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Secrets of Lovers and Friends by Spaz
Chapter 3 : War and Paranoia
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In the weeks following I watched Tara like a hawk. I made sure she and Draco were never alone. We were at an unspoken constant war.

If she hugged him, I'd kiss him. She made him laugh, I made him moan. If she touched him, I made him touch me. And if she made me really mad, I would just go and have sex with Draco and then brag about how amazing it was in front of her. I was always one step ahead, but she just kept it coming. The words 'off limits' were clearly not in her vocabulary.

The craziest thing about all of this was that Draco honestly didn't have a clue what was going on. He was so oblivious to what was happening. He probably thought Tara and I were the best of friends or something. But he was very happy about the constant sex. Now that I think about it that's probably why he's remaining oblivious to everything. He's getting sex. Why does he have to worry about anything?

Pansy, Ron and Blaise were greatly enjoying the war between me and Tara, but only when I attacked. When she attacked they hated the war. But no matter what I wouldn't back down.

"What is wrong with that girl?" Blaise asked one night when it was just me, Pansy and Ron. Draco was missing. And I was paraniod as hell about it.

What if he was with her right this second?! Kissing her, touching her?! What if she was touching him back? Wrapping her arms around him? Rubbing her hands all over his abs and all through his hair. No! Those abs and that hair are mine! I would rather take a Bludger to the head than let any other girl touch my boyfriend's hair and his abs.

"I don't know, but I'm tired of her." Pansy said. "I thought we'd be rid of her by now."

They're definitely together right now. I thought.

"Maybe we would have if we didn't get stuck having two classes with her." Ron said in an annoyed tone.

They're probably kissing too.

"How the hell did that even happen? Is our luck that bad?" Pansy asked.

And laughing at what a fool I am for trusting him with her.

"Well we do have a lot bad karma. Maybe that's it?" Blaise pondered.

She's telling him to hurry up and break up with me.

"Yeah our karma should be really bad." Ron agreed with Blaise. "But this is just torure. We haven't done anything that bad to deserve this."

He's telling her he'll do it the next time he sees me.

"Yeah, no one deserves this." Pansy groaned.

He's touching her again.

"Yeah, I wouldn't wish this on my arch enemy." Blaise said.

She's touching his abs and running her fingers through his hair that belongs to me.

"Do you even have an arch enemy, Blaise?" Pansy asked.

Oh, God he's taking of her clothes now. He says her body is even better than mine.

"No...but if I had one I wouldn't even wish this on them." Blaise answered.

And now she's taking his clothes off and admiring how perfect his body is.

"Me either." Ron said.

All their clothes are off. They're gonna have sex.

"I used to have one. It was Jolina." Pansy added in.

He's making love to her the way he used to make love to me.

"Jolina are you okay? You don't look so good." Blaise said.

She's moaning his name!

"Yeah Lina you look kinda sick. Is everything okay?" Ron asked in concern.

No now he's moaning hers!

"Jolina, what's wrong?" Pansy asked.

It seems to go on forever. But they're finally done.


He tells her that was the absolute best sex he's ever had. Ten times better than he ever had with me.

"Jolina!" Blaise practically shouts.

She laughs and asks if they're going to do it again later.

"Jolina what the hell?!" Pansy sceams.

He laughs too and says 'definitely, babe.' He called her 'babe'. But I'm his babe.

"JOLINA!" All three of them shout.

"I'm gonna kill that bitch!" I yelled. Everyone in the common room turned and looked at me wildly. I hadn't realized I'd said that out loud.

"What bitch?" Pansy asked.

"Tara." I growled.

"Why? I means besides the obvious reason?" Blaide asked.

"Because she just finished having sex with Draco." I said angrily.

"And what makes you think that?" Ron asked. At his words I realized I had no reason to think that. I was just imagining all that. There was no way that Draco was actually having sex with Tara. He loves me. He always has and he always will.

"I don't know." I said. "I guess I'm being a little paranoid."

"It's understandable with that little slut trying to steal your boyfriend." Pansy.

"I know, but I should trust Draco." I said.

"Yeah that's true." Ron said thoughtfully. "But don't trust Tara."

"I wouldn't trust her with a stick of gum." I replied.

In the corner of my eye I saw Draco enter the common room. I was relieved when his clothes and his hair were in perfect order. I smiled. But my smile quickly faded when I saw Tara following behind him.

"Hi guys." Draco said approaching. He leaned down and gave me kiss on the lips. I didn't kiss back, I was too shocked and angry and confused as hell.

"What are you doing here Tara?" Pansy asked.

"Well, I ran into Draco on my way back from from library, and he invited me here." She said smiling.

Ran into him my arse. That little whore probably followed him or something.

"Draco, she's a Ravenclaw." Blaise said. "She can't be here."

"Well Ron is here, he's in Gryffindor." Draco said.

"He's hardly a Gryffindor. He eats with Slytherins, he even sleeps here. He's practically a Slytherin." I said.

"It's not that big of a deal, she's just hanging out here for a while." Draco shrugged as he sat down next to me. Tara sat down next him, smirking.

I wanted to just out right tell him that none of us wanted her here, but that was bound to lead to a fight and I hate fighting with Draco. It means sulking around, non stop crying and mascara running down my face.

Blaise and I locked eyes. He could tell how upset I was. He gave me a smile and mouthed "You okay?"

I shrugged smiling slightly. It was times like this when I wondered if Blaise was still in love with me. He always cared about how I was feeling. But he seemed to care as a little bit more than a friend. We never talked about his feelings for me.

Tara and Draco were laughing suddenly. I didn't bother asking why. It was probably some stupid inside joke from that stupid internship from stupid Ireland. Tara's laughter turned into giggling. Flirtasious giggling to be exact.

I looked at everyone else. They like me were trying their best to ignore them.

"You guys are really quiet today." Draco said.

"Yeah just not in the mood to talk I guess." Ron said.

Their words weren't fully registering with me. I was imaging that right now Draco and Tara were somehow holding hands without anyone seeing. Or maybe he had his thigh pressed against hers.

"Yeah I can tell. Tara and I are the only ones talking." Draco said. I'm sure Tara has no problem with that.What if her hand was on his knee right now. I wanted to turn my head and look, but I couldn't bring myself to it.

"We shouldn't bother them, Draco. It seems like they're studying." Tara said.

"Actually we're not studying. We're just quiet. You two never talk about anything interesting." Pansy said.

"Sorry about that." Tara said slightly sarcastically.

"You're about to be sorry about something." Pansy muttered. I'm sure Draco and Tara didn't hear.

Was I losing Draco I thought suddenly. Did he suddenly want to be with Tara? No! No no no no no!! He said he loved me. That he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me not her.

"Oh no, look at Lina." I heard Ron whisper to Pansy and Blaise as Draco and Tara resumed their conversation. I heard what was being said, but I couldn't respond. The paranoia I had was taking over my brain. For the first time I was actually terrified that I really might lose Draco.

No matter what I did Tara just kept coming back. She wouldn't leave him alone. What if one day Draco stops being oblivious and realized what was happening? What if one day he just can't say no to her anymore?

I refused to let that happen though. This girl would not ruin my life. I suddenly turned to Draco in the middle of his conversation and kissed him. He responded immediately which made me feel so much better.

I pulled away and grabbed his hand as I pulled him up. "Where are we going babe?" He asked smiling.

"To make love" I said loudly.

He grinned seductively. "Let's go." He said.

"But Draco we were talking!" Tara protested.

"Sorry Tara, but my girl needs me to make love to her. And damn I wanna make love to her so bad right now. You understand yeah?" Draco said pulling me up the stairs.

The last thing I heard before entering Draco's room was Pansy's voice. "I guess you should leave now Tara."

Draco closed the door and locked it as I went and sat on the bed, patiently waiting for him. He turned and grinned at me. "Do you know how sexy you look just sitting there Jo?" He asked walking over to me slowly.

I shook my head smiling. "No. Do you know how sexy you look walking towards me right now?"

"I think I have an idea." He whispered as he leaned down and kissed me deeply. I laid back with him on top of me. "I love you so much." He whispered. "I don't know what I'd do without you Jo."

Probably be with Tara, I thought, but I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind and focused on Draco.

"I love you too." I whispered back. "I never want to be with anyone else."

"Me either." He kissed me again. But that's it just kissed me. He was taking his time. I didn't want him to though.

"Baby I love you and I know you want to take your time right now, and savor the moment. But I want you right now." I said.

He looked at me for a moment before smirking. "Someone's eager. Now you know how I feel all the time."

"Shut up and make love to me." I smiled as I pressed my lips against his. Draco listened to me. He cut right to the chase and it was amazing.

"Jo what's going on with you lately?" He asked as we laid in bed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean it seems like you want to have sex more than usual lately. I'm not complaining, I really like it. But I was just wondering if something is wrong."

I shook my head. "Nothing is wrong. I just love you so much and love being with you like this. It's just us when we make love and I like that."

"Okay." He said kissing my collar bone softly. We laid there silently for a few moments. Draco continued to kiss me.

"Hey, what do you think about Tara?" Draco asked suddenly.

I was caught off guard. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell him that I hated her. He'd accuse me of being jealous.

"She's alright. I don't know her too well." I said.

"I feel like you don't like her." He said as he stopped kissing me and looked me in the eye.

"It's not that." I said.

"Then what is it?" He pressed.

"I think she likes you." I blurted out.

"She doesn't." Draco answered immediately.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because she told me she liked Blaise." He said.

"What?!" I asked.

"I thought she liked me too, so I asked her about it. But she said she liked Blaise. That's why I brought her here tonight so she could spend more time with him."

I looked at Draco. I loved him, but sometimes he could be so stupid. "Oh." I merely said.

"Do you feel better about her now?" He asked.

"I sure do." Not.

"Good. And for the record, even if she did like me, it wouldn't matter. I only have eyes for you Jo." Draco said.

"Good." I said kissing his cheek.

"She is an evil genius!" Pansy exclaimed the next day. Again it was me, her, Ron and Blaise. But it was like that for a reason. I had to tell them what Draco told me.

"What? How?" Ron said.

"Yeah, how? And why does she like me. I've barely said two words to her." Blaise groaned.

Pansy and I shared eyerolls. "She doesn't like you Blaise." I said. "She just wants Draco to think she does."

"Why?" Blaise asked.

Pansy and I now sighed. "Because." Pansy started. "She's smart. Instead of playing 'I like you so I'm gonna steal you away from your girlfriend' she's playing 'I'm going to pretend I like your best friend so you don't think I like you and I can sneakily steal you away from your girlfriend'."

"Girls actually do that?" Ron asked.

"Only the really smart ones." I said. "I should have seen this coming. She is a Ravenclaw after all."

"So Draco also has no idea of her little plan?" Blaise asked.

"He's like you two. He didn't see right through it. Only a girl can." Pansy said grimly.

I sighed. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?" I asked.

"Well Draco said he only has eyes for you. So I guess you just trust him." Pansy said.

"I trust Draco. It's her I don't trust." I said. "I think it's time Tara and I had a little talk."

A/N: Hi. Sorry this took so long. I'm starting college in a few weeks. Busy busy. But here it is. What did you think of Jo's paranoia in the beginning? That was really fun to write. And what about Tara's plan do you think it will work? I've just realized I don't have any real Ron/Pansy action, so I'm gonna get to that in the next chapter. Hope you liked it! Please review! Thanks for reading! :D

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