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Lost in Time by KatDaniels
Chapter 3 : Hogsmeade
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"That was fun, wasn't it?" grins Sirius, and I punch him hard I the upper arm. "Ow!"

"How could you do that?" I shriek, glaring at him.

"Because you need to loosen up, love," he mocks, receiving another punch.

"I am loose!" I snap, realising my mistake all too late. It's clear over all of Sirius' face that he's trying his best not to laugh at me. I groan.

"What I mean is, you could have killed me!"

"I've never dropped anyone, Kaya."

"You've taken many girls for a ride?"

"A few. Some have taken me for one afterwards," he grins giving me a suggestive wink. "In your dreams," I sneer, crossing my arms determinedly over my chest. "Now I suggest you get changed so that we can leave for Hogsmeade."

Sirius keeps his grin as he takes my elbow and escorts me back into the locker room, and I dread what is awaiting me.

"How long are you going to be?" I ask, looking up at his mischievous smirk. "15 minutes or so."

Oh, not too long then…

As we enter the foul stinking dressing room, I sit down on a bench, secretly watching as Sirius undressed. However, considering I'm not a very discreet person when it comes to these kinds of things, he's probably fully aware that I'm watching.

I'm in my own little dream world, when I realise that Sirius is butt-fucking-naked.

My eyes bulge, but I can't seem to look away. Damn, that a fine ass…

"Kaya," I hear someone call from far away.


"Kaya." Sirius snaps his fingers in front of my eyes, snapping me back to reality.

"Ye-yes?" I stutter, blinking a few times. "I'm going to take a quick shower," he says, clearly aware of why I was elsewhere. I nod in understanding.

"You can watch if you like," he murmurs, and I gape at him.

"You, my dear Sirius, are one dirty, dirty bloke." Sirius grins, clearly taking it as a compliment. "I have never in my life met anyone with a dirtier mind than you- will you stop grinning, it is not a compliment!"

"You never gave me your last name," says Sirius, changing the subject out of the blue and catching me completely off guard.

"Wha- sorry?"

"Your last name, Kaya. Surely you have one?"


"Kaya Penelope," mutters Sirius, looking straight into my eyes. "Pretty name for a pretty girl."

"Sirius Black. Black name for a black heart," I retort, and Sirius immediately clutches his heart. "Kaya, love, that hurt." He pouts.

I smile and push him in the shoulder but not so hard that it hurts this time. "Go and shower. I want to get out of this foul room."

"Yes, ma'am."

Sirius stands up, a towel now draped around his hips.


"Just get into that bloody shower, Sirius!"

As Sirius disappears, I smack myself in the forehead.

You love Draco. You love Draco. You love Draco.

But you're going to be gone for four years. You're allowed to have fun!

You love Draco!

I bend down my head, covering my face with my hands. Ever tried rationalising with yourself? It is simply impossible.

"Sirius, be honest with me?"


"All right," I hear him answer, curiousness dripping off his voice.

"How many girls have you tapped?"

When he doesn't answer, I stand up and – bracing myself – I step into the shower.

"You said you'd be honest," I state, leaning against the wall and Sirius turn his head. He smirks. "Why hello, miss Penelope."

I give him a shy smile, unconsciously biting my lower lip.

Hunger lights up in Sirius' eyes. "Answer me question?" I ask as innocently as I can manage.

As the water stops, Sirius turns all the way around and I blush fiercely.

"You don't want to know," he says bluntly, walking slowly towards me. I fixate my eyes on his, doing so to prevent me from looking … elsewhere.

"Yes, I do. I asked you for a reason."

Sirius stops in front of me when his toes are flush with the tip of my shoes, and he grabs his towel from beside my head. He folds it around his neck, grabbing a hold of it on both sides. "A lot," he answers, keeping his eyes on me all the time to watch my reaction. I show none. "What's your numer?"

Sirius shrugs. "Lost count."

"Passed 100?"

He shrugs again. "Why so curious, Kaya?"

"You're clearly flirting with me," I state, and Sirius cocks his head to the side as he places a hand beside my head. He grins.


"Just thought I ought to know what I might be letting myself into."

"Meaning?" Sirius push, and I press myself further against the wall.

"I've got a boyfriend," I blurt, not even sure why. Sirius raises an eyebrow. "Do you now?"


"And where is Mr Charming now?"

I don't want to lie. But I can't tell the truth.

"He didn't come with me," I answer, slightly proud for telling the truth but not revealing a thing.

"Do you still speak?"

I bite my lower lip.

Darn you, Sirius Black!

"No," I mutter barely over a whisper, and the Gryffindor's grin is unmistakable.

"Then I say you're free to do whatever you want to."

"You're extremely close," I say, looking down to his chest, then back into his eyes.

"You mind?"

His lips brush against mine. I close my eyes.

You love Draco! the Angel on my shoulder snaps.

You won't see him for another four years at the least! You are allowed to enjoy yourself. Besides, it's not like he's ever going to find out. The Devil smirks up at me, and I succumb to her rationalising.

Sirius gently press his lips to mine, and I raise my arms to hook them around his neck.

"I'm not good, Kaya," whispers Sirius into my ear as he kisses me along my jawline, behind my ear.

"You're good enough," I murmur, tugging gently on his hair, making him moan.

For a while, I give in to all desires and needs, and I deepen the kiss. Everything is jolly good, until…

"Oh my goodness!" I gasp, letting go of him and scurrying away. We're both panting, and I turn my back to Sirius.
"God, Sirius. Get that, that thing under control!"

I press a hand to my forehead, before slipping it down to my cheek.

Now what have you done! snaps my Angel at me, but I ignore her.

I hear Sirius chuckle behind me.

"Your time to be honest, Kaya."

Oh no…

"Are you a virgin?"

I turn to him, bewildered. "Why would you think that?"

"Because as soon as I get an erection you run for the hills. That screams virgin to me." Sirius gives me a friendly smile. That's a new one…

"There's nothing wrong with being a virgin, Kaya," he assures me, and I bite my lower lip.

"I'm not a virgin."


"No. It's just … I've only done it with one person. And we were just kissing, and- and why am I even talking to you about this?"

"Kaya, hello?"

I blink, and a naked Sirius comes into focus.


"You said you had a question?"

I blink.



Then I realise that, just as it happened with Draco that one time on the grounds, I am imagining a scene. You can call it daydreaming, I guess.

He's gotten under your skin, sneers my Angel, and I glare at her. No, he has not.

"Oh, em yeah. I forgot," I mutter and hurry out of the shower.

Jeez, could I be any more obvious?

I lean against the wall, taking a deep breath.

"You all right?" calls Sirius from inside the shower, and I nod. No wait, he can't see me.

"Yes," I whimper, closing my eyes to calm myself.

I've known this guy for two days! Though it doesn't feel that way… I've heard so much about him, especially from Harry. I've even met him, once. And he is so much like Draco, yet so different. Sirius might be your typical badboy, player – the whole package. Draco came with baggage. He was a Death Eater, he was troubled – more so than Sirius am now. And with Sirius I could have a normal relationship, sort of. If he ever gives up on random bootie calls, ONS' and fuck friends.

I remember the time I met him when Harry and Hermione had rescued him and Buckbeak. He was so kind and honest – so different from the boy he is now. What changed him? The death of Lily and James? The betrayal of Peter? Azkaban? There's no much pain in Sirius' future, and I slide down to the floor, looking up at the roof to prevent my tears from falling. Unfortunately, it's not successful and tears pour than my face. This proves to be much more difficult than I ever imagined. Seeing James so playful and full of life, knowing he's going to die – it's murdering. And Lily, brushing of James and turning down his every move. Knowing she will marry him and be happy makes me smile through my tears, but then it dawns on me she will die, too.

I lay my head in my hands, sobbing not-so-quietly, and soon I feel someone sit down beside me.

Sirius places an arm around my shoulders, and pulls me into his arms. "Want to tell me?" he asks simply.


I shake my head, knowing I can't. He doesn't say anything else, he just holds me. I press my face into his wet chest, letting go of all my despair, my anger, and my frustration.

I have no idea how long we just sit there, him holding me without so much as a word.

When I'm all dried out, I dry my face with the back of my hand.

"Thank you," I mutter and look up at him through my lashes.

He gives me a reassuring nod, and I stand up, as do he.

He heads over to his mountain of clothes and I go into the bathroom to fix whatever I ruined during my crying session.

I pat down my hair and, glad I'm not wearing any make up, I simply wash my face with cold water to cool off and make the redness disappear.

When I look normal again, I emerge the bathroom to find Sirius waiting for me.

He gives me a grin, and I roll my eyes.

As if earlier didn't happen. I give him a silent 'thank you'.

We walk out together, and we walk in silence for a few moments.

"Remember that question now?"

I roll my eyes.

Yes, very vividly.


Sirius, thankfully, drops the subject and I smile.

As we reach The three Broomsticks, Sirius opens the door and hold it open for me. I narrow my eyes at him. He grins at me.

"I'm just being a gentleman," he says, and I scoff. None the less, I walk inside and soon Sirius is by my side and takes my elbow. He walks toward an occupied table, and I dutifully follow.

We stop in front of the table, and I recognise Peter immediately, giving him a warm smile. He blushes, clearly not used to this.

"Who's the girl?"

The bloke beside Peter is staring at me with pale blue eyes, and I sense curiosity in them. His hair is light brown and somewhere between neat and tousled. I'm not quite sure. His skin however is pale as ice, though a blood red cut is streaked across his cheek.

"Kaya," answers Sirius.

"Kaya, you've already met Peter," Peter gives me a small wave, "and this is Remus." Sirius nods towards the bloke sitting behind Peter.

"Hi," he greets and I smile at him. "Nice to meet you."

"Sit down," Sirius encourages me, and I sit down opposite Remus.

"Anything you'd like?" Sirius stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "A butterbeer would be lovely?"

"A butterbeer coming right up!" grins Sirius and disappears into the crowd.

"I mean no offence," starts Remus, and I look into his eyes, "but are you one of his girls? You don't come across as one."

I can't restrain my laugh.

"God no," I snort. "I just arrived yesterday, and the first person I walked into was James, really. Then Lily, then Sirius. I believe you were in James' room – drunk."

Remus grins at me.

"Sirius was drunk as well, though. And James." He points a finger at me, and I mirror his grin. "I know. I smelled it on his breath when he introduced himself," I giggle and Remus can't hide his amusement.

"Are you two talking about me?" smirks Sirius, sitting down besides me. He hands me my butterbeer, "here you go, love."

"Thanks," I reply with a smile. Sirius winks at me. I roll my eyes, making Remus laugh.

"I think you're the first girl hanging with Sirius that I like," says Remus as he points at me with his index finger. While Sirius scoffs with annoyance, I giggle.

"Exactly how many girls would that be?" I look up at Sirius and raise an eyebrow. He gives me a guilty smile. "Lost count."

"Good thing I haven't," smirks Remus and Sirius glares at him.

"Are you interested in just so far this year, or since his virginity was taken?"

"Remus," Sirius warns, and I pat his thigh. "There, there, Black. Man up."

"If I remember correctly, Sirius has taken advantage-"


"- of about 87 girls."

I gape at Sirius, who's avoiding my glance. "When the fuck did you lose your virginity?"

"Two years ago."

"Womaniser," I mutter, and Sirius turns to look at me. "Virgin."

I raise an eyebrow, and he mirrors my expression.

"It's really none of your business, but I'm not a virgin."

"Really?" Sirius leans down so we're merely inches apart. I scoot backwards and into the wall.

Remus snickers, and I smile, my eyes still at Sirius. He gives me a knowing look, raising both of his eyebrows. He's amused.

I reach for my butterbeer and take a sip, turning my gaze to Remus instead.

"Where did you get that cut?" I ask, and the humour immediately disappears from Remus' eyes.

"I cut him," says Sirius hastily, studying my face. "During a duell."

I give Remus a warm smile, wishing I could lift that burden off his shoulders.

"Yeah," mutters Remus. "Sirius cut me."

"Why haven't you gone to the hospital wing with it?"

"Why would he do that? He looks much tougher now." Remus smiles proudly, and I giggle. Time to drop the subject. My eyes drift out the window.

"Oh my goodness, LOOK!" I squeal and grab Sirius hand to get his attention.

"It's snowing!"

I beam at the three boys, before looking outside again. At the new sight that meets me, I beam again.

"Looks like James finally succeeded in his mission," I giggle, and Sirius scoots closer to me so he can look outside.

"Bloody hell…"

"That's Lily. And James. Walking together," Remus mutters in disbelief, and I can't help my growing grin.

I knew James would eventually get Lily, but it just feels so great seeing them together in person.

"Do you think it's a pity-date?" asks Remus, and Sirius nods. I on the other hands shake my head. "No, she likes him."

"She's been rejecting him for years, Kaya. Why would she suddenly give in, huh?"

I turn and meet Sirius' eyes, and our gaze locks.

"Because she's tried of pretending," I answer, and I can feel Sirius look right through my lie but I keep a straight face.

Soon enough, James and Lily walk through the door. James looks beyond thrilled, and Lily looks happy even though she's trying her best to hide it.

James drags her over to our table.

"Lily," Sirius drawls as he stands up, and Lily frowns. "I'm just going to take a leak." And with that, Sirius shuffles back into the crowd.

"Sit with me, Lily," I smile and Lily gladly sits down beside me.

James brings Remus and Peter with him to get some more butterbeer, leaving Lily and I alone.

"Finally gave in, huh?" I tease, and Lily blush, fiercely at that.

"He is handsome," I encourage, and she nods slowly. "He is, isn't he? Gosh, I'm so pathetic to give in, aren't I?"

"No! Absolutely not. James truly likes you, why not give it a shot?" My smile is so big I'm frightened it might tear my face in two.

"You really look cute together," I giggled and Lily joins me.

Sirius sweeps in on the bench opposite me, and Remus and Peter follows, James sitting down next to Lily.

He hands her a butterbeer and she gives him a grateful smile.

We simply sit there and talk and joke until we've all finished out drinks and it's time to go.

However, I don't notice. I'm long gone, thinking.

"Here I sit, laughing with the Marauders and Lily, well knowing they will all die. And soon at that. Peter will turn against his best mates.

"You all right?"

Confused, I look up at Sirius. "What?"

"You look rather lost," he points out, and I blink. Shirt, I need to stop doing that.

"I'm fine," I say, reassuring him with a smile.

He nods, stands up.

"Come on, the other are waiting outside."

I take the hand he's offering I we walk outside to catch up with the others.

I soon let go of Sirius' hand and wrap my arms around myself.

"How are you guys spending your Christmas holidays?" asks Peter after a while, and Sirius laughs.

"I'm staying here, as always."

"I'm staying behind as well," sighs Remus. "My parents are going somewhere." He shrugs.

"I'm going home, my parents have forbidden me to stay, more or less," groans James and roll his eyes.

Sirius' eyes lock with mine. "You staying or going?"

"Staying," I mutter. It's not like I have any family to go home to.

The Black's smile is unnerving, so I try to turn the spotlight away from myself. "What about you, Peter? And Lily?"

"I'm going home," answers Peter and I smile.

"I'm going home, too," says Lily.

Sirius hooks an arm around my shoulder's, then Remus'. "Seems like it'll only be the three of us."

"Oh, joy," Remus and I mutter in unison, making Sirius frown and the rest of the gang break out in laughter.

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