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Heartlines by 0Phoenix_Feathers0
Chapter 1 : Ice-Cream for breakfast. Really?
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A/N: Hey to anyone who takes the time to read this story J This is my first fan-fic so I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you read, review and enjoy!


(Edited 09/11/12)  

Ice-Cream for breakfast. Really?

 “Its 6 o’clock here in sunny London, and you’re listening to ‘Wake Up! With Lee Jordon’ on the WWN.”

It was Sunday the 31st of august 2023, and I was lying awake staring at the ceiling of the small room in ‘The Leaky Cauldron’. I had been awake and thinking about the day when I realised that my sister and I would have to come here, and decided to turn on the wireless.  You see, I’m starting at a new school today with my little sister, Olive Orlaith Troy. I’m Alice Meabh Troy, or Allie, for short.

We were living in Mayo, Ireland in a small cottage on the coast, with our waste of space father Michael Troy. Michael used to play Keeper for the Irish national Quidditch team and never let us forget as he constantly rambled about how much of a success he was when he was drunk-which was pretty much all the time, until he suffered a bad injury in a final match 17 years ago. It’s how he met my mother actually (another waste of space, but lets not get into that right now)

She was mascot for the opposing team, France, and they met at an after party, got hitched and a few months later, bam! Along came me. I haven’t the faintest idea why my mother married my  father. I mean, she was a veela and drop dead gorgeous and had men eating out of the palm of her hand. I guessed that maybe it was an attempt to rebel against her rich pureblood French parents who wanted her to settle down with a respectable young French man and not to travel around partying with a Qudditch team to end up married to a soon to be alcoholic Irish man. Anyways, Michael didn’t work again after his injury, and he didn’t need to as we’re quite wealthy from his Quidditch days, but it didn’t stop him getting angry at everyone around him for his problems.

 I currently don’t know where daddy dearest is, what he’s doing, or if he’s okay and I can honestly say I couldn’t care less. I haven’t seen him since … The Incident, let’s call it, and that was a good nine months ago.

So here I am, in London, sharing a four poster bed with my little sister in a noisy little inn. We had been staying in Blackpool since mid-June, in a small flat above a restaurant. The owners of the restaurant- a kind elderly couple from America- let us stay there in exchange for me working in the restaurant as a waitress. But a couple of days ago Olive and I said our goodbyes to Mr and Mrs Altman and left for London to get our things organised for Hogwarts.                                                                                                                                                          

I sighed and looked over at Olive sleeping in the bed next to me. She has been so excited about the idea of going to a school of magic and meeting other kids our age. Back in Mayo, there were no kids anywhere near where we lived, Muggle or Magical, so naturally we’re very close. I had to admit that the street here, known as ‘Diagon Alley’ was very interesting. It was the only place I had seen, apart from ‘The Square’ in Dublin, where magic and wizards didn’t have to hide from the Muggles.

We had collected our books, and to Olives delight, her first wand the day before. We went to a very shabby looking place called ‘Ollivanders’, where a very creepy ancient dude served us. I smiled and thought about when I got my first wand in ‘O’Hares Wandmakers’ in ‘The Square’.I had made the trip alone and it had been my first glimpse of the Magical world. It was 10 ¼ inches, dragon heartstring and the hair from the head of a veela. I felt a pang of longing thinking about my wand and where it had ended up. Right now I was stuck with an average wand that didn’t really suit me.

I poked Olive in the side and smiled a she made a face in her sleep.

 “Wake up Ollie, its half six”. She shot up in the bed her hair all messed up with a very comical look of surprise on her face.

 “HolyHippogriffs!” she said, her voice thick with sleep.

“Why didn’t you wake me!” Olive whined as she jumped up out of bed.

 “Chill out lil’ sis we have hours, the train doesn’t leave till nine” I said laughing at her attempt to pull her jeans on backwards.

 I reached across to my bedside table and pulled the August issue Quidditch weekly towards me. Before I could start reading about ‘the pros and cons of the Cleansweep 1200’, the magazine was yanked out of my hands and I was faced to face with a very angry Olive.

 “You promised we’d get up early and look around ‘Diagon Alley’ again” she said through gritted teeth.

Olive and I have extremely bad tempers due to the fact that we’re both half veela. Antoinette Apolline Mordeux, or ‘Mother Dearest’ was a full French veela, so along with the bad tempered nature of a veela, we also inherited the looks. Olive is petite, with a beautiful heart shaped face like our mothers, from what I’ve seen from the few pictures I found. She has mid-length silvery blonde hair that is straight as an arrow. She has blue eyes, though they’re not the same blue as our mums- Olives are lighter. I looked pretty much the same as my sister, except older obviously, and for a few differences.

 My hair was the same shade as Olives, except I had inherited curls from Michael. They hung past my shoulders in a crazy mess. I was taller than her as well but that wasn’t hard seeing she is tiny. I also have a figure to die for, if I do say so myself. My face was slightly rounder than Olives, but I had prominent cheekbones. My eyes on the other hand were very different from my sisters. They were dark blue, almost violet, and are very striking, or so I’m told.

I groaned, and reluctantly threw the sheets back and climbed out of the warm cosy bed.

  “That’s more like it” said Olive, with a smug smile on her face. If that were anyone else but Olive, I would be shouting like a maniac, but for some reason I can never get mad at her. She, on the other hand got mad at me on a daily basis, but I try to look past it.

A full hour later, we were dressed and ready to go, and had our trunks packed for later. I was wearing  a cream, thickly knitted Aran jumper and black skinny jeans. It may be sunny out but I’m not taking any chances. I don’t wear make-up, (because I have an amazing complection and I never get spots, thanks to the veela in me) except for black eyeliner on my top eyelids, mascara and ruby red lipstick.

 Olive’s outfit choice for today is an artfully faded pair of jeans and a light pink floaty top with small black cardigan over her shoulders. She lets her hair down today and I brush it out like every morning.

We walk down the stairs and into the main pub which I was surprised to see was almost full. There were a couple of family’s with teenage kids having breakfast (I expect they’re here for the Hogwarts express like Olive and myself). One family stood out to me though. There was a man with messy dark hair and round glasses. He was quite tall and had a smile on his face while he talked to a red headed girl seated next to him , who must be his daughter. Across from them there were two boys- one with the same dark messy hair as his father, and the other had the same dark hair only straight and neat. I couldn’t get a look at their faces as they were sitting with their backs to me, but they were elbowing each other in the ribs. The fifth person at the table I would recognise anywhere. The women had a warm and pretty face framed by flaming red hair that reached past her shoulders. She was writing on a notepad very fast with an eagle feather quill. As soon as I seen her I gasped and stopped on the bottom step, clutching the banister.

 “Merlin’s pants its Ginny Potter!” I whispered to Olive.

 “Who?” she said, puzzled.                     

 “Who?!” I said in a disbelieving voice, “Only one of my idles! She played seeker for ‘The Holyhead Harpies’! The only all women Quidditch team in the world!  She’s the reason I play Quidditch, Ols”.

“Oh go over and talk to her then!” said Olive laughing. “Go on, ask for an autograph.”

“I can’t do that!” I spluttered, “She’s having breakfast with her family! It would be rude.”

“Fine let’s go then” said Olive in a cheerful voice, “I want to get ice-cream for breakfast from that parlour down the street.”

She pulled me along by the arm and together we went through to the stone archway, where a grumpy looking man tapped the bricks with his wand and let us through without so much as a good morning.

‘Diagon Alley’ was practically empty, except for a few people buying things late for Hogwarts. We walked down the street with Olive laughing at me for wondering if ice-cream for breakfast was the best thing for our health. What? I like junk fod as much as the next person but for breakfast. Really? When we reached the parlour, we sat outside under a white and red striped umbrella.

 “And what would you two like, m’dears?” said the old, but jolly man that ran the shop.

 “Em.. I’ll have a pecan vanilla and chocolate tower please, and she will have a vanilla fudge surprise” Replied Olive with a dazzling smile.

 “Am I that predictable?” I asked, when the waiter left with our orders, a small smile on my face. “Yes, since every time we’ve ever had ice-cream anywhere, you ALWAYS order vanilla with fudge” she said putting emphasis on the always and grinning at me. I stuck my tongue out at her and we both started laughing.

We spent the rest of the morning looking slowly around all the shops and joking with each other. By the time we got back to the leaky cauldron, it was 8 o’clock already. I gave Olive my phone and a number to ring a Muggle cab to get to kings cross, while I ran upstairs and got our school trunks. Yes you heard right, Trunks. What’s wrong with good oul’ suitcases?

“Why these things have to be so heavy I don’t know”, I muttered under my breath as I tried and failed, to heave both trunks down the stairs.

 “Here”, said a voice from behind me, “Let me help you with those”.

I let go of Olive’s trunk and he lifted it down the stairs, and I followed him with mine.

 “Thanks”, I said looking up at him for the first time. I realised that he was one of the boys sitting at Ginny Potter’s table this morning. He had dark sleek hair, green eyes and was defiantly at least a year younger than me. He was staring at me in awe, which is something I was used to because of the veela in me, and got annoyed by easily.

 “I’m Allie, by the way.” I said irritably, trying to distract him from the staring. After a moment, he shook his head slightly and said, “I’m Albus Severus Po-“, but he was cut short from a voice in the upstairs hallway shouting down.

 “Al, get up here now! If you think I’m carrying your trunk you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Sorry”, said Albus rolling his eyes. “It’s my brother… see you”.

I pulled the trunks outside to find Ollie waiting beside a black cab. The driver got out and put the trunks in the boot. He then looked at me and his eyes widened in shock and he whistled to himself quietly.

“Kings-Cross please” I snapped at him. I’m not some zoo creature to be oogled at for Merlin’s sake!

“Oh! Yes, yes.” He said coming back to his senses and scrambling to the front of the car. As I got into the back of the cab beside Olive, I thought that being half-veela was sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.

When we reached Kings-Cross, the driver hastily got out, got us a trolley and secured our trunks onto it. When I took the Muggle money that I had out of my back pocket to pay him he simply shook his head and said “On the house, but the next time you order a cab ask for Tim”.

I smiled sheepishly at him and with Olive sitting on the trunks on the trolley; I wheeled them into the station.

 “Ollie, you have the tickets- where do we go?” I asked looking around us at all the Muggles in confusion.

 “Er … it says platform nine and three quarters” she said, bewildered. With a sigh I took the tickets from her and said “You must be reading it wrong love, there’s  no such thing as nine and-“ I stopped speaking cause’ the tickets both clearly read:

 ‘The Hogwarts Express will be departing at nine o’clock sharp from platform nine and three quarters, Kings-Cross station and will be arriving at Hogsmeade station at 6 o’clock.’

 “Okay”, I said keeping the panic out of my voice “We’ll just go to platform nine and ten and see if we can see it.”

I wheeled the trolley and Olive further into the crowd of Muggles before coming to a halt in front of a block of red bricks that touched the ceiling. On either side of the wall, there was a plastic sign that read ‘Platform 9’ on the left, and on the right ‘Platform 10’.

“Shit.” I said forgetting that Olive was there.

“What do we do now?” she said, a panicked expression on her face.

 “Umm ..” was all I managed to get out as I looked around, desperately searching for a clue or a sign or something.

I noticed a Wizarding family coming towards us. I knew they were magic straight away because there were two owls in cages and two school trunks. The eldest man, the dad I assume, had shocking ginger hair and quite a few scars on his otherwise handsome face. The women walking beside him was slender and defiantly part-veela. She had the same silvery shine to her hair and skin, and the same breath taking beauty as Olive and I do. The couple were accompanied by two teenagers around my age, who looked alike, apart from the fact that one was a boy and the other a girl.

I was suddenly nervous about asking these strangers for help. They walked up next to the barrier and before I knew what I was doing, I pushed the trolley, Olive and all, over to the part-veela women.

 “Excuse me..?” I said nervously “I was wondering if you knew where platform nine and there quarters is?”

 The women looked me up and down glanced over at Olive sitting quietly on the trunks, and smiled.

“Of course” she said, with a hint of French in her accent. “You will ‘ave to run straight through ‘zee barrier, and do not stop” she said, but seeing my look of uncertainty she said “But Louis and Bill here will go first to show you how ‘eet is done” she said with a warm smile.

 I exhaled and said “Thank you” and then added, “I’m Allie Troy, by the way. And that’s my little sister Olive” I said gesturing towards Olive on the trolley, who gave a nervous little wave.

 “I am Fleur Weasley, and that is my husband Bill, and my children Dominique and Louis.” And then hesitated before adding; “You are veela, no?”

 I smiled and replied, “Yes, my mother, was veela so Olive and I are half.”

“Ahh,” she said, “I am only one forth veela, my grandmuzzer was full veela and my muzzer ‘alf.” The man, or Bill, glancing at the battered gold watch around his wrist said, “We’d better get a move on Fleur, its ten-to-nine.”

Nodding absent mindedly, Fleur turned around to me. “Now, just watch what ‘zey do and you’ll be fine” she said smiling. I nodded back to her and turned to watch Louis, Bill and the trolley. They stood about ten feet away from the barrier when they broke into a run. I thought this was odd. Were they going to apparate somewhere? Or was the barrier going to transfigure? I gasped loudly as they ran straight through the barrier!

 “Wha-?” I spluttered to Fleur who laughed at the expression on my face.

 “You just have to run through.” She smiled again. “Go on.”

 I wheeled Olive and the trolley over to where Bill and Louis stood- ten feet away.

“Hey, Ollie get down off the trolley” I said to Olive.

“Okay”, she said, coming to my side and grabbing the handle on the trolley. “Here goes nothing” she muttered.

 We broke into a run and before we knew it, we were the other side of the barrier laughing our heads off. Calming down I turned around and saw a beautiful red steam engine with the words ‘Hogwarts Express’ on the front.

 “Holy Snidget!” I said laughing.

She grinned back, then hopped on the trolley and we made our way towards the crowd of witches and wizards down the platform.


I was sitting alone in a booth in the seventh year carriage. Olive was told kindly by a prefect (who kept ogling me, much to the dislike of his girlfriend) that she had to sit with her fellow first years. She looked rather nervous at this thought so I gave her a hug, and some money to get lunch when a trolley came round. When Olive had left, the prefect boy (still ogling) asked me which year I was going into.

 “Seventh”. I replied, angry now that he appeared to be drooling.

 Although I had Quidditch Weekly open on my lap I was staring at the green blur going by out the window and was lost in thought of Blackpool and oddly Bananas, when suddenly the door of the cart flew open and the sound of giggling filled the room as three girls came in.

 “And then I said to him-“ the girl stopped as she spotted me in the corner with a surprised look on her face. But then she really saw me and started to stare open mouthed.

 “Sorry” I mumbled, embarrassed at her staring.

 “Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full. We won’t take up much room” she said, as she and the other two girls bustled in with their trunks and owls. I went back over to my corner by the window and pretended to read, feeling their eyes on me. I sighed. This is going to be a long year.

Over the top of my magazine I was able to get a good look at the three girls. The first one that came in has striking red curly hair that was sleek but still slightly bushy. She has a slender face with a pale complexion and rosy cheeks. She had crystal blue eyes framed by thick lashes.

The second girl, with a surprise, I recognised from the breakfast this morning. She was at Ginny’s side talking to the man with the dark hair. She herself had striking red hair in a spikey sort of cut that just touched her shoulders. She had a pretty face, and was like the girl beside her, pale. But her eyes were a beautiful brown colour framed by very thick black lashes. She also looked at least two years younger than her friends. She was quietly singing to herself and looking at the door. The third girl I recognised again. She was Dominique Weasley, Fleur’s daughter. She had her mother’s face exactly, except a bit rounder. She had both her mother and father in her glossy strawberry blonde hair that hung straight down framing her face.

After about ten minutes of awkward silence, I lowered my magazine and cleared my throat. They all looked in my direction as I spoke.

 “Hi. Err.. I’m Allie Troy; I’m starting new this year.” I held out my hand to the girl with the bushy hair to shake. She looked slightly bewildered at this gesture, but then a wide grin stretched across her face. She shook my hand enthusiastically.

 “Hey Allie! I’m Rose Weasley and this is Dominique Weasley and Lily Potter” she said gesturing two the other girls.

”Dom and I are in seventh year, obviously” she added in a rush, “And Lils here is in her fifth year. We’re all in Gryffindor, of course, and Lil technically shouldn’t be sitting in the seventh year carriage but seeing as I’m a prefect, we can bend the rules a bit.” She was now grinning broadly at me.

 “We can speak for ourselves, Rosie”, said Lily smiling.

 “Yeah don’t smoother the poor girl, Ro”, Dom said laughing. She then turned to face me. “So, what’s your story Allie?” She asked.

 “Well,” I began, “I’m from Ireland. I have a younger sister, Olive. Shes here in First Year. I was home schooled since the age of 11,but due to …certain circumstances I decided to come here.”

The three girls were looking at me with interest until Lily spoke. “I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but you have got to be part veela! I mean, look at you!” she said as though I didn’t know what I looked like.

“Erm yeah I am. My mother was a veela so my sister and I are half.” I turned to Dom, “Are you by any chance veela?”

She grinned at me. “Yeah, I’m only one eight though. My mom’s grandmother was full veela.” She explained.

We had been laughing and chatting for a while and I was beginning to feel relieved that Ive made friends, when the carriage door burst open and four boys spilled in.

 The first I recognised immediately as Albus Severus, from the leaky cauldron. Behind him, the other three boys, one tall with dark messy hair, another with ginger curls and freckles, and the last with chestnut brown hair and a warm face, fell into the cart roaring with laughter.

 “And then, the goblin and the troll said ‘epissy’ instead of ‘episkey’!” said the messy haired boy, as he and his friends laughed harder.

 I grabbed my copy of ‘Quidditch Weekly’ and pulled it open close to my face.

 “Merlin’s Pants James! Will you four shut up! We’re trying to have a conversation over here”, said Lily, pointing to Rose and Dominque.

 “Oh, my apologies silly Lily” said James, plopping himself down next to her and putting an arm around her shoulder. “We didn’t know we were interrupting the important conversing’s of silly Lily, Niki and Rosie, did we boys?” he said sniggering while the other three grinned.

“Al”, said Dominique, turning to Albus Severus, who was  sitting beside me, and completely ignoring James and the others, “Mark Taylors is looking for you, said something about Quidditch try-outs.”

“Yeah I’ll catch him later at the feast.” replied Albus, in a bored voice.

 “Mark Taylors?” said Lily, looking interested, but then she caught Roses’ eye and they both lapsed into fits of giggles.  James frowned at Lily. “Lils, you are way too young to be dating so don’t go getting any ideas. I won’t allow you.” Lily simply snorted and said, “James, I was done last year with the whole ‘over protective brother’ thing when you punched Lorcan Scamander in the face for no reason!”

“It was not for no reason! He had his hands all over you!” said James angrily, as Lily rolled her eyes. “If you think I’m gonna let some smarmy little git grope my baby sister in the common room, you’ve got another thing coming!” Ah, I thought to myself. So this was Lily and Albus’ brother, while Albus said “Here! Here!” grinning at James and giving him a high five.

“He was not groping me!” said Lily indignantly. “We were snogging, and your one to talk! You snog a different girl every week in the hallways, and do I say anything? No.  So but out Jay.” James was about to say something else when Rose said loudly “Have you met the new girl yet?” nodding towards me. I froze, and feeling all eyes on me, I reluctantly lowered my magazine.

James and the three other boys’ jaws dropped and eyes widened at the sight of me.

“Allie! Hey! I was wondering when I’d see you again!” said Albus Severus, smiling widely at me.

“Hey Albus.” I said returning the smile “How’s it going?”

 But before Albus could answer, James said, “How in the name of Merlin’s beard do you know the hot new girl?”

 “Excuse me?” I said anger flaring up. “I have a name you know it’s--“

“Hot new girl” Said James, cutting across me grinning.  He ran his fingers through his hair as though to mess it up more.

 “I’m James by the way. James Potter.” He said holding out his hand. I raised my eyebrows at him and glared at his hand.

 “I’m going to find my sister. Bye guys” I said speaking to the three girls and Albus.

 “Bye Allie” said Lily with a smile.

 As I was leaving the compartment I heard one of the boys say “There’s two of them!” in an excited voice.

 I stopped outside listening to them talk about me. “Shut up Freddie and don’t be such a Prat! She’s really nice and she’s probably nervous” said Dominique. “She’s never been to Hogwarts before.”

“I don’t mind showing her around if you know what I mean” said James while the other boys laughed. I closed my eyes and sighed as I moved down the carriage to find Olive. This is going to be a long year …

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