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Catching James Potter by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 4 : Motivation
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A/N: I know you probably hate me dright now because you think she's using Freddie, but in the next chapter she realizes whats she's doing is wrong! So please, please keep reading! 




I spent the rest of the train ride in the abandoned prefect carriage snogging Freddie. I would have actually like to ‘caught up’ with him, about his holidays as well, but Freddie seemed to enjoy the snogging too much to talk. I’m pretty sure he wanted to take it further when his hand slid up my shorts, to squeeze my arse, but I told him to be a good boy and wait. He seemed happy enough with the snogging after that. The only time we took a break was for a snack of Pumpkin Pasties and Chocolate Frogs.

After what felt like hours of continuous snogging, (which it was)  I looked out the window and saw that the sky was pitch black, we must have been close to Hogwarts. I quickly broke away from Freddie, to see if I could see Hogwarts, and of course, I could see the lights shining in the distance.

“Oh Merlin! We’re almost there and I’m not changed!” I shrieked.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” Freddie muttered kissing my neck. I sighed, holy cow, he knew how to charm a girl.

I quickly pushed him away, looking at him deeply in the eyes, only an inch from his face.

“Get changed and meet me at the outside, I want to talk to you before the feast,” I whispered to him. Then I left.

I sprinted down the corridor, I could see people watching me, judging me. I tried not to care. I ran quickly down all the carriages and in heels, that’s not an easy task. When I reached my compartment, puffing and sweaty, the train had begun to slow. I stripped down to my undies and bra and quickly changed. I did up my trunk and ran out the door just as the train stumbled to a halt. I did up my heels as I waited for the door to unlock. I heard the click and stood up straight, looking at myself in the reflection. I flattened my hair, and cooled down my face. I noticed that my lip gloss had smudged off, so I found a spare in my robes pocket and reapplied. Done, time to go find Freddie.

I opened the door.

I walked out the door.

I started to jog so I could try and find Freddie, I needed to talk to him.

But then I found myself running into two people wrapped around each other, snogging each other’s faces off.

James and Alessandria.


“Merlin! Sorry!” I said.

“That’s ok,” Alessandria smiled, hugging James and putting her head on his chest. Geez, why did they have to look so cute together?  

“You guys seen Freddie?” I asked desperately. Where is he? I scanned the crowd, looking for tall, red head. I couldn’t find him anywhere!

“Nope,” James said popping the ‘p’.

“Where were you the whole ride Mae?” Dom asked, curiously.

“Didn’t James tell you?” I asked gazing on a lovestruck James.

“No,” they said, looking from me to him.

“Thanks,” I muttered to him, “I was with Freddie,” I giggled.

“Mae!” Robyn exclaimed.

“You were with him the whole ride?” Carolyn squealed.

“You didn’t do it, did you?” Dom shrieked.

“No! We just…” I explained.

“Snogged the whole time?” I voice finished behind me.

I turned around and finally Freddie had appeared.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” I said kissing his noise.

“I couldn’t find you!” he exclaimed, wrapping his arms round my waist and pulling me in for another snog.

Freddie was sweet, but he wasn’t James.

I heard a few cute awww’s from the crowd and we broke apart. When I looked at crowd grinning, I scanned through the faces of my friends they all were smiling in awe, but when I reached James, I was utterly confused, he looked shocked.

“So, should we go to the castle?” I asked, holding Freddie’s hand.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Dom said, walking towards the carriages.

We all set of towards the carriages, and we squeezed Dom, Carolyn, Robyn, James, Alessandria, Freddie and me into one, although I did have to sit on Freddie’s lap. When we reached the Great Hall, Alessandria, Robyn and Carolyn left us to join the other Ravenclaw’s, while James, Freddie, Dom and I walked over to the Gryffindor table. Freddie and I sat on one side while James and Dom sat on the other.

“So, how was your train ride then?” I asked James and Dom, resting my head on Freddie’s shoulder.

“Nothing much, just talked and James and Alessandria snogged a couple of times and whispered but it was all pretty boring,” Dom explained.

James snorted, “Yeah, but Alessandria and I wouldn’t have been as bad as these two,” he muttered glaring at us.

“You two seemed pretty bad when I saw you at the station,” I exclaimed.

“You mean ran into,” James corrected.

“Shut up,” I mumbled into Freddie’s shoulder. Dom, Freddie and James laughed.

“Wait, ran into?” Freddie asked, completely lost.

“She ran into Alessandria and James,” Dom explained to him.

“If they hadn’t been snogging right in the middle of the path I wouldn’t have run into you!” I shrieked.

“Maybe you should have been looking where you were going!” James exclaimed.

“How did you know that I wasn’t watching where I was going when you were meant to be kissing your girlfriend?” I shot back.

James stayed silent.

“So, did you guys enjoy your summers?” Dom asked awkwardly.

“Yeah, France was good, but I would have liked to been around here, 2 months is too long,” I admitted, controlling my slowly decreasing anger.

“Yes, I know! It definitely is! I would have liked to see you a bit more,” Dom explained.

“I know I missed you at all the parties,” Freddie said, eyes shining, “I kept telling James to invite you, but he said you were in France,”

I actually stopped breathing in that moment in time. James knew that I wasn’t in London so he didn’t invite me to his parties, I thought he had never heard who I was? I raised my eyebrow,

“James, I thought you’d never heard of me?” I asked shyly.

James blushed scarlet.

“Albus told me about you,” he admitted.

Oh, damn it. I thought that he’d actually know who I was, well, he did now.

“How did Albus cope after Robyn?” Dom whispered, looking down the table at Albus. Albus was sitting with his friends, but he seemed a bit out of it.

“He’s been a depressed shit all holidays since that night,” James said looking down at his brother, “locked in this room the whole time, only coming down for meals or when the family came over, Mum and Dad were getting worried,”

“Poor Albus!” I muttered.

“He’ll recover, I’ll just get him a hot older girl to play with,” James snickered.

“God James, you’re impossible!” Dom shrieked.

“And you,” Freddie said poking my arm, “will not be getting out of any parties this year,”

“Ok, cool, I’m happy with that,” I winked.

“Awesome! This is going to be the best year ever!” Dom squealed, clapping her hands together.

“What are the parties like?” I asked, eyes open in wonder.

“Wait, you’ve never been to a party?” James asked me, leaning in closer to the middle of the table.

“Well, a Hogwarts one, yeah,” I answered.


“Was never invited,”

“Well, we’ll have to get you invited then,”

“Sweet!” I giggled, “so what are they like?”

“Amazing,” Dom admitted.

“Fantastic,” Freddie agreed.

“Give me more details!” I squirmed, I was actually going to get invited to an elite party at Hogwarts!

“Well, all the big elite ones are held in the Room of Requirement and they go till about 3 in the morning.” James explained, “There’s always tons to drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, but people normally go for the alcohol. Everyone gets wasted,”

“There’s always tons of food, happily supplied by the house-elves in the kitchen,” Dom said, “Pumpkin Pasties, Honeydukes sweets, éclair’s,”

“And little private rooms for people to walk off and do private things,” Freddie whispers in my ear. I giggled.

“Any plans for a party this year?” I asked James.

“Yes! I have the best idea…” James began, before he was interrupted by the doors of the Great Hall opening, and Professor Flitwick was leading the first years down the centre of the of the Great Hall. The school went utterly quiet.

“When I call your name, please come up to the stool and place the Sorting Hat on your head. When he yells the name of your house, please take the hat off and go sit with the rest of your house,” Professor Flitwick explained.

“I hope we get some good newbies,” I muttered. We had narrowly lost to Slytherin last year in the house cup.

“Me too! We need to win this year,” Dom whispered.

“Maybe if these two don’t get as many points taken off them we will win,”


“We’re not that bad!” Freddie whispered into my ear. James grinned from across the table.

“Allen, Timothy!” Professor Flitwick squeaked from the front of the room.

A tiny boy separated himself from the group of little first years and sat on the stood, with the old hat on his head.

“RAVENCLAW!” the hat yelled.

The rest of the feast passed reasonably well. We ate tons for dinner, there was no shortage. Then dessert appeared and we ate all that as well. We chatted aimlessly about our O.W.L’s and the subjects we were taking this year, when I remembered about James’ comment before the Sorting.

“James, what was your idea that mentioned before the Sorting?” I asked.

“Oh! That!” he said, eyes wide, “Well, I’m planning on having a massive party, after the first Quidditch game back. Absolutely huge, everyone drunk, A-MAZ-ING,”

“I’m all for it!” I agreed. James smiled at me, making butterflies appear in my stomach. “What about you guys?”

“Absolutely,” Dom squealed, nodding her head.

“If my girls there, I’m there,” Freddie grinned. Oh no, it had only been a couple of hours of snogging and he already regarded me as ‘his girl.’

I kissed him to cover my worriedness.

Then there was a tinkling of glasses.

“Welcome everyone to Hogwarts!” the Headmistress, Professor McGonagall yelled to the school. “Just a few announcements before you all go off to bed! I would like to remind everyone the Forbidden Forest is out-of-bounds for all students and that there is no magic in corridors. Our lovely caretaker, Mr. Filch, (cough he’s as lovely as a Basilisk) has told me to remind you that all Weasley Wizard Wheeze products are banned, along with two-hundred-and-sixty-three other items which are all displayed outside his office, if anyone needs to check.

“On a brighter note, I would like to congratulate all new prefects on their appointments, and Julia Dustin and James Potter, this year’s Head Boy and Girl. Now off to bed!”

“God, I hate start of term, speeches,” James said gloomily, “They just remind of things I hoped they’d forgotten,” We all laughed. I was about to open my mouth when a small hand, poked me on my shoulder, Albus.

 “Oh, hey Al,” I said.

“I just thought I’d remind you that we have to lead the first years up,” Albus said.

“Oh!” I shrieked, “Bye guys!” I gave Freddie a kiss on the cheek and ran with Albus to the nervous first years, which were still around the table, not sure what was happening.

“Hello, my name is Mae Flick and this is my friend Albus,” I began.

“Al,” Albus interrupted.

“Al Potter and we are two of your six prefects for Gryffindor,” I finished smoothly, smiling down at them all.

“If you would like to follow us, we’ll lead you to the common room and answer any of your questions as best as we can,” Albus said helpfully.

Then we set of towards the common room. I’d done this last year, so it was pretty simple. The only difference was this year’s group was a lot shyer. Last year’s first years wouldn’t stop asking questions. Albus and I walked ahead of the group chatting aimlessly about O.W.L’s, it seemed to be taking up a lot of my time tonight.

“What did you get into?” Albus asked.

“Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Defence, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions, Muggle Studies and I’m taking Alchemy as well,” I answered.

“You’re doing nine N.E.W.T’s?” Albus said shocked.

“Yeah,” I explained, I didn’t lose my brains when I changed from loser to beauty. “What are you taking?”

“Defence, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions and Alchemy,” Albus sighed, “Auror training,”

“Don’t you won’t to be an Auror?” I asked.

“Yes! I want to be better than my dad, but, it’s going to be hard,”

“Yeah, apparently Auror training is terrible,”

“At least I’m not doing nine N.E.W.T’s,”

“I know,”

“Why, though?”

“I didn’t want to give any up,”


We’d arrived at Gryffindor common room’s entrance the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Devil’s Snare,” Albus and I said. The portrait swung open and we filed inside, the little first years eyes were popping out of their sockets in utter wonder.

“This is the common room, the boy’s dormitory’s room is up the stairs and to the left and the girls the same but to the right,” I explained, then leaving them to explore.

“What are you training to be?” he asked.

“A healer,” I replied.

“Nice,” he said, as he took the best seat in front of the fire. I could hear people slowly approaching the Common Room.

“Al?” I asked.

“Yeah?” he said looking away from the fire.

“Can you tell Freddie that I’ve gone to bed? I’m tired and I need a break from everyone,” I said yawning.

“Yeah, sure, night Mae,” he sighed.

“Night Al,”

I walked past the first years, and started to climb the stairs while unbuttoning my robes, thinking about today’s events, Alessandria, James, Freddie, I realised, I had completed the end of step 2 and step three catch James Potter’s attention.

I was pretty sure I’d got his attention.

I threw my robes on my bed as I walked in the door and opened my trunk, pulling out an oversized Quidditch jersey. I pulled it on, and without removing my makeup, I climbed into bed. I’m pretty sure, as my head hit the pillow, I was unconscious.



A/N: So thats that! This chapter was just mainly getting into Hogwarts and to get started, the next chapter is like this, but then we get onto chapters that go over a few days.

I hope youor enjoying my first fanfic and please if you have time, review!! It really makes me feel better! Next chapter will be up ASAP!

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