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Fire and Ice by Fiery Ginny
Chapter 4 : Secrets
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Join her? Ginny was dumbstruck, and not just because of his eyes (oh those eyes!). “You aren’t serious, are you?”

“Dead serious. I need to work on it as well, and you could help me, since you seemed so adept at summoning charms.” Draco said with a smirk.

“Well, I was just going to go grab a book from the library and then head back to the common room, so I suppose there is no harm in that.” Ginny was still a little shell-shocked as she turned away from those diamond eyes, and headed back towards the castle. She didn’t look to see if he was following her; instead she focused on her feet as she walked up the stone steps, through the front doors, and crossed the Great Hall. She felt more than heard Draco’s presence, as she turned left and headed towards the library, with its hundreds of thousands of books.

As soon as she entered, she felt a calm wash over her, the same kind of calm that flying gave her. She sighed with relief, but then remembered that there was probably someone behind her, and turned to see that Draco had indeed followed her. She sighed again, but this time with annoyance. She quickly found the book she needed (Charms that Charm), and again led the way down the stairs to the dungeons.

When she reached the wall where the common room was, she began fumbling around trying to get her wand out of her pocket. Draco, however, beat her to it, and slid his wand in the crack of the stones, and said, “Parseltongue” before Ginny could even locate her wand. He looked at her with his infamous smirk, and allowed her to pass through the archway before him. The common room was full, and Draco, who had walked in close behind her, whispered in her ear, “let’s go to my room, shall we?”

 The feeling of his breath on her neck sent shivers down her spine, and his proximity was electric, almost as if the space between them was supercharged with some unknown magic. It was the same feeling that her wand usually gave her, so she felt safe, and of course said yes. They proceeded up the stone, spiral staircase that led to Draco’s room. They climbed up the stairs, and finally reached a landing with one door. Draco whispered something to the door, and it sprang open. Ginny was shocked he had a password on his door, but I guess money can buy you anything. He stood aside to let Ginny enter first, and as she stepped over the threshold, she smiled.

She saw the same stone-framed bed, but Draco’s was much larger than hers and with a giant green comforter with the word Slytherin sewn into it with large silver thread and a large silver serpent in the middle. She noticed that he had more pillows than most girls, with four queen sized pillows, two in green and two in silver and several throw pillows strewn across the bed haphazardly. She then saw his Nimbus 2001 leaning against his trunk, which lay open at the foot of his bed. She stared in envy at the fantastic broom, and wondered idly if he might let her have a go on it. It had been forever since she had flown. The large mahogany wardrobe had one door slightly ajar, and, directly next to the bed, she saw a perch on which Pharoh sat.

Draco gestured her to sit down, so she placed her bag and book onto the bed, right on top of the huge snake, and sat down on the edge. Pharoh joined her immediately, and, Draco snickering, she automatically reached out a hand to pet him. She looked at Draco and glared at him for laughing at her, and then decided to ignore him and his eyes, which were now dancing with laughter. With her other hand, she reached into her bag and grabbed her black ink and favorite quill, and a piece of parchment. She then gently moved Pharoh off to the side of her lap, grabbed her Charms book and began flipping through the pages, using her wand to search for the spell she was looking for.

** * ** * *

Draco couldn’t believe his luck. Ginny was actually sitting on his bed, in his bedroom, that he shared with no one and was password protected. He was still shocked at how brave she was, to trust him alone, in a room, where no one else could get in. Of course, her being a Gryffindor, she might have just not thought that part through. He sat down on his personal armchair and watched her work. Some of her hair was coming out of her messy ponytail, and he had the sudden urge to walk up to her and brush the hair out of her—she had at that moment done exactly what he had wanted to do. He needed to stop trying to find excuses to touch her…It wasn’t healthy. He of course would never admit to wanting to touch her, because he couldn’t explain his feelings even to himself.

He listened to her scrawl her essay intently, knowing that she was only doing this so she wouldn’t have to tell him her secret. Well, they had a full year ahead of them, and he would get it out of her eventually. He was already planning when he would next see her, and how he would be able to see her more often. He thought of giving her his password, and the thrill of her being able to come in and see him anytime she wished overcame him so quickly, he had to stop himself from pouncing on her right then. To busy his hands, he too took out ink (emerald, not black) and his best quill and parchment. He wrote something down quickly, folded it up, put it in his robe pocket and picked up a fresh sheet of parchment. He began writing the beautiful red-head a note that he knew she wouldn’t see for a long-time.

** *** ***

It was time for their afternoon classes, so they left Draco’s room and headed outside, down to Hagrid’s hut. Professor Grubbly-Plank was there, and she was standing beside a paddock when all the 6th and 7th years had arrived. When they got close enough to see, Ginny saw the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. So pure white it would have made snow look dark grey, she was looking at a full-grown unicorn, tethered to a pole inside the paddock. There were also two small foals in the paddock as well. These were golden, and were just as beautiful.

Draco wasn’t watching the unicorns however; he had already had this lesson a few years prior. All he noticed was Ginny’s expression of great awe. She looked as though she had never seen anything more beautiful. But Hell that couldn’t be. She had to look in the mirror at some point right? He tried to shake himself of these feelings, because he knew (or thought he knew) that they were just feelings of gratitude towards her trusting him and helping him. However, because he was staring at her, the wind chose that moment to release the rest of her wildly curly hair from her messy ponytail. Of course, that’s when he noticed the gold highlights mixed in with the red. The sun must have brought them out, and he had to admit, the sight of her made him squirm, and not in the way it should have. He paid little attention to the lecture and focused more on the red-haired witch in front of him. He watched her, picking up on her mannerisms; like how she stuck her wand behind her ear (he would have to ask her about that one), and how she twirled her hair around her finger when she was deep in thought (oh how he wished he knew what she was thinking).

As Draco daydreamed about the thoughts that Ginny might be having, class ended, and it was time to head to the greenhouses. He walked swiftly to catch up to Ginny, and bumped into her as he passed. She shot him a glare that quickly faded when he sent a playful smirk her way. Herbology passed much the same way Care of Magical Creatures had, with Draco paying little attention to the actual class, and watching Ginny as close as possible. This was probably a bad idea, as they were trying to pick some leaves off a poisonous tentacula, and it kept trying to bite Draco. After Herbology, Draco wasn’t very hungry (the antidote tended to make you lose your appetite), so instead of going to the Great Hall for dinner with everyone else, he went back to his room. He sat down to do his Charms essay, and had finished his Magical Creatures journal entry on the uses unicorns offer the magical world and how they have stayed hidden, and was halfway done with his essay on venomous tentacula leaves when he looked at the clock. It was past 2 in the morning, and he had double potions first thing, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Ancient runes after lunch, followed by Astronomy at midnight that night. He decided to call it a night and went to bed, trying and failing to not dream about a certain red-head that he couldn’t seem to escape.


Ginny had noticed that after classes, Draco had not gone to the Great Hall with his buddies. He seemed to have not paid attention during Herbology, because he got bit by the tentacula more than anyone else in the class. The class had been rather interesting however; she had learned a lot about tentacula leaves, and why they are so rare and also so important. She decided that he was just being his normal arrogant self and probably deserved being bitten. She brushed aside the wave of guilt she felt for thinking that, and began eating her chicken.

After dinner, Ginny and Luna went up to their room, (after Ginny stealthily looked around the common room for a particular blonde), and began working on their homework. Luna had had a rough day, since some good for nothing Slytherins had tried to steal her book bag, and one of them even managed to take her wand from her. Ginny of course then put her best yet bat-bogey hex on them and they promptly left Luna alone. However, Luna decided she best get to bed, and Ginny agreed. Ginny made her lantern as dim as possible, as Luna pulled the hangings on her bed closed. Ginny threw her wand on the bed, and began working.

When she had just finished her homework, she looked at the clock beside her bed. It was a little after one in the morning. She stifled a yawn and stretched, and decided to change into her pajamas. As she took off her robe, however, she heard a crinkle of paper. Ginny was confused, as she never left paper in her robes. She quickly pulled out the folded piece of parchment and opened it. It was in a fancy scrawl that Ginny recognized, in the same emerald green ink.  All he had written was,

“Fire and Ice.”

She shrugged, put it on the bed, and changed into her sleep clothes. However, before she crawled into bed, she picked up the paper, and looked at it again. Ginny quickly extinguished the lantern and whispered, “Lumos.”  Her wand tip lit up, though it was lying on the bed a few inches away from her. She smiled at the hidden powers of her wand. She crawled into bed, and the crinkle of paper got her attention again, and she began staring at the small piece of parchment, thinking about what it could mean.

She didn’t know what to make of it, and laid awake thinking it over. She didn’t know what kind of mysteries this new Draco would hold, and she was too excited and puzzled to sleep. Eventually, around 3 in the morning, she came to the conclusion that it was either his password (which she wouldn’t use anytime soon) or it was somehow the two of them, her fire, him ice, and how when the two meet, it’s only total chaos. With that in mind, her wand grew dark and she fell into a fitful, apparently dreamless sleep. She did in fact dream, however. She was flying again, forever seeking that which she could not see, that which she could only feel.

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are doing well! Please review and let me know what you think so far! I hope this is all to your liking! <3


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