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Anything for you... by thepottergirl
Chapter 2 : Hermione: Old wounds were split opened...
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Two years later...........



I was standing in a dark and neglected alley, searching for a ray of light in the midst of ruined edifices.


Unaccompanied, I was, when I saw someone following me. I had been running since then, away from that hooded lady.


I was wandless, helpless and forsaken........

I wanted someone, someone who can take me out of this place.


I wandered in the unknown alley for a while and then sat down on the hard ground, with my back to the wall.


The environment was grim. Not a single soul was in sight.

Sweat trickled down my forehead, as I spent time on the cold ground.


I was very tired and was slowly getting dozed of.........

When suddenly, I heard that awful cry, that cry which made me alert that I need to run,

I need to hide again.


Slowly, I got up and drifted towards the end of the alley, when I saw that it was closed.

I never saw that the alley was blocked from other side. NEVER SAW!

How can I be so FOOLISH to not seen it BEFORE?


I was trapped in the alley, with that lady, who had been following me for so many days.

Each day she would follow me, and I always escaped her. But not that lucky I am, today.


Only her eyes were visible from her black hood. She was nearing me from the other end of the alley.


A sudden chill trickled down my spine, when I recognized the woman in the veil.

How can it be POSSIBLE?! I asked myself.

My deepest fear cannot be standing in front of me.

It is impossible, but........


She looked at me with bloodshot eyes when she removed her veil to reveal the face of Bellatrix Lestrange.


Old wounds split opened, of mine.

Old memories flooded back to my mind, instantly.


I was standing still like a statue, with my eyes wide open.


She could sense it. She could sense it, that I was wandless, with no external help coming from me.


“You were supposed to be dead. How can you be alive?!” I asked her, with fear pouring in my voice.


“I was never dead. No one can kill me. I have returned to fulfil my lord’s last wish.....” she answered instantly, with patience, which was just impossible for her.


“You can’t live! You don’t have the right to live, Mudblood” she said with an evil smirk


And instantly, I was hit by that same feeling, which tore me apart two years before, the one she inflicted upon me on the colossal drawing room of Malfoy Manor.....


There was no way out, no chance for my survival. The felling was like getting inflicted by red hot pins, getting inserted in my brain and soul, every second, destroying my soul, bit by bit.


She continued to curse me with the same patience, enjoying every cry of relief, croaked by me.


I screamed in pain while she screamed in delight, returning to her usual self.


I COULDN’T TAKE IT MORE!  I just don’t have the strength, the courage in me.

I screamed in pain, I screamed for someone who can hear me, rescue me from this devil.


It was like slowly, I was losing my sanity, when suddenly there was a BLAST of golden light, in front of me.


Someone heard me! God heard my prayer.


I was pushed sideways by someone, towards the wall of the adjacent building.


I saw a streak of green and red lights, engulfing the darkness, from two wands, from opposite directions.

It seemed like the duel was going on for hours.

I was slowly losing my consciousness, when I heard the defeated Bellatrix scream-

“You will never be spared, both of you. You will have to pay for it!! I will make sure of it.”


...And she disappeared into thin air, within an instant.


Darkness engulfed the alley, again. Someone was nearing me......


I saw a dash of blond hair, before the darkness outside engulfed my weary eyes also............



Sunlight filled my face, from the nearby window.


I was lying on a soft bed, much softer than my own bed.


I opened my eyes, to see that I was in a vast room with an elegant window and a enormous bed.


I got up from the vast bed, and was observing the beautiful features of the colossal room, when I saw that someone, someone with blond hair, was looking at me, with weary eyes, from the nearby sofa.


“Good Morning, Granger” said Draco Malfoy, with a yawn.


I was shocked to hear his voice.

He was the last person; I wanted to meet, on this Earth.


Why was I here, I asked myself.

Why was I here, with HIM?!


.......And then truth hit me like a curse.


“You saved me last night?” I asked him.

“Correction- I saved you day before yesterday’s night. Not last night. Since then, you had been unconscious.” He said.


“Where am I?” I asked him a second question.


“Don’t you see that you are in my house, my Malfoy Manor?” he said with a smirk.


“What?! I thought........”


“You thought that you are in your home, which had been renovated just the same design of my Manor, and with me as a servant, who has been taking care of every single need of yours, from the time, you entered here!”


“You were taking care of my needs?!”


“Of course I was! How can you even think that you would have been alive, if I hadn’t been serving you as a house elf, for the past 48 hours? I had been feeding you and keeping you hydrated, leaving my all other WORK?!”


“O.K. Thanks for everything you have done for me. Why are you in this in this foul mood in the beginning of the day?”


“Because, if you haven’t noticed that night, someone has returned. Bellatrix Lestrange has returned!! Isn’t that a valid reason for me being scared and irritating?”


As I heard this, the memories of that dreaded night flooded back to me. I remembered how I ran for dear life, how I hid in the alleyway, how she tortured me with no mercy, and how I was saved by this ferret.


I was filled with dread and fear, when I heard this.


“And now, I request you not to ask any more questions, because it will be too late for someone, who will be coming in the next fifteen minutes, to meet you. You should better change. I have bought some clothes for you. I have kept them in the cupboard, over there”

He said with a hurried expression.


He stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts...........








How was it? Please review and tell!

I want to know that I have written till now is good or horrible. J





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Anything for you...: Hermione: Old wounds were split opened...


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