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Slytherin Much? by NightStar
Chapter 5 : Making Me Confused
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 A/N: I have re-written the first chapter so if you've read the story before, I suggest you read it first and come back to this chapter so it makes sense. If not, well, Scarlet just has different dorm mates..:P 


‘Green! Come out!’

I didn’t move an inch. The water continued to coarse down my back and I stood with my eyes closed.

‘This is the last time Green! GET. OUT!’ yelled a shrill voice from outside the door. Clarisse McLean, of course.


I turned the knob shut and wrapped a big fluffy blue towel around myself.

Opening the door, I found a tall figure with dirty blonde hair glaring at me. She was fuming.

‘God, McLean! You need to chill!’ I said.

‘You’re telling me to chill?! I’m late for my Hogsmeade date in Puddifoot’s because of you!’ she shrieked.

‘Madame’s Puddifoot doesn’t open until two hours Clarisse,’ said Brianna from the left.

I grinned at her while the twins Jade and Isabelle giggled.

Clarisse ignored us and stormed into the bathroom.

What a drama queen.

‘So what are you all going to do today?’ I asked all of them casually.

‘I’ve got a date,’ said Brianna in a sing-song voice, ‘with Nathan Swift.’

The twins went ‘Ooh’ for a while and I winked at Brianna. She grinned. Nathan was the hottest Slytherin and he was in fifth year. With spiky blonde hair and green eyes, he frequently won the hearts of many girls and had his own fan club. But he was quite a player.

‘What about you guys?’ asked Brianna to the twins.

I pulled out a water bottle and took a big gulp. I don’t know why but showering in hot water makes me thirsty. I’m weird like that.

‘I asked out Severus,’ said Isabelle casually, painting her toenails.

I spit out the water and it sprayed onto Clarisse’s bed. Oh-oh I’d have to pay for that later.

‘You asked out Severus?!’ I stared at her incredously. Severus Snape, the slimy git I sat with in Potions? She’s got to kidding me!

‘Yes, but he said no,’ sad Belle pouting. ‘Guess he’s still after that Lily girl.’

‘He isn’t the only one,’ piped in Jade who was lying on her bed, ‘That Potter boy also,’ she added somewhat bitterly.

Noticing the quizzical looks from me and Brianna, she explained ‘Well, my mother told us to keep an eye out for future husbands and since my family is pureblood, they wouldn’t accept Mudbloods,’ I winced but Jade continued a glance towards me, ‘James is pureblood but sadly, a bloodtraitor AND he likes that Mudblood. There goes my future husband,’ she sighed.

Thankfully, this time I wasn’t drinking water. I would have definitely spit it out again.

I turned away slowly, trying not to laugh. I could see Brianna was biting her bottom lip, trying hard not to giggle either.

These twins were weird. Seriously creepy. I wasn’t very good friends with them (with the whole bloodstatus obstacle) but after almost 4 years of sharing a dorm with them, I should probably know them well. Apparently not.

I brushed my hair, humming to myself. My hair was straight, silky and dark brown, almost black and I loved it. I didn’t give it too much attention or care but it was beautiful.

‘And we don’t even need to ask Scarlet since she’ll be on a date with her Ravenclaw boyfriend,’ said Brianna teasingly.

I turned towards her pointing my hair brush (Don’t judge me! I had no option!)

‘Firstly, his name is Jeremy and secondly, it’s not a date!’

‘Oh so he is your boyfriend then?’ asked Brianna mockingly, ‘You didn’t deny that.’

Brianna was nice. But she could be plain mean sometimes.

‘I’m going with Alice today.’ I stated, ignoring her earlier remark.

I grabbed my coat and headed to the Great Hall. Alice told me to meet her in The Three Broomsticks so I walked out of the school alone. It was cold and there was a thin white blanket of snow on the ground.

I kicked the snow, thinking, do I really like Jeremy? Sure, he’s my best friend but do I consider him more than just that? Urgh, how on Earth do you know you like a person?!
I was nearing Hogsmeade when,

‘Oi Rainbow!’

Rainbow; this meant only one annoying guy (unless it was a 3 year old for God know what reason thinks I’m a colourful rainbow)

I chose not to respond.

‘Oh sorry, UNICORN!’ Sirius yelled.

I winced and looked back. He grinned back at me. He was wearing dark blue robes and a Gryffindor tie. His hair looked purposely tousled and messed up. But he looked….good.

He jogged over to me still grinning.

‘Hey, shout that ridiculous name again, but even louder,’ I said sarcastically, ‘I’m pretty sure that old lady in that village 50 miles away didn’t hear you.’

‘Oh should I?’ he asked cockily. I glared at him.

‘Fine, just kidding,’ said Sirius, shrugging. ‘Where are you off to?’

‘Three Broomsticks. You?’

‘Zonko’s of course!’ he winked.

‘Of course,’ I repeated ‘Where’s Potter and the rest of your gang?’

He smiled looking at the entrance of Zonko’s shop ahead of us. ‘Right there.’

I could see the tall build and messy hair of James Potter.

‘See you later Ms Sunshine!’ Sirius chuckled and ran over to James.

‘Bye, Dog Star!’ I called out.

Yes, I got the perfect nickname for him. He looked back with his eyes wide and I stuck out my tongue.

Mature, I know. But hey, in my defence, he did the same later!

Entering the Three Broomsticks, I crashed into someone.

‘Hi Scarlet! I was looking for you-‘ said Alice.

‘Oh I’m sorry I came late Alice!’

‘That’s fine. But I’m really sorry Scarlet but I can’t spent time with you today,’ she paused.

‘Why?’ I asked curiously.

‘’ she stuttered.

I pulled her into a hug ‘Oh Alice! I’m so happy for you!’

She smiled gratefully ‘But I’m so sorry to desert you like this Scarle-‘

‘It’s fine Alice!’ I tutted, ‘Go! I know you want to!’

She quickly hugged me again and left.

I took a seat in an empty table and ordered one Butterbeer.

And soon, I was reading one of my favourite books, sipping warm Butterbeer in my cozy little corner.

I loved it.


‘Around The World In 80 Days?’

I looked up and raised my eyebrows. And there stood James Potter across me.

‘You know this book?’ I asked curiously.

‘Yes, of course, Jules Verne,’ he answered. Impressive. I didn’t think he of all people would know about Muggle books.

‘Sit down,’ I said. He pulled up a chair and sat down.

‘Okay, listen, I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘I shouldn’t have been so mean. I was just a bit..annoyed. I’m sorry I overreacted like that the other day.’

I nodded, ‘It’s okay, I understand and I’m so-‘


Potter and I turned around and found ‘Dog Star’ at the door of the shop. Sirius walked over to my table and plopped down on a chair on my right.

Whatever happened to chivalry and morals in Gryffindors?

‘I see, you’re chatting to Ms. Sunshine here,’ he said cockily, eyes twinkling. ‘Should I let our dear red head know this James?’

James hit him on the head it shut him up.

‘As I was saying before I was oh-so-nicely interrupted by Sirius,’ I said giving a pointed look at Sirius,’ I’m sorry Potter. I shouldn’t have played that joke on you. I mean, I don’t even know you much. It was inconsiderate of me.’

James and Sirius looked shocked.

‘You’re incredibly nice for a Slytherin you know’ said Sirius.

‘Yes, I’ve been told so,’ I stuck my tongue out at him.

What? Old habits die hard.

‘It’s okay,’ James smiles ‘but you shouldn’t have switched places with Lily-‘

‘Bloody noble of you,’ muttered Sirius.

‘Shut up Sirius,’ James and I said at the same time and Sirius scowled.

‘But yes, I’ll ask ol’ Sluggie to change it back so you won’t have to sit next to Snivellus anymore,’ said James.

‘Oh no! You aren’t doing that Potter. Sit with Lily and stop being so bloody generous.’

James grinned. ‘Well I have a red head to ask out and swoon her with my charm so sayonara!’

Sirius snorted, ‘Yeah good luck with that!’

I laughed, ‘Bye Potter.’

‘You reckon lily will say yes?’ asked Sirius.

‘Maybe, I don’t know,’ I shrugged. ‘James seems okay but he’s arrogant. It’s too soon for me to judge anyway.’

Sirius laughed, ’No, he really is arrogant. I’m fine with that considering even I’m the same. But it gets annoying when he claims he loves her from the bottom of his heart.’

‘That’s what you get for being friends with a love sick fool Sirius,’ I said.

‘Hey!’ he said defensively,’ I have other friends as well!’

‘Sure you do.’

‘I do,’ he said with his chin up.

‘Then why aren’t you with them right now?’

‘Because I’m here with you Ms. Sunshine.’

‘I’m not telling you to be here. You can go.’

‘No, it isn’t every day I get to see a unicorn sipping Butterbeer in The Three Broomsticks,’ he grinned.

‘You’re really annoying, you know that?’ I said irritated.

‘It’s my pleasure, m’lady’ he mock-bowed and laughed.

‘Ha. Ha’ I said flatly and both of us took a sip from our Butterbeer.

‘How about we have a contest?’ asked Sirius with his eyes lighting up.

‘Let me guess, who downs the Butterbeer faster?’ I asked with my eyebrow raised.

‘Very smart, Rainbow,’ he grinned.

‘Fine, but one condition,’ I said, ‘You will stop calling me Rainbow, Unicorn and Ms. Sunshine.’

‘That ain’t happening!’ Sirius shook his head, ‘But I’ll stop calling you Unicorn if you win, just unicorn.’

I nodded. Something’s better than nothing.

‘But,’ he continued, ‘If I win, you’ll switch places with someone in Potions and get away from Snivellus.’

Weird, but acceptable. I raised my eyebrow again but nodded. He grinned again.

‘Okay 1, 2,’ I clutched the handle of my mug.

‘3!’ we yelled together.

The warm drink hit my tongue and I gulped it down.

The mugs were pretty large and it took some time to finish it all. I concentrated on only the beaker and drinking the Butterbeer.

Yes! I finished it.


It was Sirius. Damn it! I was so close. He grinning cheekily and I slammed my empty mug on the table.

‘I was so close!’ I said, thinking out loud.

‘Hey rainbow,’ Sirius said smiling, ‘I won fair and square.’

‘Yeah, yeah,’ I brushed him off.

‘The All Mighty Dog Star beats Rainbow girl in a Butterbeer challenge,’ he said grinning and I laughed.

‘So Dog Star, done with your Potions essay?’

‘We had Potions homework?’ he asked sitting up straighter.

I chuckled, ‘Yes, genius, one parchment essay on the uses of Draught of Peace, remember?’

‘Oh that,’ he shrugged, ‘I’ll copy Remus’s anyway.’

‘Well that’s one thing similar between us. I always copy Jay’s homework.’

‘Who’s Jay?’ asked Sirius.


‘Scar!’ called a voice from my back.

‘That’s who,’ I stood up and grinned at the black haired, bespectacled boy.

‘This is Jeremy.’ I said

‘Oh we’ve met. Herbology partners,’ said Jeremy quickly.

Sirius nodded.

‘Oh okay good,’ I said.

Awkward silence. Jeremy was staring at the table and Sirius was suddenly interested in his shoes.

‘Umm, you guys want something to eat?’ I asked, breaking the ice.

‘Yeah, sure,’ said Jay.

‘Sure, I’ll so get some then,’ said Sirius.

I smiled and he got up and walked towards the counter.


‘So you’re dating Black now?’ asked Jeremy, turning towards me.

What? Who told you that?’

‘Well you were sitting with alone, before I came along that is. And both of you looked like you were having a good time,’

‘So? That doesn’t mean we’re on a date!’

‘It looked like one!’ snapped Jeremy.

Jeremy never snaps. Never. That’s my job.

‘C’mon Jay, you and I sat alone so many times and laugh along. But that doesn’t we’re dating are we?’

Jeremy looked down coldly.

‘Jeremy, try to understand. There’s nothing going on between me and Sirius, okay?’

‘He’s a player Scarlet,’ he said looking right into my eyes, ‘I don’t want you to get hurt.’

‘Thanks Jay but I can take care of myself and Sirius is just a friend.’ I smiled, reassuringly (at least I hope it was)

‘Then let’s go. David and all are outside.’

I frowned, ‘No. Sirius is going to come back with the food and I’m not ditching him like this.’

Jeremy stared at me for a while, almost coldly before saying goodbye hastily.

Just as stormed out, Sirius came back from the counters.

‘Sorry I took so long-‘ he said putting one large plate of nachos on the table, ‘Wait where’s Jeremy?’

He looked at me. ‘What happened?’

I kicked the chair’s leg in frustration. ‘Nothing.’

‘Obviously not.’ He muttered. ‘What happened Scarlet?’

‘I said, nothing Sirius!’ I snapped.

‘Woah, okay then,’ he sat back.

I sighed. It wasn’t his fault.

‘Sorry,’ I muttered.

He grinned. Git.

‘Well as fun as this has been,’ he smirked when I said that, ‘I’m going back to the castle.’

He nodded and I headed to the door. Just as I closed the door shut, I heard him yell, ‘See you later unicorn!’

I swear I could feel him smirking. I smiled to myself and left the warmth of The Three Broomsticks to the cold, dark evening.

The sun was down, it was freezing cold and there weren’t many people left.

I walked towards the school, rubbing my hands together. I’d been born and brought up in England and I hated it. It was always cold, rainy and plain depressing. I loved sunny, exotic places. Last year for the summer holidays we had gone to Spain and I spent so long swimming in the warm, salty water. Jeremy had even sunburnt himself accidently when he fell asleep while lying under the blistering sun.

Jeremy. Why did he act like that in the Three Broomsticks? We hardly ever fought! Even if we did, it was always because of some stupid thing I said or did but this time..

Was it my fault?

Of course not, he was the one who acted like a jerk, answered a voice from my head.

Great, ladies and gentlemen, this is Meanme. Yes, Meanme which stands for Mean +Me, It’s the mean side of my consciousness, for you late light bulbs.

You didn’t do anything, continued Meanme, he didn’t have any right to tell you what to do.

He was looking after me, that’s all, I thought.

Looking after you? He questioned your choice of friends! So what if he’s your best friend? That doesn’t mean you can’t speak to other people!, said Meanme.

You know what? I actually agree! For once you’re being rational!  No wait, you’re me and I’m me, so we’re both right…?

Yes, I talk to myself. Its normal, do not judge me.

I was nearing the castle and the road widened slowly. It was coated with a thin layer of white snow.

Except.. There was something dark lying in the middle of the snowy pathway.

Oh my God. I began to run as quickly as my legs could take me.

It was a person. She was short and had long hair which now had patches of white snow in between and there was a long bloody gash on her arm. She lay unmoving and strongly hoping I was wrong, I knelt down and turned her head.




A/N (again!): Hope you liked the chapter! It's one of my favorites because I had lots of fun writing it! Please review and let me know what you think..

P.S- Updates are going to be a bit slower because real life is killing me.. and exams -.-

Till next time,


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