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Peanut Butter Geli Time by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 1 : Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley
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PERFECT chapter image by and.y @tda!

Boring. Bored, bored bored. Did I mention how bored I am? The door burst open and in ran Rose, who leapt onto the campbed and made it topple over. Her pillow shot out of the window, and judging by the thud from outside, it hit Mr Potter and he’s probably knocked out cold. That was because Rose keeps sweets from the Skiving Snackboxes, made by her uncle George and his (sadly, dead) twin brother Fred when they were about our age. She had a whole load in her pillow, making it rock hard and hard for her to sleep.

“Omigosh, omigosh, youhavetocomedownstairsnow!” she squealed, her red hair going wild.

“Why?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“James’snewpygmypuff’sbeenhitbyanEngorgementCharmandit’swreckingthe –”

“ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!” I could hear James shrieking from downstairs.

“Sounds like a show,” I said, getting off the bed and following Rose out of the room. She practically jumped down the stairs, and I saw the wreckage that was the Potters’ kitchen.

‘”Helloo, my little muffin,” James said calmly.

Shut up James.

“There’s been a bit of an accident.”

The grass is green, Captain Obvious.

“You think?” I said, sighing. “What did you do?”

“Wasn’t me!” James insisted. “Albus did it. It’s all his fault. He’s outside.”

I headed past James and into the garden. Rose was still practically bouncing off the walls as she grabbed James by the shoulders and started shaking him violently, as if checking his brain was still inside his head. Albus was cowering behind an apple tree, while Rose’s boyfriend Scorpius was standing in the middle of the garden, his arms raised majestically. Trying to look as if he was doing something. James’s purple pygmy puff (which he kept telling us was a present for Lily) was sitting on top of what used to be Mr Potter’s car. Mrs Potter was practically screaming her head off at Al.

“Help meeee!” Al called, as he started climbing the tree to escape his fire-breathing mother.

I laughed my head off at the sight of Al clinging to a branch, and Mrs Potter foaming at the mouth beneath him. A loud thump made all three of us look up and Rose came flying out of the house.

Like, literally flying. Because she was on a broomstick. No – not a broomstick. A long bit of wood with twigs Spellotaped to the end.

What the Merlin?!

“I’ll save you, Scorpius!”

James’s pygmy puff was approaching Scorpius, who was in danger of getting squished. Not that anyone would miss him. Except Rose, who zoomed in on her broomstick (could you really call it that?) and seized Scorpius by his wand. But then she dropped him. Right into the tree that Albus was in. Typical Rose.

“OMIGOSH, I’M SO SORRY!” she yelled, jumping right off the broom and into the tree to make sure he was all right. Not really, since Scorpius fell onto a branch on his back and dislodged Al, who was now lying on the grass on his face.

Was he dead?

I prodded him.

Nope, not dead.

“Beatrice!” he shrieked, jumping up.

Excuse me?

“Beatrice!” he yelled again. “No! No! You know I love you!”

Oh, great. So he loves this damn woman called Beatrice, and not me (Sad face, this is your cue).

“Albus!” Mrs Potter came storming across the lawn. She pointed her wand at Albus, who flinched, clearly dreading her Bat-Bogey Hex, which I hear is famous. According to Rose, who heard it from her dad.

But then she aimed it at the pygmy puff, which deflated with a loud squealing noise.

Ouch. It hurt my ears.

“Albus, please remove yourself to inside the house.” Mrs Potter snapped. Then she turned to me. “I’m very sorry. Why don’t you go and find Rose, or go down to the Muggle town and find something to do?”

“Will do,” I replied, smiling at her, “thanks, Mrs Potter,”

Rose was still in the tree, helping Scorpius get down. Unfortunately, clever though Rose is, she goes a little nutty around Scorpius (and when she’s been drinking too much Firewhisky).

So my guess is that Rose has invaded her Uncle Harry’s secret supply and guzzled her way through all of it.

Scorpius fell out of the tree like Albus did, but landed on his feet. Maybe he’s part cat? Rose jumped down after him, still clutching her ‘broomstick’. Scorpius collapsed, and Mr Potter came hurrying towards him. James was peering on the scene from the back door, clearly not very worried. Mr Potter carried Scorpius inside, with Rose trotting anxiously behind.

See, this is the kind of stuff that happens here. Enormous pygmy puffs, drunk sixteen-year-olds flying around on bits of wood, crazy red-haired women, the Boy Who Lived, and some strange girl with an embarrassing name.

Yep, you guessed it, that last one happens to be me.

Everyone (including me, when I first learnt it) thinks my parents have some sort of mental disorder. Because when I was born, guess what they called me. No, go on, guess.

Nope, it’s not Gertrude.

It ain’t Deirdre either.

Or Hamanananana. Although, that would be a better name for the one I have.

My name is Angeliquina Blue. No joke. Now do you see what I mean when they say my parents must have a mental disorder?

After Professor McMillan, the deputy Headmaster, called out my name for the Sorting, and everyone laughed, I decided to change it. So I made everyone call me Annie. But people still called me ‘Angeliquina’. So then, I told my parents that I was officially changing my name to Angelica, which is nice and normal, don’t you agree?

Yes, you do.

Unfortunately (for me) my classmates are so bloody lazy that they couldn’t be bothered to say Angelica. I mean, it’s not that long, is it? An-ge-li-ca. No, not really.

So, instead of calling me Annie, they decided to call me ‘Geli’. Seriously? No one listens to me when I tell them my name is ‘Annie’. And, to make matters worse, Albus still calls me Quina. Despite my telling him, and death threats and the like, he insists on calling me Quina Blue. Typical. The first guy I fall for doesn’t even know my name. So now, I have no choice but to accept that my name is Geli Blue.

Having nothing else to do, I went back inside. James and Albus were playing Exploding Snap Patience on the kitchen table. Instantly, fireworks went off in my head. ALL RIGHT, GELI, HERE’S YOUR BIG CHANCE, AL’S RIGHT THERE, SITTING THERE, LOOKING GORGEOUS. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING CRAZY, OR HE’LL NEVER LOOK AT YOU EVER AGAIN. OKAY?!

All right, so maybe I go a bit crazy when I see him. But not as crazy as when Rosie sees Scorpius. Trying to look cool, I swaggered over and sat down next to James.

“Who’s winning?” I asked casually. It’s James who looked up, not Albus, who was too busy studying the cards to hear.

“Al,” James scowled, frowning at his brother. I tried to hide my smile, but James saw. He looked suspiciously between Al and I, but I dropped the smile and started glaring at the fridge, cursing my stupidity.

Why, why, why, why, why does Al not like me? It’s as if there’s some strange force that’s stopping him from seeing me…

And, oh, look, here comes the answer.

Strutting in comes the Terrible Twins, Dominique and Victoire. All right, maybe they’re not twins and Victoire is older, but they’re both part Veela (darn their mother Fleur) and are easily pretty enough to make Al forget me. Dominique, especially who’s in the same year as us. But I know Al’s only love for them is cousin-wise, seeing as his mother is Dominique’s aunt. But still. She’s only an eighth-Veela, but she’s got waist length lovely silvery-blond hair, a perfect body and sky-blue eyes. I look like a toad compared to her, with my jet-black elbow length hair (which is the exact shade of Al’s hair, too) and non-athleticness. The only thing I like about my appearance are my eyes. They’re not the same shade of blue as Dom’s – they’re a deeper shade, but they’re still equally as bright. They’re very sparkly and even Al complimented me on how pretty they are. I almost fainted when he said it. Most people describe them as “striking”, and James once called them mesmerizing.

“Oh, look,” I said, “here comes Little Miss Perfect.” Dominique scowled at me as she sat next to Al.

Teddy Lupin, Mr Potter’s godson, and son of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, came rushing down the stairs to embrace Victoire. They started kissing, and James gagged.

“Excuse me, dear cousin, we’re trying to play a game here, if you don’t mind,”

Al snorted. “You can’t talk, James, with you picking up a different girl every month.”

“I do not!” James said, pretending to be shocked. But we all knew it was true.

“Very sorry, dear cousin,” Victoire said, giggling as she brushed her long silvery-blond hair out of her face. She and Teddy glided out into the garden, with Teddy’s hair turning the same shade of red as the Weasleys’.

Rose came back into the kitchen and slumped down worriedly.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Apparently, Scorpius is going to have to be transferred to St. Mungo’s. It wasn’t even my fault!”

Oh, Rosie, we all know it was.

“I mean, was it my fault that he broke his ankle when he fell out of the tree?”


“And was it my fault that he fell into the tree?”


“And was it –“

All right, you can shut up now.



Hi guys :) thanks for reading this :) I know she was called Kimi Fruit before but I decided to change it. I've got a friend called Angelica but everyone calls her Geli and I really like that name because I've never heard of it before. She's a wonderful person. Also I just wanted to say that Geli is pronounced like 'Jelly' in case you were all wondering :)

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Peanut Butter Geli Time: Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley


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