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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 2 : Here comes Miss Elfinbere!
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Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Marauder prequel ;)

"So... Your a Gryffindor ?"

The next day Zahra and Lily were both sitting at the Ravenclaw table, Zahra wearing blue and bronze, whilst Lily was wearing her dreaded red and gold.

"Mmm, I suppose I am- take it! The food isn't there to stare at you know!" Zahra glanced up sheepishly at Lily, who had noticed both that morning and the previous night that Zahra stared rather than ate.

As Lily began to eat and Zahra stared at the food, they noticed more people fill up the hall. It looked rather different in the night that it did day- it gave off a more impressive and grand effect whilst the sorting was taking place whilst now, it just looked homely. Both girls were secondly happy with the current predicament, excluding the house problem.

"So why don't you normally-"

"Miss Evans!" Zahra turned towards the voice coming down the aisle between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, whilst Lily bent down further into her food, to avoid being seen by Professor McGonagall, the woman who sorted her and her new head of house. "Miss Evans! We require your presence in the Heads room immediately." Both girls' eyes focused on the just-over middle aged woman standing in front of 3 more Gryffindor fist years- a girl Lily briefly remembered being called Mary, Alice, and Talitha. Lily let out a growl as her eyes narrowed and fist clenched, looking at the infraction between the two, as Talitha scowled herself, pointing to the Ravenclaw table behind her.

"Lily." Her head snapped towards Zahra who was grinning. Lily glared and her and lifted her hand to take another bite of her banana, only to be met with mush, which was now the aforementioned banana "What the-!"

"Banana" Zahra finished with a small smirk, as she looked around at the table, laden with bacon, toast and orange juice, still astounded at the amount of food. "Zahra Brett, would it be too forthcoming of me to ask what your history with food is? And while you do so, eat. " Zahra shook her head, taking a small slice of toast, and buttering it. Her short, black hair fell into her face several times whilst Zahra explained. "Its because... I'm an orphan" she said " And although the orphanage is awesome, and the people in there are some of the weirdest, funniest people ever, were not government funded as its an Indian only orphanage, so we are only allowed to eat very little. I can honestly say I've never seen so much food in my life!"

"So, is it a wizarding orphanage or..."

Zahra began eating more off her plate as she got comfortable, not noticing that the contents of her plate never decreased due to Lily's personal mission to get Zahra eating well. "Nah, muggle, but all orphanages are. There aren't any wizarding ones, cause pureblood orphans are adopted by other purebloods and-"

"Ms Evans?" A sharp, curt voice cut Zahra off as Lily turned around to meet the eyes of her head of house. "A word please, due to the time, after your last lesson? I assume due to where you are sitting, you will be having your lessons with the Ravenclaws today?"

With a quick nod from Lily, McGonagall's heels were clipping down the aisle. "Ooh, Talitha! What have you done already!"

"Wow Sirius, and I didn't think that other people would be trying to get into trouble this early too"

"I guess ol'James here was right about you being something spec- OW!"

Zahra raised both eyebrows at lily, whilst she frowned at being called Talitha. Not the nicest way to be welcomed into the school, but she'll take it. It was only the first day after all. Lily stared ahead of her, refusing to glare at the two boys when they hadn't done anything to her. yet . She just shook her head as she wiped of her banana covered hand. "Trouble seems to find me more than anything" before picking up a spoon and eating her mashed banana, much to Zahra's amusement

After Charms was over, much to Lily's disappointment as she was able to lift a whole pile of books already, whilst most of the non-pureblood Slytherins could barely lift a feather, Lily shadowed Professor Flitwick, their charms professor as they headed over to the Transfiguration room, where several 2nd year Huffelpuffs and Gryffindors were pouring out of, making their ways towards their common rooms.

Upon entering, Lily was glad to see that McGonagal was once again human, rather than the tabby cat that Alexa Fields, another Ravenclaw, started to stroke, until McGonagal shifted away from her hands and turned back into a human, much to Alexa's embarrassment. As Lily and Flitwick entered the room, McGonagal beckoned them over to her desk, filled with papers, quills, ink pots and a cage full of beetles. Much to Lily's chagrin she noticed a beetle currently scuttering across a desk, and several squashed on the floor. Grimacing, she made her was up to the desk, and waited whilst Flieick and McGonagal discussed her sorting.

"She chose Ravenclaw, therefore in reality she should be a Ravenclaw, she is both a Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, after all"

"I do respect that Filius, but do try and remember that rules are rules, and the house first shouted is her house for the rest of the year. She could have just ended up as a hatstall like you and I, and then it decided. Plus, her robes are Gryffindor. "

"Miss Evans?" Lily looked up into her new head's eyes, knowing that her fate in Gryffindor was already sealed. "I have an idea that might suit both your presumed wishes to stay in Ravenclaw, and the rules of Hogwarts..."

Several months into the year, the first years had settled down into their new houses, though not all were happy about arrangements made. During Lily's talk with McGonagall, she outright refused to stay in the Gryffindor tower, as McGonagall origanly wanted, Lily came to agree that she would spend time once a month in the tower, and that she could keep her bed and main place of residence in Ravenclaw Tower for the whole year except for the 10 times per year she would have to spend in Gryffindor, so along as she answered the riddle like the other students. Other than that she has to attend all lessons as a Gryrffindor, all other social events she can support what ever house she pleases, as can other students.

Overall, Lily and Zahra went fairly unnoticed by the rest of the school like most first years do, and generally were thought of by the first year to be quiet, studious, and slightly weird due to the random outbursts that Zahra would have on a regular basis. This was polar to Lily's fellow Gryffindors, who seemed to draw attention to themselves like a light drawing flies.

James Potter, Sirius Black - these were the troublemakers and most well known first years that year. Simple and some unoriginal pranks they played, but the sheer quantity was enough to earn them a reputation with the lower years. Two other Gryffindors, Nathan Days and Peter Pettigrew, weren't part of this main group, the the trio complied with allowing the latter to trail behind them whilst pranking.

Remus Lupin was the only Gryffindor that Lily could say that she was on good terms with, but not quite as good as Zahra, who often had conversations on muggle literature and comparing them to wizarding versions (as posh as it sounds, Lily laughed every time she heard them debating the similarities of the Tales of Beedle the Bard, and Grimm's fairy tales-Zahra's argument m for Rumplestiltskin was "What sort of messed up mother calls their child Rumplestiltskin? And when trying to keep custody of a child, who guesses that sort of name. It has to be magic!) Still, when Remus was studying in the library for once without his pranking comrades, he could often be found (though never by the other first year Gryffindors who seemed to be allergic to the library) with Zahra and Lily, studying with them and listening to Lily rant about Talitha and her 'posse'

Lily would normally pride herself in giving everyone a chance, but since their meeting on the train, Lily could not bear Elfinbere nor her friends Emmeline Vance, and Mary MacDonald, who seemed to pride themselves on their magical upbringing and their uniqueness in their looks. Emmeline apparently was in an accident, as her mother was a charms divisionar, and was permanently charmed to have deep purple eyes, and along with the other two girls, was found practicing model poses from Witch Weekly to show off the unusual colour. Mary wasn't anything special, but according to her that was what made her special- mousy brown hair and dull brown eyes, she was 5 letters short of extraordinary.

Lily was at odds with Talitha mainly because of the latter's vainness, as she couldn't stand someone else in the same year stealing her unique 'Purely Elfinbere' quality. And the fact that after successfully transfiguring her match into a needle, during their third Transfiguration lesson,(10 minutes after Zahra and a whole lesson after Potter,who was now turning needles into matches, much to her annoyance) she proceeded to show off her Charms prowess by levitating the needle to poke Zahra continuously, much to Zahra's amusement and McGonagall's displeasure.

"Oi Elfinbere!" Talitha and Lily did have one thing in common, excluding their fiery hair- their hatred of Lily being mistaken for Talitha, especially by James Potter.

Lily stopped in the middle of the corridor. Zahra was just finishing up in Herbology with Huffelpuff whilst Lily had Potions with the Slytherins so she was in a hurry to meet up with her closest friend in the Great Hall for Lunch. She didn't bother to turn around, but subtly brought out her wand from her robes in case of a prank. One of those annoyingly simple, but extremely frustrating pranks that the 3 boys (masterminded by two) came up with on a daily basis to terrorise, Severus Snape, and greasy haired Slytherin who sat two rows infront of her, Filch, the caretaker, and Talitha, who was the first of many admirers that James would have, but seemed to have read a lot of 'How to get your Man' articles in Witch Weekly, as her 'playing hard to get' technique was working. At least, if that meant being once of the most highly targeted people for pranks that it.

The 2 Gryffindor boys, known to the lower school as The Mischief Makers ( as 12 year olds, they weren't yet the most imaginative) pulled several simple prank, that were of course slightly higher than first year standard. A simple but hard mass transfiguration of the sewing club's needles into matches before using them to light some fireworks inside. One thing that the boys were delighted to fund, was that hair could be treated rather like a needle. And Talitha was the first to fall victim to this sign of affection from James Potter, who seemed to be rather interested in the red head.

"Potter. Black" the two boys seemed to take this as a sign to move closer to the girl, as the other first years moved close to watch the action unfold. "Elfinbere, nice to know you've been waiting for me desperately to call your name"

" yes, so I can finally have to opportunity to show you how muggles get rid of pests!"

"Accio!" James suddenly shouted, pouting his wand at Lily. This was lucky for him, for if her had said Talitha's name, said girl would have come spiralling from the crowd and into James' arms, rather than it being Talitha. Lily shot into James' arms and Hazel met Jade. James hadn't meant to keep the girl in such close proximity to him, but as soon as their eyes met his widened, seeing the girl's eyes flash green before darkening into a glare.

"Crap" Lily said, struggling to get out of his arms.

"Hey, Talitha" James gently breathed, still staring into her green eyes, feeling a single butterfly flock to his stomach like a fly that's seen the light. In his stunned state, James had loosened his arms enough for Lily to escape his grasp.

"Urm... Hi? Do you randomly summon people often, or, ur... Is it just me? Please don't tell me that it's only me cause that's kinda creepy, don't ya, don't ya think?" Lily stared at James, awkwardly scratching her neck, and her 12 year old self felt slightly flushed at the way James was looking at her.

The light in James' stomach brightened, and more butterflies made its way to the epicentre of his abdomen. A small hand reached up behind his head ruffling his hair before answering the question. "I'll wont tell you then, if you go to a Quidditch practise with me. " Lily's eyes looked on questionly, and upon seeing this, James replied to her unspoken question " I'm gonna be a chaser next year, so you might as well get used to practises with me, and she slowing backed away, now noticing the watchful eyes of the first year Gryffindors, and a couple Slytherins."You know ,em, what ? I'm fine. Urm... Good luck with your chaser...ness? But if you'll excuse me-"
And Lily dashed off, they first of many meetings between 'Talitha' and James.

Up in Ravenclaw Tower, there was the usual scratchings of quills on parchment,loud laughter from the lower school members, the daily aguments between a sitxth year couple, eagerly eavesdropped in by several sixth years, and the tired, annoyed grumblings of those soon starting OWLs and NEWTs. This loud raucous was accompanied by the rhythmic thumps of Zahra's head thumping against the table, and Lily next to her was finishing her History of magic essay, her red hair curtaining off into her own private study bubble.

"If they argue one more time in this common room, I swear to god I am marching my arse all the way to McGonagall a demand that we get sorted into Huffelpuff. Or better yet, they get sorted into Huffelpuff! " Zahra lamented, dropping her head onto her Herbology textbook once more before sighing exasperatedly.

"I didn't know you were that interested in current affairs"

Zahra humoured Lily, knowing that her friend was simply trying to pacify her friend will she ranted about what Lily found to be a rather unlikely hobby for Zahra: matchmaking. In her orphanage, all relationships had to be between two Indians, and therefore most of the older orphans found themselves betrothed to someone within the weathered walls of Delhi's World Orphanage London. This enabled the slightly younger ones to make bets on dessert portions on who would end up with who, and also who would fall for someone, but not necessary end up with them. Apparently Zahra's talent had continued on into Hogwarts, as constantly she was as enthralled in the upper schools relations as many of the fan bases they had there.

" it's totally oblivious that she's only using him to try and make Fabian Prewett jealous! And that William belongs with Cindy- look at how she's gazing at him- it's obvious isn't it?"

Finally, Lily looked up from her parchment simply to nod and not question her statement, only hoping that Zahra's love beliefs wouldn't carry into her own life. Several minutes later, the two found themselves being joined by a second year, Antonio Rotello. He was the quintessential Ravenclaw- straight Os in work, member of the gobstones and chess club, and a non-Quiddich fanatic. Lily was often in the library or late at night in the common room, complaining about Transfiguration or Astrology, her two worst subjects ( though only Astrology because of the the late nights and how often Lily slept in and arrived 5 or 10 minutes late to her lessons). One of these nights in the common room Antonio found her distressing over her transfiguration ( which had progressively gone down hill since her match to needle triumph) and made him self her unofficial tutor.

" So, any help needed with Transfiguration today, Lil"

"Nope, I'm perfectly fine thank you very much Antonio "

Zahra quirked an eyebrow, knowing that Lily was leaving their 3 foot essay on the transfiguration from wood to paper until last minute, or at least until Zahra had finished it

"Mmm, sure- give it hear then"

Grinning at Antonio, her homework forgotten she mischievously replied " Never." Pushing Antonio back to where his second year friends were sitting. Zahra stared at the two with the same face as she did William and Cindy, and upon catching her, Lily really hopped that Zahra's hobby wouldn't translate into her own life.

(two years later


"Hi James! Urm, i mean, Potter"

James looked confusingly at the red head sitting on the Gryffindor table, surrounded by her fellow giggling 3rd years. Ever since the summer holidays where he had finally passed his first stages of puberty, coupled with being the newest and youngest player for Gryffindor, James had become one of the lower school heartthrob. Him, and his 3 friends Sirius,Remus and Peter were still pranking but also seemed to creating quite a name for themselves. However, whilst Peter and Sirius especially seemed to be enjoying their new found status, Remus and James couldn't care less, Remus because he wasn't interested in relationships, but James because he was still infatuated by Talitha Elfinbere.

She had also become extremely well known, for her starting of a Girls Only Hogwarts magazine, but also for her public humiliations of James. Often just with cutting remarks but occasionally with hexes, Talitha would take any opportunity to take James' ego down a couple of notches. This was the pure reason for his infatuation, her witts and therefore intellect attracted her to him, no forgetting the fact that she was stunning, especially when she went without the layers of charms and makeup that she was so fond of wearing.

However, she confused him when she seemed to act like all the other 2nd and 3rd years that had decided to crush on him, only reverting back other normal self when he gave her these weird looks.

"So, urm, what do you want Potter" Talitha asked in a mildly scathing tone. Slightly disappointed, James still asked her any way

"go to Hogsmead with me"

Talitha's eyes lit up as she nearly shouted her acceptance, before quickly adding,
"Actually I'm not quite sure I can be bothered right now, ask me later and I'll decide. James couldn't help but roll his eyes slightly as he walked away, back out of the great hall to get his books for first period. On the 3rd floor he bumped into a girl as she and her friend hurried down the staircase, bags full, presumably to get some breakfast. As he was picking up her stuff, he heard her friend say,

"Of course it's going to be you, who else would be careless enough to accidentally 'knock' the books out of her hand."

Looking up, he briefly met the blue eyes of the girl her bumped into, and then focused on her friend. Her dark red hair was obviously tousled, with her needing to pull several strands of hair back which kept falling into her eyes. There was a familiar sneer on her face as her eyes narrowed down at him, almost causing him to sigh with relief. Talitha.

"What the hell Potter- are you delusional or something! Why on earth are you smiling like some crazed lunatic?"

James stumbled back onto his feet, taking care not to kick any books further away from the scrambling Ravenclaw on the floor.

"It's later." The simple remark threw Talitha off, as she raised her eyebrows, confused but slightly amused.

"Later as in after my comment, which is true, or later as in after some other event that's happened in the pathetic thing you call your life, which then of course is also true unless your a sort of seer, which I highly doubt you are Potter" Talitha looked extremely pleased with her comment, and as demeaning as it was, James liked it too- this was the reason he was infatuated with her. Quickly replying "the latter" he eagerly waited for Talitha to ask him what moment, and she didn't disappoint.

"And seeing as I'm here, I might as well ask which part of your life is it later of?" By this point her friend had joined her, hitching up her bag onto her shoulder and checking her watch for the time.

" the moment where I ask you out and you say ask me later" James smirked at the end of this, waiting for his answer. But instead he gets the red head laughing out " you wish!", before running down the stair to attempt to make breakfast. Her taller, Indian friend stayed behind for a couple of moments only saying " it's true, she would have right out rejected you. Have you thought that you might be asking the wrong person?" Before running away behind Talitha.

Continuing to walk up the stairs with less purpose, James fathomed the idea in his head. It would explain the split personalities, the different friends, James though, thinking how Talitha 1 was surrounded by all the Gryffindor 3rd years, whilst Talitha 2 seemed to just have the Indian Ravenclaw. The stunning green eyes that one of them seemed to have sometimes, though he wasn't sure who. Even them being able to be in two places as seemed to happen just now made sense.

James resigned himself to there being two 'Talitha's. But which one did he like?

Please continue to review! Just tell me whether you like the story and stuff or ask me random questions

TheOnlyLota- Chika

( A lota is an Indian pot by the way, I just thought it sounded cool :P )

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