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I'm Nott in Love With Potter by MaryOlivia
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Thanks to pheonixn@TDA!!

Victoria Jusitce ~ Sinead Posey


'The Slytherin slags.'

I'm astounded at how witty some people are.

I mean come on, what's with all this alliteration? Gryffindor Girls (they didn't even get a dire one!), Ravenclaw Rooks (I don't understand either) and the Hufflepuff Hags (… yeah I do actually agree with that one), I mean, come on Hogwartians!

And don't get me started on the sixth year boys...

I suppose 'slags' is an appropriate term of phrase for my friends and my dress code, but really, I'm astounded at the idiocy shown at this school.

Oh, and Annie Nott, by the way.

(That's my name if you dimwits didn't understand.)

And that person there, with the brown hair, like mine at the moment, with the sexy emerald glasses covering her also emerald eyes is my best friend Sinead Posey.

Haha, only joking. I'm a Slytherin and a Nott, I don't have best friends.

I know, I'm hilarious.

And smart.

And beautiful.

And really, really modest too.

I can't help it.

People come up and say 'Oh Annie, your lookin' fine today' I just have to reply with a simple 'thanks'. In actual fact, I have never once in my life said 'I know, now piss off' when someone complimented me.


Anyway… moving on.

So next to my 'best friend' is Garland Red, who as unfortunate as her name… has red hair.

Poor, poor girl.

And to complete the incongruously named 'slags' is Nora Parkway, blonde haired, blue eyed Miss Teen Witch.

"Anniekins, stop staring at me or I'll rip your eyes out of your head and make you eat them, before I then tickle the back of your throat, make you sick and make you eat your vom."

And slightly violent, though I think her PMSing has something to do with that.

"My eyes would be too awesome to eat. I would die from the awesome that would ensue from the eating."

"Stop saying 'awesome'," Nora demanded in a mocking voice. "You're not a bloody American and it will be over my dead body you will start acting like one."

"PMS much." I muttered, tuning my head to look out the window, feeling her icy gaze fall again once on me.

She seriously has anger issues.

"What did you just say to me?" She growled.

"I said, 'Would you like a hug, princess?'" I asked sweetly with a winning smile.

"Oh… well no, I would not like a hug, I don't like human interaction."

Psh, got that right.

I really need the toilet. Like desperately. A lot.

"Uh-oh, here comes trouble." Sinead muttered, glancing at the door. Internally, I sighed, knowing my bladder would not be relieved of yet and I'd have to endure another five or so minutes bouncing in my seat.

The compartment's door slid open with ease, emitting a tiny squeak as it hit the side.

I saw a, what some females would describe as gorgeous, blonde boy and his mates standing at the door, respectively sending each of us a wink and a smirk.

But my attention was already directed at Malfoy.

"Hey Malfoy, how was your summer?" I purred, leaning forwards slightly, trying not to let my impatience show with this irritating 'bit' we have to do. If the others just left round about now, I wouldn't burst with the need to go the toilet. And I wouldn't have to give Malfoy my sexy face which generally repulses me because even though I say it I'm not sexy and it's hard, acting.

But luckily, I have this shit down, dude. (I can practically hear Nora mentally sending me another eye related threat; she knows I'm squeamish about those weird balls)

"Hey Nott, it was great, how was yours?" He replied smoothly, strutting forwards to slide next to me. I practically poured over him as he sat down, sending him a sly smile.

"It just got better." I whispered, leaning forwards.

And then our lips were connected and my friends were groaning (Nora threw… something at me, I think it was her Pygmy Puff aptly named 'thing') while Malfoy's friends (Harrison Zabini, Charlie Flint, and Niall Rosier) all cheered and wolf whistled, my dear brother Ash, also a friend of Malfoy's, standing their rather uncomfortably.

I distantly heard Harrison suggest the girls should go back to The Stags (also terrible, Hogwartians, I'm disappointed) compartment to, and I quote 'have a good time.' I guess there's some sexual implications there but I'm not one to point out the obvious.

Well, I can't say that them watching us snog would be very enjoyable or them but still… we are nice people.

Ha. I've still got it.

Once we were sure they had gone we parted our lips, both scowling.

"Stop looking like such a sour puss." I grumbled. "That's got them sorted, anyway. How's it going with Rose?" I asked, biting my lip in concern for my 'boyfriend' (and against my rush of the toilet).

"Not too well." He sighed, slumping down onto the seat opposite me. "She's still adamant on the fact I'm a Malfoy, which obviously will never change, unless I die or something, but then I'll be dead so that totally defeats the point." He groaned, rather pathetically.

And anyway, that's not totally true, but I'll let it slide. He'd probably have a hissy fit if I started to point out the flaws in what he just said.

Wait, why am I not telling him? Being mean to him is my favourite pass time.

"You would still be a Malfoy if you were dead though." I corrected, sitting back and grabbing a chocolate frog, catching it before it bounced away. "And I'm sure she'd rejoice over your death." I added unnecessarily with a smirk.

He pouted; blowing out a huge sigh that annoyed me to no end, why will he not man up, like a normal man. Well, man is stretching it actually, he's more of a boy, bordering toddler. You haven't seen the way he walks; it's a toddle no doubt.

"Why are you so mean to me these days?"

"Because you roped me into your weird make-Rose-jelly plan."

"Rose jelly?"

"Jealous, seriously, you are so not down with it anymore. I can't ever have a proper boyfriend now because people think you own me. I can't bloody wait for that stupid fucking slag to realise she likes you." I muttered, swinging my legs up onto the sofa.

"Well… I could 'break up' with you again," He suggested, making air quotes with his fingers.

"What would be the point in that? Anyway, I suppose I do like hexing girls that flirt with you, it brings me a sense of pleasure I could never let it go." I informed him casually through a yawn.

Bloody hyperactive parents, keeping me up all night with their raucous sex and then insisting on waking me up two hours previous to what I told them, I guess their just sexing out their brain cells or something.

"Right…" He trailed off, giving me a strange look as I sat there, chillin'.

"I suppose I should thank you really."

"Annie Nott, saying thank you?" He gasped mockingly. "Why anyway?"

"I used to be a stupid fan girl, fawning over you, but then you picked me for you stupid plan and I realised how much of a twat you were," I started, casually dropping in an insult. "And I got over it, and now people know who I am."

"Urm… I'm not sure I'm supposed to say 'It's ok' or be insulted."

"Just say, 'thanks Annie your awesome'."

"Thanks Annie, I suppose you're not that annoying."

"Haaaaaa, you're so hilarious."

"I know. Thanks." Scorpius replied with a smirk.

The compartment door whacked open revealing the Gryffindor sixth years and Scorp's smirk slide right of his face, making way to a fouler expression of complete hatred.

"Hello boys. What can we do for you?" I asked innocently, blinking up at them.

"Nothing. We want Malfoy." The front boy, who goes by the name of James Potter, explained with an expectant look towards the said boy.

I stood up neatly, brushing the nonexistent crumbs off my skirt, and walked over to my 'boyfriend'.

"Well, I'm sorry boys he's all mine." I apologized, in a voice not at all my own, sending them a snarky smile while snaking my hand to hold his.

"Yeah, yeah we know. And we don't care, so stay out of it Nott." Potter spat in my direction, hate radiating off him, bringing out my own hate.

"No." I refused with a glare, walking forwards.

"Does your girl always fight your battles?" One of Potter's friends asked with a patronising laugh.

"No, only when arse holes are involved. Its not like he asks me to, but you insult my friends, then you insult me. Fuck off before you cause some real trouble Gryffies." I demanded, bringing a hand up to play with my newly blonde locks.

"Woah, how did you do that?" The boy at the far back, Longbottom I think, asked in wonder. I raised an eyebrow and looked back at Scorp with a patronising smirk of my own.

I've actually been here five years. I wasn't that invisible before was I?

"She's a metamorphmagus." Scorp answered with a stupidly superior laugh that reluctantly I joined in with. Potter ruffled his dark hair and rolled his brown eyes to send an irritated look at the back boy who squirmed under his harsh gaze.

"It's normally blonde anyway. Haven't you noticed?" I asked with a too innocent smile directed at Potter. He reached a hand to hold my side-plait, shaking his head with an arrogant smirk scarring his features. "Do you want to go away now?" I asked sweetly, batting my eyelashes the way I've seen his fan club do.

"Not really, no." He admitted casually, tugging lightly on my plait, looking straight at me to see if I would react. "We warned you to stay away from our Rosie." He finally said, pulling the hair bobble out before letting go of my hair and directing his gaze onto Scorpius who was looking at me. I could feel my hair changing back and shook my hair out a few times to rid myself of the funny feeling it leaves behind each time I morph. "Stay away," Potter warned, pointing a finger at Scorp. "Or we'll kill you." Then I got the image of Potter towering over Scorpius in a very over the top, dramatic fashion, Potter laughing manically while Scorpius cowered pathetically under him, crying for his mother. This of course promptly led me to laugh, and very loudly I might add. I think it was a mixture of the weird daydream and the idea that the son of the Boy Who Lived would, or even could, commit murder.

"Oh, just fuck off James." I sighed, pushing him out of the door forcefully. I heard a tiny squeak emit from somewhere behind him and I craned my neck to see who it was.

"I…" Garland stuttered, looking at Potter and his friends with fear evident in her eyes.

"We're nearly there so we need to get changed." Sinead sighed, taking over from Garland. "Move." She commanded, giving the Gryffies a disdainful look. See this is why she's my 'best friend'.

I smiled at her and gave the idiots an expectant look.

A similar smirk appeared on every face except the last, the boy at the back that, in my opinion, was now defiantly the best looking; I think he never really got any attention because he wasn't a show-off prick.

I gave him a sly smirk and waved as they went. The last I saw of the Gryffies that day was back-boy's bright blush and Potter smacking him around the head.

Despite my, what you might call, bravado, I hate arguments, duels, fights or anything of the sort, everybody knows it who I call a friends because I call it my biggest weakness. I don't have enemies though, no matter how much I hate James Potter and his friends, which unfortunately will now include my older brother Ryan, as of recent events, I'm not as hateful as I seem.

"Go away Scorp." Nora demanded angrily. I walked to the door muttering about my bladder and peeing needs.

"You know, this is why we don't like you, you know it's not good for Annie to argue with people, especially the Potters, you of all people should know how it looks for her family's image." I heard Sinead say before I slid the door shut. As much as I hated her for saying it, I knew it was true, being a Nott, a Malfoy or any other Death Eater descendant gave you an automatic low status pretty much everywhere and fighting with the Potters would certainly get me no good favours.

That day was the first day I ever talked to James Potter II, who knew what it would become, how he might break my heart and destroy my families reputation that already hung in the balance?


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