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What Have You Done Now? by ilovekittens
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: The First Fight
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Chapter two the first fight


            The next morning my arms are still sore. I look in the mirror to see bruises on my upper arms. I think about how tightly he held me up against the wall, how he yelled at me. There is something he is hiding. I quickly get dressed and run down to the great hall.


            As I’m eating my breakfast I see Draco walk in and sit down at the end of the table all by him self. His eyes meet mine I carefully rub my left arm were there are bruises. His eyes narrow. Then he gets up and leaves, for a moment I think about fallowing him, but then I remember what he said last night. “Don’t fallow me again, it won’t end well.” I wonder what’s troubling him so.


            Draco’s POV


            I woke up more tired than when I went to bed. Why did I have to hurt her? Why did I have to yell at her?



            As I walk into the great hall my left arm starts burning. Just a remainder of what I’ve become. I look up to see her staring at me. I wonder if her arms still hurt. I can’t stand her looking at me like that; I have to get out of here.  I stumble down a hall. My head hurts so bad, my arm feels like its on fire. I-I can hear his voice in my head. “Draco do not fail me.”


            AHHH. Why does he have to be in my head? Please kill me. Kill me now. I run to my dorm and fall on my bad, and pass out.



            THREE WEEKS LATER.


            Ella’s POV


            Three weeks have gone by, still haven’t spoken to Draco. If anything he has become more distant. I’m worried about him. Anyway it’s Friday just before 6:00. I’m walking down a hall on the seventh floor. When BAM! I run into something flat and hard. Hands on my waist keep me from falling to the ground.


            “What the hell!” I say.


            “You should watch were you’re going Ella.” Says a cool voice.


            “You’re the one who ran into my Malfoy!” I say a bit mad.


            “Whatever.” He says indifferently. He lets go of my waist and starts walking away.


            “Hey wait!” I say running after him.


            “What!” he says a little too loud.


            “I would like to know what’s bothering you.”


            “Why do you care?” he says coolly.


            “I don’t it’s just whatever it is seems to really up set you.”


            “It’s none of your business.”


            “I know but” He cuts me off. “NO! There are no buts in this it’s none of your business so stay the hell out of it Ella!” I watch as he storms away. Something is very wrong and I need to protect him.



            Draco’s POV


            Why does she always have to interfere? Why can’t she just stay out of it? I just need to but her out of my mind. I think as I walk into the Room Of Requirement.







So tell me what you think please. The song I keeping mind when writing this fanfic is “what have you done now” by within temptation.  I’m almost done writing the next chapter, so I should have it up soon. But I did just start school, so I don’t know.







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