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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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AN: Please don’t throw tomatoes at the author when you’ve finished the chapter and don’t hate me, it had to happen! This is a chapter full of drama and there will also be a time jump now that Hermione has better control of her Veela since it has been a couple months since her transformation. Now I know ya’ll will be mad at me but you’re going to have to trust me on this one!

 Real quick, there is a quick pov section. I don’t normally do POV writing because it’s just difficult for me though I have done it, but one certain area it was the only way I found to make it work so there you are. The rest will not be POV!



Draco and Hermione had decided that if they were going to try getting to know each other’s friends they might as well go ahead and get the whole group together and try to mend fences so to speak. So Saturday evening found Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny sitting in the family room of Grimmauld Place awaiting the arrival of Draco, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, and Gregory Goyle.

“I can’t believe I am wasting a Saturday night making nice with 3 snakes and a ferret!” Grumbled Ron.

Hermione sighed, “You aren’t wasting tonight you are being my friend by treating my mate’s friends with respect and trying to build a bridge of friendship!”

“Just don’t be surprised when I say ‘told you so’.” He persisted.

Hermione’s reply was interrupted by the green light in the floo, the company was arriving. With one last look of warning to Ron and Harry Hermione made her way to the fireplace to greet Draco with a smile.

Draco came through the floo first and greeted Hermione with a hug and a quick kiss and then waited as one by one his friends arrived. He hadn’t told them the story yet so when everyone was seated he and Hermione began explaining.

“So Draco and I wanted to gather our best friends together to share our news and maybe merge our two groups into one group of friends. Blaise, Pansy, and Greg I would just like to say that the past is the past and I sincerely hope that we can become friends.” Hermione said smiling at all of their confused faces.

“So for those of you who don’t know Hermione here is a Veela which is why she looks so different from when you last saw her. As it turns out I happen to be her mate. I have accepted being her mate although the silly woman refuses my acceptance until we date a while so that I can make an informed decision. So with all that said there will be all sorts of things that pop up in life where this group will be together and we would like for it to become a happy cohesive group of friends.” Draco finished.

Ginny cleared her throat, “Harry and I were talking when Draco and Hermione asked if we could make this a gathering of all their best friends. We thought that maybe the best way for this to succeed is to have a friendly game night at least once a month and babysitting later on when kids enter the picture won’t be a problem as Kreature is more than happy to babysit.”

“That’s a wonderful idea and I have a house elf who would love to come along and help as well. Dipsy loves all things children!” Draco offered.

With all that settled the group split into partners and sat around two tables after the rules were explained a Euchre tournament ensued. As the Fire Whiskey flowed everyone loosened up and by the final showdown between Draco/Hermione, and Ron/Blaise everyone was laughing as they listened to the trash talk being thrown around.

After a particularly lame your mama joke at Draco he countered Ron with, “Your mama’s so fat that the Sorting Hat put her in all four houses!” Making Ron turn bright red as everyone laughed. (*psst! I can’t take credit for the joke, I read it online and thought it was cute!)



Hermione POV

Once Draco and Hermione won the tournament everyone just sat around talking and laughing together and telling Hogwarts stories. Hermione noticed after a while that both Draco and Blaise were nowhere to be seen and got up to go look for her mate. As she approached the kitchen she heard voices through the door to the right which led to a bathroom. Raising her eyebrows when she heard Blaise say her name she leaned in to listen through the door.

“Draco mate she’s great and all, but I mean you and Granger? What’s up with that man? I just never saw that one coming.” Blaise said making Hermione frown.

“Mate, I need you to trust me on this one. Just get to know her and I think you will enjoy spending time with her too.” Draco tried saying.

“How much of this is because you owe her a gazillion life debts Draco?” Blaise asked because he knew the importance of a situation like that.

“It plays a part certainly…”

Hermione’s heart shattered right there. She turned away and proceeded through the kitchen door to floo home. She asked Kreature to express her apologies for leaving unexpectedly and then went home and locked her floo up because she didn’t want to be with anyone which is why she went to her own flat instead of the Burrow.


Draco POV

“How much of this is because you owe her a gazillion life debts Draco?” Blaise asked because he knew the importance of a situation like that. Draco just looked at him like he was an idiot.

“It plays a part certainly…” Draco tried to explain, “But Hermione is one of the most amazing witches I’ve ever been lucky to know let alone that I think I might even love her. She’s gorgeous and always has been after her teeth were fixed, she’s wicked smart, and deadly lethal with a wand. What in there is unlovable?” Draco finished.

“Just trying to have your back man, I’m happy if you’re happy.” Blaise said clapping his best friend on the back. “Now let’s get back out there before she realizes she could do so much better!” He said laughing and took off running.

Draco laughed and followed his friend back to the drawing room but was surprised when he got there that Hermione was gone. Ginny said she went to find Draco but since Ginny had to go talk with Kreature about something anyway she would check on Hermione on her way. Draco sat down but couldn’t quite get past the feeling that something bad was happening and he didn’t like it at all.




“Open up this door Hermione Granger or I will blast my way in!” Ginny Weasley said. “You have hidden away long enough and we have wedding plans to work on!”

“Go away! I don’t want to talk.” Hermione hollered back in no mood to talk or help with Ginny’s wedding plans.

Hermione heard the tell-tale signs of spells being used on her front door and sighed then got up to let her stubborn as a mule best girlfriend in her home.

“Gin, I’m not in the mood.” Hermione said bluntly.

Hermione had been steadily getting sicker and sicker in the three months since the game night that ruined the budding romance between her and Draco. She refused to talk to or about him; she would not even tell anyone what had happened that ended things not even Draco knew.

In three months’ time she had become skeletal from lack of nutrition. She barely tried to eat and when she did she vomited most of her food up. She spent more and more time asleep to the point that she was asleep more than awake. Her complexion was pale but also splotchy where you could see evidence of her crying.

On top of the illness she didn’t talk to anybody anymore. Not just that she wouldn’t say what happened with Draco she pretty much quit talking altogether and that’s when you could even get her to answer the door. And Ginny Weasley soon to be Potter had had enough. She wasn’t going to just sit back and watch her best friend slowly die because she didn’t have her mate.

“This has gone on long enough ‘Mione and I’ve had it. You’re being ridiculous! Whatever happened with you and Draco hiding isn’t the answer. You won’t even talk to him!” Ginny yelled at Hermione who flinched at her mate’s name.

She also snapped however! “Ridiculous? I’m being ridiculous you say! He was only with me because of the life debt Ginny! I heard him say it to Blaise at your house that night! It’s not the nature of a Veela to allow her mate to suffer and I can’t let him be with me because he feels like he owes me Ginny. Who wants that even if you aren’t a Veela?” Hermione said and then ran for the bathroom as the emotions made her sick again. When she came back she curled into her pillows and blankets on her cozy comfy couch.

“There has to be a way ‘Mione, I refuse to accept that you are going to die because you won’t mark him and become full mates!” Ginny said angry and desperate.

“Ginny look, I’m really too sick and too tired to continue with this conversation. I’m sorry but we’ll have to do wedding plans another time. It might be a good idea for me to step down from being maid of honor, let Luna or Fleur do that for you. I just don’t think I can do it. I’m sorry.” Hermione said tiredly already falling asleep while Gin looked on worriedly.

Ginny Weasley however was pissed and Draco Malfoy was about to find out what happens when you land on her shit list!




Author hangs head to dodge them tomaters! Like I said, don’t hate me! But do leave reviews and maybe you will find out what that shit list is all about quicker! Laughs evilly! I am a Slytherin after all; I have a rep to uphold! Lol.

Oh and BTW, in case anyone is confused, Ginny and Harry are living together at Grimmauld Place while planning their wedding.


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