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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 12 : Shopping and Freaky card readings.
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 3 days until I see James.

"...So then Lorcans mum and Lysander started telling me about fucking Nargles, I mean I love them to pieces Kate, but Nargles- really?" She put extra emphasis on the








"Mmm." Was all I could reply. I was so tired and my back hurt from sleeping on the stones the other night. I felt Dom roll her eyes at me. 




We were currently sitting in Doms room whilst she did her nails.




"Now, Im thinking either a pastel blue and pink or Red, Gold and green for


Christmas?" She grinned at me




"BROWN!" I screamed into the pillow. 




"So, Christmassy then." She mumbled




ARGH. I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the owl swoop in. Now is not the time Amelia. She had one letter, and then there was another owl who came in after.


It was Gargles. Sophie's owl. Why did she name it Gargles? Don't ask.






I miss you too beautiful. I cannot wait to see you.


The others are fine. Ron nearly keeled over when he saw Rose and Scor', Dad really thought he would have a heart attack. But I think he's okay about it now. 


I hope Fleur and Vic haven't drove you up the wall with girly things. Say hi to Tedward!


I Love you- Your James. x




I read over the last line over again. Your James. My James.






Ah, I have such good news!!! I can't tell you though. You'll see boxing day when you come to see us? You are still coming right?


You'll be so happy. It is the best Christmas present ever!


Hope you and Dom are okay, say Hi to Vic from me. 






I wonder what it is? Maybe a new broomstick?! Ooo, I do like the new firebolt 3. It's ideal for chasing. The tornados would have to take me with that broom!




"It's probably a jack in box." Dom mused whilst filing her now painted nails.





"Move out of my way!" Vic' shoved past a small group of girls. "Can they not see that I am pregnant! Gosh." 




We were currently in Diagon Alley shopping. Now don't get me wrong I like shopping. But with Victoire and Dom, it was a war. I have personally seen Dom get in a fight with


a woman over a blouse. Lets say, it ended up with me and Fleur dragging Dom (and the blouse) off the muggle lady.




I guess wizard shopping is easier, but still not something I enjoy. Not with these two anyway.




"Right, Katy according to the list all you have to buy is presents for your "real family" and James." Dom told me. When it comes to shopping, she goes into her girl mode. 




I rolled my eyes and groaned "I hate shopping for my family." 




That was true, they were a nightmare. But this year, I was planning to go out with a bang. I know that after this Christmas if I want, I can just leave the house and never return. 




"I think I know what I'm getting the wicked witch of the west." I couldn't help but feel a


mix of the famous Potter and Weasley smirk slip onto my face. I really should spend less time with these people.





"I decided to get Teddy a new set of muggle dress robes." Victoire explained whilst we sat in a small cafe.




"They're called suits Vic'" I told her and I saw her take in this new information




"Suits. Wow, the Muggles think of such interesting names." She mused as she stirred her coffee.




I ordered an Orange juice. I was trying to lay off fatty things until Christmas, as with Molly's cooking I'd gain about a stone and a half on Christmas and boxing day alone. 




It was now the 22nd of December, so Diagon Alley was jam packed with people getting in their last minute shopping. I had bought everyone their gifts. I got Sophie a necklace with her birthstone (diamond) and mine (ruby) encrusted into it. When you opened it it showed a picture of me and Sophie a few Summers ago when she had first got her job at WWW.




I bought Dad a book. I didn't even read the cover, it could be a porno or something. Merlin's swirly boxers I hope it isn't. That'd be AWKWARD.




I'm getting Tony a signed Percy something. I get him something like that all the time. His face lights up like a Child when he see's it. This year it's his first autobiography. The one Soph' ruined a few years back. 




Jack was easy, he needs new Chaser gloves. The schools second hand ones aren't so good and I know he'd appreciate a new pair. 




Elle, the best of all. I took a small trip to WWW. Where I was introduced to a special


product made for moi. Disguised as a WonderWitch product. When really it brings out a nasty blue rash. Oh, it'll fade, in about a week....




Uncle George said I'm harsh, I said Revenge is sweet.




Dom thinks it's a brilliant plan. Better than any other I've though of.  I did point out this is the only one I've though of, but she still said she had raised me well. 




James. Now he was difficult. He doesn't like much and he had that much money he could just buy whatever he needed. So I made him something. See in Diagon Alley at Christmas, there's a lady who comes with a tent. It's bigger on the inside and can fit around 20 people. Basically it's an arts and crafts tent. You make memories, you just get the memory from your head and it makes a moving picture and you stick it to the canvas. Then you decorate it. 




I'd never been in this before and it was SO much fun! I bought an extra large canvas to do with. I stuck memories from summers gone by on there. When James caught the snitch that took Gryffindor to win in our Fifth year, that's on there too. And our first kiss. That's the center piece. 


The whole thing came to 40 Galleons. Which I know is a lot, but believe me, he'll be getting a lollipop for his Birthday. 





I see James tomorrow. I am so excited. It'll be Christmas eve, I get to spend it with my favourite people in the world and I still don't know what Sophie's got me. 




Hannah and Jason sent me their gifts and I sent them theirs. Hannah told me to open mine when i receive it. It was a gorgeous outfit. It was red with green stitching. It had silver flats and matching earrings. I knew she'd made the dress and the earrings herself. She was so talented that girl.  It was my Christmas outfit. Dom got one too, but her's was black and silver, much more "Domish".




"Katy, cast some charms on the door so people cant get in or hear what's going on." Dom asked me.




We were currently sat in her room packing our bags for the week ahead. I cast the charms she needed and she lit up a muggle cigarette.




"You really should stop doing that, you'll kill yourself you know." I told her as I painted my nails.




"No I wont. It's only when my Mothers stressed me out that I smoke one anyway. Want one?" She offered me the packet. Marlboro Lites. 




"Ew, I'll pass." I pushed it away. "I should snap those in half you know."




"You better not, they're not cheap missy!" She winked at me.




I know I should be a better friend and try to get her to stop but 1. I was too busy painting my Nails and 2. She could stop me doing a lot of things such as sleeping out by an elves gravestone, or hexing my boyfriend. But she doesn't, so I owe her one.




"Hey, want your cards read?" Dom asks me after a few moments silence. 




"Sure, why not." I rolled my eyes at her. I find myself doing it a lot lately. "I don't know


why you keep on taking Divination anyway."




"Because no one else in the Family took it and it annoys Harry, Ron and especially


Hermione to no end." She winked at me




There was no denying Dom was good at her subject, only subject she got an A in.


Now out of the three Delacour-Weasley's, Dom wasn't the most academically gifted. But at Divination I guess she wasn't bad. 




So I let her get her pack of cards and do my reading. I shuffled my cards and all that junk but it was her reading that suprised me.




As Christmas dies you shall feel great sorrow.




"Okay, that makes no sense. I was expecting it to be about nail colours or something. Something simple like that!" 




I didn't have any words. I didn't understand, when does Christmas die? All these thoughts hurt my head.




"I'm going to bed." I announced and walked into my room, that was really just the spare room of the house. I see James tomorrow, think of that Katy. Think of James.









I watch her look out the window, I see what she see's. Tree's whizzing by, occasional glimpses of fields, or other roads. Nothing special, nothing to stare at. I know why she's staring, it's because of last night. 




I guess the cards freaked her out a bit, it didn't mean anything, Professor Trelawney predicted in third year that I would get a deadly disease and I am completely free from any sort of infectious thingy. 




It just goes to show that the only time something comes true from these cards is if you let them get to you. I could've let the deadly disease thing get to me, but I didn't, so when I got a bad case of the muggle Flu, I didn't believe that it was the reading that made it happen.




Though saying that, sometimes the cards are right....


I don't get by what it means, when Christmas dies? How can an event die... 




Still looking out the window, I see our turn off.




"Kate, we're almost here." I lightly touch her shoulder, she flinches




"Circe Dom, you scared me." She said. No I didn't scare you the cards did.




"We're almost 'zere girls." Mum told me from the front seat. In case you didn't notice, I


just said that. I guess age is catching up with her.




James' P.O.V


I've been at this window for the last 20 minutes. Staring out until I see her, It's been 8 days, but I miss Katy so much. She's my girl now.




"Quit day dreaming about Katy lover boy!" Fred lobbed a magazine at my head. "You're smitten buddy!"




"That makes you a hypocrite as all you do is call Hannah on the fellytone!"




"It's a telephone James." Lily told me, she was lounging on the sofa at the opposite side of the room




"Whatever Lils, it's weird. JUST LIKE YOU" 




"And I'm sure the Muggles find it weird that you can shoot stuff from your wand." She snapped back at me.




"I can shoot a lot of things from my magic wand, but you're too young to know about that." I winked at her, she threw a pillow at me, for a small girl she has one hell of a throw.




My Mum scolded me from the kitchen. "Don't say things like that James."




"Ergh are you serious James. You're disgusting." Albus groaned as I walked away into the kitchen.




"Sorry Mummy, I love you." I batted my eyes and hugged her. She laughed and swatted


me away "And yes Albie, Sirius is my middle name."




"You're an idiot Potter. That old joke, oh and Mummy? That'll be a good one to tell the gang." I heard a voice, a soft yet sarcastic one. Then she laughed, a laugh that was so full of life.




 I turned around feeling a grin slip on my face as my eyes locked onto hers. A glorious light blue that can sometimes be mistaken for grey and a freckley face.




"Katy." I smiled at her.




Katy P.O.V


As soon as I saw James, I couldn't help but feel all my worries about last night wash away. 









"ROX' WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT YOUR LIPGLOSS." Fred said with a cocked eyebrow




Roxanne was the Polar opposite of Freddy. She took more after her mother and had dark skin and wore her hair in a huge afro on her head. And she was a D.I.V.A. She was tall and would've made an amazing chaser, but somewhere the gene for Quidditch love got lost and was replaced by a love for boys, lipgloss and pink. 




"Because you're secretly gay." She put her hand on her hip. And gave him a look that clearly said "Don't mess with me."




After Fred had managed to convince her that he hadn't taken her lipgloss she left to go speak to her mother. As she walked out the room I noticed something in Fred's left hand. A lipgloss.




"You're awful." I told him




"She took the last sausage the other night." He reasoned.




Yes Fred, because your sister took the last sausage you take her lipgloss. That makes sense. (NOT.)




We chilled for a while whilst the adults got ready for tomorrow. Which incase you hadn't figured IS CHRISTMAS. I fidgeted in James' arms which were rather nice. I shall not lie. Lucy should be here, but she's with her Mothers family this year, the muggles. Now, I know a lot about Muggles, for a pure-blood.


I went to a muggle pre-school so I could learn "social skills." and we live in a muggle town.


Hey my Dad even works a muggle job. He works in an office. 




"Hey James where are we all sleeping?" Dom asked




"Well, wherever.  Katy, if you want you can go with Lily, Roxy, Rose and Dom. Or with me, I don't mind." He added with a wink on the end. "But Fred, Hugo, Louis, Albus and Scorpius are all in Albus' room. They've been set up for days." 




"No girls aloud!" Fred roared. 




I rolled my eyes and whispered to James "You know, I've never been in your room."




He smiled but I had to add "But if it stinks as bad as your dorm, I'll be leaving."




Everyone giggled at that. Something was playing on my mind.




The cards. It was a weird reading, really mysterious. Stop it Katy. You'll ruin a really nice night. 




As it got late, we eventually went to bed one by one.




It was just me and James.




"So my royal highness, may I escort you to bed?" James went down into a mock bow.




"Of course you may." I curtsied at him.




Laughing he threw me over his shoulder and we went to bed. 




As I lay in James' arms I heard the clock strike midnight. 




"Merry Christmas James." and I kissed his forehead.



Yay, next chapters Christmas. But somethings going to happen!!!! Pllleeeease review this and previous chapters.


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