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Run by luvdobby26
Chapter 1 : Green Light
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A/N This was written for Shortie's Moment of Death challenge, and I was a bit rushed to get it in when I realised I would be away next week and I had only just started writing it. :/ But hey ho! I'm not very happy with it but I hope you enjoy it all the same :)

I heard the screams, the bangs, the cries of pain, yet I did not see a thing. Fear blinded me, as well as the darkness slowly spreading over the castle as the night began.

I could not shake the image of my beautiful son’s face as I left. I did not tell mother, she would have tried to stop me, but I needed to fight by my husband’s side. At least Teddy would be safe.

Remus was nowhere to be seen when I got there. I had searched, screamed his name, but there was no answer. He did not come running, did not hold me in his arms telling me everything would be ok.

I asked around, panic clearly in my voice but the answer was always the same. “No, but don’t worry Tonks, I’m sure he’s ok. He’ll be fighting,” But I just blocked them out, I knew he would still be going strong.

I ran, not knowing where, I just ran. Light flashed pass me: green, red, blue, white. I heard as something exploded behind me, saw a group of people that I knew but could not place their names for the fear was just too much. They shouted for someone to come, pain etched upon their faces. One of them screamed out. A scream that wrenched on my heart, allowing tears to fall free even though I did not why they were screaming. And then I looked down at my feet where a body lay, and I recognised him immediately. His flaming red hair, his brown eyes that seemed to have lost their sparkle, a ghost of a smile upon his face.

I knew him. Of course I did.

Fred Weasley.

I tore my eyes away as sorrow choked me, causing me to cough, splutter. I ran on, I knew whom I must get to.

The noise was deafening, I could not hear my thoughts. Not that I would want to.

I felt something jab into my side and my legs collapse beneath me, bringing me to the cold, hard ground. Pain shot through my body but I hardly felt it, I just needed to run.

I managed to bring myself to my feet, but the wall to my left was crumbling. Stone and brick were falling towards where I stood but my feet where stuck, paralysed in fear, unable to move from my death.

My eyes focused on the rocks tumbling towards me and knew this was the end. I thought of Remus and whispered, so quietly that I barely heard myself, a silent goodbye.

I closed my eyes tight, willing to go back to when I was five and everything was fine.

I remember gazing up at my mother as she worked spells upon the dishes, washing without hands. I always wanted to do the same, but by the time I learned magic, I could not care less about dishes. I was never the ‘house spells’ sort, I was far too clumsy. I always had been.

I had been amazed by my big cousin turning his hair and eyes into different colours and his face to different shapes, but then I discovered I could do the same, and it lost it’s magic. It was just an every day thing.

The first day at Hogwarts seemed so scary. Mother and father saw my off onto the train and waved goodbye.

I found an empty compartment and sat down, leaning my head against the cool glass. Tears fought their way to the surface but I did not let them show. A girl entered through the door and sat down opposite, her blond hair in perfect curls.

“Hey,” she said, her eyes blue and confident.

“Hi,” I said, giving her a weak smile.

“What’s your name?” she slung her feet onto the seat and propped herself onto her elbows.

“Nymphadora Tonks,” I said, “But everyone calls me Tonks.”

“I can see why,” she muttered, “I’m Zara Anderson, but everyone calls me Zara,” she smirked. “What house do’y want to be in?”

“Erm, I’m not sure. My dad was in Hufflepff and my mum was in Slytherin, so I dunno.”

“Yeah, who cares what they were in? What do you want to be in?”

I shrugged, “Hufflepuff, I guess.”

Zara raised her eyebrows, “Seriously? Ok, what ever you say. Well, I wanna be in Slytherin, and I’m gonna to be. Both my parents were in that house.” she finished with a satisfactory nod.

I nodded and resumed gazing out the window.

Zara and I were never friends.

My eyes fluttered open and looked to where the rocks I thought were falling, but they seemed to be gone.

And so did the wall.

I then realised I was lying on the grass, green blades reeking in blood.

My hand jumped to my nose and mouth as I smelt the ghastly smell of death and fear.

“Remus,” I heard my voice before I realised who it was.

A figure stood above me, talking but I could not hear a word. His lips moved but I did not understand.

The person came into focus and I saw a tall, slightly withered man, with wispy red hair and a bald patch upon his head.

Arthur Weasley.

“Tonks,” I heard him say, “Listen to me. I got you out of there but you have to be careful, you have to pay attention. Fight, Tonks, fight, and we will win.” and with that he turned and ran towards the castle where the main fighting took place.

I was in a daze, confused.

What had just happened?

It was only when I stood up that I felt the pain in my head. It throbbed, causing my hand to fly to where it hurt. When I brought it back down, I saw it was covered in red, hot sticky liquid.

I felt suddenly fait, numb, nauseous. I put my head down, waiting until the dizziness ceased. But it did not.

I thought about making my way to the Great Hall, but I would not make it. I staggered through the grass for awhile, but the pain and the bleeding was too much. I collapsed to the ground, tired and hurt.

I just lay there, willing the pain to go away. I curled myself into a ball, and shut my eyes. I felt my body shaking, maybe I was crying, maybe I was just cold.

I tried to distract myself by singing my favourite Weird Sister’s song over in my head, but that did not work. My thought then drifted to the image of my future.

I saw Remus and I sitting together, watching as Teddy opened presents under the shining Christmas tree. His delighted face shone up at us, laughing and shrieking with joy.

“Mummy? Daddy? Can we go and play in the snow? Pwease?” he would ask us.

I would laugh lightly, “Of course we can, darling,” and Remus would smile and nod in agreement.

“Tonks,” I heard someone bellow, snapping me back to the real world.

I looked up to see another figure a few meters away. A figure I would always recognise.

“Tonks,” Remus screamed, “Tonks, run. Run to the Room of Requirement and be safe.”

“I - I can’t,” I called to him, my voice weak.

He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped when he saw my limp body curled on the ground, lying in the blood stained grass.

“Tonks,” he said, almost a whisper.

He ran towards me, screaming my name, tears rolling down his cheek. He got to me, shaking my body.

My eyes flickered open and gazed up at my beautiful husband whom I had always loved. “Remus,” I whispered, “Look after our son. Please.”

“No, no, no.” he was shaking his head, weeping. I heard his heartbreaking sobs, loud in my delicate ears. His face was red, crumpled, wet with tears.

The next words he spoke were soft, pained and broken. “ No, we will look after him together, you - we - are not going to die.”

I shook my head ever so slightly. “Remus, this my end. I know it.”

“Shush, try not to speak, my love. I’ll get you out of here, you’ll be ok.”

I just looked at him, my eyelids drooping.

“Stay awake darling, stay with me.” he was begging now, begging me to stay alive.

And then I heard a scream that made my eyes fling open. Those terrible words I had heard so many times.

Avada kedavra.

Remus looked at me, the light slowly leaving his eyes. I saw the last emotion on his face vanish.


“No, no, Remus,” I had barely enough time to whisper as he fell onto me and I heard those same words.

Avada kedavra.

I saw green light shoot towards me, and I knew that this would be my end.

My last thoughts were of Teddy, safe in his bed. He would never remember his parents, but he would be told of their bravery.

My beautiful son, all alone in the world, but Harry would look after him, and my mother.

Every thing would be ok.

I hope...

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