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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath. by patronusflight14
Chapter 4 : Changes of plan and an interesting surprise
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This chapter puts in a new character, Jen.. I'd love to hear what you guys think and believe me, i could use the advice! I wanted to update earlier but i had this great idea and i started another story simultaneously! check it out on my authors page and please please review! i would like a good banner for my story so if anyone who's reading this can help me out, im all ears! Enjoy:


The parchment glowed briefly before bursting into millions of little confetti bits. Ginny looked at Ron in disgust. “Wow Ron, we learnt that spell in third year and you still haven’t gotten it right.” “No, No!” cried Hermione. “All ministry documents are spell proof! I was trying to tell you, Ron, but just went ahead and blasted it! Now what are we going to do?” “Well, one thing’s for sure!” said Ginny brightly, as she was leaving the room. “I’m not telling mum!” Seeing the looks he got from Harry and Hermione, Ron frowned and muttered, “Ok fine, I’ll do it,” grumpily.

Mrs. Weasley was furious when she found out what they had done, but did not say anything, merely directing them to Mr. Weasley, who had decided to arrange for them to leave via Muggle transport. “Sorry mum! But please, please don’t send us by those flying Muggle contraptions!” pleaded Ron, but Mrs. Weasley was firm. “You children need to be taught not to interfere with our plans!” she huffed. “Hermione dear, can you please go find out what Arthur is doing? I think he’s trying to book your tickets with some long distance spell that accesses the Muggle airport or something like that….. That was actually his first choice, but I insisted on the Portkey. Seems like I have no meaning in this house anymore!” she said, walking to the kitchen, Ginny and Ron tagging behind her, apologetically.

Outside, in the garden, Mr. Weasley was standing on a rock, and had pointed his wand skywards, muttering an incantation under his breath. Hermione whispered to Harry, “Let’s ask him about long-distance spells once he’s done, ok? I’ve picked up a few books on them too, to take with us on the trip, but firsthand explanation is always preferable. And anyway, wouldn’t knowledge of this stuff benefit us as Aurors? Harry smiled ruefully. Five years since Hogwarts and Hermione still insisted on knowing everything, in a good way of course.

Mr. Weasley stopped muttering and looked down at them from his post on the rock. “Ah, all done. You children will take a train from King’s Cross Station to the Muggle airport in London. From there you’ll catch a flight to S,” he stopped just in time to maintain the suspense. “I’ve arranged for someone to help you out when you reach. I would’ve loved to come with you and see all the Muggle contraptions, but Molly…… she won’t let me,” Mr. Weasley sorrowfully.

Ron and Ginny looked at him hopefully, not even hearing the second part of his speech. “Where are we going to catch a plane to, Dad? Please could you tell us??? Please?” Ginny said, batting her eyelashes at her father. “Right, and that is soooo going to work,” muttered Ron, under his breath. Mr. Weasley, however, looked flustered, “Well… It’s someplace tropical that starts with an ‘S’…. Don’t tell Molly I’ve told you even this much or she’ll kill me!” he hurriedly whispered, as Mrs. Weasley walked out to the garden to feed the chickens.

Finally, the time had come. The four of them rolled their ‘boot-cases’ up the airport ramp, Ron and Ginny somewhat awkwardly, with an enthusiastic Mr. Weasley leading the way. The train ride had been quite uneventful, unless you counted the many Muggles staring at the excited Mr. Weasley the entire time. After a lot of pleading, Mrs. Weasley had agreed to let him accompany them until the airport, but he would not be allowed inside, as he did not have a flight ticket


A young Muggle woman walked up to them. “You must be the Weasleys and the Potters. My name is Jennifer and I’ll be your attendant today! First let get your bags checked in, then we’ll go through security. You guys are just on time!” she said perkily. From the look on Mr. Weasley’s face, he was no doubt going to let loose a flood of questions. Realizing this, Ron said a quick goodbye and told him that he should be leaving soon or he would miss his train home. “Be safe!” cried Mr. Weasley, as he was leaving. “And of course, enjoy your honeymoon! Owl us if you need anything!” Harry looked over to see what their attendant had made of the queer conversation, but apparently she had not heard anything out of the ordinary.

The perky woman smiled at them. She was pretty, in fairylike way, with her short stature, long dark hair and dazzling blue eyes. She had a shy smile, which was directed at….. Harry? “You guys can call me Jen,” she said kindly.

Ginny protectively put her hand on Harry’s arm, and gave Jen a subtle smile, which appeared to be sweet, but conveyed, “If you even look at him I will set my cat on you!” Ginny’s cat Crookshanks (II) was quite fierce, even fiercer than Hermione’s former cat Crookshanks (I) and was known for attacking those whom she did not like. Harry mentally rolled his eyes and reassuringly put his arm around her. Ginny would always be his sweetheart and she knew it, but whenever another good-looking woman came within a one meter radius, she would panic. Now, she leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked down the hallway to the check-in counter.

Airplanes were still considered ‘modern’ even though they had been introduced to vacationers a long time back. It was the first time any of them had ever travelled this way, even Hermione and Harry. Hermione recognized some basic things from Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, and pointed them out. She soon stopped, seeing that the others’ cluelessness was instigating suspicion.


When they had reached the security terminal, Jen began emptying her pockets into a plastic bin. Harry was amazed to see five packets of mint, a box of bubblegum, two quills, some rolled up parchment, a handful of Muggle money, and a silver stopwatch all come out of her pant pockets. Had she not been a Muggle, Harry would have believed that she had used an extension charm, like the one on Hermione’s beaded bag, which she was now carrying.

But what she said next was even more astonishing. “It’s safer to keep your wands inside your bags instead of your pockets, I’m sure they should fit in that,” she said, gesturing to Hermione’s tiny bag.” Seeing their surprised expressions, she said, “Oh! Didn’t I tell you? We’re going on the same flight!” she exclaimed, putting a black rucksack onto the conveyor belt. “Come on already, give me your bags and don’t stare at me like that, its awkward”

“You….you….you’re not a Muggle?” stammered Ron. “Dad said you were…………”  “A helper and a friend” put in Jen. “And what on Earth is a ‘Muggle’? I do know quite a bit about you people…. By the way, what’s it like? Being able to fly on broomsticks and do spells and stuff? Sounds pretty darn amazing to me!” “But… but….. How?” spluttered Hermione. Harry and Ron, who were already quite shocked, looked to Hermione in surprise. “’Mione? Even you can’t figure this out?” cried Ron in disbelief. How could it be possible that even the smartest of them all did not have an idea of what was going on?

Seeing the many suspicious looks directed towards them, Jen hurriedly took their bags and put them onto the belt. “I’ll explain it all once we board the plane. For now, Let’s go.”


I've had this chapter in my mind for quite some time now...lots of excitement coming up in the next chapter, i guarantee that. check out my other story, its called The Diary Of Me. And please, please review!!


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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath.: Changes of plan and an interesting surprise


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