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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension by lostintransit
Chapter 35 : Together ... Really, Really Together
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Harry opened his eyes to the dull grey light of a morning storm, the loud patter of the rain drumming on his bedroom window. Reaching for his glasses he slid them onto his nose bringing the world into focus. It wasn’t the rain making the noise on his window pane; it was a cluster of owls frantically tapped with their beaks to gain entrance.

Waving his wand at the window, bird after bird flew in, dropping their letters on the bed and showering its inhabitants with rain drops from their wings as they circled the room once and flew back into the storm, seeking shelter in the owlery. “That’s annoying!” thought Harry.

Ginny moaned as the cold rain drops woke her from her contented slumber. Harry sat up to collect the mail, disturbing her further. “Harry! … come back to bed, s‘too early.” She groaned, pulling him back down and snuggling into him, memories of last night causing her to smile to herself as she sought his lips with her own.

“Morning love.” Harry sighed, enthralled by the mere thought of this heavenly woman in his bed.

“Morning lover.” She smiled, resting her head on his chest and draping her leg and arm over his body.

Harry opened the first letter and began to read, while rubbing his hand absent-mindedly on Ginny’s lower back.

Dear Lord Potter,
              Congratulations on your recent marriage to Ms. Ginevra Molly Weasley. We are happy to inform you that your marriage has been filed and recorded in accordance with magical law. You are now officially recognized as husband and wife.

Wishing you every happiness,

Oonagh Hopkirk
Registrar, Department of Magical Records

Harry read the letter again, “Ginny!” Harry called urgently.
“Harry what is it? What’s wrong?” Ginny replied, coming fully awake. Harry just handed her an envelope addressed to Lady Potter and continued reading the letter in his hand. Opening the letter Ginny stared at the parchment.
Dear Lady Potter (nee Weasley),
              Congratulations on your recent marriage to Lord Harry James Potter. We are happy to inform you that your marriage has been filed and recorded in accordance with magical law. You are now officially recognized as husband and wife.

Wishing you every happiness,

Oonagh Hopkirk
Registrar, Department of Magical Records

Ginny looked at Harry’s blank face, “Harry I swear I didn’t know we were getting married last night … I admit I was … am jealous of your other spouses … but I swear … you have to believe me Harry!” Ginny exclaimed, sitting up beside him, wringing her hands.

“Ginny, do you regret our vows?” Harry asked, his face calm but his heart in his mouth.

“No Harry! But I didn’t mean to trick you into this, really Harry.” Ginny replied earnestly.

“Lady Potter, you did not trick me into anything, you gave me everything; far more than I ever could have asked for. Don’t ask me to regret this Gin, because I can’t; you are my wife and my love.” Harry replied, sitting up and pulling her into a warm embrace.

“You’re not cross with me?” Ginny asked, her voice muffled by Harry’s shoulder.

“How could I be cross with my wife so soon after we were married?” Harry asked, leaning back to look into her eyes, his smile lighting up his face.

Ginny leaned in and kissed him, “My husband … I can’t believe it! Harry, I’m so happy.”

Harry held up the rest of the letters, “Shall we see what else we have?” Harry asked opening the first one addressed to him and reading it out loud.

Dear Lord and Lady Potter,

The Department of Mysteries would like to congratulate you on your recent marriage. It is with great excitement that we can inform you, that your marriage is the first in over a century, (in Britain) to culminate in a true pairing. The Ministry would appreciate any information you are willing to record and provide us with, regarding the changes to your, or your wife’s, magic as a direct result of your pairing. The Department of Magical Records has been informed of your status as core paired.

Best Wishes,

Cressanda Beaufort
Department of Mysteries

“We’re paired Harry, that’s … I …” Ginny was shocked into incoherency.

A tapping on the window and Harry waved another owl in. Harry opened it and read it quickly, “Eh Gin, I think the cat might be out of the bag.” Harry said, with a grin, “We’ve been invited to lunch at twelve, in the Headmistresses office ... along with most of your family.” Harry said, falling back onto his pillow and closing his eyes.

“What does it mean to be paired?” Ginny asked, lying down beside her husband, absently rubbing her hand across his chest.

“It varies from case to case Gin, I only know of one such couple, long since gone. Their pairing was very private, a communion as such. Other than them I have no idea what will or can occur.” 

Ginny stared at her hand caressing Harry’s chest, the light shone faintly from the diamond on her promise ring, glinting off the crystal and metal ring sitting beneath it.

“Knut for your thoughts, Lady Potter?” Harry said.

“I was just thinking … this is my bed now too.” Ginny whispered, “Mine and my husbands.” She smiled contentedly kissing his chest. Her head came up suddenly as she realised what she’d been staring at “Harry, where did this ring come from?” she asked, holding up her hand to show him.

The ring looked like it was made from the metal of the floor and the crystal of the bed, both combined to look like the marriage colours on Deniz and Nehir’s left arms, only much more intricate. Harry held up his left hand behind Ginny’s back, “Looks like we created these with our love Gin, just as I did this room.” He said. Ginny craned her neck to see Harry’s ring. It was like hers made of the materials from the room, but unlike hers it appeared to be seven metal chakra’s, each one a different shape and colours, on a crystal band. Each chakra, like those on Fred and Georges palm seemed to swallow the eye as you looked upon it.

She turned back and once more wrapped herself around her husband, “What time is it now?” Ginny asked.

“Just gone eleven o’clock.” Harry replied.

With a sly smile Ginny looked up, “Lord Potter …” she said “… do you think we were married before or after we made love?”

“Why I’m not sure Lady Potter, why do you ask?” Harry replied, caressing her thigh where it lay across his stomach.

“Weelllll, I don’t think we can take any chances; what if our wedding hasn’t been consummated? I mean, if you’re going to be my husband, I really think you should make sure that we are properly married.” Ginny replied with a worried look on her face that was only slightly spoiled by her stifled grin.

“Do you think we might not have done it properly?” Harry asked, with a dead-pan expression.

“Oh you definitely did it properly, my Lord; I’m just not sure you did it at the right time! I don’t think we should take any chances. Besides, it’s too early for lunch and too late for breakfast … so I think … anyone ... wishing to call himself my husband ... could at least entertain me for an hour or so.” Ginny giggled.

“Shall I fetch the chess set then, or maybe a game of exploding snap if you want entertainment?” Harry pretended to be ready to leap from the bed.

“No I have more than enough toys here to keep me amused.” Ginny said, as she pulled him to her.


A quarter past twelve saw Harry and Ginny strolling hand in hand towards the Gargoyle guard of the Headmasters office. The Gargoyle bowed low to both of them, before leaping aside. “Is it just me Gin, or has everyone we’ve passed on the way here been staring at us?” Harry asked puzzled.

“It’s not just you Harry, I thought the Creevy brothers were going to have a heart-attack and Colin was snapping pictures at an alarming rate.” Ginny replied as they reached the Headmistress office and Harry knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Headmistress McGonagall’s voice sounded from within.

Harry and Ginny opened the door to be greeted by the stares and gasps of the entire Weasley family (except for Charlie), their Hogwarts friends, a smattering of their Professors and numerous Order members.

“Sorry we’re late everyone we … what’s wrong?” Harry stopped mid-sentence, “Why are you all looking at us like that?” he asked the room in general.

“You’re glowing … both of you are surrounded by a golden glow …” Fred spat out, still staring at them.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other but could see nothing amiss “Alright Fred, nice try, but we’re not falling for your pranks today.” Ginny replied, smiling affectionately at her older brother.

“Ms. Weasley, I can assure you that your brother is not joking, both of you are glowing brightly.” The Headmistress insisted, a suppressed grin wrinkling the corners of her smiling eyes.

“Headmistress, I can see Ginny as clearly as you can and she’s beautiful, but she’s not glowing.” Harry laughed.

“Harry, Ginevra you must be able to see it. You two could light the Great Hall.” Percy exclaimed.

“Percy’s right, Harry.” Tonks confirmed.

“Kraliyet biri sizi tebrik ederiz. (Congratulations Royal One.)” Both Deniz and Nehir said together, greeting Harry and Ginny by touching their hands to their foreheads. The ring finger of Ginny’s left hand catching the sunlight.

“Ginny Weasley, is that a wedding ring on your finger?” Mrs. Weasley nearly shouted, standing up and grasping her daughter’s hand.

“Yes Mum,” Ginny said, her checks, blushing a rosy red, “I’m not Ginny Weasley anymore; I’m Mrs. Harry James Potter now, or Lady Potter to be precise.”

“How the hell did that happen?” Ron blurted out, “Potter, what did you do to my little Sister?” Fred and George grabbed his arms, but Ron just stood up and took them both with him, as if they weighed nothing.

“Ron, shut up and sit down.” Ginny hissed and Ron was silenced and slammed back into his chair, Fred and George landing hard on their own chairs, with indignant looks at their sister.

“Did you two … is that why you called us here, Minerva?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“We’re married Mum; Harry’s my husband now.” Ginny replied, before the room fell into chaos as the Weasley’s reacted to the unexpected news. Ginny tried to take in all the questions being asked before receiving a huge hug and a kiss from Hermione.

“Everyone quiet please, I think I can help explain what’s going on.” Albus Dumbledore said loudly from his portrait on the wall. The room went quiet as he continued, “Harry and Ginny are paired. If I’m not mistaken; they’ve been building up to this for months.” Dumbledore informed them. “By the way you two, you really are glowing.” He whispered, with a conspiratorial wink. “Did you two … make any vows … to each other … last night?”

“Yes sir, we did.” Harry said, blushing even more as Hermione congratulated him with a Molly like hug and a kiss to the cheek.

“Do you happen to remember what they were?” they both nodded, “Would you, recite them for us?” Dumbledore encouraged.

Ginny looked at Harry, the thought that these were their wedding vows, crossed her mind. This was their wedding and with a slight regret she let go of the picture of her imagined wedding dress and clasped her husband’s hands in hers. “I don’t think you need to forget your dress.” Harry said, before she could begin to recite her vows and touching her robes he transfigured them into the imagined wedding dress he saw in Ginny’s mind, his own robes changing to his emerald green dress robes, Ginny liked so much. Ginny gasped “Thank you, love.” she whispered back and kissed him tenderly, before speaking clearly.

“I want to give myself to you Harry James Potter. My mind, body and soul, bared only for you. In this life and ever after, I never will be parted from you. I swear this on my life.” Ginny said, the magic fastening their hands shining bright. 

Harry smiled “I have dreamt of this moment, the moment I give myself to you Ginevra Molly Weasley. Mind, body and soul, bared for you alone, I’ll never leave you, not even death can take me away from you.”

“Oh! That so romantic.” Hermione gushed, with tears running down her face.

Everyone watched as their wedding bands burned bright, but before they could continue, the portrait of Albus Dumbledore interrupted.

“Minerva, can you complete the rite?” Dumbledore asked.

She nodded and turned to Arthur, “Arthur and Molly Weasley, is this your daughter, a witch past the age of consent?

“Yes, she is.” Arthur and Molly replied together.

“And has this Wizard, Harry James Potter, your consent to court your daughter?”

“Yes he has. Asked for and granted, witnesses by those here present.” Arthur said, his eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Do you consent to give your daughter to this wizard, as wife and soul mate?”

“We do.” Arthur and Molly replied, the latter with tears flowing freely down her smiling cheeks.

“Are there any here who can show just cause, why this witch and wizard, should not be bound as husband and wife.” The Headmistress paused, “No, then you may continue.”

Harry continued “Will you accept me as I am? Do you accept my sacrifice?” he asked, smiling at his wife.

“I do.” She replied “And do you, my Lord, accept me, as I am? Do you accept my sacrifice?” she asked.

“I do my Lady, with all that I am.” Harry replied. The glow surrounding them intensified as they embraced each other and shared a passionate kiss.

Molly and Arthur were the first to embrace the happy couple, followed by everyone else present except for Ron. “Ronald Weasley, get up and welcome your new brother to the family.” Molly insisted above the mingled conversation that filled the room.

Ron pointed at his mouth and mimed talking all the while unable to get out of the seat. Giving up he relaxed and evaporated, only to appear behind the married couple. Shocked gasps came from many people in the room.

“Bloody hell sis, I can see why you married this git, you’re nearly as scary as he is.” Ron said, as he carefully embraced the happy couple from behind.

“It was you last night talking to Hermione?” Harry whispered, as Ron gave him a brotherly hug.

“What do you mean Harry?” Ron asked, stepping back from him.

“The evaporating trick … I saw you do it last night in the courtyard. Only you were taller and greyer?” Harry whispered back, as he took Ron’s arm and steered him towards the office door. The rest of their family and friends were for the moment clustered around Ginny. As Harry neared the door, Ginny began to feel uneasy.

“Harry a word please?” the portrait of Dumbledore asked.

“Professor, just a moment I need to have a private word with ... my brother first.” Harry replied, as he escorted Ron out of the office and halfway down the stairs.

“Harry wait!” screamed Dumbledore, but Harry ignored him.

“Albus what’s wrong?” the Headmistress asked, surprised by this sudden outburst.

“Minerva you must stop Harry before he goes too far!” Dumbledore replied.

“What’s he done?” she asked.

“No Minerva he mustn’t go too far away from Ms. Weas… …” A soft thump and the anguished cry of Mrs. Weasley told the Professor he was too late. “ …ley … … Find Harry, quickly Minerva.”

The door to the office banged open, as Ron kicked it a little too hard and he walked in carrying Harry in arms as if he weighed little more than an infant.

“I don’t know what happened him. When we got to the end of the stairs he just called out for Ginny and collapsed.” Ron said.

“Mr. Weasley, place him beside Ginny, as near to her as you can get him and join their hands.” Professor Dumbledore said, “Minerva you might send for Poppy and Horace.”

“Of course Albus.” McGonagall said dispatching her patronus.

“Coming through … mind, please …” Ron moved through the concerned Weasley and friends and deposited Harry almost on top of Ginny, taking their hands he placed them together and stepped back, unsure what would happen next.

“Albus what is wrong with them?” the Headmistress asked, all eyes turned to the old Headmaster

“It’s their vows Minerva; since they made them I’d say they haven’t been more than feet apart. They’ve joined mind, body and soul. Ginny swore on her life “I never will be parted from you” and Harry swore “I’ll never leave you, not even death can take me away from you.” Dumbledore explained.

“But they are just marriage vows, a bit like the muggle ‘for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part’.” The Headmistress stated.

“No Minerva, those were very old vows that she ...I mean Harry and Ginny, decided to use. They are bound to each other through life and death and unlike almost every other magical couple, these two are paired. They’re joined right down to their cores, they will need to become comfortable with it, strengthen it, before they can bear to be apart.”

On the ground Harry moaned, “Ginny …” he subconsciously pulled her to him and held her tight. Ginny sobbed quietly as she tried to get nearer to Harry.

Slowly the young couple began to come back to their senses, holding each other closer and closer, as if their physical bodies were stopping them from reaching the essence of each other.

“Alright you lot,” George said, breaking the mesmerising sight, “I’m sure these two could use a bit of privacy about now.” ushering their family and friends away from the returning couple. With mumbled agreement, people began to turn their backs and move to look out the window or read the titles of books on the many bookcases located about the room.

Ginny was the first to open her tear stained eyes, “Harry?” she whispered looking at his closed eyes, which snapped open at the sound of his name, pale white and glowing brightly. “Ginny, I’m sorry … I never meant to leave you …I” Harry whispered back in return.

“You were gone from here.” Ginny said touching her chest over her heart, “and here.” Touching her temple, “I felt so alone; broken, like half a person.”

Harry nodded, before kissing her tenderly, “Maybe we should get up Gin? We’re not alone.” Harry said, helping Ginny to her feet and guiding her to his lap in one of the Headmistresses armchairs. Everyone else relaxed too; ceasing their close examination of the crammed book shelves and the distant horizon and returning to their seat.

“Sorry everyone, I … we didn’t … this is so weird; I can’t be … without … Ginny, my wife. I’m not whole without her. Does that make sense?” Harry said to everyone.

“Yes Harry, it does.” Dumbledore announced from his portrait on the wall, “I tried to warn you before you went tearing out the door. Your bond is still too new; the magical vows you swore to each other too fragile to be tested so soon. You both swore never to leave the other. Magic makes no distinction in this, be it spiritually, emotionally or physically.” Dumbledore explained.

“They’ve stopped glowing as much, is that a bad sign Professors?” Tonks asked.

“No Nymphadora, it is because the Rite has been completed, their glow will dissipate over the next few days.” The Headmistress replied.

“Minerva! Its Tonks …!! Really Minerva, how would you like it, if I started calling you Headmistress Urquart?” Tonks snapped.

“Urquart?” Fred enquired.

“Auror Lupin, you know very well I’ve never used that name here in this school.” McGonagall said, crossly.

“Headmistress McGonagall, you know very well I hate the name Nymphadora.” Tonks replied, almost stamping her foot.

“Urquart?” Fred enquired, again, this time with a knowing grin on his face.

Looking at Fred Weasley with a visage that would make a troll think twice about wiping its nose on its sleeve, the Headmistress replied in a cold and level tone, “My husband’s name, Mr. Weasley, and mine, for all too short a time. Never used in my official capacity here at this school. If it became common knowledge, Mr. Weasley, I would be obliged to show you why I held the position of transfiguration professor at this school for so many years. Do we understand each other Fred?”

The use of his given name, rather than assure him, caused Fred to feel like an equal. That is an equal opponent and when it came to transfiguration there were very few that were the Headmistresses equal. Gulping, Fred replied meekly “Of course Minerva, I perfectly understand.”

Turning back to Harry and Ginny the Headmistress continued to voice her concerns, “Harry this may cause some difficulty with your teaching, you were no more than thirty feet away from Ms. Wea... sorry, Mrs. Potter before you both collapsed. I think we’ll have to sit down and rework your schedule according to your wife’s proximity.”

“Minerva I’m really sorry to cause all this trouble,” Harry began.

“Harry,” interrupted Professor Dumbledore from his portrait “I had informed Minerva of my suspicions weeks ago, this was not unexpected, although, perhaps a little impatient in its arrival.”

“But Professor, how can I teach potions and have Ginny stay with me all day?” Harry asked, as the door opened and Madam Pomfrey entered, followed by a hovering Professor Slughorn, “You sent for us Headmistress?” she asked.

“Yes Poppy, Lord and Lady Potter have, obviously, gotten married. Their vows prevent them from being apart, they tested this and both of them collapsed. Could you examine them to make sure no harm has been done?” The Headmistress asked.

“Congratulations Harry and you too, Ms. Weasley, sorry, Mrs. Potter.” Professor Slughorn called out as he made his way to the back of the room.

“Certainly Headmistress.” The Matron replied “Congratulations Lord and Lady Potter, I’ll just examine you where you are.” She said, waving her wand over the smiling couple. Her brow furrowed as she continued to wave her wand over them. Stopping she cast a spell “nuptias florum” a bridal bouquet sprang from the end of her wand, which she handed to Ginny. Ginny beamed.

“Headmistress, I … my scans are showing some unusual results … if I didn’t know better I’d say my wand was acting up. I can only find one person sitting in that chair; a perfectly healthy person, but only one.” She concluded.

“It’s not your wand Poppy, our newly weds are paired.” The Headmistress replied.

Turning back to the happy couple, the matron said, “My my Mr. Potter, you do nothing by half. Mrs. Potter, you are a very lucky woman.” Smiling she looked for a seat, seeing a vacant spot she made her way towards it softly speaking to herself,  “At least it’ll be a dozen years before we have any little Potters taking up space in my infirmary.” Was heard, as she went to take a seat at the window.

Murmured conversations continued about the room as Remus and Tonks handed the Headmistress a sheet of parchment which, after reading, she smiled. “Poppy is Horace fit enough to start teaching again?” she asked, receiving affirmation from the school matron. “Good. Ok Harry, here’s your new schedule, you’ll be taking sixth and fourth year Transfiguration, sixth and fifth year DADA and first, second and sixth year potions. For fifth year DADA Ginny will be next door in muggle studies with Professor Babage and during fourth year Transfiguration your wife has a free period, for first and second year potions she will be above you for double History with Professor Binns and she will attend all your sixth year classes. For all your other classes I suggest you follow your wife’s schedule.”

“What about next full moon or the next time Tonks is called away?” Harry asked, worried that he was letting the Headmistress down.

“Let’s cross those bridges when we come to them Professor” the Headmistress said.

As Harry scanned his schedule with Ginny the Headmistress continued “Harry we were supposed to have an Order meeting last Saturday at seven, if you recall, unfortunately you, were four days late. Perhaps now would be a good time for you to bring us up-to-date with everything you are willing or able to share with us?”

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