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Some Things Never Change by rbrammer
Chapter 1 : In Which The Marauders Make Jokes And Jealousy Reigns Supreme
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Everything you recognize belongs to the always-amazing, JK Rowling. (:


Fifth year.

            “Prongs, how much trouble do you reckon we’re going to get into for this?” A handsome, black-haired boy asked casually, not looking away from his task. Of the three boys that surrounded him, the scruffiest answered with a grin.

            “Well, I’d go about fifty points, which we’ll get back when Gil catches the Snitch on Saturday, along with all the goals I’ll score on that big Slytherin buffoon, and a few detentions, each,” the scruffy one answered confidently, crossing his arms as he eyed the handsome boy’s handiwork. “Really, Padfoot, you’re a natural at this.”

            “Prongs, be quieter, or someone is going to hear,” the third boy advised, fidgeting, as he glanced out the door, sure someone was about to find them, although it was highly unlikely, as it was three in the morning.

            “Oh, hush, Moony. Ever since you got that Prefect’s badge you’ve been acting like you have a giant stick up your arse,” Padfoot joked with a smirk as he finished his work. He stood back and let his friends admire the vandalism.

            “Yeah, Moony, lighten up,” exclaimed the fourth, a rather plump and mousy looking boy, seemingly ready to agree with anything the first two said. 

            Prongs grinned, clapping a hand on Moony’s shoulder. “Moony’s just being cautious, Wormtail, and honestly, we should listen to him. He’s the one that always gets us out of trouble.”

            Moony, rather unimpressive compared to the other boys when one first saw him, beamed at the praise, and he looked very impressive indeed. “Thanks, mate.”

            “Oi! Is anyone going to congratulate me? I just created a masterpiece here, and all I get is to listen to you lot yelp,” Padfoot announced haughtily, smirking.

            His friends rolled their eyes, finally focusing on the wall in front of them. Prongs grinned proudly, while Moony showed only a hint of amusement, and Wormtail looked absolutely giddy. Padfoot, seeing the reaction he had hoped for on his friends’ faces, grinned even wider. Carved in the stone of the Transfiguration classroom were the words ‘The Marauders’ in an elegant script. “They’re all going to know us now.”


            The boys admired the wall, side-by-side, linked in friendship. None knew what would become of them when they were older, nor did they particularly care at the moment. They were young, attractive, and popular; and most of all, they had each other. Life was perfect, and, according to the boys, each for different reasons, there was no need mucking it up with talk of the future. Prongs wasn’t worried. Moony already knew that it would be awful, and he preferred to keep the memories of his friends that were so precious to him, just that, precious. Padfoot hated talking about things he wasn’t sure about, and his future was uncertain indeed. And Wormtail… Wormtail was frightened.


Seventh year.

            “James, mate!” Sirius Black yelled, embracing his best friend. Although previously Sirius had been living with James, he had moved out a month ago, and they hadn’t seen each other since. “How’ve you been?”

            James Potter grinned from ear to ear. “Great, man, I’ve been wonderful. The question is, how’ve you been? The new flat all you thought it would be?”

            As Sirius opened his mouth to answer, Remus Lupin interrupted him. “It must be; it’s certainly kept him busy enough. Or was it the privacy to have girls over all night what kept you?” Remus asked with a knowing smirk.

            “I happen to have been busy,” Sirius boasted, grinning. He opened his mouth to say more, but instead laughed. “Look, there’s Peter!” The three boys stampeded across the platform, circling the fourth member of their crowd, Peter Pettigrew.

            “How’ve you been, mate? Good summer, eh?” James asked in rapid succession, still grinning, while Sirius smiled charmingly at Peter’s mother.

            “Hello, boys!” Mrs. Pettigrew tittered, a blush spreading across her cheeks as it always did when she saw the boys her son had made friends with. So proud of Peter, she was, when his first letter home came, saying he had made not one, but three friends! And him so shy, too. So, she treated the three boys like her own whenever she saw them, so grateful that they were kind to her Peter.

            “Hi, Mrs. Pettigrew,” chorused Remus, James, and Sirius, while Pete groaned.

            “Mum, I’m fine,” he muttered, frowning. “Quit embarrassing me.”

            Sirius and James grinned, ruffling Peter’s hair and pinching his cheeks. “Is Ickle Petey embarrassed?” They cooed, laughing. Peter’s face burned brightly, and his mother chuckled.

            “Now, now, boys,” she attempted to scold, but ended up ruffling her son’s hair as well, and kissing his cheek. “Be good, Peter. I love you, and I’ll see you ‘round Christmas, eh?”

            “Actually, Mum –” Peter started, but Remus beat him to it.

            “Well, since it’s our last year and everything, Mrs. Pettigrew, we were thinking that we’d spend Christmas together at Hogwarts,” Remus explained, as had been planned. Being christened the sensible one had many drawbacks, but it also had its advantages, too. No adult ever questioned what came out of perfect Prefect Remus Lupin’s mouth, although the boys had a feeling Dumbledore knew a little more than he let on.

            Mrs. Pettigrew bit her lip, frowning. Christmas was her time with her darling son, but then, it was his last year… and his friends made him so happy. She chuckled, smiling. “I suppose that’s alright with me, dear. I’ll just send your presents with Colum, then.” She pecked her son’s cheek, along with all the other boys’, to their amusement and Peter’s disgust, before disappearing into the thick steam from the train.

            “Man, Pete, I’d almost forgotten how great your mum looks,” Sirius joked, smirking at Peter’s disgusted look.

            “At least mine’s not a troll,” Peter countered, his eyes flickering towards the entrance to the platform, where a family of three had just appeared, and he regretted his words immediately.

            Sirius followed Peter’s gaze and his face immediately darkened upon sight of his mother, father, and little brother.  James saw the oncoming implosion and touched Sirius’s wrist briefly, but Sirius shook him off, giving his friends a wobbly grin. “Can’t argue there, Pete,” he agreed heartily, though James and Remus still watched him carefully. Usually, talk of his family, not to mention actual sight of them, caused an explosion so bad it took them a week and two full bottles of Firewhiskey to get him back to normal. 

            Sirius’s eyes roved over the groups of students and he let out a low wolf-whistle. “Look at that, Prongs – fresh meat.”

            James eyed the girls his best friend was indicating, and rolled his eyes. “Hardly. They’re Ravenclaw, our year, mate. You need to get your eyes checked.”

            “Hey, if Pads hasn’t slept with them yet, they’re all fresh meat,” Remus deadpanned, the corners of his lips upturned with amusement.

            “Saying you haven’t slept with any, Moony?” Sirius countered with his practiced smirk.

            “Even if he has, he won’t brag, Black,” drawled a voice that made Sirius scowl. “Remus is a gentleman.”

            Remus resisted a grin. “Hey, Maddie.” He nodded in welcome to the girls behind her. “Lily, Mary, Abby.”

            “What are you even doing over here, Cooper?” Sirius growled, glaring at the short girl in front of him, who was scowling right back at him.

            “I have a right to be wherever I like,” she replied flippantly, tucking her arm in Mary’s. “Besides, someone wanted to say hi to…”

            “Shh!” all of the girls hissed together, and Maddie smirked. In many ways, Remus thought with amusement, Madelyn Cooper was the Sirius Black of the seventh year Gryffindor girls. Not that he’d ever tell either of them that; he would be mocked and Sirius would be furious.

            “So, where’s Elly?” Remus asked casually, breaking the awkward silence that followed.

            Ellyn Hopkins was also a seventh year Gryffindor, and the fifth member of the girls’ group. The girls all shared a look, and following a very pregnant pause, Abby answered quietly, “She’s, er– running late.” Almost visibly, the girls all relaxed, Remus noticed, and he was sure it was a lie. None of his friends questioned it, though, so he decided to keep his mouth shut – for now.

            “How was your summer, Lily?” James asked in an exaggeratedly deep voice, one that his fellow Marauders nicknamed his ‘Evans voice’, ignoring everything around him.

            “Bugger off, Potter,” Lily Evans said automatically, and almost immediately a blush spread across her cheeks.

            Abby Monroe nudged Lily. “Lils, shouldn’t you get on the train? The Head Girl is supposed to prepare for the meetings.” Abby then looked at Remus expectantly. “You should go, too.”

            Remus frowned. “Um… Why? I thought once you reached seventh year, prefects didn’t have to go anymore.”

            “Well, aren’t you the Head Boy?” Lily demanded, frowning. “None of the other prefects from the other houses said that they’d become Head Boy, so I’d assumed…”

            Lily trailed off as she saw the boys’ faces. “If Remus isn’t Head Boy, then…”

            Before she could continue, James Potter got a big smirk on his face. Lily blanched. “No. No, it can’t be you,” Lily said flatly, while Maddie, Mary, Sirius and Peter roared with laughter. “You can’t be Head Boy! You weren’t even a Prefect!”

            James pulled the shiny badge out of the pocket of his Muggle trousers, looking at it for a long moment. “Well,” he said slowly, looking up with a ridiculously big grin on his lips, “I think Dumbledore thinks that I can.”

            “Ugh!” Lily screeched, turning on her heel and marching towards the train.


            Sirius raised an eyebrow, smirking at his best friend, who looked desolate. “Well, Prongs, I’d say you handled that well.”


            “The Sorting was good this year, don’t you think? We got a pretty likely-looking group,” Abigail Monroe commented blandly, smiling. Leave it to Abby to be the ray of sunshine in a dark place, thought Maddie Cooper fondly, chuckling. And it was a dark place at the moment in the seventh year Gryffindor girls’ dormitory. Lily Evans was still furious that James Potter had been made Head Boy, and there was no way to escape her ranting.

            “Hey, look at it this way – you’ll be getting definite one-on-one time with one of the hottest boys in our year,” Elly Hopkins said slyly, grinning. “I’d kill for some alone time with Potter, just to see if what they say about Chasers is true…” She led off with a mysterious smile, and all the girls, with the exception of Lily, giggled.

            “All right. What am I missing; what do they say about Chasers,” Lily said flatly, when all of her friends looked like they might burst with giggles.

            “That they’re wonderful with their hands,” Mary said with a saucy grin, and Lily couldn’t help but grin, too.

            “You know, Remus is a Chaser,” Abby said softly, her brown eyes large and adoring, even the object of her affection was not present, and probably nicking food from the kitchens with his three mates at the very moment.

            “Remus?” Elly asked, giggling. “Trust me, honey, nobody is wondering if Remus Lupin is good with his hands.” She smirked, while Mary and Maddie laughed hysterically.

            “Remus is just as good-looking as your precious Potter!” Abby defended, scowling, for what seemed like, in her roommates’ opinions, the first time since they had met her.

            “Of course he, is, darling,” Elly said flippantly, rolling her eyes. “Nobody can deny he’s gorgeous, but he just… he doesn’t have that spark like James and Sirius have.” Her eyes lit up, like they always did when she got a new conquest, and a smirk settled on her lips. “How much do you want to bet that I can get James Potter to ask me on a date?”

            Amid the ‘no way’s’ and ‘he’s in love with Lily’s’, Lily Evans’s gasp of surprise was lost to her friends. She never thought it would hurt so much to think of losing Potter’s affections; and she’d never had to think about it. Ever since James Potter had first declared his love of Lily in their third year, girls, although very happy to gossip about him and pine away for him, never approached him to flirt. And if one unfortunate happened to, they were sent away with tears in their eyes. Not that James would ever intentionally hurt a girl’s feelings; he was just so intent upon winning Lily’s heart that he never comprehended that he was ignoring the poor girls. And, although she would never admit it, that fed Lily’s vanity, and she quite liked it, for all that she yelled at him. “I think Sirius is more your type,” Lily said slowly, determinedly not meeting Elly’s eyes.

            Gasps surrounded her on all sides. “Lily!” Abby said, shocked. “Don’t you remember? They dated last year… He just all of a sudden stopped talking to her and a few days later, he had a new girl on his arm.”

            Oh, Lily thought, embarrassed. She did remember that. They had to spend weeks consoling a distraught Elly, her pride and vanity more wounded than anything. They all knew she had no real feelings for Sirius, but to be casually tossed away like nothing still warranted some special treatment and fawning-over.

            Elly glared. “Yeah. Now, I think I’ll go after the nicest Marauder. I mean, you clearly don’t want him, do you Lily?” She simpered sweetly, but her eyes told a whole different story. They burned with pent-up rage.

            “Er, I mean…” At her friends’ curious looks, Lily deflated. “No, of course not,” she said quietly, staring at the floor.

            Elly smirked. “Good.” She laid down on her four-poster bed and pulled the curtains around her, snuggling under the warm blankets. “Because he would have been mine anyway,” she whispered to herself, smiling.

I know this is short, and I promise that the next chapters will be longer, but I'm redoing this whole story, and I kind of wanted to put the first one up. So, here you go! I'd love it if you could leave a review? :D

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