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Days Like This by slytherinchica08
Chapter 1 : Day's Like This
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Only on days like this, do I really feel the stab of pain rush through my heart at the thought of being single. Only on days like this, do I allow a few tears to escape my eyes before being brushed away. Iím supposed to be the tough one, the one who doesnít care what other people think of me, but they have no idea how weak I really am on the inside. On the inside, my heart is breaking each day that I continue to repel the members of the opposite sex and Iím so good at hiding my emotions in front of people, that not even one of my cousins, as vast as they may be, know how torn up I feel inside.

I sat perched on the stone stairs outside of the Great Hall, allowing myself a small reprieve from my many happily engaged or married classmates at our five year class reunion. I hadnít even planned on coming this evening but when Albus showed up at my house and refused to leave until I had agreed to come with him, I had no choice but to change into some nicer robes and allow him to drag me along. Itís not that I wasnít excited to see my classmates, as a matter of fact, I was actually really excited to see quite a few of them, it was more because I knew how many were already married and I knew that most if not all would at least be showing up with someone else on their arm. Then I would be there, showing up on the arm of my cousin. Doesnít that just scream lucky?

I sat on the top step on the first stair case out of the Great Hall; I just couldnít take all the smiling faces happily showing off their engagement or wedding rings. They would then expectantly look around for my significant other and then that small smile that came after when they realized I didnít have one. Quickly, I wiped away a tear that had begun its fast decent down my slightly freckled face, which Iím sure did nothing to help my appearance - but that was fine since I wasnít planning on going back in there anyways.
The door to the Great Hall squeaked open, causing my head to snap up to the person who was making their way towards me. My blue eyes met light grey ones and I knew that even if I had wanted to hide my face, I wouldnít be able to. For some reason it appeared that Scorpius Malfoy could see right through me so much better than anyone else ever could and for that, I resented him, but then, I also wanted him. He slowly walked up the steps and sat himself down next to me without asking if I even wanted any company.

I felt another tear begin to form and as it slipped down my face, before I had even had a chance to wipe it away, the pad of Scorpiusís thumb had brushed it away. His hand scalded my face as he held it there against my face, making me look him in the eye and just like that, the dam broke and I could no longer stop the tears that gushed out. He pulled my face against his chest and allowed me to cry it all out, not even caring that my nose was also running. As I pulled back from him, I flashed him the briefest glimpse of a smile, as it was all I could manage, and then swiped my nose across my blue robes in what I was sure was an extremely attractive gesture. He laughed at that and stood up, holding his hand out for me to take.

ďCome on,Ē he said, grasping my slightly outstretched hand and pulled me up.

We walked back to the Great Hall, his hand never letting go of mine though I was willingly going with him. My face flushed a bright shade of pink as we swung open the doors and every head turned our way. I wasnít sure how Scorpius was able to do it, just walk right through the room and ignore every look that was being flashed our way, as I became increasingly conscious of them. As we neared the middle of the dance floor, he spun me around to face him and lightly placed his hands upon my hips. Then, before he moved us another inch, he pulled my body in flush against his and placed his lips lightly against mine. This time when he pulled back, I was able to give him a huge smile, one that I was sure was going to stay upon my face for the rest of the evening.

ďIíve wanted to do that for a long time now,Ē he whispered, before he placed a chaste kiss on my forehead and then began to move us to the song.

AN: Thank you so much to starryskies55 for being my beta for this chapter! I hope you enjoyed this oneshot! Remember to leave a review! Also if youíre looking for more Rose/Scorpius to read check out And Now A Word From Our Sponsors by TenthWeasley.

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