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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 9 : The Family
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             Hermione and Draco had fallen asleep in Hermione’s room after some movies and serious snogging. Hermione woke up first and giggled softly at the small smile laid upon Draco’s face. She was tucked in by Draco’s arm and while it wouldn’t look like so, she was extremely comfortable. 3 months ago if someone was to tell her she would wake up in the same bed with Draco Malfoy, feeling fully content with her life, for the first time she would have sent them to Saint Mungo’s and admitted herself for protection. “Morning,” Draco mumbled, nuzzling into his girlfriends hair. Hermione smiled and kissed him softly before sitting up in the bed.

            “Hermione! We’re home,” the door upstairs was loudly shut and Hermione’s dad she could here was walking towards her room. Draco quickly jumped up and looked at Hermione nervously. Hermione pushed Draco into the bathroom just as her dad walked into her room.

            “Hello dear,” Dr. Granger said nodding at his daughter. “I still don’t understand why you like it down here, so dark.”

            “Hello father,” Hermione replied politely. “It’s dark because the light is off.” She flicked the switch on the wall to emphasize her point.

            “I see, well is your friend still here?” Hermione started to panic before she realized he was talking about Emily.

            “Yeah, she’s probably still sleeping. Well I’m going to get ready,” Hermione said trying to dismiss her father from the room. “Tell mother I said hi.”

            “Cancel your plans for today,” he said walking towards the door. “We’re going to your cousins. You can bring Emily if you want.”    

            “Okay, well do you mind if I bring another friend? Emily has a date today with her boyfriend,” she asked hopefully.

            “Fine, bring who you want and be ready by eleven.” He finally left the room and Hermione sighed in relief.

            “You can come out now,” Hermione yelled towards the bathroom door. Draco stepped out of the room and walked over to Hermione kissing her meaningfully on her lips.

            “You okay?” Draco asked to which she just nodded. “I’ll go out the door down here and be back at ten thirty, okay?”

            “Okay,” she smiled. “You’ll hate my family. They are stuck up and snooty and will annoy the shit out of you, for your information.”

            “Oh, I’ve had plenty experience with the snotty,” he laughed. He kissed her one more time before walking out the door with a wink.

            Hermione quickly showered and dressed. She put on a pretty sundress and some light makeup. After braiding her hair to the side she went to wake up Emily, “Emily! Wake up!” Emily fell off the bed with a screech when she heard Hermione yell.

            “What the hell Mia!” She yelled as she got off the floor.

            “Shh! My parents are home! Draco and I are going out with the family today, you were invited, but I decided you’ve been forced into my family events one too many times.”

            “Poor Draco, Darcy will probably try to attack the poor boy!” Emily laughed. Darcy was Hermione’s cousin, she was fake, superficial, and very rich. With dyed blonde hair, a fake tan, and the newest phones she was perfect for all the arrogant muggle boys around here. Darcy was also known to be a slut, but in the eyes of everyone’s parents she was perfect. She showed impeccable manners and grace around adults, always turning on the charm.

            “He’ll deal with it,” Hermione shrugged it off. Darcy was the muggle version of Pansy Parkinson so she knew Draco would likely freak out. “Well have a good day! Draco should be here soon and I don’t want him to have to deal with my parents alone.”

            “Once again, that poor boy,” Emily laughed as she walked into her bathroom.

            Hermione walked up the stairs to the kitchen where her mother and father were talking at the kitchen table with cups of coffee in their hands. “Hello mum,” Hermione said walking up to kiss her mother on the cheek. Before Hermione could plant the cheek on her mother’s cheek, Mrs. Granger held her hand up, “Make-up.”

            “Sorry mother,” Hermione sighed, walking towards the fridge and pulling out a bowl of fruits.

            “Now Hermione, I hope you’ve been acting well this summer.” Mrs. Granger said looking her daughter up and down.

            “Nothing out of the ordinary,” Hermione shrugged before sitting down at the table with her parents.

            “That’s lovely dear,” Robert said setting his mug in the sink. “When is your friend arriving?”

            “He should be here any time,” Mia looked at the time at the stove seeing it said 10:10 exactly.

            “He? Is this one of your school friends, what are their names, Roland and Barry?” Hermione shook her head at her father’s question.

            “Harry and Ron are their names, I’m not talking to them and my friend’s name is Draco,” Hermione said getting angry with her parents. After a few seconds of the family sitting there awkwardly the doorbell rang. “I’ll get that.” Hermione rushed out of the room to the door where Draco stood.

“Hello, beautiful.” Draco walked into the home giving her a light kiss. Hermione led him to the kitchen where her parents were, “Hello Mr. Granger, Mrs. Granger,” Draco said politely to the adults looking at him judging.

“Hello.” They returned bluntly, “Let’s get going.”

Hermione and Draco followed her parents outside, getting in the back of their car. The entire car ride was horribly awkward and Draco could tell Hermione was getting tense. He took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb. “We’re here,” she whispered to him as they pulled in a driveway in front of a huge house. “Beware of Darcy.” The two got out of the car and walked into the backyard where the family was all seated talking and laughing. The younger kids were in the pool or on the trampoline, the adults talking at a table away from the pool, and 2 teens sitting on lounge chairs by the pool.

“Hermy!” A shriek rang out from one of the teens by the pool, the girl got up and walked towards her followed by the other teen, “It’s been so long, who is this?” She motioned to Draco.

“Dracy, how nice to see you.” Hermione said faking joy, “This is Draco”

“Hello Draco, I’m Darcy, Hermione’s cousin. This is Amanda our other cousin,” Darcy said batting her eyelashes. “Why don’t you come sit with us?”

“Sure, that sounds nice.” Draco said, taking Hermione’s hand, slightly nervous of this girl. She reminded him of Pansy Parkinson.

“So Draco, Hermione, how do you guys know each other?” Darcy asked as she patted the seat next to her.

“We go to school together and we have some mutual friends here,” Hermione said taking a seat.

Darcy ignored the answer and grabbed Hermione’s wrist, “Hermy! Where did you get this it’s gorgeous!”

“Draco got it for me for my birthday,” Hermione pulled her hand away.

The rest of the day felt quite long for Hermione and Draco, Darcy trying to keep Draco’s attention the entire time. When they finally got into the car and started to drive both teens sighed in unison.

“She scares me,” Draco whispered to Hermione so her parents wouldn’t hear.

“Oh, I know." She laughed. 

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