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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥ by Stellee123
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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 Hey!!! I would like to apologise to my dear friend, Jinxy, for making her wait so terribly long for this upload. I have chapters 6 and 7 already drafted and in editing, so... yeah... they should be up quite soon. I was kind of disappointed that I only had one review for my last chapter. Hopefully it wasn't too horrible! If any of my readers are still here, I promise chapters WILL get better! 

Chapter 5 covers a few different days and settings. It skips between POVs and scenes. Please hold in there, they are crucially important... 

The song for chapter 5 is DREAM ON by AEROSMITH! Do I have any classic rock liking readers?! The song fits in towards the end of the story.


Finally, could I PLEASE get 3 reviews?! Atleast 3 would assure me that I still have readers that want more. (:




Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Anything you recognise is not mine.





Draco's 1st person POV:




"Madam Pomfrey?"








Bloody hell. 




"When will he wake up?"




Shut up!




"Soon, dear. Just be patient."




Oh my Merlin!




"Are you sure, he's awfully pale…"




"For the love of Mrs. Norris, Granger, I'm fine!" I yelled, sitting upright in bed. I glared at her as she stared at me in shock. Or, I think it was shock. It might have been an insane no-sleep-for-three-days relief look that only comes across your face once in a lifetime. I didn't know, but she looked horrible. As in sleep deprived horrible. 




"You're awake." she whispered, her eyes glued to mine. 




Obviously. Would I be talking? Would I be looking at you? No, glaring at you? Honestly. They call her the brightest witch of our age? Yeah, and I'm fit to be a Hufflepuff. 




Okay, so I wasn't in the best mood. 




"No!" I said sarcastically. 




Hermione's eyes narrowed. "Well at least we know the Slytherin Git didn't hit his head. He's not been brainwashed: the Draco I know and most definitely don't love." 




Ouch. Wait, what?! I was in shock for a second, but quickly pulled back my glare I had so well  mastered. 




"Can you blame me? I'm in the bloody hospital!" I said harshly, still glaring at her. I continued when she just stared. "Mind explaining why I am here anyway? I barely remember anything." 




Lie. Total lie. I remember everything, I just want her point of view on things. That's what is nice about being a Malfoy. You can easily lie. I don't usually, but it sure does come in handy sometimes. Kind of like now. 




Granger looked uncomfortable. I tried to hide my smirk and keep a straight face. 




"You uh, well, Ron punched you and knocked you out… I brought you back here. With the help of Viktor and Ginny, of course." she finished quickly. 




What had I been thinking? Defending her? I'm a Malfoy! And now I was here, in the Hospital Wing, because of the Weasel and the Mudblood. I sighed to myself, deep in thought. 




Granger looked at me weirdly. "You are definitely odd, Malfoy." she said. 




I rolled my eyes. "I am so deeply hurt and offended. My eyes are filling with tears, my breath is caught in my throat, my heart is shattered and can never be mended. Nothing you say can fix what hatred I am feeling now." I said dramatically. 




She rolled her eyes and stood up. "I'm going now. See you." she said, walking out. I watched her go, more confused than ever. 










Hermione's third person POV:






Hermione walked away from the Hospital Wing, slightly annoyed. Why did Malfoy always have to be so bloody rude? 




As she walked with her mind hard at work, she didn't notice she had bumped into someone. Looking up, Hermione realised it was Ron. Without bothering to say sorry, she made to walk past him. Ron grabbed her arm, pulling her back gently. 




"Hermione, I am really sorry. I was just jealous, I truly am sorry." he tried desperately but Hermione yanked her arm away. 




"Save it, Ron. You're such an arse!" she hissed, stalking away. 




Neither of them noticed Draco watching from the end of the corridor. 







A day later, Hermione visited Draco to deliver some homework, as Professor McGonagall had requested. Right when she was about to leave the wing, Draco spoke, making her stop and turn around.  




"I want a truce." he said, staring into her eyes. 




Hermione was unbelievably shocked. He wanted a what?! It took a bit for what he had said to register. 




"Er, okay. I guess, Mal- Draco." she said, not sure if they were still on a last-name basis or not. 




"Draco nodded. "Right then. See you, Grang- Hermione." he said. 




Hermione left without more than a simple 'goodbye.'









Hermione and Ginny sat by the fire finishing Care of Magical Creatures homework later that night. 




Ginny sighed, looking up. "What are you supposed to feed Flobberworms?" she asked, tired of the homework she had been doing all night.




"Sorry, Gin. I can't tell you. You have to do the homework on your own." Hermione replied simply, not taking her eyes off her potions essay as her quill scratched neatly across the parchment. 




"Aw, 'Mione, you're no fun!" Ginny said, but they both knew she was just joking. 




Hermione shrugged. "You have a book, Gin. Open it and find the answer." she said. 




Ginny sighed, exasperated. "Fine.  I'll just go ask Harry." she mumbled, getting up and talking out of the portrait hole. 







Three hours later, Ginny had not returned and Hermione was starting to get mildly worried. She was putting away her finished essay when their was an excited scream and an extremely  happy looking Ginny burst into the room, running straight at Hermione. 




"Upstairs, now." Ginny said, almost bursting with joy. 




Curiously, Hermione followed Ginny as the latter yanked her upstairs to the 5th year girls dorm. The two sat on Ginny's bed, who was bouncing slightly, a huge idiotic grin plastered across her face. 




"Guess what?!" Ginny squealed. 




"What?!" Hermione asked, smiling widely herself. 




Ginny looked fit to explode. "HARRY KISSED ME!" She screamed, happy tears filling her eyes. Hermione nearly fell backwards as her best female friend flung herself into Hermione's arms. 




"Wow, Gin, that's great! Tell me everything!" Hermione said, truthfully happy and wanting to know how the two came together over something so simple -and gross- as what does a Flobberworms eat. Hermione doubted Ginny had even gotten her answer. It was surely long forgotten. 




Ginny took a deep breath, plunging into her story. "Well, I found him at the library in one of those secluded areas doing his homework. I sat down across from him and we started talking. Turns out we have so much in common we didn't know about each other, even though he practically lives with my family and me. Anyway, I told him my favourite colour was light blue and he was staring into my eyes as I said it. He told me in a soft voice that 'your eyes are light blue and very beautiful, honestly.' and of course, I was blushing madly which only made him compliment me more. We were so close and I could almost feel his heart beating faster than healthy in his chest, and I am sure he could feel mine having a spaz attack. Well, I started to thank him for all of the compliments but he cut me off and kissed me. It was truly wonderful, 'Mione. It seemed like hours or days before we broke apart and then we were both grinning like idiots," 'like now,' Hermione thought, "and I asked him if that meant we were together then and he said yes!" Ginny shook Hermione's shoulders. "Can you believe it,  Hermione?! I am so happy!" Ginny said. 




Hermione grinned. "I haven't noticed." she said sarcastically. 




But Hermione couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. She knew it was wrong and stupid of her, but Ginny had such a perfect life. She had an amazing boyfriend, who didn't slap her and not take her opinion into consideration; no annoying enemies like Draco Malfoy; and tons of boys that were literally throwing themselves at her, but she had eyes for only one person, Harry. 




It made Hermione yearn for someone that could give her a perfect relationship and lots more happiness. Ron was definitely not doing this, and showed no signs of starting to any time soon. 




Hermione mentally slapped herself. Ginny was her best friend, she couldn't think badly about her! Hermione tried to shake away the jealous feelings, but they remained. Thankfully Ginny brought Hermione back to the present, oblivious to the battle in Hermione's head. 




"Well, I think I am going to sleep now," Ginny said, stifling a yawn and falling back on her bed. "night, Hermione…" she trailed off, clearly worn out and already sleeping peacefully. 




Hermione smiled slightly, slipping out of the dorm with a sigh. She walked down to the common room, seeing it deserted except for a few Second Years talking quietly in the corner near the fire. Hermione walked slowly out the portrait hole and towards the Heads' Dorm, tired and worn out herself upon reaching it. She lazily walked in, avoiding all else and making a bee-line to her bedroom. 




Hermione changed slowly into her pyjamas and took her hair out of the hair tie it was in. Then she climbed gratefully under the covers of her bed and shut her eyes, darkness washing over, the only light coming from the moon outside her window. 




Hermione slipped into an uneasy and delicate sleep. Luckily, for the first time in a while, it was pleasantly dreamless. 



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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥: Chapter 5


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