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Falling in Love is a lot harder than it looks by Danosycatwith7livesleft
Chapter 1 : Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.
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(made by the wonderous NaughtForReal@TDA)

Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks. 

Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.

"So wait let me get this right?" I stared at Lorei, my adoptive mother, in disbelief as I tried to wrap my head around what she was saying.
"There's nothing to get right Phee, I'm planning to make a potion which will help the drinker instantly recognize their soul mate within a glance…but I still have some kinks to roll out."
For a responsible adult, who managed to keep her job, Lorei could really act like a child at times; which meant that sometimes I had to act like the mature one.
Yes, I, Phoenix Hensley can actually be mature.

"And how exactly will they know and recognize the signs?!" I asked tentatively, almost scared of the answer. With Lorei you never really knew what she would come up with next....for all I knew she could plan the potion for the soul mate to be recognized by blood surrounding them. But, meh, can't say much considering I'm just as weird as her.
...if not more.

"They will see the person wrapped in a golden aura…but what if they ignore that-" she drifted off, muttering and writing in her notebook that just minutes ago I had been snooping in.
Seriously, what is it with people and believing in this mumbo jumbo crap?
I mean, I know we have wands and magic, but come on, you either find your soul mate or you don't. Most people are just going to buy this potion and spend the rest of their lives waiting for someone they may not even meet and put everything, and I mean everything on hold just because they think this potion will show them their true love.

Scoffing at the pure idiocy of such a potion, I wandered back into to my room, muttering under my breath. Apparently people seem think I believe in this pure shit, just because I, a 16 year old with boobs, has never been in a relationship. I mean I fancy guys and stuff, but I think I’ll just live vicariously through my books and best friend.

I know that I am good looking, and disliked when people constantly put themselves down, I mean sure, maybe their confidence just isn’t that great but when someone gives you a compliment; for the love of Merlin. PLEASE just accept it and embrace it.
With dark brown hair with a hint of red that stopped just at my armpits and a side fringe that when brushed would skim the top of my right eye and hazel eyes that varied with my mood. Sometimes they would be green, sometimes dark brown and sometimes even blue. I loved them, and thought they were my best feature.
Then my eyes flickered to the scar starting from my right eyebrow passing over my eye and halfway down my cheek. I'm blind in my right eye but it looks normal.

When I was 5, my biological parents dealt with what people call the baddies.
My mom of 24 was a bounty hunter for all species, sometimes werewolves, sometimes vampires. Mostly Death Eaters in those times.
Nowadays there aren't many left walking free, not including Uncle Drake (Draco Malfoy for you) but at the time they were still focused on trying to create havoc.
My dad, also 24, on the other hand, was a ministry Auror. He had awesome powers of deduction and his magic was more sensitive than most. Meaning he could sense memories in crime scenes.

We were a happy family.
When I was 4, I started showing signs of magic and so my Grandma came to stay with us and taught me how to control my magic, just so I wouldn’t burn people’s eyebrows off. Believe me, it happens. My dad had passed his sensitivity to me, and so my Gran would babysit me while my parents were off doing their job and they came to a conclusion it would be better to teach me wandless magic. Just as a precaution due to their jobs which often created many enemies, it’s basically which is the same as wand magic except it requires more concentration.

On the eve of my birthday my parents came home, unfortunately some rouge Death Eaters followed them and managed to hop through the protection barriers that surrounded the house...which I didn't even could happen. Anyway they stormed the house killed my mum, my dad and my grandma...I watched them and when they came to me; well, they wanted to hurt me first so they cast Sectumsempra, unfortunately for them, a few days before I had been practicing my Protego.

Problem was, using wandless magic usually made the magic you produce uncontrollable.

5 years after the defeat of Tom Marvolo Riddle

"Wingardium Leviosa" a 5 year old thrust her hand forward as she screws up her face in concentration and slowly everything in her pink walled bedroom has raised into the air.
"Look Gramma" she squeals and jumps up and down in excitement "I did it!!!"
Flabbergasted, the old woman looked around the room in amazement, "Phee, honey, did you intend on making EVERYTHING float" at this point she gestures to the room full of floating objects " I thought I said you needed more control". She raised a silvery blond eyebrow and laughed her tinkling laugh.

The girl twisted her hair around her finger in shyness.
"I don’t mean to Gram, it just happen-"

The door lock turned and suddenly the girl seemed to breathe out in relief before grabbing her Grandma's hand and dragged her to meet the parents. As she left the room, the objects currently hovering instantly dropped onto the floor silently as her concentration focused on something else.

A couple came in the hall and held their arms out for a hug; such was their routine, as the little girl jumped in their arms.

At 24, they had retained the youth from their teenage years.
The mother had her silvery (much like that of the grandmother) hair in a fishtail plait which was coming apart. Her eyes were as blue as the Caribbean Sea and to everyone who knew this lady, always changed with her mood. Her skin was a flawless white and had few blemishes. She was French and muttered under her breath to her daughter, “ma cheré” while giving loving kisses to her.

The father however was the opposite, his dark brown hair with a red tint and hazel eyes. He was a Spaniard to his wife, the Frenchie, with brown skin, that always looked tanned. The father and child's eyes and hair and skin were carbon copies, but the mother had blessed the child with a willowy body that had very little puppy fat. They were both reasonably tall and as such had passed the genes to their daughter.


Two hooded figures burst in behind the couple and instantly shot two green jets of light at the mother and father. Avada Kedavra, The killing curse.
They turned on the grandmother and tortured her first before she could react, with the Cruciatus spell, whilst the little girl stood like a statue and seemed to be in deep shock.

At last they mercifully killed the grandmother.

Then they turned to the little girl who had torn herself out of the shock by sensing the Death Eaters intentions.
And as they raised their wand, she put up a barrier using the magic that her father had gifted her with before they had been attack and blew them back with a Blasting curse, Confringo and stunning them to the point of near death. To which she then collapsed on the floor and drew up her knees and sobbed for what seemed like days.

Suddenly, one of the Death Eaters were alive and cast Sectumsempra at her face and at the pain, her barrier went up in two seconds and the force of it stopped the spell from harming anymore and blasted the Death Eater out the window where he fell to his death.

Minutes later the Ministry arrived only to find a girl staring out the window, with blood from her injury over her eye which started at her right eyebrow and ending halfway down her small cheek.

Present day

"....and of course we need to add some extra newt-"
Lorei voice drifted in to the bathroom where my eyes had glazed over watching the memory....

“Lorei, love isn’t meant to be forced, it either happens or it doesn’t” scoffing again at the mere thought of such a potion, I leaned on the sink, breathing heavily.
Watching my old memories always irritated me and I had a hard time keeping a lid on my temper.

A brunette peeked in the bathroom I currently resided looking tentative.
She had chestnut hair with a tint of red and was a short and stout.
She was my parents’ best friends.
And they all attended Beauxbatons where I am currently going.
At 15 going on 16 I'm in the 6th year and apparently have the great OWL results.
Not that I care particularly.

"Urm, by the way how do you feel about going to Hogwarts, School for Witchcraft and Wizardry?" she asked in a very flippant way which made me suspicious...
Breathing heavily, Lorei placed her hands on my shoulders, which made me chuckle as she had to reach up slightly, “only, because…you’re going to be transferring there.”
For some reason, I couldn’t quite understand her, Hogwarts? I go Beauxbatons, “WHAT?! WHY?” I shrugged off her hands and glared at her before arguing with her.
As the short lady and tall willowy teenager argued, the Soul Mate potion boiled behind them and suddenly exploded & covered the arguing pair.

We paused and I could taste Strawberry and honeysuckle from the potion, my two favourite tastes/smells, but there was something new as well…
Something I’ve always smelt whenever we brewed Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world, the smell of Rain and wolf mixed up together.
My Patronus is a Wolf, so when I smelt this it didn’t really stick but the stronger smell was of the wolf/rain and honeysuckle….
I looked at Lorei and she looked at me,
“Well…looks like it works since we’re tasting our favourite tastes but not falling in love with each other.”
I couldn’t help it, I snorted and started laughing.
The kind of laughter you get with some of your closest friends, where you look at each other and can’t stop laughing and you have the most painful stitch,
We fell onto the floor laughing our butts off for what felt like hours, until we calmed down.

“So, why did you decide on Hogwarts for me to change to? I mean it’s closer but I wanna go where you and mum went to y’know?’
“And that’s what I’m worried about. Phee you need to let them go! Every day you look happy and inside you’re killing yourself with the memories of them and the constant need to live up to them and also just a FYI Hogwarts is where they met as I met my love” at this she looked at the memorial photos we had hung up of my parents and my Gramma and her husband who died in the battle of Hogwarts.
“Wait, whaa? I thought you all met at Beauxbatons?” I looked at her ready to blow. Again.

“Do you remember me specifically saying that? Or did you just assume that?” She smirked knowing she had one over me,
“Besides it’s already been planned! Tomorrow we shall be going to Diagon Alley to get your stuff”

We lived in North London because it is closest to all the wizarding markets and all that stuff, but I still went to France for school because of my parents.
“Fine…but I swear if another journalist comes into my personal space AGAIN asking about your awesome ability to create potion, I will not hold back and hex them to the point of no return!”

“Yes, yes! Whatever!” She got up and bustled around cleaning with her wand before turning back to me.
“By the way, you do realize that if you meet your Soul Mate you’ll see gold around him unless you haven’t realized the possibility of falling in love.” A mischivious grin met my horrified expression.
“Wait, what do you mean, if I don’t realize the possibility of falling in love”

“Well, if you meet someone you may not see them as someone you love but as time progresses you may fall in love and as you fall in love more and more, the aura will grow stronger until you get together. At this point the effects will wear off due to the fact that it has succeeded in doing its job.” The grin had changed into a beam of pride and happiness.

“WHAT! You mean to say I’m going around with these effects for the rest of my life until I get together with my soul mate!!! Dammit Lorei! Why didn’t you tell me this before? Oh, for Merlin’s sake! You know what? Leave it I really can’t be arsed to argue anymore. Its midnight and we need to get up early tomorrow for Diagon alley especially with it being September 1st in a weeks’ time.”

And with that I went to my room where I made sure to slam the door and make it clear that I am seriously cheesed, switching off the light before groped my way to my desk (making sure to hit my toe on the bed 3 times, a requirement if you understand, to travel around my room in the darkness) and felt for my laptop, a clever wizard decided that the muggles internet was incredibly smart and made an assortment of electronic technologies for wizards, all you have to do is charge it at least once a week with your wand. No spell or anything pretty awesome, anyway I digress, I have a iPhone (wizard version, the creator of apple is the long distant cousin of the creator of the wizard version)
An Apple laptop same as the iPhone.

Anyway I took my laptop to my bed, wriggled under the covers and opened the laptop straight to video chat with my oldest friend, Jeanne (pronounced jean-ee) I think she has an awesome name, she hates it. She thinks I have an awesome name, I hate it, see how well we get along.

Suddenly an auburn haired girl popped up on the screen as she checked her lipstick (nude colour today).
One of our many sayings, wear your pain with lipstick!
Awesome, right?!!

“Hola, bitch!” she realized after a few minutes that I was waiting for her to say something,
“Yo, my Witchy Don!”
“Witchy Don? That’s a new one, ha-ha!”
“Whatever, down to business.”
“right of course, I have major saddening news”
“Oh my god, so do I, and Merlin only knows how pissed off I am at it…say at the same time?”
“Okay, one, two, three”

“I’m being transferred to Hogwarts”
“I’m leaving Beauxbatons for Hogwarts”


“Wait, What?!!!” I looked at her in shock and happiness,
“What happened, where’s the fire? Who died?!” Lorei came barging in and when she saw the laptop and Jeanne’s face “oh, good! I see you’ve found out about our joint decision”, she grinned and left the room.

I looked at Jeanne.
She looked at me.
“JINX” we yelled at the same time.
“So you’re going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, right?” she asked me switching from shock to serious in a matter of seconds.
“Yup, and just a FYI I have big news to tell you, other news. But I’ll save that for tomorrow, kay…well Toodle Pip, Mon Folle Angé, night night!!”

I closed the laptop and put it on my bedside table; I knew JoJo (my nickname for Jeanne) would be coming over early in the morning to help choose my outfit, because if there’s one thing I am great at for sure, its, it’s choosing the wrong matching clothes. No seriously!
I wriggled under my covers, my mind going at 100 miles per hour, with all the possibilities that could happen with me and JoJo at Hogwarts. Together, no less.
Finally, Merlin was easing up on me and luck was turning around.

I had no idea how wrong I was.



Hola - Hello
Mon folle Angé- My Crazy Angel
Edit made {16/02/2014}
I own nothing of Harry Potter except the plot and the OC's

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