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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 19 : Freaking out and missing you
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Before long the cold weather began to freeze and gentle flakes of snow began to fall around Hogwarts which soon created a deep layer of white around the familiar building. With Christmas approaching, the castle emerged with all its festive decorations; with Hagrids giant Christmas trees in every corner of the building and McGonagall sceptical of any students too close to mistletoe.


The majority of the students were going back for Christmas this year and the Gryffindor friends found themselves walking towards the carriages which would take them to Hogsmeade station and then to their respective homes.


“You must all remember to write this time, okay” Jasmine declared to the rest of the group.


“Well you know I won’t” laughed Tonks


“What if something happened to you, something serious, how we would know, it’s important to keep all these lines of communication open!”


“Merlin calm down, although if something bad did happen to me then I wouldn’t be in a position to write would I, now this’ll do” The girls approached an empty carriage with Tonks in the lead but as they did they were intercepted, by the sour pout of Parkinson and other Slytherins of their year.


“Oh I think this carriage is free” came the high pitched cackled from her usual pursed lips.


“Err no I don’t think it is” Tonks snapped as her bubblegum pink hair turned a vivid red, before stepping in front of the carriage.

“Aha there’s a foul little freak in my way that needs to move I’m getting annoyed, people with problems like that shouldn’t be in places near me, it must be illegal or something” the cackle continued, with a chorus following after from those around it.


But as soon as the piercing cackle began it came to a sharp halt and a deep intake of breath. Petra Parkinson found herself pushed up against the murky brown wood of the carriage with dark brown eyes violently attacking her grey ones. “You know your seriously starting to piss me off Parkinson” the icy voice chilled the winter air and the red sparks erupting from her wand matched her fiery red hair.


“I- I err I don’t want that one anyway the one afters much better” the Slytherin shrugged herself away and quickly trotted off to the following carriage with her entourage only a step behind.


Rose and the other girls quickly placed themselves and their trunks in the carriage before it began the short journey down to Hogsmeade station, however after the previous short events a gloomy silence filled the air and Tonks’ concerned eyes repeatedly dashing into Roses line of sight.


Before long they found themselves comfortably sitting in their own compartment of the Hogwarts express, the atmosphere had now considerably relaxed and the group found themselves engrossed in conversation, games of exploding snap, or books, as the train rolled away from the white highland hills and into the frosty city.




Merlin are you okay? You totally freaked me out yesterday, well everyone really. You’d been all quiet and sulky all day and then go all boomwhamteedum and scared the shits out of pig face Parkinson (not that she doesn’t need it sometimes) but I think she actually peed a bit, you were sort of resembled an angry dementor at times.


I know you get a bit touchy this time of the year err no that’s not what I meant, I mean I get that it’s a difficult time, with everything and your godmother’s job leaving you alone for most of the day but you’ve got to start being careful Jasmine’s getting nosy she’s already owled me three times since we last saw her at Kings cross yesterday, and she won’t stop until she finds out and you know what that means.


You know I hate writing I think I have hand problems but I’m always here and don’t forget I’m coming to see you on Boxing Day!




Rose looked over her friends’ familiar scribble that only after years of practice had she managed to understand, maybe she did have hand problems, sometimes it looked she was continuously falling of her chair at the end of the line. The letter had come by her owl earlier on in the afternoon and it was only now in the evening that she finally started to write back. She knew her best friend was impatient and would really start to freak out if she didn’t reply soon.




Now you’re just as pissed off as I was. Okay sorry I won’t spread my anger out any more but you get mighty dementor-like when you’re annoyed to.


I guess Christmas is difficult suppose that’s because it the time of year for family and that. Yeah Emma’s at work today and everyday but she works so much anyway, especially when I’m at school, so it must be a sort of role reversal getting me back for when I leave her. Anyway she’s got tomorrow off apparently even aurors don’t have to work Christmas day. Oh and she did say she had a surprise for me before she went off to work?


You know your handwriting is slowly (very slowly) getting better, it’s all about the practise keep writing girl! But I’ll see you soon.




Sometime Rose didn’t get why she kept all her feelings and emotions bottled up inside when after talking about it always made it better. Although thinking about it there where very few people who knew, yes they would say they were here to talk but truth be told they would rather be potting plants or cleaning their quill collection. So those few that did care they were important to her and Petra Parkinson was going to have to watch her back if she thought she could get away with that again.


After retrieving her tawny owl Tony from his cage even though he didn’t look overly keen to be delivering a letter in the freezing temperatures she gave him a treat which improved his mood a bit and he was off with the letter and no doubt with the hope of being stuffed to the brim with treats from the letters recipient and then unable to fly back.

Well luckily she didn’t have to write anymore letters she had received a letter earlier on but she replied to that one pretty quickly, her over eagerness to write actually shocked her. She got out the letter and reread it.




I miss you.

That sounds really weird doesn’t it but its so true baby. But seriously though if any of my family sees this or anyone on the quidditch team I’m seriously dead. So keep it close to your heart.


I hope you like your Christmas present, look after Nessie she was getting neglected at my house and Fred and George were threatening to hurt her, but I know you’ll look after her. She’s precious to me but then so are you.


Oh and you didn’t have to get me a present you know but I really liked it thank you.


Merry Christmas I’ll be waiting for you under the mistletoe


Charlie x


And then reread it again, and again. Oh Merlin maybe she was the weird one. Blushing! She was blushing. She folded up the letter and put it in the breast pocket of her shirt and found Nessie. Nessie was Charlie favourite teddy as a child and the only one he secretly kept. He can try to be as masculine as he likes playing quidditch but the guy kept a teddy version of the loch Ness monster, he really was obsessed with any magical beast and anything to do with dragons. She had seen him nearly every day since the last Hogsmeade weekend but she wasn’t expecting him give and her a present. She didn’t get him anything, ‘You can give me a kiss there’s plenty of mistletoe’ she wouldn’t forget his hopeful grin and he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her under the nearest branch.

After putting Nessie comfortably next to her pillow she heard the sound of Emma flooing home after work and by the sounds of it there was someone with her, so what was this surprise?


“I home” she heard her godmother call up to her as she came down the stairs.

“How was work?” she reply before entering the room


“oh same old thing but come and see who I found lurking around the other day and I even pressurized the old guy to come and stay for Christmas” she laughed loudly. That was a shock enough she never laughed that loudly or freely not in years.


As Rose came round the corner and made her way into the sitting room, she froze for a moment had to blink to make sure she wasn’t seeing things before she ran over and almost jumped onto the guest as she gave him a bone crushing embrace.


“REMUS!” she squealed with delight “you’ve finally came for Christmas, Merlin I’ve missed you”

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The Torns on the Rose: Freaking out and missing you


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