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One Word by hallows_princess
Chapter 1 : One Word
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         I wonder how many students before me had once walked these halls to say goodbye and if their time here had been anything like mine. I knew I only had about an hour before the before the ceremony started so I went to sit in my favorite place. It was quiet, peaceful and it fit me perfectly like it always had. I wonder how long I sat there before my silent mourning was disturbed. I guess it's weird that the moment I heard footsteps I knew who it was but I think it’s weirder that I instantly knew and hoped (a little) that this was going to be the last time or the last time for a very long time that those steps walked towards me.

                He sat down next to me and for a while we just stared out of that window together. I knew he had something to say so I waited on him to break the silence. "If I said I was sorry. Would you think I was being genuine or just saying it because graduation is in an hour?" It took me a couple of seconds to realize he was waiting on an answer "Because of graduation." I finally said "I thought so. If I told you that I didn't regret a second of it, would you believe me?" This time the instant he finished I answered. "No." Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he actually smiled that infamous small grin. "If I asked you to do something would you?" he asked "It depends." I replied. He stood up and turned around before he spoke again "What if I asked you to always try to find a reason to show off your smile?, to never give another jerk your heart?, to never stop trying to find the good in the things that are beyond ugly?, to make sure that you stay safe?, to always forgive; especially yourself?, and to always know that whether it's an hour before graduation or ten years from now I am truly sorry for the part I played in everything?" I fought hard to keep my promise of never shedding another tear in front of him. Eventually, when I was sure my voice would not betray me I answered. "I'll try my best". I knew he was waiting on me to turn around. "That's all I ask." When I eventually stood up, I leaned against the wall directly across from him and briefly made eye contact before I began an intense stare down with the floor.


                I knew he was going to leave soon and it took me awhile to figure out why I couldn't let that happen just yet. "You know you never answered my question" this time finally maintaining eye contact. "That’s why I'm here." He gave me another small smile "I did promise didn't I? So, go ahead ask me again." I cleared my thought before I asked "If you had to describe me in one word, what would it be? Don't say what you think I want you to say. Just honestly tell me, if you had to describe me in one word what would it be?" I fought the urge to look away. I needed to finish this last moment. I thought I saw his eyes tightened slightly for a brief second. He took a long time to answer and after a while I thought he was not going too... again. "Irreplaceable.” I still didn't look away. I honestly didn't think I would be able to and I didn't have the heart to try. It was as I watched him fight the tears threatening to fall from his eyes that I knew that he now realized that we might never see each other again. That even if we did we would probably not say anything because it would just hurt all over again. This was our goodbye. "Okay" was the only thing I could think of saying that would not prolong this moment any longer. I needed to get away before I did something irrational, like hope for a better ending.


                I started to turn away when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Wait, what about me? I mean if you had to describe me in one word what would it be?" I guess I should have seen this one coming. I didn't turn around. I stayed still as I searched for the perfect word to come to my mind. Millions seemed to flash through all at once; Compassionate, Spiteful, Trustworthy, Coward, Loyal, Hot-Headed, Forgiving, Brave, Funny, Stubborn, Jerk... Then, the perfect word came to mind and before I could stop it from happening tears started rolling down my cheek. I turned around, walked towards him, got on my tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then I reached over and whispered in his ear "Hers". When I stepped back I refused to look up him in his eye. Instead, with my back facing him, I cleared my throat and said "Goodbye Draco" then walked out of the building.

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