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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 3 : The Completion of Plans and a Spark of Fury
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  James was strutting around his room. How do I get Lily to like me so I can prove that no girl can resist me?

Lily was pacing. How will I have to act to get Remus to like me and prove to James that I’m not his property?

James ruffled his hair. I’ll have to get to know her, I guess. But wouldn’t that mean I have to let her get to know me, too? He huffed. Fine. At least i’ll get the girl if she thinks I actually care. He cringed at his rude thoughts. I’ll make sure to treat her right. As she most wisely said, she isn’t a tool. James lay in his bed then, trying to shut off his mind so he could get some sleep before the train tomorrow.

Lily closed her eyes. I’ll have to seem like I’m actually interested. It won’t be too hard, Remus is a nice guy, and it’s high time he got a girlfriend. But how far do I take this? She crossed her arms. Enough for the whole school to know we’re dating, and to know Potter didn’t do anything about it. Then I’ll find a way to end it. She crinkled her nose. Remus didn’t deserve to be played like a pawn. I’ll treat him right, as I said before, I’m not a tool, but neither is Remus. She cuddled under the blankets and set her alarm to go off early so she could get to King’s Cross tomorrow.

Lily said goodbye to her parents hurriedly, and climbed on the scarlet steam engine. She quickly saw Alice and Mary’s compartment, and rushed in. Alice was a pretty girl, blonde, curvy, and sweet. But those who really knew her saw that fire, full of goodness, which sparked her soul. Both Lily and Alice wanted to be Aurors. Mary MacDonald was thin, with glossy brown hair and eyes so dark they could be black. Before Avery cursed her, Mary’s eyes had been blue. Lily hugged her two best friends, jumping up and down like three year olds. Alice jumped to start conversation, but Lily raised a hand to her.

“Sorry girls, I’m Head Girl, remember? Save all the juicy gossip for when I get back.” Alice pouted, but nodded, and engaged Mary in a debate about Quidditch. Lily rolled her eyes and made her way to the Head’s compartment.

When she got there, she saw James Potter had been earlier than her. Great. She made sure her face didn’t betray one surprised feature. Over the summer she had begged Dumbledore to know who the Head Boy was. This had been old news. Not to Potter, he smiled nicely at her. Lily rolled her eyes and sat down, waiting for McGonagall. Wait a second....smiled nicely? What?!

“Lily! I knew you would be Head Girl!” His voice was.. different. Yes, it still made her heart do flips (she figured he had hit her with a permanent curse or something), but it was more like when he talked to other people. People who he wasn’t desperately trying to make fall in love with him. Whatever the reason for the change, Lily appreciated it.

“I knew you would be Head Boy, too, Potter.” at his incredulous face, she decided to knock down his ego. She hadn’t meant for it to sound like a compliment. “I mean, I owled Dumbledore and he told me it was you, not that I actually thought you would be Head Boy. Then again, Dumbledore always seemed a bit loony...” James frowned.
“How was your summer?” He asked, struggling to keep his voice friendly. He would so not let himself fight with Lily only a few seconds into his brilliant plan. All the guys had agreed it was awesome, except Remus.

Lily almost replied when she smelled something fishy. No, not literally. James never cared how she was, or how her summer was. Why was he being so friendly all of a sudden... and trying to get to know her? She tried to see past him. They had been together almost two whole minutes and he hadn’t yet made a move! ... She snapped out of it. James was waiting for an answer. Well, if she were nice to him, it would probably put her on Remus’ good graces.

“It was good. I got through most of the books I set out to read, so now I can get more!” Her voice turned a bit excited at the end, and James laughed.
“You mean, all you did this summer was read? No pranking, no friends, no summer fling, no family- game- nights gone wrong? Though you guys would probably play something muggle...” James was droning on, and Lily cut him off, a funny idea shaping into her head.

“You know I don’t prank. And yes, Mary and Alice came over quite a few times over the summer, but never for very long. Pah! As if I would tell you about my summer flings, your ego really inflated your brain there.” She carefully left out anything about her family. Any mention of Petunia would ruin the whole day.

“Wait, you actually had a summer fling?” James’ mouth was gaping. Lily hated his incredulous look. No, she had never had a summer fling, but maybe she should knock him down a few pegs.

“Well, I don’t know if you could call them flings, as they were rather short.” She winked at him suggestively. “But very- nice.” You could tell which words Lily was going to say instead of nice, and James nearly fell off his seat.

James quickly reeled in his surprise. He couldn’t believe that same anger Lily had towards him when he asked her out and that passion she had towards books could be, like- sexy. Or passionate. He really began to notice that he really hadn’t thought at all about Lily.

“Oh, I know those kinds.” He smiled knowingly at her, lying through his teeth. He had previously had a few girlfriends, mostly just for the snog of it, though, or for a date to his parent’s annual holiday ball. He liked girls, obviously, but never thought any girl struck him as anything other than frilly and blargh. except Lily, of course, but then she had just seemed stubborn.

Lily rolled her eyes at him and opened her book. He was jealous of the way she could get lost in a book so easily, she didn’t even notice when the compartment door slammed open and McGonagall walked in.

“Miss Evans, if you please.” Lily closed her book. “The prefects are here, I hope you have prepared what you are going to say to them.” Both Lily and James nodded. They both had prepared a speech that followed the guidelines in their letters.

“Well, that went well.” Lily almost smiled at James, before stopping herself. He never acted this way towards her, and it was freaking her out. Not to mention that she just knew he had a plan behind this.

James grinned saucily at her. “Yep, we are going to be great together! What’s your favorite color?”

“Green.” Said Lily, before closing the compartment door behind her and making her way to where her friends were sitting. She couldn’t stay with James anymore, or he would confuse her even more than she already was.

As Alice and Mary warbled on and on about how Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy were caught nearly shagging in the bathrooms, Lily examined James’ new attitude. She honestly couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was being so nice, getting to know her, she found it attractive. Maybe one day they could even be a couple-  WAIT A SECOND!  Being nice? Getting to know her? Making her see him differently because he was acting like what she asked of him?

“THAT FILTHY SCUMBAG!” She yelled, making Mary pause her description of exactly in what unmentionable places Narcissa’s hard was and causing both girls to look at her. Lily flushed. “I mean, honestly, getting that far with Malfoy before the train even gets to school? The slut!”

Mary and Alice both nodded, agreeing, and continued their speech. Lily seethed. It was clear now. James was doing exactly what she had asked. He was getting to know her and treating her like a human being. This was just a clever way to get back at her! Lily smiled. She would let James continue, and flirt with Remus. Then when her plan was completed, James’ ego would be completely brought down, because even his clever plan wouldn’t have worked on her.

Rejuvenated, Lily joined in the conversation about the naughty Slytherins with a bit too much gusto, and continued that way until they got to Hogwarts.

A/N-  I’m sorry this one is so short, I promise the next one will have more actiony stuff. Basically, this chapter was just to recap both Lily and James’ plans. I didn’t want to add much more and confuse you. Okay, just to remind you, James is going to pretend he’s into Lily and actually cares about her, to get her to go out with him and proving that no girl can resist his charms (yes, a bit egotistical and arrogant, but I promise that will change, I love James just as much as you do!) and Lily is flirting with Remus to get back at james and prove to Hogwarts that he only hands out empty threats. Oh, and Lily knows what James is planning, but isn’t going to do anything about it. Just so you don’t get confused. PLEASE REVIEW?

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