after dinner. Remus was gloomy all day and wouldn’t come out of the dorm. Sirius tried everything he could think of, even promising to be less of a prat, if he would just come down. Lily ended up having to explain to Sirius that Remus just needed some time to mourn. This made him depressed and dreary so James and I ended up having to carry Sirius with us to the Room of Requirement. He wasn’t as heavy as he looked. Once there James had walked thrice in front of the wall and ushered us in quickly so as not to be seen. The room had turned itself into the perfect hideaway on a rainy day. There was a lit fireplace in the center of the room with plush couches surrounding it. There was a bookshelf in the far right-hand corner with a recliner situated to face one of the windows. On the other side of the room there were shelves full of aged chess boards and playing cards. Both Lilies went over to the bookshelf and took turns reading through the various books there. I had dropped Sirius onto the couch and went over to the shelves to grab a chess board. James had gone down to the kitchens with his invisibility cloak and came back with a tray of hot chocolates, sandwiches, and treacle tarts. We ate them by the fireplace, even Sirius, and then everyone went on to do their own thing. The Lilies back to the books, Sirius to moping on the couch, and James and I played chess. Eventually it came time for dinner and we went down to the hall. Remus didn’t come down so when we were all done James brought him up a bowl of soup. He wouldn’t talk so James left it on the bedside table. We hung out in the common room for awhile until the girls decided they wanted to go to sleep. We bid them goodnight and stayed down there for awhile, but eventually we grew bored and headed up to bed. Remus never touched his soup.


I woke up Monday morning to the sound of quiet arguing. I popped my head out from under the covers and saw James trying to get Remus out of bed. Sirius was still in his bed with various pillows over his head probably trying to drown out the sound of James’s persisting so he could get a few more minutes of sleep. I got out of bed and looked at the watch on James’s bedside table. It was seven o’clock. Breakfast had started and there was two hours before my first class. I decided I didn’t want to be there when Remus eventually got out of bed, so I went into the bathroom took a shower and got dressed. I went to brush my teeth when I remembered I never brewed Albus’s breath purifier potion for Potions. Did anyone? I poked my head out of the bathroom.

“Did any of you do the assignment for Potions?”

“What assignment?” Sirius mumbled from under his pillows.

“The assignment where we had to make our own potion. It’s due today.”

“What?” Remus shouted while springing out from under his covers, “Merlin I forgot all about that. I haven’t even started yet.”

He started pacing around the room trying to figure out what to do.

“Remus calm down you can jump on board with me and Lily. She finished it Friday and I wrote up the description. It’s a new hair straightner potion. Lily wanted to do something more potiony and thoughtful, but I told her to take the easy route for once.”

“James I can’t do that. I need to make my own. If I go the library now maybe I can find something before Charms and then we have a break before Potions. Yeah I think I can do it. “

He stopped his pacing and got ready in less then three minutes then drank the cold soup from last night for breakfast. We watched him the entire time and I think I saw Sirius’s eyes glaze over. When he left we all got back to getting ready and went down to the common room at around seven thirty. My Lily wasn’t down there yet and I bean to panic because I forgot how long it takes to brew Albus’s potion. Thankfully she came down five seconds after I almost started a nervous breakdown.

“Lil-Hermione! Quick I need you!”


“How long does that breath potion take to brew? I forgot.”

“About an hour.”

“Okay good cause, I like my breath minty.”

“Whatever Ron.”

We all headed down to breakfast after explaining why Remus wasn’t there, my Lily looked at me skeptically, and sat down at the end of the table near the door. They were serving a buffet of waffles. There were blueberry, banana, chocolate chip, regular. It was a waffle palooza! Dumbledore was down there and he told everyone that he had been having a hankering for waffles for a long time. Whatever, there were waffles! Sirius, James, and I ate about five of every kind. By the time we had to go to class I felt like I was going to throw up.

We left my Lily in the corridor near her first class and ended up being the first ones to ours again. Lily had us sit near the front, again, because she was certain Flitwick would start the new lesson today. Everyone else came into class, Severus sat behind me, which creeped me out, and Flitwick apparently had been in there the whole time. He had been behind his desk so we couldn’t have seen him. And again instead of starting a new lesson he went on about the proper use of wand handling because in his other classes he didn’t give the lecture to last time had horrible technique, so he wanted to make sure we knew what to do. I zoned out and started looking around. I realized Remus wasn’t sitting next to us and was instead all the way in the back pouring over various potion and spell books. I guess he couldn’t find an idea. I watched him for the rest of the class, thank Merlin it wasn’t a double period like Thursday, and when the bell rang he jumped and dumped his books on the floor. That girl Mandy, who I hadn’t realized was in this class too, helped him pick them up. He walked out of the class with her and I can only hope he’s going to ask her out. We left the class and decided to just roam around the halls until Potions started.

“So Ron, what’s your brother like?” Lily asked.

“Albus? Well he’s, uh, give me a sec.”

“He’s in Slytherin right?”

“Yeah. So he’s like them, but he’s also like me, sorta. He’s smarter then me, like Hermione, and he’s ambitious and dependable. Yeah so he’s okay, but he’s still annoying and he pesters me about school work and the future. He’s like my mom and dad when I’m at school.”

“He sounds like Remus. Minus the Slytherin part,” Sirius said.

“Well he sounds like a good person. I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet him. It would have been nice to meet all my grandchildren. Ew, I’m a grandma.”

“Don’t say that. Cause that means I’m a grandpa. But I’m probably one of those cool grandpas that give presents and candy out all the time.”

“You would be one of those. My other grandpa just talks about muggle stuff all the time and my grandma tries to fatten me up.”

“The fatten you up part sounds heavenly. I wouldn’t mind to have someone cook for me.”

“Sirius don’t you live with James? I think his mom cooks for you plenty,” Lily said.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t try to fatten me up. There’s a difference.”

“Speaking of my mother, she hasn’t written me in a while. I’m starting to worry about her. My dad went on a mission for the order a couple days before school started and I’m not sure if he’s back yet.”

“Have you written her?” I asked.

“No, I did not think of that. Normally she writes me first, so yeah. I’ll write her tonight.”

We walked in silence for a few minutes just thinking to ourselves. I thought about Albus and how I had to describe him to the others. Normally I don’t talk to Albus at school, or at home for that matter. We don’t normally see eye to eye. Lily and him get along way better. They don’t have the playful relationship we have, but they’re more alike. Actually I don’t think I’ve talked to Albus in a couple weeks. He’s the only member of our family in another house except Molly, she’s in Hufflepuff, so I don’t get to see him as often as I could. The only time I ever see him alone is when he’s in the library and I don’t normally go in there so it doesn’t count. I don’t even know what his favorite color is or his favorite quidditch team. In fact I know like nothing about him. This worries me. I know more about the captain of puddlemore united then I do my own brother. First thing I do when I get back, I’m talking to my brother.

“Has anyone seen Peter lately?” Sirius asked.

“I thought I saw him in Herbology the other day, but when I turned around he was gone”, Lily said.

“I think him and his girlfriend are skipping classes because I saw them Friday heading into a broom closet during Transfiguration,” James contributed to the conversation.

“Weird. His girlfriend’s corrupting him.”

We went back to our silent thinking and somehow we had ended up near the Divination room.

“How in the heck did we get up here? Do any of you remember climbing stairs?”

“No, but we should probably get back down to the Potions room. Class is starting soon.”

We walked back down the many, many stairs to the Potions room. When we got in front of the class we saw a few students milling about, including Remus. Mandy wasn’t with him so I figured he somehow ditched her to work on his potion. I was hoping I was wrong. He walked over to us and waved. I decided to just ask him about Mandy.

“So Remus, where’s Mandy?”

“Oh well she hadn’t done her potion either so the two of us did one together. She’s in there right now writing out the description.”

“If she’s in there then why can’t we go in the class?” Lily asked.

“Oh, Slughorn had to leave for a minute and told us we could stay in there to finish, but we couldn’t let anyone else in. I came out here to wait for you guys.”

“Did you ask Mandy out?” James asked.

His entire face turned bright red.

“No, not yet. There wasn’t the perfect time, so I’m just going to wait until the opportunity presents itself.”

“Remus the opportunity has been presenting itself for the past hour. Just ask her out,” Sirius groaned.

Remus didn’t have a chance to answer because Slughorn came back and opened the class to everyone.

“I hope you all have your potions ready to brew. I don’t want to hand out any failing grades.” He looked directly at Sirius when he said this. I don’t think he’s his favorite student. “Oh and for those of you that have already finished you may leave or help out the remaining members of the class who have yet to complete theirs.”

A couple students left the class, including Severus and Mandy, and James, Lily, and Remus went over to us to help out Sirius. I looked in my bag for the directions to make Albus’s potion and I couldn’t find them. I kept looking and noticed a whole in the pocket I had put them in just big enough for a folded piece of paper to slip through. There’s no way I can find it. We walked pretty much everywhere in the castle. I was starting to panic when I remembered that Lily knew the directions so if I can only get her to come here and help me I’m saved! Oh, but wait, how am going to explain to Slughorn why I need permission to get my sister. I’ll tell him that she came up with it with me and I can only remember half so I need to get her. Yeah I’ll do that. I walked over to him and explained to him why I needed my sister. He gladly gave me permission to go get her. I was about to head out the door when I realized I had no idea what class she had. Maybe Lily knows. I walked back over to my table where she was helping Sirius.

“Lily do you know what class Hermione has right now?”

“Yeah she has Herbology. Why?”

“No reason, well, bye!”

I raced out of the classroom, through the corridors, and out to the greenhouses. I found her in greenhouse number three working with Puffapods. I grabbed her arm yelled to professor Sprout that it was an emergency and ran back to Potions. The whole time I was running she tried to slow me down, but I kept going. When we arrived back in the classroom she had sparks in her eyes and her face was flushed. I ignored her obvious annoyance and anger and brought her over to a table in the back. When I let go of her she began yelling at me.

“James what the hell are you doing? I was in the middle of a very important lesson. And what’s this emergency you were talking about?”

“I need you to make me Albus’s potion.”

“What? Ron your breath doesn’t stink so I think you can live without it.” She turned to leave and I had to yank her by the arm back over to me.

“I need you to make it because we were supposed to make our own potion for class, and I decided to use Albus’s because it hasn’t been made yet, and I don’t know how to do it, so I need you to do it for me.”

“I knew you needed it for something like this. Ron this is cheating. I’m not helping you.”

‘Oh come on Lil-Hermione! It’s not like it’s going to count. We’re not staying here forever.” I gave her puppy dog eyes and pouted. I could see her give in.

“Fine. But don’t get in my way.”

“Yes! Thank you! You are the most wonderfullest sister in the whole wide world!”

I watched her get everything ready and I gave her ingredients when she needed them. She was almost done when she pushed her hair out of her face and I watched, in what seemed like slow motion, as a strand of her hair fell into the potion. Great now it’s going to taste like Lily’s shampoo. I was going to voice this out loud to her when I heard her shriek and step away from the potion. I looked down at it and noticed it was bubbling and foaming. It was green, but now it had turned a purple color. I was about to get a closer look when the whole thing exploded all over the classroom and everybody. Where it had landed on my skin, which was all over, it started to sting and get fizzy. I looked around and noticed it was happening to everyone else it had gotten on except Lily, somehow she was fine. Slughorn ushered everyone out of the classroom and he walked us all to the hospital wing.

Madam Pomfrey went into a frenzy trying to get the purple gunk off of everyone. When she was done getting it off a couple kids had purple marks on their arms and faces. She asked Slughorn to go get Dumbledore so he could look at the marks because she couldn’t figure out how to get them off. He ran, well slowly jogged, out of the infirmary and returned a few minutes later accompanied by Dumbledore. Dumbledore looked over everyone and suggested to just leave them there for perhaps they would go away on their own, and if they didn’t, or began to hurt, that she should come get him again.

“Professor Slughorn may I ask what potion your class was brewing when this happened?”

“They were all brewing their own potions today Dumbledore. It could have been anyone of them.”

“It was mine professor,” I said.

Dumbledore looked at me and Lily curiously and I saw something occur to him.

“If you don’t mind Poppy may I take some of the purple goo you scraped off the children.”

“Yes of course. I put it in this jar.” She handed it to him and he looked it over with interest.

“Mr. and Miss Thomas would you please accompany me back to my office.”

“Of course professor.”

We followed him out of the room and up to his office. His password had changed from lemon drops to chocolate frogs. We sat down and waited for him to speak.

“Can you two tell me exactly what happened before the potion exploded and why Lily was in a seventh year class when she has Herbology right now?”

Of course he would know that.

“Well professor we had to make our own potion for class and I decided to use one my brother had come up with. I figured it was okay cause he made it in the future. Anyway Lily is the only one besides him who know how to make it, so I had to get her in order to make the potion. Well as she was brewing it a piece of her hair fell into the potion and turned it fizzy and purple. Then it exploded.”

“So Miss Thomas’s hair fell into an ordinary potion and caused it to explode.”


“Refresh my memory, can you two tell me what color the smoke was that transported you here?”

“Yeah it was purple. Why?”

“Well the potion turned a purple color before exploding and the wand produced a purple smoke before transporting you. Give me a minute here to think.”

He looked over the purple gunk for awhile then he went into one of his cabinets and took out Lily’s wand. He did some tests with his wand and some powder he had in a drawer on both the wand and the gunk. He then asked for a strand of Lily’s hair. She gave it to him a little nervously. He took it and placed it on a tissue on his desk. He then took out a clear powder and sprinkled it over the three objects. The powder on all three things glowed a bright blue. His eyes widened and he turned to look at the two of us.

“I think I’ve figured out where the unknown magical properties in the wand came from.” He looked at Lily for a second then spoke again.

“I believe they cam from you, Miss Potter.”

AN: Only a couple chapters left then I hope to start a new story. Review please!


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