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Facing Fate by Secret Passion
Chapter 32 : Epilouge
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The train was slow, much too slow for Hermione. All she wanted to do was go back to her parents, curl up in a nice normal life for a couple of month before she moved into a nice new flat in a nice area of London with a nice square to look over and a good internship to attend at the ministry. 

The heavy heart she had been carrying around since that night always felt a little light when Hermione thought about the future before her. A wizard lawyer and a published author. She felt nervous but it was a good kind of nervous not like the stomach clenching worry she had carried around for the last weeks of the school term. 

She was stressed because she had so much to sort out in such a short space of time but not as stressed as she felt when she thought about the fact that she didn’t know where Draco Malfoy was. McGonagall was as shocked as she had been when Hermione told her he had left and everyone she had asked, including the minister himself didn’t have a clue. 

But she knew. They had gotten to him. They must have done or he would have told her and let her know he was going to be safe but he hadn’t he had just left her there and her friends had been the ones to peel her off the driveway and take her back into the common room just the way they had when she had caught Ron. 

Ron. Ron was joking around with Neville Harry and Dean in the opposite seat to her. Dean. 

The two boys had been the best to her. Ron had carried her up to the castle and Hermione didn’t protest. She didn’t care anymore. Dean had sat with her when Ginny had left. Sat and talked about normal muggle stuff while Hermione had been wrapped in a blanket on her bed drinking hot chocolate. He had even managed to make her laugh. 

She couldn’t get up the courage to laugh now and though Luna and Ginny were trying their best to chide the boys and make it look like Hermione wasn’t falling apart at the seams but everyone could see it anyway. 

“So,” Ginny said to the group, “I’m having a couple of training sessions with the Harpies this summer if anyone wants to come and watch.”

She was saying the question to the group but Hermione knew the girl was aiming it at her. Hermione nodded but didn’t say anything. She hadn’t said anything since they had boarded the train and she didn’t want to say anything. All she wanted to do was find out where Draco was and beg him to come back. 

Unable to stand the small compartment with so many people in it any longer Hermione leapt to her feet and left the room,  trying to make her way to the toilet before Ginny could stop her… well she knew the girl wouldn’t anyway. Ginny was giving her space, letting her do her own thing. Her brother had had the opposite reaction but Hermione tried not the think about how her ex had exclaimed that the Auror department would hunt him down and put his head on a spike. 

She splashed water from the sink at her face and it calmed her down. Made her feel less stressed. More awake. More aware. There was a knock on the door and Hermione was about to tell Ginny to go back because she was fine when Deans voice floated through the wood. 

“Hermione, are you okay?” he asked. 

Hermione dried her face quickly and opened the door a fraction, glancing up at a cheeky smile that Dean had plastered on his face.

“I’m fine,” she said coming out of the toilet and closing the door behind her. 

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” she reassured. 

Hermione went to walk back to the compartment but Dean stopped her. 

“I’m not going to try and pounce on you,” Dean said, “I’m still a little shocked that your prince charming was Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione nodded but didn’t look up at him. 

“I just want you to know I’m here,” he continued.

“I know Dean,” Hermione said. 

“Take this, it is my home number, quicker than Owl and I know your parents will have one. If you ever need to talk right away I am just on the other end.”

Dean pressed a piece of paper into Hermione’s hand, kissed her quickly on the cheek and walked away leaving Hermione wondering if maybe she ever could move on from Draco. Was his hold over her going to last? Could she move on? 

Glancing at Dean’s retreating body she thought, under all the heartbreak, maybe one day she could leave this life behind and though she thought she had faced her fate this year maybe she just had to chase it a little longer.


So this is it, Facing Fate is finished BUT stick around to read the sequel Chasing Fate! Here is a little preview! Read and Review. I hope you enjoyed this novel (it will be under revision now)


 Here is your preview from the first chapter of Chasing Fate - Proposals

Hermione twisted the ring on her finger as she sat in front of the computer screen trying to figure out exactly how to word the email she was about to send to Ginny. It was at precisely this moment that she regretted making the re-head get a phone, computer and email address. At the time she had insisted because it was quicker than Owls and Ginny had finally relented. Only now she expected updates on everything that was going on and Hermione knew that if she waited until they were off their honeymoon both Harry and especially Ginny would go crazy. 

Of course Hermione had been updated on every aspect of the previous two weeks in a their caribbean bliss…every aspect. If the was anyone who went over the line of too much information then it was Ginny Potter. Ginny Potter, Hermione would have to get used to saying that but that was what the loved up girls email address now said. 

Dear Mrs Potter, (bet it feels good to hear that doesn’t it!)

                He proposed…

It was all she had and all she really wanted to say. Maybe she should admit to her best friend that the moment he had proposed Hermione’s mind had skipped straight to the person who had left her in the dark on the Hogwarts driveway all those years ago. Hermione glanced at the calendar. It was the twenty-first of April. Two years, ten months and thirteen days since he left. 

But she couldn’t think about that. All she needed to think about was the fact that Hermione’s parents knew, his parents knew and now Ginny and Harry needed to know. What the girl would say she didn’t know. What the girl would say when she found out Hermione had been keeping it to herself for a week already she did know and that was why this email had to be sent. 

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