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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 4 : Drinking in the Kitchens
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I’m trying something different here. I put this chappie in Oliver’s point of view. I don’t think enough stories do this so I did it. I’m such a rebel. Any way thank you so much for reading and giving me views. It makes me feel special. Soo here it is the somewhat belated chapter… Drinking in the Kitchens.

Oliver’s Point of View

I was glad she was sitting so far away from me. That way she wouldn’t see my hands which were balled into fists, my knuckles turning white at my finger nails cutting into my skin. She wouldn’t see that I was biting my tongue so hard it was drawing blood. I’m also glad she can’t hear thoughts because all she would hear is me counting to ten at least a million times to try and control my anger.

Of all the people she could have ran into (literally) it just had to be Roger Davies. I hate his guts. He is my least favorite person in the entire school. His quidditch team is just too damn good. Not as good as ours, the thought of any team being as good as ours is laughable, but his team still imposes a threat. I hate Flint too. Not as much as Davies though. Flint isn’t really worth my time because he’s just too stupid and really only thinks about girls. I can’t believe he actually winked at Clark with the four of us boys here.

Wait actually I can. He’s just stupid like that. And Fred and George, and especially Lee aren’t really that menacing. But he should be scared of me. I’m six foot four for Merlins sake! I’m huge and muscular and tower over everyone. I knew that even the Slytherins liked Clark but I didn’t know they would be this anxious to get her.

The four of us boys have seen this day coming for years. We all knew that sooner or later adorable, cute Cal would someday turn into beautiful, sexy, attractive, Cal with curves in all the right places. I just didn’t think it would come this soon. And she just had to go and run into another quidditch captain who wants to snog the living daylights out of her.

Callie will do absolutely no snogging this year. Not while I’m around. I can’t have my prized seeker distracted by boys, especially my two rivals who just happen to be quidditch captains. At least Cedric Diggory hasn’t pulled any moves on her yet. I don’t know if I can handle three enemies. “Wait, yes I can. I’m Oliver Wood I can handle anything.” I thought smirking to my self.

I just can’t get over the fact that she kissed him. Mind you it was only a kiss to the cheek but it still got on my nerves. I know she was doing that on purpose just to make me mad.

She likes to think that I have no say in what she does, but the truth is I have plenty to say in what she does. If she wants to do something it has to be approved by me first. Her brothers sent me an owl saying that I’m in charge of Callie.

Yes Fred, George, and Lee, are to look after her too but let’s face it. They’re not the most responsible of people, they’ll probably forget. I’m obviously the only candidate to make sure Clark doesn’t get herself shagged by some Slytherin. What! She’s really tiny and can put up a good fight but she’s no match for some of the creeps in seventh year and even our year that would do anything to get her. Including forcing to do things she doesn’t want to do.

I saved her life from getting trampled by first years she should be grateful I didn’t let her die, and that I touched her. (Some girls would die for that chance.)

I looked over at her. She was trying to dodge Katie who was trying to help heal her bleeding temple. Dumb, tough, stubborn, and loveable Callie only she would refuse care when she seriously needed it.

“It’s only a little cut to the head I’m fine.” She told Katie.

“Cal that’s not a cut to the head,” said Lee who was trying to restrain her.

“I said I’m fine.”

Katie huffed “No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“Oh for Merlins sake will you two stop bickering.” Angelina as she nonverbally healed her bleeding temple.

“I wasn’t bickering! I’m Katie Bell I don’t bicker.” Katie said.

“I was bickering. I’m Callie Clark I always bicker!” Callie yelled.

“Not with Roger Davies.” I mumbled.

“What did you say?” Callie yelled again.

“You and Davies were getting along pretty well.”

“Yes, so what if we were!” she said thrusting her chin out in that cute defiant way. Whoa! Back track Oliver. Did you just say cute? Yes, yes you did. Wood listen to yourself you’re sounding like one of her fanboys. You are her quidditch captain. You see her as nothing but a team mate, fellow Gryffindor and friend. Ok so maybe you also see her as a little sister, and you are her protective brother but other than that nothing. I didn’t even know I knew the meaning of cute.

“Wood. Wood! WOOD!! ARE YOU ALIVE?!?!” Callie was shouting in my ear. She was right next to me face, so close I could see the few feint freckles that dotted her nose.

“YES I AM ALIVE!!” I screamed right back.

“Good because were there.” She said eyeing me thoughtfully.

It’s about time. Angelina was right when she said this was the longest train ride ever. I felt like it has been days. I can only imagine what Cal must be feeling. Her brief run in with the door left her a bit drained and you could tell. She wasn’t as up beat and kept rubbing her temple which was now just slightly bruised.

She reached up above the compartment to try to get her bag but couldn’t reach. She was now jumping up and down making this adorable noise trying to get it. Whoa! I did it again, adorable, really Wood. Ugh this girl is making me insane.

Apparently jumping was not helping her condition because she had stopped and was panting. Every now and then she would stop to swear about her being so short.

“Here let me get it.” I said I a tone I didn’t recognize. It sounded something along the lines of gentle and caring. Who are you and where’s the real Oliver who could care less about helping other people out.

I reached up and got her bag easily with out even having to bend my arms. When I gave it to her she was eyeing me suspiciously. Just to prove to her I was still the proud, over confident Oliver Wood I smirked and said, “Here ya go, shortie.”

“You little-” she screamed before I clamped my hand over her mouth.

“Now, now we can’t have little Callie be a potty mouth.” I go just the reaction I was hoping for. She kicked me. Of course it hurt but it was bliss to see her so riled up. I love it when Clark gets irritated. It makes me feel good.

With a huff she stomped off the train with me at her tail laughing my head off and limping slightly.

Sadly, the others had all ready gotten their bags and grabbed a carriage with other people, which left only me and Clark with the last carriage. Unfortunately, the last carriage was not only filled with Slytherins but also contained Flint.

I looked over at Callie and she looked up at me her face unnaturally white. The new Wood, the guy who helped her get her bag, took over my body.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” I said with the same warm voice as I put my arm around her shoulders.

We climbed up on the carriage I could see out of the corner of my eyes that Callie found something very interesting about the shoe laces of her sneaker. I had my eyes scanning threateningly at the Slytherin boys who were all staring at her hungrily.

“How nice of you to join us Clark.” Flint said with a cunning sneer.

“Yup I guess.” Callie said as an attempt to keep things civilized. Regrettably, it failed.

“So I hear you and Davies hit things off.” He said getting up and moving to the other side of Callie. My arm tensed pulling her closer to me. She didn’t fight it.

“Ya, he was uh, nice to me, I guess. I uh 'ran' into him and he was polite enough to help me out.” She said trying not to glare at him.

Right now I would gladly take Roger over Flint. He kept on making quick glances at her chest and was not dong a good job of covering it up.

“I highly suggest staying away from Ravenclaws there not worth your pretty little time.” He said putting his hand a little too far up her thigh.

“GET YOUR BLOODY HAND OFF OF HER!!!” I roared literally grabbing Callie picking her up hoisting her over my lap and dropping her on the other side of me.

Callie looked up at me with pleading eyes. It was time to get off this carriage. I jumped off took hold of her hand whipped out my wand and yelled “Accio broom.” My Nimbus 2000 came zooming in from my trunk which was all ready in my bedroom. Before the Slytherins knew what was happening I grabbed Callie and we raced off on my broom.

We were up in the air, it felt nice to fly. It felt even nicer to be away from the pervy Callie hungry Slytherins. I looked down at Clark, who was sitting in front of me, my arms around her. She looked terrified, probably scared from having Flint touch her.

We landed right by the grand doors, just in time to see our traitor friends get off the carriage laughing at some joke Fred told.

“Just because I saved your life doesn’t make us cool by any means.” I said with a feint smile.

“Good, because I can still kick your sorry arse in quidditch.” She said with a sly smirk.

I ignored her comment because it was totally untrue. As we started making our way to the others Callie piped up.

“Hey Wood. I- um- well uh- er- th-thanks.” She said blushing a bit and averting her eyes.

“Hey.” I said nudging her shoulder with my elbow. “Anytime, what are f- fr- friends for.”
I had a little trouble saying friends. It was weird to think of Callie as anything but my team mate and the feisty little sister I never had. I never considered her my friend.

She laughed, “I guess for saving each other from blood thirsty Slytherins.”

Then she did the unexpected. She hugged me. She was so little and I was so big it was like she got lost in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tiny torso. It felt so right to hug her, like my huge body was suppose to surround her small body in this massive hug. Wow Wood, you sound like something out of your mom’s romance novel.

She let go all too soon, blushing so hard it could rival one of the Weasleys. She mumbled some sort of an apology and rushed away to the safety of her girl friends.

Luckily the feast went on without anything too exciting going on. Of course all the guys were staring at her, but that was expected. As soon as the feast was over the male population of Hogwarts started wandering over to Clark. The boys exchanged glances it was time to get back to Gryffindor tower.

“Well lovely feast, but after a long day of traveling us magical folk need our rest.” George said grabbing Katie and rushing out.

“Yup it is definitely time to go to bed *Yawn* see how tired I am.” Fred said seizing Angelina and making his way through the mass of boys who were getting nearer.

“Yup time for bed- oh crap Alicia hurry up they’re getting closer.” Lee said. He didn’t even have to grab her because she was all ready on her feet and out the door, Lee not far behind.

That just left me and Clark again. Why are we always stuck together? The boys were fast approaching I had to do something. I seized Callie and my broom and fought my way out of the great hall using nothing but my elbows and some awesome ninja moves, past the head boy Percy Weasley and to the common room after she mumbled the password.

“Wood seriously? Guess you just can’t get enough of me.” She said with a small smile playing her lips.

“Trust me Clark I’ve had all of you I want.” I said smirking.

“I’m gonna go up to the girls dorms and unpack. Hey um I was wondering. Would you be interested in going to the kitchens with us later tonight?"

Wow the kitchens. Clark must really be warming up to me. Clark, Lee, Fred and George, all gather down in the kitchens after kicking all the house elves out. Then the twins reveal large amounts of firewhiskey that they have mysteriously gotten and they drink all night getting a terrible hangover the next day only to be cured quickly by a hangover potion which they have brewed up in their basements over summer.

Usually its just Clark and the boys that go but for me to be invited is totally unexpected. It’s basically breaking tradition.

“Sure. I’d love too.”

“Great, meet us down by the portrait with all the fruit at nine.”

Two hours later

Who knew this school had so many portraits of fruit. I spent forever trying to find it. Finally out of nowhere Fred and George popped out and led me through some secret passage way to the actual portrait of fruit. When I got there Clark was smirking and making excuses about forgetting to tell me where the portrait was. Ha-ha very funny.

Well we went inside and the house elves were all ready banished to the other part of the kitchens poor guys. Lee was all ready downing a bottle of butterbeer.

“None of that now.” Said Fred.

“We have something better.” George said with a sly smile.

He pulled out firewhiskey and started pouring it in large glasses. We all stared at the glasses full of illegal liquor. After ten seconds the five of us grabbed greedily at the whiskey and started downing it like there was no tomorrow.

After ten minutes we were all hopelessly drunk and laughing hysterically.

“A’righ truth or dare Callie.” Fred said slurring his words.

“Dare!” Clark said giggling her head off.

“I dare you on yer date tomorrow ta have’a full make out sessssssion with Daviessss”

“Done, Wood *hiccup* truth or dare.”

“Truth” I said trying to keep from hiccupping myself.

“Pansy!” Clark yelled “Whatever. Uhh*hiccup*hhhh who was your first *hiccup* crush?”

“A girl I met in our first year of Hogwarts.”


“I only liked her for a little bit.”

“Go *hiccup* onnn.”

“And now were fr-friends, I guess.”

“Oh fer Merlins sake Wood jus tell us who she was.” Lee yelled.

I swallowed hard “Callie.”

Hey yall thanks for reading again. It means so much. So how did you guys like the chapter from Oliver’s point of view. And did I pull off my cliff hanger? I don’t really think so the chapter was just getting boring so I decided to end it on a some what suspenseful note. Anyway please review hugs and kisses to anyone who does. -Xanthe

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