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It's Just Me, Rose Weasley. by Gryffindor_Forever
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three.
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 'Rose, come over here!' yelled Scorpius from the other side of the lake.

Walking over to him, I saw that he lay on the grass with no shirt on. I sat next to him and asked, 'Why are we here?'

'Don't you remember? I'm meeting your parents today!' he replied.

'Er. Why?'

'Because they wanted to meet your new boyfriend, silly!' He picked up a shirt, slipped it on and sat up.

'Rose!' I heard a man's voice yell. Flipping my head back, I saw my Dad storming up to us and Mum following close behind.

'Who is that!? Rose! You are NOT dating a Malfoy are you?!' he spat at me.

'Excuse me, Mr Weasley, but just because I'm a Malfoy does not mean that I am my father or even my grandfather, and I'll have you know that I am a Gryffindor!' yelled Scorpius as he stood up.

'I do not care if you're in Gryffindor! You're still a Malfoy!' Dad screamed.

'DAD! Stop it! Just stop it!' I yelled. My father walked up to us whipped out his wand and exclaimed,'If you're not going to end it, then I will! AVADA KEDVRA!'

'NOO!' I screamed just as I saw Scorpius' body slam into the grass.

Turning to face my father, I saw Mum stride up next to him and say, 'I always knew she'd be a disappointment.' Then they disappeared into thin air.

I felt tears fall from my face, and I-

My eyes snapped open. I was still in bed, thank Merlin. The dream was so real. I was so sure Scorpius was dead. But thinking of Scorpius only made me remember what happened last night..

'Just can't stay away can you?'

'I guess not,' I said as I kissed him.

He pulled me onto the bed and I tugged at his shirt.

'What changed?' he asked.

'What do you mean?' I asked back.

'I mean, we were bestfriends for six years, and now all of a sudden you're into me.'

'Oh, I don't know really. I guess I just saw you differently this year.' I pulled his shirt off. 

Good Merlin he had some good abs. 

But he pulled back.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'If we do this, what will it mean?' 

'Well, obviously we can't tell anyone. They'd go postal,' I said.

'So you care about what everyone else thinks. How about how I feel? You need to leave Rose.'

'Scorpius, just let me expl-'

'Just go.'

So I did.

Getting back to reality, the time on my clock said 3:10am. Fantastic.

I walked into the bathroom, surprised to see Scorpius laying on the floor sleeping. Oh dear. He obviously got drunk last night, after our little er- argument.

Nudging him, I whispered, 'Scorpius. Scorpius. Wakey wakey.' His eyes opened a tiny bit and automatically opened wide when he saw who I was.

'Rose. What are you doing- argh-.' Hangover. Again, fan-fucking-tastic.

'Merlin. Come on, I'll put you in my bed.' I picked him up -as much as I could- and dragged him onto my bed.

'Can you come and cuddle me, Rosie?' Scorpius said. Oh and again my night -morning- gets even better. Maybe he got more drunk than I thought.

'Scorp, I think you need to sleep. You had too much fun last night.' I walked to my door but was interrupted when he said, 'Please Rosie.'

Giving in I went and lay next to him. I felt his arms hold me tight, and I just stared at the carvings of his perfect face. That was the last thing I saw before drifting into a dreamless sleep.


'Rose, you look gorgeous today. If I may say so myself,' a familiar Slytherin voice said to me, while I was walking to Potions.

'Oh Dexter, must you flatter me like that. And wouldn't Heather have a problem with you saying that?' I asked curiously.

'Heather? Oh right, she and I broke up last night. I never realised how much of a bitch she was.'

'Speak of the devil, there she is,' I said pointing over to where Janelle and Heather sat.

She had bloodshot eyes from crying and was glaring at me furiously. Remembering I was Head Girl, I had to be the bigger person so I walked over to sit with Liv and Al. Oh and er- Scorpius.

Well, this is going to be hella awkward.

'Rose! Where were you last night? It wasn't the same without you!' yelled Albus.

'I-er. Um. Well,' I muttered. Glancing at Scorpius, he had the same look of embarrassment as me.

'Rose, why are you looking at him like that?' Liv asked me. Oh shit.

'I'm not, er. I don't- um. Oh Professor Slughorn's here, we all ought to stop talking and show some respect.'

Liv eyed me, I knew she wanted the truth. But not now.

'Oh hello students, today we will begin paired work. I have sorted you into pairs as follows; Janelle and Lorcan, Albus and Olivia, Heather and Dexter, Rose and Scorpius-' I stopped listening and froze on the spot.

Okay, pull yourself together Rose. It's no big deal, you don't even have to talk to him. 

After Slughorn finished announcing the pairs we all went to the benches and he said that today we would be learning about the love potion Amortentia. Apparently you can smell what you're attracted to.

'I need volunteers. Rose? Please come up here.' Walking over I hoped I wouldn't smell anything embarrassing.

Smelling the potion, some unfamiliar scents clouded my nose.

'Well, what do you smell?'

'I smell. I don't know. Fresh parchment? And er-' I lied straight through my teeth. What I really smelt was Scorpius' scent. Well not exactly his scent, but the cologne he wears.

'And what else Miss Weasley?'

'I can't share.'

'And why not?'

Because I'd rather not share that I smelt the cologne of Scorpius motherfreaking Malfoy, who is not only in the room, but he also kicked me out of his room last night and making me feel like a complete and utter twit.

'Miss Weasley, that was rather.. ah, interesting.'

Oh My Merlin. I did not just say that out loud. Holy Crap. Facing the class I saw many snickering faces. And I saw Al's mouth hanging open, and Liv looking smug. I didn't even want to meet Scorpius' eyes.

Sitting back down I prayed Slug wouldn't ask Scorpius to go up.

But as usual, the world's against me.

'Just for fun, let's get Mr. Malfoy up here.' Everyone in the class was anxiously waiting for what he would smell.

He leaned in and took a whiff. 'I smell, chocolate, sir, do I really have to continue, I'd rather get marked down.'

'Mr. Malfoy, surely it can't be that embarrassing please continue.'

With a pained expression Scorpius said, 'If I must. I smell chocolate and roses, so basically I smell the perfume of Rose motherfreaking Weasley who is not only in this very room, but I also woke up in her room, don't worry kids it was PG. But wow, it was really awkward waking up to find that she's fled!'

The whole class pissed themselves with laughter. It was the most embarrassing class of my entire life. But I stuck through it, finishing the potion with top marks.

As soon as the bell rung, I of course ran for the hills. Going straight to the Quidditch pitch with my broom. I got on it, and flew around for a while.

I'm not sure how long I was flying, but I knew that by the time I got off it was dark.

Walking around the corner towards the Great Hall, I saw Dex and Heather screaming at each other.

Well actually it was only Heather screaming at Dex.

'Why is it always her?! She's so ugly, I mean who could love a Weasley! She takes everything from me! Now you?!'

'She can't take what was never yours Heather.' That had to hurt.

'Whatever. She won't get what she wants now.' 

'Heather, don't go after Scorpius, it won't do you any good,' said Dex, panic in his voice.

'Maybe, but it will cause her a lot of pain. Bye now Dex.' And she walked off.

I sprinted past Dex and ran into the Hall, Scorpius was sitting with Al and Daniel at the Gryffindor table and Heather was heading there.

'Heather! No!' I yelled. 

I ran faster towards them and heard her mumble something that sounded like,'She's gonna get it. This time. This time for the rest.' What the hell?

Scorpius stood up and noticed Heather, with a confused look he moved out just as I screamed, 'Scorpius! Stay where you are!' He froze and Heather raised her wand higher. I got there just in time.

She yelled, 'Sectumsempra!' And I jumped in between her and Scorpius. I felt my body fall to the floor. Blood was everywhere.

I was being slashed with something invisible. And it hurt. I know it sounds dumb, but it was the worst pain of my life.

'Oh my god, Rose. Stay with me, okay. Just keep your eyes open,' I heard a soothing velvet voice say in my ear. Tears were falling from my eyes.

'Mr. Malfoy, please move. I must do the counter curse.' McGonagall? Scorpius hesitated but knew he must do what she says.

'Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur,' she said, and the wounds disappeared from my body. But exhaustion from the curse took over and I blacked out.

When I woke in the hospital 2 days later I was surrounded with red and brown headed people.

'SHE'S AWAKE! AL GET SCORPIUS!' I heard a familiar crazy voice yell. Lily. Of course.

'Ehh. Can I go back to sleep?' I asked dreamily.

'NO!' everyone screamed. I covered my face with a pillow and yelled,'Why me!' I heard footsteps coming in the ward.

'Rosie! Look who I've found!' Al yelled.

Removing the pillow from my face, I stared at Scorpius for just a second until he came over and smothered me with a sweet kiss.

'Eh, hem,' Em muttered. Scorp took my hand and said, 'Pomfrey said you could leave as soon as you were awake, do you want to come for a walk?'

I nodded and jumped out of the bed. Leaving my annoying cousins behind.

We walked up to the 7th floor corridor and he must of thought something extraordinary because when we walked into the Room of Requirement, I saw it filled with roses.

'What are we doing here Scorpius?' I asked warily.

'We are having one of those mushy moments,' he chuckled. I guided him over to a bed of roses, and when I say bed, I mean an actual bed. We laid on it, talking about anything and everything. Heather had been expelled, never to return to Hogwarts and McGonagall gave me and Scorpius the whole week off.



'I don't care about what anyone thinks anymore.' He reached down cupped my face and said gently,'That was all I needed to hear.'

And well, you know what comes after that. 


A/N; Hey there (; Thanks for reading, and sticking with me through that dry spell!  Please review, anything is appreciated!

Chapter 4 is coming ASAP.



DISCLAIMER; I'm not J.K Rowling, therefore I did not create Harry Potter or anything you recognise. (;

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