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Harry Potter: Hallowed Existence by HarryGinny05
Chapter 25 : CHAPTER 22: REVERSAL
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“Good work.” Pansy pulled out another wand from her cloak and threw it at Angelina.

“What do we do with her?” Angelina pointed at Cho Chang who was still standing dazedly, one arm still up as if still pointing a wand at Pansy. “I think you over did your non-verbal spell. I think you befuddled her mind.”

“The spell we used on her months ago was a pretty strong one.” Pansy muttered as she pushed her arms all the way to her elbow inside her cloak’s pocket. “I can’t find it…Where the hell is it? Oh, here it is!” She pulled out a small corked vial. “Oh it will be good to get my own body back. Being her for months is like being in hell!”

“Well, seeing her act like you all these months gives as the creeps.” Katie laughed as they watched Pansy drink the potion from the vial. The ‘Slytherin’ girl shuddered as her entire body shimmered and her skins contorted and moved like waves in an ocean.

“That’s got to be painful.” Angelina grimaced as Pansy’s strong visage was replaced by the dainty features of Cho Chang, her oversize clothes hanging on her body.

“Two of you…if these happened during our Hogwarts days, I would have shuddered myself to death.” Katie laughed as she hugged Cho Chang.

“I was shallow back then, wasn’t I?” Cho laughed as she glanced at her lookalike. “I have come a long way. The old me wouldn’t have been able to pull this one successfully.”

Months ago, she came up with the idea of how to escape their current predicament. She knew none of them could just walk out of the mansion’s door. In fact, even their jailer, Draco Malfoy and his Death Eaters guardian, couldn’t walk out of the door.

But there was someone who could.

Pansy Parkinson. She could come and go as she pleased.

For weeks, Cho and the others studied her and prepared carefully. They stole vials of poly juice potion when Draco had it brewed for who knows what purposes. The wand would be easy. They could simply steal it from Pansy.

To quietly overpower her would be another matter.

Angelina came up with a beautiful answer.

One of them drunk a vial of poly juice potion with Draco’s hair and the rest was easy. The fake Draco led her to a vacant room and it was easier to make her drink a cup of poly juice potion with Cho’s hair.

She was then immobilized using her own wand and planted with a fake memory that she was really Cho Chang.

The last piece of the plan was for real Cho Chang drunk a potion with Pansy’s hair, effectively switching identity with the Slytherin woman.

The switch was perfect.

It was easy then to place Pansy under an imperio curse to make her pour the cup of tea over Cho’s head. The hardest part was for Cho to act her part and perform crucio curse on Pansy over and over again until Draco stopped her.

Gathering herself, she walked out of the mansion swearing she’d be back to free the others while Angelina was left in charge to make sure Pansy kept drinking poly juice potion. Katie was in charge of ensuring the memories planted on her sticks and that she does not fight off the imperio curse.

“Focus, Chang.” Katie shook her out of her reverie. “Party time.”

“Give the word.” Cho nodded. Immediately a silver mocking jay flew from Angelina’s newly acquired wand.

“Parvati, Padma and the rest will give the death eaters a much deserved hell especially with the wands you’d been smuggling in since you took Pansy’s identity.” Angelina smirked. “It was a miracle they lasted this long not using them. They had really been…”

Katie laughed as the whole mansion shook from a blast.

“Go time.”


Parvati relished the feeling of using a wand again as she took down a death eater. Padma run passed her, giggling as she evaded a curse before firing one of her own. They and a few other household maids have been stationed to wait near the main hall where most of the death eaters converge. As soon as the mocking jay flew passed them, they exploded into action, pulling out their contraband wands.

Long have they languished under the cruel rule of Draco and his Death Eater handlers and they took joy in finally being able to strike back at their oppressors. Parvati grimaced as she watched Penelope Clearwater inflict a crucio curse on a death eater that was harassing her behind Draco’s back.

A few steps away, a death eater was trying to hold his entrails from falling from his stomach as he slowly backs away from Alicia Spinnet.

“Ladies…” Parvati started to shout when she was tackled by her sister, a killing curse missing her by an inch.

“Eye on the prize, sis.” Padma laughingly said as she rolled away from Parvati, firing curses at the same time.

“We need to…”

“Let them be.” Padma shouted at her. “Let them have their revenge. For now, we need to get to Malfoy. We need to take him down permanently before he rallies these buffoons.” Padma looked around when the mansion shook. “I guess our kitchen forces are having more fun than us.”


“What’s happening, Big D?” Draco asked as he painfully stood from the infirmary’s bed. His injuries had yet to fully heal from the abuse it received from Lavender Brown’s antic. “Are we under attack?”

Despite his house arrest, Draco has prospered. His body has chiseled out and his blonde her cut immaculately short. Despite the paleness of his skin due to pain, there is no denying that he was much a prince of Slytherin now as he was during his Hogwarts days. But the most prominent change he had undergone is his eyes. It has become darker and deeper as if you could drown by just looking into it.

Some says it a match to the Dark Lord’s deep seething red eyes.

Dudley would shudder every time those eyes are trained on him.

Not today though. The deep dark eyes are marred by pain and quite possibly fear.

“I don’t know. I just came from the girls’ room when it started quaking…” He cocked his head when they heard the faint sound of an explosion. “Could it be that your buddies…”

“Go check it out.” Draco huffed in pain even as the mansion shook again. “They wouldn’t be so naïve to make such a noise. Whoever is making that much noise will replace the blasted muggle in the chain of my dungeons.”

“Ok, I’ll be back quickly.” Dudley eyed the wand Draco pulls out before he turned to the door. He was reaching for the knob when the door imploded in a shower of splinters, throwing him off his feet. Wind rushed out of him as he slammed hard against the wall on the other side of the room from the door.

“What the…?” Draco rolled painfully from the bed he was using for support. Ignoring the pain, he sent a strong curse toward the shattered door. He grinned despite the pain when he heard a body fell on the ground. “Got one. Dudley, stand up. We are…Damn!” He hastily raised a shield, barely deflecting a purple curse. His eyes grew wide when he saw Cho Chang jumping through the door, firing curses ahead of her. “Chang, what the…?”

“That was Katie you took down, monster.” Chang screamed as she fired curses after curses until Draco’s shield buckled.

“Enough!” Draco shouted, slamming the tip of his wand on the floor, sending a devastating wave against Chang who barely managed to raise her own shield before she was engulfed by protruding floor boards.

“Cho!” Angelina wailed as she fired a blasting curse at Draco who jumped out of the way. “You will pay for this.”

“I don’t know how you got your hands on a wand but I promise you this, you will severely pay for this attack.” Draco growled, sending a reducto curse at Angelina who was too distracted of what happened to Cho Chang to react fast enough. She stumbled back as her wand flew from her wand.

“To hell with you.” Angelina said defiantly, grabbing a floor board and hefting it like a bat. “I don’t need a wand to kill you. This board is enough.”

“Let see you use that board against a killing curse.” Draco smirked as he painfully straightened up, a hand cupping his injuries. “I will make you…” Draco’s eyes rolled before he slumped on the floor unconscious to reveal a panting Dudley holding a dented silver goblet.

“Are you all right?” Dudley dropped the goblet and raised his hands cautiously, blood trickling from his temple.

“I am fine but Cho…” Angelina stopped when the mounds of floor boards slowly disintegrated to reveal a kneeling Cho Chang. “Cho, are you…?”

“I’m fine.” Her brow rose when she saw Dudley with a unconscious Draco in front of him. “Nice job, I guess.”

“You look different.” Dudley muttered, noticing that the china doll no longer sports a daze look. “Something…” He stopped when the mansion shook again. “Can you tell your people to stop using stronger hexes? They might level the mansion with us under it.”

“I don’t think it came from within the castle.” Cho knelt beside Katie, murmuring healing charms. Angelina rushed to Draco, kicking him hard in the head before conjuring a magical rope to bind him. For good measure, she broke his wand in two and gagged his mouth.

“How can I help?” Dudley asked as Angelina levitated Draco into a large double door closet. She closed it with a satisfied grin on her lips.

“How about you carry Katie gently?” Cho said after she finished all the healing charms she knows. “I could levitate her but I’ll need all my A-game if we all plan to get out of this mansion alive.”

“And you will just leave Draco like that?” Dudley asked as he stooped to pick up the unconscious Katie. “He could…”

“One thing I learned from your cousin is that no matter how down we are, we do not kill.” Cho replied, walking out of the infirmary with Angelina following close behind her. Dudley gave the closet one last glance before jogging after the two witches.

“My mom would have a heart attack if she sees me now, following two witches while carrying another one.” Dudley shook his head with a half-smile on his lips.


They rushed to the main hall, expecting to see the other women winning the fight against the surprised death eaters. Each team scattered all over the mansion should have defeated their target and have congregated on the main hall to make their final push toward freedom.

Cho Chang expected to see unconscious death eaters strewn all over the floor, her people jubilantly waiting for them to break the mansion’s door open.

What greeted them was hell on earth.

The tapestries are burning with fienfyres, the floor littered with both death eaters and her friends, all of them lying on pools of blood and standing at the epicenter of the carnage is no other than the mad Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Did you really think that you could get away with something like this?” Bellatrix almost shrieked, her wand emitting reddish flares. “Did you really think you could attack my house without me knowing?”

Cho Chang barely managed to magically push Dudley and Angelina away when Bellatrix attacked them with a whip made of fiendfyre. She rolled through blood and gore, stopping into a kneeling position. She cringed when the fiery whip hit her hastily raised shield.


The China Doll looked down to see a wounded Padma lying near her knees.

“She got me good…she hit me with a bluish spell.” Padma whispered, blood dripping from her lips. “I can’t feel my whole body...a while ago, I can’t even talk…”

“I’ll heal you as soon as I…” Cho’s wand shuddered as the fiedfyre whip enveloped her shield.

“Find Parvati…She got hit with a blasting curse…She needs help more…”

Cho’s attention was distracted when she saw Dudley running and shouting toward Bellatrix, hefting an iron bar.

“You dare!” Bellatrix shouted incredulously before blasting Harry’s cousin. Dudley was suspended in midair, enveloped in a greenish glow before he was thrown back toward the far side of the hall. He skidded in the bloody floor before his back slammed against a pillar.

That was all the distraction Cho needed.

She sent a hail of rocks at the mad death eater. Not far away, Angelina left the unconscious Katie and joined her magic with Cho, forcing Bellatrix to pull back, step by step.

“Is this all you got?” Bellatrix cackled as she flicked her wand, disintegrating the shower of rocks and quick as a whip, she whirled around to deflect Angelina’s curse. “You do not have the strength to keep this up!”

“Oh, we can…damn!” Cho cursed when Bellatrix disappeared in a flash of black smokes. “Angelina…”

“Too late!” Bellatrix cackled as she appeared behind Angelina who tried to turn around but was too slow. She was hit by a reducto curse, blood drenching her chest as she staggered away from her attacker.

“No!” Cho shouted as sent a disarming spell against Bellatrix who only cackled as she deflected the curse and finished off Angelina with a purple curse. The former Gryffindor valiantly tried to raise her wand but was too slow. The prone body behind her saved her from serious harm as she tripped on it, the purple curse missing her face by an inch.

Another puffed of black smoke and Bellatrix was gone.

“Angelina…” Cho was about to run to her friend when Bellatrix reappeared in front of her.

“You’re dead!” Bellatrix fired a killing curse at Cho. Luckily for her, she managed to erect a shield but the closeness of the attack staggered her and caused her to fall on her behind.

“Expelliarmus!” Bellatrix shrieked, blasting Cho’s wand away. “Now, it….AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Cho watched in shocked as Bellatrix crumbled into a fetal position in front of her, the death eater convulsing in pain, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Cho looked up to see someone standing over the fallen death eater.

“It can’t be…” She murmured, covering her mouth in shock. The man standing in front of her shouldn’t exist anymore but the glint of his glasses, the messy hair and the all too familiar lightning scar belied what her mind is telling her.

She was just saved by none other than Harry Potter.



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