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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 27 : Guilt & Acceptance
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Beautiful Graphic by RenegadeNiffler @ TDA 

I sincerely apologize to one of my readers, Sky, who posted a review and my outside feelings came crashing into the response. I hope I didn't make you hurt in anyway, so this chapter is dedicated to you. I hope that I don't seem less of a person to you, I was just caught in a bad place.

Quick A/N: THIS STORY IS NOT ABANDONED. Just a reminder.

Chapter 27

            “Beautiful…” Ginny whispered as Harry landed the broom smoothly on the ground high atop the mountain. The moon seemed to be merely a mile away, its full face staring right back into theirs’. After Harry had placed the broom down, he took hold of Ginny’s hand and led her to the grass, where they both sat down in the fluff. Although much time had passed, it seemed that it was a brief time before somebody broke the peace.

            “I never thought I could be this lucky.” Harry whispered, the wind just barely louder than his voice.

            “I know…it’s beautiful, isn’t it?” She remarked, glancing around at all the scenery that surrounded them. Harry turned his head to look at his wife, who was absorbed in the night sky above them. He simply stared at her and took in all her beauty, something that he knew he would never get used to. Her hair seemed to flow brilliantly on its own, and he often finds himself distracted by its mesmerizing effect. He was also very fond of her lips and how they always seemed to be turned into a smile, even when she was relaxed. However, it was Ginny’s beautiful eyes that were his number one weakness.

            Ginny turned her head slightly, and glanced at the man who gave her a warming smile. She hadn’t quite understood the meaning of his words, but he would show her sometime. He planned on it.

            “Can I ask you something, Harry?” Ginny asked, playing with the soft grass beneath her fingertips.

            “Anything, love.” He replied back.

            “Do you remember when we talked about our future, and what it would be for us?” She looked into his eyes, and Harry’s heart melted instantly. He cleared his throat and then nodded.

            “I do, yeah.” He grinned. “The small and simple wedding you had always wanted…and a honeymoon you could never forget.”   

            “I’ll never forget this, that’s for sure.” She grinned widely back.

            “And to the future, you said three kids with the first one being a boy and the last one being a girl, due to the fact you’re the last girl in your family.” He turned to see Ginny have a astonished look spread across her face.

            “Y-You remember all that?” She asked, and he nodded.

            “I remembered that when we were planning our wedding, and the honeymoon. Granted that Hermione practically had the idea of Italy, but it was just our luck to come here as well.” He looked down to avoid her gaze, and he could feel her eyes on him. “Has anything changed?” He asked, glancing up at her quickly.

            “No.” She whispered, and a small silence followed. The only sound to be heard was that of the wind and the trees dancing along with it. “You never told me your future.”

            “What?” Harry asked, clearly not listening.

            “You never told me what you wanted. In terms of your future.” She repeated, and Harry looked away.

            “I honestly don’t know.” Harry said, glancing back to her. “My future has always been determined for me, and when I have to think about it, it quite honestly scares me. With you, Gin, I knew where it was going. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and spend the rest of my days making you happy, but I never really thought about what would happen to me…” He replied softly, staring off into the never-ending mountain range.

            “Then why don’t we think together?” Ginny said, taking his hand in hers. “Won’t be so scary that way.”

            “Aah…alright.” Harry agreed.

            “Let’s start with…your job.”

            “My job?” Harry asked, and Ginny nodded. “Well, head Auror…I guess. I mean, it doesn’t have to be right away, but it would be nice to be head Auror in 10 years or so.” 


            “With you somewhere away from the city but closer to your parents.” Harry replied. “A yard big enough for a Quidditch pitch for Ginny Jr. and Harry Jr. to run around in.” Ginny laughed loudly.

            “We are not naming our kids that!” She bellowed out in laughter.

            “We better think of something better to name them, because I think they would be named after two most gorgeous people in the entire world.” Harry winked, a huge smile spreading across his face.

            “I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or call you narcissistic.” Ginny said, causing Harry to chuckle.

            “Compliment, Gin. Always a compliment.” He reached around her shoulders, pulling her closer and placing a kiss on her head.

            “So, you want two kids?” Ginny asked, and Harry shrugged his shoulders.

            “I’ve always wanted a family of my own, and I’ll be happy with whatever happens. I don’t think that I could love anyone else more than I would love them.” Harry confessed, playing with strands of Ginny’s hair. “Except maybe you, of course.”

            “Except?” Ginny teased playfully, and Harry rolled his eyes. Suddenly, a chilling breeze swept throughout the mountains, causing both Harry and Ginny to shiver. Harry glanced at her, and she nodded in agreement

            “Would you like to fly the broom back?”

            Ginny scoffed.

            “Did you really have to ask?”


“Are you almost ready, Gin?” Harry questioned, throwing a pair of trousers into his bag. He glanced around the room, seeing that Ginny had yet to touch a single one of her things. If they had wanted to be in Italy tonight, they would have to leave shortly. “I talked to a guy downstairs, and he said it’s going to be awfully cold if we wait until mid afternoon to leave.”

            No answer followed his question, so Harry peered out the open window to make sure she was still on the balcony. He saw her legs hugged to her, so he nodded his head and began to pack again. Some thirty minutes later, Harry had finished packing and Ginny had yet to move at all. He took a few steps to the metal balcony where she sat, and saw her clutching a letter. He cocked his head to the side, and leaned against the doorframe.

            “Hey Gin, you alright?”

            She simply looked up at him, with her eyes indifferent, and handing him the letter. She smiled softly as he took it, seeing she had already read it.

            “It’s for you.” She said quietly, fascinated with a flock of sheep on the side of the mountain that were quite far away. The breeze pushed her long ginger locks in front of her freckled face, but she didn’t bother to push them away. She cleared her throat, and then said; “From work.”

            His heart clenched, and he immediately knew what was in the letter before he had even opened it. Why else would Ginny have sat on the ledge for an hour or so? Her mood also seemed to drop from excited to disappointed at a drop of a hat, but she was trying her hardest to keep that from Harry. She knew Harry too well, and she knew that he would feel guilty about it.

            He took a deep breathe before taking out the letter gently, the Ministry symbol stamped on the front. He took one last glance at Ginny, who stared out towards the everlasting mountain range, and saw the sparkle in her eye had died down. A frown made his way on his face, his brow furrowing once more before he began to read;


            We apologize to contact you on your holiday, but we are afraid we have no other choice. There is an urgent message waiting for you at your office, and we request that you return home immediately. The key attached to this letter is a portkey, and will activate as soon as you state your name and position at the ministry. This portkey will transport you directly to the portkey office, where you are free to come into the office the next day. It will leave one hour after it is activated.


            Minister of Magic

            Kingsley Shacklebolt

            “Gin…” He began to whisper, but she snapped her head towards him with her hair cutting through the air.

            “No, Harry. I know what you’re going to say!” Ginny cut him off, her voice harsh. Once she realized how she had said it, she shook her head softly while muttering something under her breath. “I’m sorry.” She buried her face into her hands and began to take deep breaths.

            “You knew what I was going to say because it’s the truth, Ginny. I just…can’t help it. It’s my job.” He frowned slightly. He crouched down next to her, placing an arm around her shoulders, tugging her closer to him.

            “I know…” Ginny breathed out. “My job too, I’ll be gone for the entire month of June next year.” She commented.

            “Well,” Harry’s surprised tone was clearly evident. “That’s news to me.” Ginny looked at him with a laugh, the sparkle in her eye soon returning. 

            “I guess so. I didn’t want to bring it up here, because…well. Why ruin it?” Ginny said, gesturing towards themselves and the beautiful scenery that surrounded them.

            “No, just leave it to me to make things worse.” He poked at himself, and Ginny giggled. “Let’s just be happy I’m not breaking into a ministry this time.”

            “Harry, you know that you could probably take over the ministry at this point.” She laughed, shaking her head. “And everybody would let you.”

            Harry laughed loudly, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her head.


             “Ready?” Ginny asked, standing at the bottom of the stairs while waiting for Harry to come down. She heard a small pitter-patter above her and then heard Harry say to wait for him. “I’m already waiting for you, love. Just hurry up.” Harry soon turned the corner with a smile, and when he reached Ginny, gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

            “You’ve always been the impatient one.”

            “I am not impatient.” She gasped, and he merely winked at her and then walked out into the lobby.

“Think fast.” After he turns around, he lobs the keys in Ginny’s direction and she catches them with ease. Harry was generally surprised, and his eyes were wide.

“Surprised, Potter?” She winked, waving the keys around on her finger. “Remember…my brother was a keeper. It’s in my blood.” Harry grinned, decreasing the space between him and Ginny within a matter of seconds.

“I never knew that.” Harry said, sarcastically. Ginny rolled her eyes and began to walk away.

“Way to ruin a moment, Harry.” She said, still taking her walk towards the door to lead her outside. Harry reached out quickly and spun her into him, crushing his lips onto hers. She instantaneously melted into him, her arms instinctively wrapping around his neck. There was visually no space in-between them, yet they both felt the need to be even closer. His tongue ran across her bottom lip, asking for permission and she moaned quietly in response.

It seemed after minutes, hours, and maybe even years later, they broke apart. Ginny’s lips automatically turned into a small grin, seeing Harry having a smirk plastered on his face. Still holding onto each other, he hugged her closer and whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, I ruined the moment.”

Ginny laughed loudly, walking away from their embrace and noticing how much colder she felt without his arms wrapped around her. She leaned against a wall and watched as Harry strode over to the man behind the bar and checked out of their room. A few minutes later, he strode over to her with a grin.

“All done.” Harry smiled, taking a glance at his watch. “We’ve fifteen minutes until the portkey leaves.”

They grabbed each other’s hands and walked down the road, which hadn’t seen a car in a matter of hours. They made their way through the twists and turns, taking in their last minutes that they can. A few moments later, the key began to glow brightly, and Harry and Ginny were whisked away.

The spinning stopped after a few minutes, and they landed with a soft thud. Harry got up and brushed himself off, extending a hand towards Ginny to help her up.

“Urgent message at your office, Mr. Potter.” Ginny giggled, brushing herself off. “I’ll meet you there, I’m just going to turn in the portkey.” Harry leaned down and kissed her, and he could feel her smile underneath.

“I love you.” He whispered, and she laughed.

“I love you too. Now, I’ll see you later.” She turned and strutted down towards the portkey office, Harry staring for a few moments. He shook his head and then walked in the opposite direction.


“Hello, Shelly.” Harry smiled at the receptionist, and she perked up from her parchment with a large smile.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Potter. How was your holiday?”

“It was great, but work always calls me home.” Harry laughed, and then turned to glance towards his office, which reminded him of what he was told. “I’ve heard that I have a message waiting for me at my office.”

“Oh yes, there are a few people in your office right now, actually.” She told him. “They said they were going to give you the message.”

“Brilliant, thanks Shelly!” Harry smiled, and Shelly nodded and looked back down to her parchment, scribbling away. Harry strode up the hallway to his office, keeping his head down as he stepped into the room. He glanced up to be met with two faces, staring back at him. His heart stopped beating and his breath hitched upon seeing them. The entire world has seemed to stop altogether.

“Hi, Harry.”


Author’s Note: To be honest, I don’t believe I have an excuse for the lateness of this chapter. I had a valid reason for about a month and a half…but the rest of the time, I have no explanation.

I had a concussion for that month and a half, but after that…it was just my normal life. School, soccer, homework, & friends…I didn’t make time for my writing, and I apologize for that :/ I did rewrite chapter two, so if you want to go reread the first two chapters, those are MUCH better quality! :) They were originally poorly written and 2,000 words each. Now the first one is around 3,000 and the second is SEVEN THOUSAND :O I’m very proud :3

I had a whole other author’s note written…but I felt it was too many excuses and my readers deserve the truth :) BECAUSE MY READERS ARE FLAWLESS BEINGS.


*cough cough

Sorry…my other language decided to come out XD haha


I hope to get the next chapter up soon, and seeing as I have a 6-hour road trip this Friday…maybe I’ll write the next chapter then :) I sort of got my writing love back…but I never know at this point. My goal from now on is to get you guys a new chapter every THREE weeks (not including queue time)… :P (EDIT: Hopefully only two more weeks, I already have half of it done :) hehe) 

SO. That’s pretty much my explanation for the lateness of this chapter. I wrote this note before I finished the chapter too…so yeah XD

Review…please? :) (If you review, the next chapter will come out sooner… and I know cliffies KILL you guys ;P I’m the freak that LOVES reading cliffies…)

Review who you guys think it is! I would love to hear ideas…


P.S. If you read that whole Author’s note… I LOVE YOU.

P.P.S. Check out my author’s page for the link to my Tumblr :3 

P.P.P.S If you know a good beta, could you comment...? :) You can all probably see my tragic errors in all of my chapters :) hehe

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