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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 5 : Now what?
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Back in the present day of 2017, Harry Potter was sitting at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee his wife sat opposite him. She too had a drink but was too busy biting her lower lip in anxiety to notice it.

Harry reached out a hand across the table. "Ginny love, it will be fine. I spoke to Teddy and James and they all seem fine. We will get them back!" he assured her, In reality he was assuring himself also.

"I could kill him!" she hissed referring to James. "But i miss them all so much i really just want to hug him."

Harry pursed his lips, he too was deeply annoyed with his eldest son for his stupidity but in reality that wasn't the point right now. They were currently sat in their home in Godrics Hollow waiting for Hermione and Ron to arrive so they could let them know. They thought they were coming to collect their children but Ginny had called and asked them to come earlier. Harry sat and thought about what his fifteen year old self would be thinking right now, Teddy said it was sometime in August, so it must be after the hearing. He would be so confused. Poor Teddy meeting his parents for the first time, only to have to leave them again soon, he also wondered if he had told them that he had never known them. As he sat pondering all of this, there was a knock at the front door.

Ginny and Harry both stood to let their friends in.

"Hello!" cheered Ginny as she opened the door. Hermione and Ron walked straight in and into the kitchen, there they placed themselves at the dining table. Harry and Ginny came in and resumed their previous seats as Hermione was carelessly counjouring some coffee for the two fo them.

"What's going on?" demanded Hermione. "You sounded awfully jumpy on the phone Ginny."

Ginny smiled sheepishly.

"Where are the children?" continued Hermione softly, taking a sip of coffee then looking deeply satisfied.

"That's the thing Hermione," began Harry looking between both Ron and Hermione. "There has been an incident."

Ron's eyes widened. "What is it? Are they hurt?"

"No!No!" insisted Harry. "Not at all but..."

"They went back in time!" exploded Ginny.

Hermione and Ron gaped at her. "What?"

"They snuck into Harry's office, i said you should have put a lock on it, and 'accidently' used his old time-turner and travelled back in time!"

"I'll kill them!" fumed Hermione.

"No, it was all James's fault they were just there with him." said Harry hastily.

"How far have they gone?" asked Ron. "Have you tried to contact them?"

"Yes we spoke via Galleon, we can ring them again in a minute if you's like." said Harry. "The thing is...they went back twenty years!"

Hermione and Ron both felt their jaws drop. "So where abouts are they?" wondered Hermione.

"Grimmauld place, August 1995." said Harry.

They both were doing the maths in their head trying to remember. "Oh!" said Hermione. "After your hearing, but that means....crap! Everyone is there nearly, including Fred, Tonks, Lupin and Sirius!"

"I know, they are trying not to reveal the future but as you can imagine it wont be easy for them." said Ginny quietly.

Ron looked horrorstruck. "Call them again on your Galleon please!"

Harry took out his Galleon and said the necessary incantation and waited for James to pick up. It took quite a while.

"Hello?" came the cautious voice of Teddy Lupin.

"Teddy where's James?" asked Harry.

"Oh he threw it to me because he is scared of you." chuckled Teddy. Harry sighed.

"Okay, can you pass the Galleon to Rose and Hugo please?"

There was some muffled hisses as the coin was passed and some heavy breathing.

"H-hello?" stammered Hugo into the coin.

Harry said nothing but passed his own Galleon over to Ron and Hermione. "Hugo and Rose Weasley." began Hermione in an icy voice. "You two are in so much trouble, you hear?"

Hugo gulped. "Mum, it was all James's fault!" insisted Rose. There was a loud protest from James in the background.

"We do not want to hear it," said Hermione angrily. Rose huffed.

"Rosie, Hugo are you both okay?" asked Ron quietly into the coin. Bloody Hell! Came the voice of a young Ron Weasley in the background.

"Yes daddy we're fine," replied Rose.

"Okay, can you put Grandma on please?" interjected Harry into the coin, taking it back from Ron.

"Hello dear?" came the flustered voice of Molly Weasley.

"Molly, it's Harry. I know it isn't specifically you as it is the past but i want to apologise and please, because you may not feel it necessary, if they in any way try to take advantage of you or the situation, do whatever you need to."

Ginny could imagine the looks of horror her children would have on their faces.

"Okay dear that's just fine. I just wondered if you had any idea on what to do to sort the situation? We thought about notifying Dumbledore but it wont do much good our end so maybe you should do that?"

Harry grimaced into the coin. "No, no it's fine. Minister Shakelbolt will be here shortly, he is already aware of the situation. It seems that we ourselves are probably going to have to come into the past to retreive the children."

"Yay!" squealed Lily.

Harry continued. "It works out though, because that means that we can properly Obliviate you, although Teddy and Victoire-and Rosie for that matter- are more then capable of doing it, we need to be thorough."

"Okay that's fine Harry dear,"

"Mum, it's Ginny," she said into the coin next to Harry. "You seem perfectly at ease, is everything alright?"

"Yes of course, i'm over the moon to have all these Grandchildren!"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Of course you are. Have they revealed to much of the future?"

"No not yet, we thought we could ask some more questions before we put them to bed but don't worry we will be more then careful!" insisted her mother.

"Yes mother, please do. Some information is probably classified for this era and i doubt would go down to well with everyone there with you. Make sure they all behave themselves. I love you all!" she called a little more loudly into the coin.

Half a dozen 'i love you too's' came back through and then they hung up.

As if timed, there was another knock at the door.

Ginny rose to answer it. "Right, let's get our kids back!"

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Time-Travel Mishaps!: Now what?


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