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I Never Knew by Ade W Malfoy
Chapter 7 : Family Bloodlines
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 A/N Mmmmm.... I'm bored so I thought I might make a start on the next chapter. BTW, I didn't realize this story was favourite story of 18 authors. Wow! Thank you all who reviewed, especially those eighteen authors who favourited this! The amount of reviews is just... BLOODY BRILLIANT! :P This chapter will be shared between me and CUT_DMalfoy! Finally! I know right?

Ade W Malfoy

Chapter 7 – Family Bloodlines

Blaise's P.O.V

I was anxiously waiting for midnight, wanting a nice willing girl to do my every bidding. I know, I sound weird.

As I neared the wall where the door to the room of requirement was hidden, a door suddenly appeared as if it had been waiting for me to come. I opened the door and cautiously peered inside, seeing nothing but darkness.

"Hello?" Suddenly a loud bang was heard from behind me which was followed by a loud click that sounded around the room. This was beginning to freak me out now. I was about to hammer the door and asked to be let out when the light in the room was turned on.

Instead of a girl, I found two girls and a boy standing in a corner chatting rapidly in hushed whispers. When they finally turned around, who they were shocked me.


Ginny's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe that Hermione was Harry's cousin! It was just... wow! That was so unexpected, even though there was some obvious resemblances.

It wasn't until Zabini said something that sounded like hello did we realize that he had arrived. With a flick of Hermione's wand, the door shut and locked by itself. With another flick, the lights turned on. We resumed our conversation on what to say and ensure that he would keep what we were going to say a secret, finalizing the last of our plans.


3rd person

"Why are you guys here? I'm supposed to meet someone here." Zabini asked.

"We sent the letter to you, as we couldn't think of any other way to get you alone. We knew you wouldn't refuse a girl." Harry answered.

"Why?" Blaise simply said, unsure whether or not to trust them.

"You can trust us, our wands are over on that table in the far corner." Blaise just nodded, so Hermione continued. "What we are going to tell you tonight is to do with my identity and your family. But first, to ensure that you don't tell a soul about this unless either one of us three give you permission we will have to perform an unbreakable vow. Are you willing?"

Blaise seemed to be deep in thought for a few seconds before nodding hesitantly.

"Then we shall begin." Ginny said seriously. "Both you and Hermione hold onto each other’s wrists please."

They followed her instructions, so Ginny went over to the table to pick up her wand. She walked over then began saying.

"Do you, Blaise Zabini promise not to tell a single soul about what we are going to tell you tonight unless Hermione Granger, Harry Potter or I, Ginny Weasley gives you permission?"

"I do."

A magical rope bounded their hands.

"Do you promise to not answer any questions of where you were or what you did tonight?"

"I do." Another magical rope bounded them together.

"Last of all, do you promise to not work for Voldemort, even if you were forced to?"

Blaise hesitated before saying, "I do."

A final rope bounded them together, completing the unbreakable vow.

"You do know the result of breaking either one of the promises?" Blaise nodded his head before Harry continued. "Well, let's begin."


"WHAT?!?!?! You can't be serious!" A voice screeched.

"Well that's the fact, so you'd better accept sooner than later, cousin." Hermione said smartly, emphasizing the last word clearly.

"Talking about facts, how would I know you guys are telling the truth?" Blaise said with eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"After performing the vow, you saw us pour something into three separate cups from this jug right?" Hermione said. Blaise nodded, so she continued, "Well that was veritaserum. Try for yourself from the jug."

"Nah, just gonna smell it instead. Don't want you guys interrogating me." He leant over then nodded. “Well, you are indeed telling the truth.”

A/N: Sorry, Ade W Malfoy has handed over the chapter to me for some personal reasons, so from this point onwards, the story is done by CUT_DMalfoy ^^

Later that night, Hermione was exhausted. She staggered up to her bed and before her head hit the pillow, she was already fast asleep. Hermione was so tired, that she didn’t see Draco shoot her a suspicious glance…


Draco’s POV

‘Granger, what were you doing out so late last night!?’ I sneered at her, pissed that I was doing prefect rounds myself with no one to talk to, even if talking meant antagonizing a filthy buck-toothed mudblood.

‘Why do you care?’ Granger retorted, a cheeky grin coming onto her face, ‘Was the great and mighty Draco Malfoy worried about me?’

‘I wasn’t worried about you, but rather of the prefect rounds I had to spend time doing by myself.’ I spat at her with vigour.

That wasn’t so when you hit me with your ‘Revelar-nooo!’ spell,’ Hermione smirked and I turned red, mouth opening and closing with nothing to say, ‘Oh, look, I’ve made the awesome Draco Malfoy speechless!’

Granger walked away after that without a backward glance at me. Red hot anger boiled within me, but I didn’t have a comeback. I glared at her retreating back and thought back to my ‘Revelar-nooo!’ spell as Granger so kindly put it. After that, she looked different in the hospital, but I never thought that her personality would change as well. But that didn’t make me like her any less, it actually pulled me in more. I groaned and put my hands over my face, drowning in my teenage angst-couldn’t life get any worse?


Blaise POV

‘Hey, what’s up, D?’, I asked a long-faced Draco.

‘I can’t stand that mudblood! She keeps on taunting me, and I can’t seem to find any comebacks! But that’s just weird! I mean, everyone knows that Draco Malfoy would be able to oust any mudblood, friend of Harry Potter or not!’

I smirked at Draco, trying to use silence to squeeze information out of Draco about the curious person that was Hermione Granger.

Hearing my silence, Draco tried to force himself to continue to rant on the bad things about Granger, ‘She is just so annoying! I can’t seem to provoke her enough to make her lose her cool, or even just to answer me! It seems like she just doesn’t give any attention to me! All she cares about is the bloody boy-who-lived and that weasel. When I try to be civil she just blows up in my face! Being mean has exactly the same result! I have to do so much, and I just want to make her like me!’

I froze, ‘You want her to like you? As in… like-like?’

Draco turned violently red for the second time today, but this time, not from anger, but from extreme embarrassment, ‘Shit.’

Even if I didn’t get the information I wanted, this piece of information was just as juicy, ‘DRACO AND GRANGER, SITTING ON A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! FIRST COMES…’

Draco scowled imperiously, ‘If you tell anyone-’

‘You cut me open, tear all my innards out, feed them to the dogs, force me to watch, and if I’m not dead from the shock after that, you will cut my balls off and stick them to my forehead and attach my head onto a stick to hang in the Great Hall so everyone will know to not cross the Malfoy heir.’ I recited it in a matter-of-fact voice, making it sound like I was reading a history textbook out loud.

Draco just glared at me, and threw himself onto the bed. He decided then, that his life was officially over.


A/N Hi guys! When I read the second half that CUT_DMalfoy wrote, I lolled so hard! :D Review! Please do so? We've currently got 3 only.... It's soo depressing. BTW, reviewing might help us get more inspiration!

Ade W Malfoy

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