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Complications of a Teenage Pregnancy by minniemouse1097
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Shit. Shit. Shit.

This cannot be happening. How could this have happened? I must have cast the spell wrong. Okay. I'll try again.

'Graviditate.' And there it was again, the glowing green light floating straight from my wand to my belly.

I'm pregnant. I'm sixteen, not even halfway through my sixth year and I'm pregnant. How could I have been so stupid to not even check if he wore a condom. I just assumed he would because Josh isn't stupid, he's in Ravenclaw for christ's sake! Josh Woodward is my boyfriend, we've been going out for five months. And last month we did it for the first time. At a party in Hufflepuff tower. Drunk. Yeah, I guess it isn't surprising that I have now ended up pregnant.

What will my friends think? We always said that nothing could ever break us all up, our little group is just me, Albus, Rose, Lorcan and Lysander, we've all been close since first year when we all got locked in the luggage compartment on the Hogwarts Express by a group of seventh year Slytherins. What if this ruins our friendship?

I'll be laughed at. Called a slut. Can hear the gossip already, 'oh look it's that Ashley Finnigan, daughter of famous Quidditch player, Seamus. She has a dead mum and now a baby.' As dad needed more press invading his privacy.

'Ashley?' I hear Rose shout from our dormitory.

'In here,' I croak. Her footsteps get louder as they approach the bathroom and when Rose opens the door, she sees me curled up on the floor, eyes all red and blotchy with make up run all down my face.

'Oh Ash, whats happened?' She asks as she sits beside me and puts a consoling arm over my shoulders. I can't seem to find my voice and just burst into tears in her arms. 'Sh, its okay, whatever it is, it'll be fine'

'But it's not fine! I'm pregnant!' I wail through my tears 'I don't know why I was so stupid, I just assumed he wore protection, I should have checked, it's all my fault!'

'Honey, if it's anybody's fault, it's Josh's, don't beat yourself up about it. Are you going to tell him?'

'I'm going to have to aren't I!' I can't seem to stop the tears flooding from my eyes, 'I can't have a baby, I'm sixteen! I've got NEWTs to pass! I can't pass them if I have a baby! My dad will kill me! Everyone will think I'm a slut. Everyone will leave me! But I can't just kill it. It is still a person, a baby. I don't know what to do Rose!'

'Sh, it's okay. You'll have me, I won't ever leave you. No matter what you decide I'll stand beside you and hold your hand. I'm pretty sure Albus would do the same.' I look up at her, a question in my eyes as to why she'd bring Albus up.

'How do you know that?'

'Er, because you and Albus are best friends, you two are closer than anybody I know. He won't leave you.'

'I guess so. Thank you Rose, I'm glad I have you.' We stay sat on the floor for half an hour, Rose just holds me as I cry and let it all out. When I begin to feel calmer, I stand up and remove all the make up off my face.

'So what about Josh? When are you going to tell him?'

'He has a right to know soon as possible I guess. He said he was tutoring in the library tonight, I'll go and talk to him.'

'It'll be fine, Ash, I promise' I hug my best friend and say goodbye and I leave the Gryffindor tower in the direction of the library to find my boyfriend. I don't feel as alone now I know Rose will stand by me. I feel like she has given me enough Gryffindor courage to tell Josh.

When I reach the library, I look through the rows of books and tables and can't seem to find Josh anywhere. I decide to ask the Librarian, Madame Pince, if she has seen him.

'Oh yes dear, I gave him and Miss Parkinson permission to visit the restricted section to look up a book on unforgivable curses.' She responds kindly, I've always liked Madame Pince, she may be strict if you disrespect her beloved books, but if you're nice to her enough, she'll let you get away with anything. I thank her and head towards the restricted section, getting more nervous with every step.

'Josh?' I call as I wander around the shelves, I hear a giggle towards the far corner so I follow the sound until I reached a table sat in between two shelves, tears prickle my eyes as I have just found my boyfriend, pants around his ankles, lying on top of some slut with her shirt unbuttoned and skirt on the floor. I sob escapes from my throat and Josh jumps at the sound covers himself and looks at me, eyes wide in shock.

'Ashley, it's not wh-'

But I didn't hear the end of his sentence as I ran as fast as I could with no place in mind but to get as far away from him as possible. I managed to get to the second floor before I collided with somebody. Their arms instinctively went around my waist to hold me up. I looked up too see Albus staring down at my with concern in his eyes. I put my head on his chest as my arms reached around his neck and started crying.

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