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Charmed by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Louis: Bright Eyes
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I finally finish my essay for History of Magic and drop my quill on top of my parchment, rubbing my eyes. I don't care that there is now an ink stain in the corner; it's not like it's made the work unreadable. So I don't try to clear it up, I push it back and shut my eyes again, rubbing them a second time and moving my hands upwards, running them through my hair. It's probably stuck up in funny angles now, but I don't care about that either.

I'm so tired. I just want to get back to my room and go straight to sleep. This is what I get for choosing to run an hour earlier than usual, but it's not all my fault. Apparently Luka's little problem regarding prefect schedules just couldn't wait until a more convenient time and I had to help. I blame Luka.

I drop my hands down from my face only to have a brown-eyed, straight-nosed, brunet staring at me. She may look like a pretty face, but underneath it all she's evil. Do not be fooled just because she doesn't look like the she-devil. Looks can be deceiving. But I don't tell her this; I'm not insane or stupid.

But I do jump so high I almost fall off the bench.

"Can I help you, Lucy?"

Lucy slides her butt onto the desk, sits with her legs swinging back and forth on the end. She doesn't even look at me when she speaks; she's messing with my quill, running her thumb and forefinger up and down. "I was just wondering how today went."

Well, this is weird. Lucy never asks how my day is. She tells me about her day, but she never asks about me. I fold my arms over the desk, leaning forward, and I don't even try to hide my surprise. "I went to class, did my homework; same, old boring day."

She looks at me oddly, too, but laughs anyway. "No, I meant with you and Key."

I frown now. "Who?"

"I really should have introduced him in first year," she sighs, shaking her head. That would be best if she wants to talk to me about him. "Me and him have practically been together since the beginning of school and only Roxy actually knows who he is. Although, the others do know his name, at least. But you? That's just not right."

I shake her arm, cutting her monologue short, and give her a look. I still don't know what the hell she's talking about. "Oh, right. I'm here because he said he'd talk to you the other day about helping him around."


She looks at me properly for the first time, takes notice of my frown and finally realizes that I am very confused. This is not exactly something I need to add to my exhaustion. "He did talk to you, right?" Lucy's confusion is just as evident. Good. I shake my head. "I'm going to kill him."

"Who is he?"

Lucy jumps off the table, stands in front of me and pulls me up. She puts her hand against my forehead, a couple of inches under my fringe. "He's about this big, dark hair, bright blue eyes, kinda skinny." I shake my head again and she groans. "He's blind, carries a plastic stick everywhere. He's in every single one of your classes."

My eyes widen. "Oh, I remember him; the hot one who hangs out with the crazy idiot. Judging by your slightly disapproving frown I shouldn't ever tell him that."

Lucy shrugs. "Tell him he's hot all you want and he knows Jackson's a crazy idiot, he hears it often enough. My disapproval is due to the fact that you practically spend all day around him and yet have no idea who he is or what his name is. Your life would be a lot easier if you didn't spend all day with your head in the clouds."

Yeah, right. She doesn't even know anything about my life. I haven't told her and I don't plan to. I scoff. "Sure."

Leaning against the table again, but too pissed to relax and actually sit down, Lucy folds her arms stiffly over her chest and mutters about irritating, lying friends and painful deaths. I am so glad I'm not in this guy's shoes right now and I hope I never will be. "So, will you do it?"

I enter real life again. "What?"

"If he's not dead by the end of the night, will you help him around school while Jackson is at St Mungo's? You have to, Louis. His mum worries a lot; she'll send him home otherwise."

I wondered where the crazy one gotten to. And because of that, she wants me to help him? Her boyfriend? At least that's what I hear. A guy I don't even know the basics about? She must really love him if she's trusting a family member to help with her personal life to keep him in school; I wouldn't. Then again I'd imagine she trusts me after second year when I got her those books from the restricted section after she said I couldn't. And then I gave her the information on the girls in Gryffindor who make it their business to tell everyone about everyone. Thanks to me we know things about them and they haven't said a word about us. We're not allowed to talk about that. Or talk to them... Unless we absolutely have to. They tend to leave me alone now. I don't think they like me.

His mother sounds very overprotective.

She waves her hand in front of my face, but says nothing and waits. I've helped her before, she's my cousin and I'd easily help her again, and it's only until the crazy idiot comes back. How hard can it be? "Okay."

She grins, no longer looking pissed. "Great, I knew you'd say yes." I roll my eyes; of course she did. "If he survives, I'll bring him to you. He might as well talk to you tonight, get it over and done with. Oh, and come to Hufflepuff early tomorrow morning, around six thirty, and wake him up. You need to."

I grab her arm before she can take off and I lose her until the next time she seeks me out. Because you don't find Lucy Weasley, Lucy Weasley finds you. Everything else I may or may not need to know can wait, there's one think I need to know now. "What's his name?"

This time, when Lucy's lips curve, it's not a smile or even a grin; she's full-on smirking, a sly twinkle in her eye that tells me she's up to something. Someone's going to be punished; I'm putting my money on the hot one. "His name is Key."

I shake my head; I feel like I've done so a thousand times in, what, ten minutes. "His real name."

Lucy removes my hand from her arm, places it at my side and taps my shoulder twice; it's almost patronizing. "His name is Key."

She disappears before I can say anything more, most likely going back to Hufflepuff. I'm too tired to follow her, I don't want to know what she's planning. The hot one can suffer. I pack up my things, but don't leave for a while. I stay sat at the desk and try to process exactly what just happened. I have to get up early; not a problem, I'm up early for my morning run anyway. I have to help him around school; really, how hard can that be if we're in all the same classes?

"Piece of cake," I tell myself. It doesn't sound that hard, all things considered. I can help this Key. What's his name?

Nodding to myself, I stand up, pick up my stuff and leave the library. My plan is to get to my dorm and take a nap before dinner. If I miss dinner, I'll just go to the kitchen. It's good to have a back-up plan.

I'm almost at Ravenclaw, whistling a song I remember hearing on the radio that I still can't get out of my head but don't know the name of, when I'm struck in the stomach with a platstic cane. I turn to him; black hair, skinny, but that's not a bad thing, and Lucy was right about his blue eyes; they look really bright close up. I didn't think that was possible. It's difinitely him, I remember him in my classes; the hot one.

God, what is his name?

"Can I help you?"

"Louis Weasley?"

I'm about to scoff; he's got to know it's me if he's talked to Lucy or he wouldn't have stopped me. But I don't. How did he know it was me? "Yeah," I say instead, slowly. I sound more hesitant than confused. "Can I help you?"

He holds up a finger. Man, I hope that I can actually pay attention to whatever he's about to say to me because his eyes are seriously distracting. He goes on with a list about why he's here, I get the gist of it; he blames Lucy, but he loves Lucy. That is a bloody shame... For me. "You're Key, aren't you?"

Well, it's not like I can say 'hey, you're the hot guy with the crazy friend in my class' can I?

"No." Snapping at me? He obviously doesn't like that name. I'm now confused as to who Lucy is punishing with the information. "Do I look like something you stick in a door?"

"Hey, calm down." I take a deep breath and try again. Even to my ears that sounded a little too whiny. "I only know what my cousin calls you."

Bright Eyes apologizes to me, which I really didn't expect considering I was the one who called him by a name he doesn't like, and goes back to the reason he was obviously waiting for me, which I already know and have agreed to thanks to Lucy. Maybe the name thing is for me while making him ask for no reason is his punishment. Though I have no idea what I've done to require a punishment... Maybe the 'not knowing his name after six years' part. 

I interrupt him, he doesn't like that, and I tell him what I know, although when I get to my own thoughts, to the boyfriend part, he kind of freaks out.

"I am not Lucy's boyfriend!"

I don't care that the rational part of me is very much aware that 'single' and 'gay' are two very different things and he may still be way in the other league, because the rest of me is doing backflips. With no girlfriend, especially when I know it's definitely not nor will ever be my cousin, judging from his reaction, I can dream. And dream I have.

What? I can't remember his name, it doesn't mean I haven't noticed.

I quickly explain why I thought what I did and all the rumors I've heard, trying to keep a straight face at seeing pretty much every emotion a person can have on his own. I don't think he even notices what he's doing, so I'm not going to point it out. Then he starts to speak and I fear he just wants to get away now, maybe to tell Lucy what's he's heard. I wouldn't be surprised if she already knew and I don't care what she says, I'm not talking to those girls again.

...I probably would.

"So, will you do it?"

My answer doesn't seem to be one he wants to hear. It's misunderstood, but I must admit, I do sound a little skeptical. It actually hurts a little when he tells me not to bother. I stop him from walking away and explain. "Are you sure?"

"I trust Lucy," he says like that explains everything. He's putting all down to trust. I want to scoff, tell him trust doesn't mean anything. It's too easily broken, but I don't. I can't. So I tell him what I told Lucy; I say yes. I say I'll be there after my run. And then I ask for his name... Which he denies me.

"You knocked me into a wall, called out a healfhearted sorry and continued running. I could have been really hurt for all you know, but you didn't stop."

My eyes widen, until they feel so far stretched it hurts a little. I stutter out an explanation, kinda; I can't tell him everything. "I am so, so sorry. I had to go," I stop. Man, that was a lame finish. He pokes me with his cane again. Ouch. I groan. Then he tells me that that's my punishment; to figure out his name. "That's it?" That doesn't sound too hard.

"Yep." He rolls his eyes at me; he obviously doesn't think it's too hard either.

"Can I at least have a clue?" He says no, tells me my punishment is for hurting his shoulder and that telling me would defeat the purpose. Yeah, more like ruin his game; he's having way too much fun with this, I can tell.

I watch him leave.

And I only glance at his ass for, like, a second... A very long second. A second that lasts until he gone.

I turn and continue my way back to Ravenclaw. My bed is still my destination and the kitchen is still my back-up plan, but I can go not feeling as down as I did before. Despite the punishment, something good will come from this.

I hope.

A/N: Finally posted the missing moments. Yay. You may remember chapter three of Enchanted... Also, you may remember Luka was mentioned at some point in the story; cookies (and maybe a chapter) for whoever remembers him (without looking :P). 

Thank you Jenny (starryskies55) for picking the title... And for waiting so patiently for me to post this... ;)

Got another two definite missing moments planned. Anything you wanna see, let me know. :)


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